Guided Tours in the Ypres Salient

  • On the 28th of June 1914, Archduke Franz Ferdinand, heir to the throne, was viciously murdered in Sarajevo. He was to be the first of 10.000.000 to die in the course of the First World War. Ieper is the last resting place of many of those brave victims. Europe's biggest armies clashed in Flanders Fields. Friend and foe met, killed or were killed. Future heads of states and common men faced each other in gruesome battle. Yet the question remains, 'What would have happened to 'Little Belgium', if there hadn't been so many thousands of young men, willing to walk the most trying path of all'? Their story is hidden in the now idyllic fields of Flanders. May we take you back one century and let you discover their aches, pains and longings? Come and take a look at their hardships, joys and sacrifices.

    We invite you to join us in the comfort of our air-conditioned Mercedes, for a passionate, informative and unforgettable journey through Flanders Fields and its amazing history.

    The Northern Salient and Passchendaele

    Essex Farm Cemetery - Pilkem Ridge - Langemark - Passchendaele - Tyne Cot Cemetery - Hill 62 / Sanctuary Wood Trenches (entrance fee 5€)

    (2-6 hours)
    The Mine Battle
    Messines Ridge
    Prelude to Passchendaele

    Hill 60 - Spanbroekmolen Crater - Bayernwald (entrance fee 2,5€) - Messines Battlefield

    (2-6 hours)
    Behind the Lines in Pops

    Poperinge - Lijsenthoek Cemetery - Talbot House (entrance fee 5€) - Execution place and cel - Cemetery of the executed - Noel Chavasse, double 'VC'

    (2-4 hours)
    The Belgian Frontline

    Death Trench - Belgian WWI Museum (entrance fee 5€) - The sluice system in Nieuwpoort

    (2-6 hours)
    In the Footsteps of Hitler & Churchill in WW1

    Ieper - Langemark - Geluveld - Wijtschate - Mesen - Ploegsteert

    (2-6 hours)
    ...or combine any of the Tours


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