Today in history 100 years ago

  • 21st of February
    Today 1918
    The 1299th day of war
    Sgt Peach: Stay at home all day. Good concert on in hall at night. Stan and I both there. Meet Warren
    Lt Champion, Ypres: During the attack today for the divisional competition,
    I am beaten by the 2nd Battalion. There are many onlookers and Colonel Stacey congratulates the platoon on its effort
    Raoul Snoeck, #Diksmuide: 9am: the weather has turned and the sun warm pleasantly. The last few days, my company does not have much on hands and to turn away the melancholy that could overcome me I play chess. There are many here who like to play this earnest game that makes hours fly by. On the military situation there is much talk about an upcoming, long-expected #German assault, as we are convinced this will be the last convulsing of the enemy: let's hope, it's enough to believe it to be happy
    Jacobus Winters, #Boezinge: We leave at 7am in the station of #Lyon and arrive in #Marseille during the night
    #PPCLI, #Canada: Cellars Camp: Cloudy in early morning clearing to fine bright day. The Battalion moves to CELLARS CAMP at #NEUVILLE #STVAAST leaving 8.15 a.m. arriving 12.15 p.m. Transport moves to DALY CAMP on #MontStEloi ROAD. LIEUT. A.R. CHIPMAN rejoins from C.B.D
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: Quite a bit of gunning during the night. The gun at 'De Hertog van Brabant' (6km away) fires 12 rounds that fly over our head. The peace treaty between #Germany and #Russia has been signed

    20th of February
    Today 1918
    The 1298th day of war
    Sgt Peach: Out for a short march both morning and afternoon. Go to pictures at night, machine breaks down so we have our tickets returned
    Lt Champion, Ypres: We go over the assault course today, and qualify in the shooting
    Jacobus Winters, #Boezinge: Breakfast and dinner at Manbert, Rue de Richelieu (#Paris)
    #PPCLI, #Canada: Milder, Heavy rain & windstorm in evening. No. 2 Coy. goes to #AUCHEL for Course. Colour Parade Tactical training - gas Drill and Company drill. 15 O.R. granted 3 mn [months] leave to Canada
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: Thaw!

    19th of February
    Today 1918
    The 1297th day of war
    Sgt Peach: Take the boys out for a short march in the morning. Go to concert at night. Stan and I out for a bit of a stroll after concert. Lovely day
    Lt Champion, Ypres: My platoon looks very well. All equipment blancoed and the brass tags shiny
    Jacobus Winters, #Boezinge: Visit in #Paris: breakfast at Duval and diner at Bisson
    #PPCLI, #Canada: Bright clear & cold. Colour parade and Training
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: Calm day. While playing cards in #DeKlijte Bishop De Brouwer arrives with his car. He gives us a calender of the Diocese made by Van Suydt and printed in #Boulogne and then joins in playing cards and loses. The #British are convinced that the assault will not be here as the conditions are too awfull. At farm Forceville during the night an #Australian soldier unbinds a horse and while the inhabitants are looking for the horse he intrudes in to the house, but is caught gets a severe beating - what a trick to be able to steal!

    18th of February
    Today 1918
    The 1296th day of war
    Sgt Peach: Up for reclassification again. Still the same. Meet George Saunders. Very cold afternoon
    Lt Champion, #StOmer: Some of the streets are very narrow, but the main ones are excellent thoroughfares
    Jacobus Winters, #Boezinge: Departed at 7.35 with the 'Car Alpin' at #Killem to #Dunkerque and from there by train to #Paris, where we go to Hotel #Vauban Square des Arts et Métiers
    Arthur Pasquier, #Boezinge: Contrary to our first impression, the rest period in #Killem is very pleasant: we spend our time riding horses or by car in the new 'Mors', we just received to replace the 'Minerva'. Today I succeeded in the mandatory exam for #Flemish, which I found less easy than al the other exams. All new officers have to learn #Flemish and have to succeed in a conversation test in front of a jury, otherwise they lose their rank and become Adjudant again: I succeed in getting 15/20 and the result is celebrated
    #PPCLI, #Canada: Bright clear & frosty. Whole battalion wiring
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: Heavy gunning at 5am. The #German planes drop newspapers, which complain that the #German prisoners are badly treated in #France. I wonder if that is true as they very well treated by the #British over here

    17th of February
    Today 1918
    The 1295th day of war
    Sgt Peach: Another lovely day. Put in the afternoon writing. Have a surprise visit from Perce Balding. Great disasters among the aeroplanes during afternoon. Three come to grief through engine trouble within vicinity of camp. One falls about 200 yards away and is smashed to pieces. Occupants have lucky escape. Stan and I go to pictures
    at night
    Capt Cunningham: Everything going on smoothly. Col. Martyn came back last night so probably Maj Mathis will go back to his Co tomorrow
    Lt Champion, #StOmer: The restaurants and hotels are very cheap here, the Hotel de #France of which there seems to be one similarly named in every town, is the best
    Jacobus Winters, #Boezinge: In the morning I go back to #Leisele and arrive around noon. At 9pm my furlow papers for #Paris and #Nice arrive: I go together with Emiel Deveter
    Raoul Snoeck, #Diksmuide: A cold wave sweeps over the area with severe frost: in 2 night all the creeks are frozen and if this continues, we will be skating a treat for the soldiers. It's easy to make ice skates: 2 planks tied to our feet with iron wire underneath, which is bound under our feet with rope. While writing someone is playing the violin: all known melodies are plaued and all the NCO's and soldiers sing in choir, before the violin is put in the corner, when we have had enough. We all sit around the stove, which doesn't give warmth because of the lack of coal and talk about home, the soldier-mothers, the upcoming offensive and a lot of other things. At nine it's time to go to bed, Sunday is over and in the frosty sky the stars seem to shiver as much as we do
    #PPCLI, #Canada: Bright & clear with hard frost in morning. Cold all day. No church parade owing to Enemy shelling in vicinity of Church Hut in #COUPIGNY. 1 O.R. taken on and 2 struck off strength. LIEUT. L.E.L. KOELLE invalided to England
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: I preach in the Chapel in #DeKlijte with more than 100 adults present. In #Dranouter, the preaching is in the morning, no preaching in #Westouter. A #German assault on #Passchendaele is thrown back. In the evening a German plane drops a huge 'torpedoe' on the land in front of the farm of Verdonck near the sheep stable. I go to look at it and walk 57 steps around it: 4 minutes away the tiles of the roof of Pub 'Hoppeland' are blown away and 20 from there on the Square windows are shattered: 4 soldiers are killed. Father MacGuiness from #Ireland on visit: he is the most diligent and orderly Padre I ever met and a nice person to engage. The #French traitor Bolo is executed

    16th of February
    Today 1918
    The 1294th day of war
    Sgt Peach: Up for classification marked B1B. Stan and I out together at night. Nice fine day, but very cold morning and night
    Capt Cunningham: Gould gets away and I am now acting Adjutant. Col. Martyn is still away so Maj. Mather is acting CRE
    Lt Champion, Ypres: We visit #StOmer on the Sunday afternoon, and after tea, the air raid siren signals blow. Immediately from houses and shops, women and kiddies started running towards the Town Hall, many of them carrying chairs. They dive out of sight very quickly, and not a glimmer of a light is to be seen anywhere in the town. Soon we hear the drone of the engines and the planes can be distinctly seen gliding overhead and then "crash!", and the whole town reverberates to the noise of the explosions. The racket seems to be ever so much louder in the confines of a town. Soon the signals blow all clear and the people flock home again
    Raoul Snoeck, #Diksmuide: We only have one preoccupation: eating and drinking: to us that is not an easy problem to solve, certainly not for people like me with a huge appetite. When behind the lines I sent my batman to look for good food, which we 'devour' as gluttons. Since becoming Adjutant my life has changed dramatically: I do not sleep together with my batman anymore, only in the trenches, but at the back it is considered to be 'innapropriate'. Now I am sharing the room with SgtMaj Xantippe, 1Sgt Cromphoudt and Adjt Wauters. In the evening we spend our time learning #Italian and talk about home and our youth, as we already feel very old: everybody talks about his life and youth adventures and the hours glide by
    #PPCLI, #Canada: Cold & Bright. In the early morning the Battalion carries out a scheme of attack assembling at #BOUVIGNY-#BOYEFFLES falling in at 2 a.m. 1 O.R. struck off
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: Again much gunning at night and more than usual in the morning

    15th of February
    Today 1918
    The 1293rd day of war
    Sgt Peach: Draw kit at 7a.m. Back into khaki once again. Leave hospital in ambulance cars for #Denham station at 10.30. Leave #Denham at 11.20 for #Hardcott (route via #Paddington, #Waterloo and #Salisbury). Disentrain at #Fovent Station, and taken by cars to the camp about 2 miles out. Camp A1. Good mess, good huts, beds etc. Meet Stan after tea and go for a stroll
    Capt Cunningham: Have message from Major Mather who is at present acting C.R.E. to come in to Divisional H.Q,. and be acting Adjutant as Captain Gould is going away for a bit so come in this afternoon. The H.Q. is at present at #Fricourt farm between Fricourt and #Cartalmaison. Gould is going away tomorrow and have been round dumps etc with him and gone through office work
    Lt Champion, Ypres: Down here at #Tilques, going through a small arms school are Tom Brownlie, Mortlocke, Parkinson, Wells, Davies and Stobo
    #PPCLI, #Canada: Damp & cold in a.m. clearing in evening with frost
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: Much gunning in the afternoon around #Mesen. Weather freezing and clear

    14th of February
    Today 1918
    The 1292nd day of war
    Sgt Peach: Met Bill Waters. Marked up B1B for 3 Command Hardcott. Good concert at night
    Capt Cunningham: Go all over our new area with Brockman. The front line can only be reached in daytime and consists of shell holes held by small groups of men. The support line at present is a road sunken where we are putting in some deep dugouts and cupolas The scheme now is that a new Reserve line be dug and revetted and plans are being made
    Lt Champion, Ypres: Next day, the winning platoon leaves for #Tilques to take part in the competition, Major Burrett in charge of the Brigade details
    Jacobus Winters, #Boezinge: Training from 9-12am and from 2-5pm
    Raoul Snoeck, #Diksmuide: I am promoted to Adjudant, which relieves me of my bag and rifle and it is very practical only to have to carry a sabre. As Adjutant I can now put my bag on a 'Decauville'-train wagon, relieving me of 30kg: one can imagine how happy I am not to have to carry it around anymore. I come back to the frontline feeling down, but soon the feelings disappear. I have spent 10 lovely days in #Paris and the #Flemish plain is grey as usual: the climate to the North has rain, wind and gails and the sun doesn't shine for long in a sad picture
    #PPCLI, #Canada: Cloudy & mist. Battalion carries out tactical scheme. 2 O.R. taken on strength & 2 struck off. Capt. J.R. MACPHERSON detained in ENGLAND whilst on leave & detached to E.O.R.D

    13th of February
    Today 1918
    The 1291st day of war
    Sgt Peach: Go for a bit of a stroll in afternoon. Meet Maurice Thompson of #Alexandra. Picture show at night
    Capt Cunningham: I go up with Dilworth to see our new area. I find we are on the left of our old position i.e. left of #Flers opposite High Jood. Things seem fairly quiet. Major Mather is acting C .R. E. so Capt. Brockman is 0.C. Company and I will for a time give Dilworth my Section and act temporarily in B's place till Maj Mather comes back
    Lt Champion, Ypres: Presnell goes to Blighty on leave on the 13th, and in the afternoon we play the 4th Battalion football or rather Boardman does, as he scores 30 out of the 37 points we win
    Jacobus Winters, #Boezinge: I am appointed to get training on poisonous gasses in Hotel Teirlinck in #DePanne, Captain Renard teaching. I arrive around noon in #DePanne and take lodging at pension Le Pélican
    3 #Canadian TnlCmp, #Ploegsteert: Due to the pressure of swelling clay at @Seaforth Farm several of the castings have broken in the "I" beam sets.- At the St.Yves M.G. subway, the right drive is in for 20', and the left has been started. Both faces are good. The enemy placeS several minenwerfer bombs close to the main entrance to the subway - killing one S.W.B. Pioneer and wounding another. We do not suspect that the enemy has noticed our work here, and it is almost certain that his target is the Heavy T.M. emplacement in the vicinity. Lieut. Roodhouse IS wounded in the head by a machine gun bullet whilst on his way to see the M.G. Dugout at La Hutte. As the corps are changing fronts, the incoming corps namely the II #Anzac is interviewed with regard to new work. The proposition of deep advanced Brigade HQs is put forward and favourably received. The B.G.G.S. of the new corps looks over the ground and decides upon the location of these. Boreholes are put down and blue clay located at about 10 ft from the surface
    #PPCLI, #Canada: Parades as per Syllabus of training
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: I learn from a padre that relations between #British and #Portuguese soldiers are bad: in #Merville, 9 #British soldiers have been stabbed by #Portuguese. Many civilians have been given a severe warning as light was seen at night from their houses. In a #Belgian newspaper 'De Stem' (The Voice) I read that Edward Vandaele from #Pittem died in #Geel

    12th of February
    Today 1918
    The 1290th day of war
    Sgt Peach: Get another parcel from Mum (containing another big cake). Went to concert in hall at night
    Capt Cunningham: March through #Henincourt and #Millenecourt to #Albert (10 miles) where we stuyed. March out to #Bazentin- le-Petit where rest of Company is. Find they are in Nisan huts and good and comfortable: miles better than our last place in Bulls Run
    Lt Champion, Ypres: A Reverend gentleman, named Elliott, gives an illustrated lecture on #Africa, which is well attended, and he speaks well. In the evening, in the recreation room, the Officers have a party to which all come in fancy dress. "A" Coy wins the prize for the best combination: Waugh-husband, Graham-wife, Shannon-black son, and aBeckett as the daughter. It is a scream, especially aBeckett's costume. He had a low-necked dress which only comes to his knees, and short socks held up by suspenders. The party chanted a ditty which ended up, "The blighter never was within a mile of Foray Farm". Doctor Shea has on a complete feminine outfit - nothing missing. Tom Richards goes as a Toreador
    Arthur Pasquier, #Boezinge: The HQ is transferred to farm Segers, where we are not staying for long, as today the 10InfDiv in #Boezinge is relieved by the 3InfDiv and we take a rest in the area of #Hondschoote with the HQ in #Killem. I have the duty of lodging the regiment and as we arrive in the small #French village it looks very muddy and uninviting. Progress has been made since the beginning of the war: I drive in a 'Minerva' (#Belgian motorcar) without valves in front of the troops and the inhabitants seem to be friendly towards our predecessors, but finally everything goes smoothly than I had expected
    Raoul Snoeck, #Diksmuide: Leaving #Paris behind. What a misery; Freddy accompanies me to the station. I am a poor chap! That's it… while writing I don't think about it anymore
    #PPCLI, #Canada: Bois de Froissart : Cloudy & overcast. Co'y route marches with Box Respirators. Baths. 1 O.R. taken on strength
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: Great dissatisfaction as the farmers are paid less crates of chicory as they have delivered. Peace between #Germany and #Ukraine. 30.000BF stolen at a tabacco workers pub: while 2 soldiers pretend to fight and the owner and his wife are busy, other soldiers sneak to the attic and steal the money

    11th of February
    Today 1918
    The 1289th day of war
    Sgt Peach: In luck's way. Get parcels from mum, Oll and Daisy. All in very good order. Have quite a bust up at night. Mum's cake A1
    Capt Cunningham: We march out with men and transport (127 men) march through #Flesselles, #VillersBocage and on to #Behencourt where we stay the night: about 14 mile march
    Lt Champion, Ypres: I win the Battalion competition with No. 11 platoon, consequently my Blighty leave pass is cancelled; I was to have accompanied Presnell, and I now have to take the platoon to #Tilques, where each Battalion in the Division will be represented
    #PPCLI, #Canada: Bois de #Froissart : Cloudy & cool. Platoon tactical training - Battalion Drill. Sergt WHITE E.L. appointed Regimental Quartermaster Sergeant vice R.Q.M.S. DONALD J. to England. CAPT. G.G. REYNOLDS from B.H.Q. to No. 2 Co. LIEUT C.C. ROBINSON to be Signalling Officer
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: Today the #Chinese celebrate New Year and have leave. They walk through the streets in better clothing than usual

    10th of February
    Today 1918
    The 1288th day of war
    Sgt Peach: Had a good boracic bath and rub down with sulphur ointment (for scabies) in morning. Rather a dull day
    Capt Cunningham: receive wire to say to march back to Company, so have to get busy and get motor lorries and get all men and tools back to #Vignacourt
    Lt Champion, Ypres: Here at #Meteren, we cannot have an Officers' mess, but we have a recreation room with a fire burning, and Morley performs wonders on the piano. Each one gets to know the other, and many happy evenings are spent after the day's work
    #PPCLI, #Canada: Cloudy - clearing to fine in p.m. church parade. 1 O.R. joins from L.O.C. [Lines of Communication]

    9th of February
    Today 1918
    The 1287th day of war
    Sgt Peach: Go for a walk to #Rickmansworth with a couple of the boys in afternoon. Feel very tired at night. "Rickie" rather a decent little town. Good concert at night. Get a letter and photo from Gladys
    Capt Cunningham: The lecture hall only wants about a week now to complete. lt is quite a fine building: 54 ft span by about 80 ft long. A lot of other small jobs going on round about various villages
    Lt Champion, Ypres: Brigadier General Brand kicks off in the football match against the 13th Battalion and at half time the scores are: 13th 6 to nil, but our training stands us in
    Good stead and we win 10 to 6
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: The farmers want to work their land that is destroyed by the fighting and the gunning: they ask for help from soldiers, but the Army cannot provide them, so the farmers have to do the work themselves. They are reimbursed, but have to announce the work 12 days in advance, but trenches cannot be filled up unless they were used for training purposes. The soldiers explain that many fortifications are built on the other side of Ypres

    8th of February
    Today 1918
    The 1286th day of war
    Sgt Peach: Got a bundle of #Australian mail. Letters from mum, Jean Oll, Daisy, Vera, Grandpa, Lil 2, Mrs. Webb. Good picture show on at night
    Capt Cunningham: Weather still very cold indeed. Work going on well at #LaChaussie
    Lt Champion, Ypres: These are wonderful days. #Meteren is a nice spot, the billets good, clean and roomy, and this seems to be looked on as our own town. The boys have worked the oracle as they say, and are well and truly established in many kitchens, being looked on for the time being as sons of the old Madames pottering about the stove
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: Much gunning

    7th of February
    Today 1918
    The 1285th day of war
    Sgt Peach: Hanging about inside all day. Throat feeling rather sore
    Lt Champion, Ypres: In the match against the 2nd Battalion which we win, Bowes of the 2nd is hurt in the mouth and also evacuated
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: Rain and wind. In the 'Voice of #Belgium' I read that 2 inhabitants of #Pittem - Karel Loontjens, my nephew 80yrs and Felix De Meulenaere, 64 - have died in #Geel, which makes me suppose that some inhabitants of #Pittem have been evacuated to #Geel

    6th of February
    Today 1918
    The 1284th day of war
    Sgt Peach: Sitting about all morning playing cards and writing. Go for a stroll round town after dinner. Go to concert at night. Not a bad turn out considering only half of party turned up
    Lt Champion, Ypres: The NCO's beat the Officers badly (football) and Downton is evacuated with a broken ankle
    René Deckers, #Pollinkhove: I am order to leave my position as gun superior to become liaison between the group and the battery: long live freedom! I move to echelon and the battery is moved to #Nieuwkapelle
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: Day of prayer in #Reningelst, where Reverend Vinck from #Vlameringe comes to preach and take confessions

    5th of February
    Today 1918
    The 1283rd day of war
    Sgt Peach: Finding hospital very free and easy after red tape at whalley. Four other 7th Battalion lads in same ward as myself. Meet quite a number of others as well. Go to picture show at night
    Capt Cunningham: I shall be sorry to leave here but we have had a good quiet spell
    Lt Champion, Ypres: Football being a compulsory afternoon sport, everyone soon becomes fit and many famous games are played
    Jacobus Winters, #Boezinge: I am appointed to take a course on poisoneous gas at Hotel Teirlinck in #DePanne. The course is given by Captain Renard. I arrive in #DePanne around noon and go stay at Pension Pélican
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: Again beautiful weather and the ground has dried, so we fear another #German assault is coming. Maurits Spennick of class 18 joins the Army

    4th of February
    Today 1918
    The 1282nd day of war
    Sgt Peach: Draw kit from Pack Store at 6 a.m. Dressed up in khaki once again. Leave Queen Mary Hospital about 8.30. Entrain at #Whalley along with 32 more of our boys, and leave for #Harefield at 9a.m. Travel via #Blackburn, #Wigan, #Crewe, #Rugby, #Euston, through tube to #Paddington, and on to #Denham Railway Station. Taken then on to #Harefield by motor arriving at hospital about 6p.m. Change back into blues, have a feed, and get settled down in ward 14. Rains fairly heavy during evening
    Capt Cunningham: An English Division comes into town today: seems quite full again
    Lt Champion, Ypres: Captain Edgley and Captain Somerset have gone on leave and Hasty Beckett has taken over C company for the time being
    Jacobus Winters, #Boezinge: Work on 2nd position
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: Continuous good weather. The communique reports #German raids on #Passchendaele and #Geluveld

    3rd of February
    Today 1918
    The 1281st day of war
    Sgt Peach: Go to the Methodist church down the village. Not a very big crowd present. Out for a stroll in the afternoon. Warned to proceed to #Harefield tomorrow
    Capt Cunningham: I have 104 men and 30 drivers here at present
    Lt Champion, Ypres: Details join us up, filling in a few of the gaps in our ranks and spit and polish is now the order of the day
    Jacobus Winters, #Boezinge: Work in 2nd position
    2 #Canadian TnlCmp, #Ypres: One O.R. woundeed by sniper
    3 #Canadian TnlCmp, #Ploegsteert: The staging at S.F. Shaft is completed and two more sets placed in the drive to the windlass chamber. It is essential that our work on the surface here be well screened, as snow lying on the ground shows up everything that is not covered. Constant supervision is necessary in the disposal of bags at night. We have now filled up most of the holes and old trenches close to the work and as far as Anscroft Ave. At the St. Yves work has improved very slightly and we are making every effort to prevent further caving. The work of course is very much retarded. Resistance of leads at 127 and also at 121 & 122 are measured and registered today. At Le Rossignol we have the gallery to the proposed M.G. emplacement in about 38'. The face is hard but the headcover is practically nil. On our right sector the usual pumping, listening and maintenance is being carried on
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: #German planes flying over at night. In Dikkebus 142 houses have now disappeared and 86 have severely been damaged. Before the war there were 304 houses. Pastor Dewaele has been evacuated from #Kortemark to #Tessenderlo

    2nd of February
    Today 1918
    The 1280th day of war
    Sgt Peach: Our Australian clothing arrives at last. Get fitted out after a wait of about 2 hours or so. Get a letter of receipt from the photographer at #Desvres. Go for a walk down village in afternoon
    Lt Champion, Ypres: See the Unit down to hard training
    2 #Canadian TnlCmp, #Ypres: 25 O.R. reinforcements for Canadian attached Infantry reported for duty
    3 #Canadian TnlCmp: Orders were issued to withdraw all men from Russian Saps and shallow workings at 123 and they will be allowed to fill with water
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: Heavy gunning during the night. Elie Spennick, 15,5 yrs old, comes back from staying in #France at school

    1st of February
    Today 1918
    The 1279th day of war
    Sgt Peach: Go for walk round hospital grounds in morning. Not feeling too bright so curled up in arm chair and have a sleep
    Capt Cunningham: Have received word that when the new lecture hall is finished at #LaChaussie we will go back to the Co
    René Deckers, #Warhem: Army reorganisation: 2 Inf Div created with 3 Regiments and 3 Art Reg's. That is why new Art Reg 13-18 are created. My 155mm Schneider Bty is part of the 13ArtDiv of the 1Army Division
    Raoul Snoeck, #Diksmuide: On furlow to #Paris! As family Bruneau moved to #StMalo, I lodge with Freddy Lecluse
    Jacobus Winters, #Boezinge: To the trenches in sector #Ramskapelle
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: Today I join Remy Depuydt to Vierstrate (#Kemmel), but do not take my papers: half-way there I see the dressing station dugouts, previously used and behind them on the fields of farmer Van Haecke is a large #British cemetery. On and around the 'Vierstraat' (#Kemmel) many tents, but of the village, nothing is left: the mill, the brewery and the houses are flattened to the ground and Rene Depuydt is able to recognize his farm at some bluestone. His tools and machines are gone. Only some badly damaged stumps of his fruit trees are left: not even ruble is left over. Walking around is dangerous as one can fall into wells or sinks. Sadly it was misty, so I was not able to see the old trenchlines at 'Hollandse Schuur'. It's incredible to see how some of the youngsters are able to speak in English to the soldiers: the son of Knockaert was asked where his father was and quickly answered in #Holland; asked when he would be back the boy answered 'After the war'

    31th of January
    Today 1918
    The 1278th day of war
    Sgt Peach: Spend morning poking around Q.M. store. Still no clothing for us. Get a letter from Stan
    Jacobus Winters, #Boezinge: Cmy back from coastguarding. I change lodging. 6DA comes to rest in camp #Mailly. I sleep at Mr We in #Hazebrouck in 'Café de la Belle Vue de la Mairie (townhall) and the people are decent and honest
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: Misty but not much gunning and planes

    30th of January
    Today 1918
    The 1277th day of war
    Sgt Peach: Go to picture show in theatre in afternoon. Not a very brilliant turn out
    Lt Champion, Ypres: The Battalion de-busses there during the day, and I am pleased to be once more home with the chaps
    Jacobus Winters, #Boezinge: Exercises and mounting guard at the coast at 3pm
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: The ground has dried substantialy and we might get the expected #German assault soon. Much gunning in the evening and in the morning. In the afternoon shells near Main Square in #Reningelst at farm Derycke and many more near 'Neergrave' and 'Hooggrave': they probably are aiming at the big gun at the 'Count of #Brabant'. In the afternoon 2 shrapnel between the Square and #Ouderdom: the shrapnels flies all about the church. At the house of widow Goethals 2 officers and 5 men are killed

    29th of January
    Today 1918
    The 1276th day of war
    Sgt Peach: Got a letter from Jean and spend day inside
    Lt Champion, Ypres: Returning to #Kemmel, I hand over to my relief and in the morning go to #Meteren
    Jacobus Winters, #Boezinge: Individual exercises for the gunner and payday
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: Beautiful weather and in the afternoon shells around the farm of the Mayor in Dikkebus. I receive an #American donation for the elderly people in need of Dikkebus

    28th of January
    Today 1918
    The 1275th day of war
    Sgt Peach: Go for a stroll down in village in afternoon. Still having lovely spring weather
    Capt Cunningham: Eggs, ink, milk, meat etc are frozen stiff and solid
    Lt Champion, Ypres: I go with Forrest, our Quartermaster to #Bailleul and in the few days since I am here, it has suffered by shell fire considerably in the area around the railway line
    Arthur Pasquier, #Boezinge: As the #Belgian Army is being reorganised into 12 Infantry divisions, with an Artillery HQ per division, I am presented a job as Adjt-Lt with the Colonel at the General HQ, which I accept with joy: it is most certainly going to be a very interesting job, but with some regret I am looking back at the freedom I had at the places of real action in open air, managing the guns.
    Raoul Snoeck, #Diksmuide: To stop boredom, inevitably hitting us, I study #Italian together with Adjt Wauters: my friend Lecluse sent me some #Italian newspapers and I got the taste. Everything helping the soldiers to escape the animal-like urgings is very welcome. A plane flies over our bunkers and is aimed at with shrapnel, but succeeds in escaping
    Jacobus Winters, #Boezinge: Back from guard at 3pm
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: Beautiful weather!

    27th of January
    Today 1918
    The 1274th day of war
    Sgt Peach: receive first of my Xmas mail. Get letters from Mum 3, Oll, Aunc Nell, Mary, Charlotte, Ruby, Venie 2, and Sylvia. Stay in and write letters all day
    Capt Cunningham: The only water not frozen is from deep wells and when you pump it up if you have it half an hour even in your room it freezes
    Jacobus Winters, #Boezinge: Training in giving individual training to riflemen: positioning. Afternoon: at 2.30pm the Cmy is on guard at the coast
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: Misty and at first mass there are already 60 people and at high mass 90. Von Hertling and Czernin speak at both chambers in #Germany: I think we are far away from peace

    26th of January
    Today 1918
    The 1273rd day of war
    Sgt Peach: Spend morning in bed but get up after dinner. Go to picture show in theatre in evening
    Capt Cunningham: The cold is intense
    Lt Champion: For the past few days I have been taking stock, checking over supplies, as I am to hand over my job to a 5th Division man on the 1st February. By that time the Battalion will be at #Meteren
    René Deckers, #Pollinkhove: Yesterday at midnight we arrived in this village where dirty lodgings are reserved for us: the cold and the dampness go to the bone
    Jacobus Winters, #Boezinge: We change quarters for a few days to make room for the 6DA, coming back from #Mailly. In the afternoon theory for the individual training of gunners
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: Misty!

    25th of January
    Today 1918
    The 1272nd day of war
    Sgt Peach: Get up for breakfast, but am send back to bed again. Get a letter from Stan. Nice fine day, sun shining brightly
    Capt Cunningham: The village is quite deserted
    Lt Champion: We continue into #Bailleul and have lunch at the Club there, then go onto Danoutre (#Dranouterà where we leave Cruise at his salvage dump and we go home to #Kemmel, the only effects being a very sore seat, as I can't ride a horse
    Jacobus Winters, #Boezinge: Excercises at 8.30am: I command the company in an attack in the dunes. The movement forward of the soldiers, the enforcers and the covering soldiers do their job. For the charge, the men are grouping too close together in the middle. Afternoon excercises with the bajonet
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: Shells behind the Church of Dikkebus and between the quai and farm Dalle and shrapnel at Petrus Storme

    24th of January
    Today 1918
    The 1271st day of war.
    Sgt Peach: Not feeling too good so have to stay in bed all day
    Capt Cunningham: We are pretty well the only troops here now
    Lt Champion: Jensen, Buck, Cruise and I ride to the clearing station at #Steenwerk (hospital) to see Bull, but arrived too late, as he has been sent down to the base
    Gen #Monash, Ypres: You will probably not have forgotten that just before the 3rd Division commenced its march into the third battle of Ypres - at the end of September last, - the whole Division was reviewed, in the field, by the Commander-in-Chief (#Haig), and provided a magnificent spectacle, which will live forever in the memory of all who were present. On that occasion (although I usually fly the #Australian flag) I had a UnionJack at the flagstaff, in honor of the great Field Marshall (#Haig), which was 'broken' at the masthead as he galloped onto the ground. I have been carrying about this flag ever since, in the hope of being able to send it home by a trusty hand, but having found no opportunity, I am now sending it to you, in a small parcel, by registered post, - by current mail, and hope that it will reach you safely - Will you please let me know when it comes to hand. Some day I hope to be able to present the flag to the #Australian #WarMuseum (#AWM), but meanwhile wish you to have it as a souvenir of the 3rd Division
    René Deckers, #Warhem: Leaving for the frontline
    Jacobus Winters, #Boezinge: Relieved from Coast Guard by the 5th at 3am
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: The children of Dalle (evacuees) arrive back at home, having been in #Wulveringem

    23rd of January
    Today 1918
    The 1270th day of war.
    Sgt Peach: Down at the Q.M. all morning trying to get fitted up with overcoat, boots , and hat, but have no luck. Stock run out. Went to concert in theatre in afternoon. Splendid all round show. Singing, dancing, fancy cycling performing, sea-lions, etc
    Capt Cunningham: The weather is the limit: snow on the ground and frozen hard
    Lt Champion: Bull (after days in nomansland) was very weak from exposure and cold, he was evacuated
    Jacobus Winters, #Boezinge: On guard at the coast
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: The inhabitant of #Kemmel who were evacuated are now allowed to go back

    22nd of January
    Today 1918
    The 1269th day of war
    Sgt Peach: Mum' s birthday. Up half day. Go for a stroll down the village after dinner and manage to borrow an overcoat and boots and a Tommie's cap for the occasion: find #Whalley to be a very quiet but pretty, little village well in among the hills. Find an opponent at draughts so spent the evening having a few games. As usual able to hold my own
    Capt Cunningham: The weather is the limit: snow on the ground and frozen hard
    Lt Champion: After going missing (on patrol in nomansland) Bull comes into our line two nights after, bringing with him some good information

    21st of January
    Today 1918
    The 1268th day of war
    Sgt Peach: Get up after dinner and go for a walk around the hospital
    Capt Cunningham: Still at #Vignancour
    Lt Champion: As Lieut. Bull, Sgt. Beignon and Bluey Mensell are missing, patrols go out to look for them, but find no trace
    Jacobus Winters, #Boezinge: Leave for #Wulpen and arrive in #BrayDunes at 3pm. In the evening meet with Golard, Lambert Vrancken, Jac. Vrolix and Capt Verbakel
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: Calm day and my brother modest stays for 3 days

    20th of January
    Today 1918
    The 1267th day of war
    Sgt Peach: Not allowed up yet. Spend the day reading and writing letters. Had the #RedCross man around to pay us a call
    Capt Cunningham: The weather is very cold, snow falling every day and it is on the ground for days: everything is frozen
    Lt Champion: The patrol with Bull actually gets through the Fritz lines and is fired on by his support line: scattering as is prearranged, they make their way back to our lines, only to learn when they get there that Lieut. Bull, Sgt. Beignon and Bluey Mensell are missing
    Raoul Snoeck, #Diksmuide: Since 1916 we have foot bridges to go to the trenches. At the beginning of the war there were no communication trenches behind the lines and we needed to proceed in the evening over the plaines between the bivouacs and the frontline. Our trenches (in flooded land) now have names like 'Sardine', 'Pike' and 'Carp' and the communication trenches also have names: 'The Rifle', 'The Pistol', 'Hookbus' and 'Death'. We even have a small narrow gauge (Decauville) transporting munition and food to the front lines
    Jacobus Winters, #Boezinge: Leaving the trenches and going back to bivouac in #Wulpen (#Veurne)
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: Interpreters are sent around to make inventory of all the farms in the villages at the back, where people have come back or will be able to come back: inventory is also made which parcels of land are still in use and those that can be used again. But the farmers first want guarantees that their crops will not again be trampled and if they are trampled they will be reimbursed for the damage done: Mrs van Cayseele from #Reningelst was reimbursed 250F, where the damage caused amounts to 200F. 150 interpreters, the youngest, now have to rejoin their regiments, which is not good news for them as they had a nice life here at the back of the frontline

    19th of January
    Today 1918
    The 1266th day of war
    Sgt Peach: Station right alongside hospital. Taken from train to F2 ward, Queen Mary's Hospital, Whalley, Lanes. Have a good hot bath, some supper and settle down in a nice soft bed for a sleep. Hospital a fine big building, originally built for an asylum. Holds about 2000 patients. Ward nicely laid out, and everything lovely and clean
    Capt Cunningham: The billet where I am has got a bed with sheets on it so I am very swell
    Lt Champion: Bull takes out a patrol from our line to get information if possible about a large pill box called the Giant. With him goes Sergeant Beignon, a solid old soldier, who was once, I believe, a Petty Officer in the Navy
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: Beautiful weather and the observations balloons are up. This week is the calmest of the year. The armoured railway gun at ‘Brabant’ (#Westouter-#Poperinge) is firing again and makes the windows in #Reningelst tremble

    18th of January
    Today 1918
    The 1265th day of war
    Sgt Peach: Carted off by ambulance about 9a.m. Have a drive of 3 or 4 miles to boat. After some delay am transferred to boat. Steam off about 11.30. Sea extra rough. Feeling none too good in the head. Manage to doze off to sleep and thus miss half the agony. Arrive at #Dover about 2p.m. Transfer to train and get a start on our journey about 3p.m. Route via #Chatham, #London, and #Rugby. Get to our destination #Whalley about 1a.m
    Capt Cunningham: The jobs are very scattered and means a good lot of riding round but it is good exercise and keeps you fit and you appreciate the good fire and billet when you come home
    Lt Champion: We are invited out to dinner by the #Canadian Colonel who has charge of all rest areas in this district. He sends two horses over for us and we manage nicely
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: Beautiful weather. Van Canneyt and the notary have died

    17th of January
    Today 1918
    The 1264th day of war
    Sgt Peach: Only sitting cases going on boat today, so have to have a bit of patience. Raining hard all day. Voice getting ok again
    Capt Cunningham: Work going on well
    Lt Champion: Clarrie Lambert of' the trench mortars is with me and later on we have some revolver practise, with the lids of cigarette tins as targets
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: Bad weather

    16th of January
    Today 1918
    The 1263rd day of war
    Sgt Peach: Getting great treatment. Medicine, spray and muzzle (wadding sprinkled with some poison, to be inhaled). Marked up for Blighty, so naturally in good spirits
    Capt Cunningham: Sappers go away and have arranged with units in the towns they will work in to billet and ration them
    Lt Champion, Ypres: One of our balloons searching through the rain for enemy movement breaks away and soars over towards the Hun line: Soon two specs can be seen leaving the cage, and then two larger specs above them as the parachutes open and the specs grow larger and larger until they land safely in our lines
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: There are now big shortages of food in #GreatBritain: soldiers coming back from furlow talk about it. Who would have thought that from the British boasting that there would always be abundance in #GreatBritain: in the first 2 years of the war so much food and clothes were thrown away, where is the time when roads were built with tins full of beef and loads of shoes from Ypres were burnt?

    15th of January
    Today 1918
    The 1262nd day of war
    Sgt Peach, Ypres: In bed all day. Have Doctor around to visit us . No one for Blighty. Rain heavy all day long. But nearly blows over at night. One ward only about 50 yards from sea
    Capt Cunningham: Savr C.R.E. back areas and get instructions what work needed. I have to send parties of sappers to work at #Fremont, #Bertangles, #Naours, #LaChaussie and Vignancour. Works consist of building lecture hall, repairing wells, brick walls on buildings, water supply job, etc
    Lt Champion, Ypres: Rain sets in and everything is soaked. Some of the 1st Brigade are relieved by the 2nd Brigade and Lee (the #Cuban Knight) passes through on leave
    Raoul Snoeck, #Diksmuide: I receive bad news from occupied #Belgium through #Nederland. The #Germans requisition the wool, so that our families have to sleep on straw. Worse still, all young men are requisitioned to go and work for them in #Germany: some boys die of hunger. If they do not work hard enough they are hit with rifle butts: I hope they will not deport my brother. We are not able to punish the culprits: they allow themselves everything because they are in power: I hope that one day we will be able to get revenge. The days are long now, never before we experienced such a desperation as now, not that we doubt about the outcome of the war but because the decisive events are not happening yet
    René Deckers, #Warhem: Perfectly succeeded shooting exercises in #Onival, but in bad weather conditions. Camp life is very severe: we have no spare time and I have given up playing violin
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: Torrents of rain: flooding in a series of places and some inhabitants have to leave the safe cellars with their beds. ½ a meter of water in front of the vicary

    14th of January
    Today 1918
    The 1261st day of war
    Sgt Peach, Ypres: Leave Steenwerck by Hospital train about 9 am. Heavy snow fal ling. Everything quite white. Very pretty sight. Lying on the stretcher and looking through window at it . Travelled via Hazelbrouck, Calais, etc . to Boulogne . Taken to No.55 General Hospital in Ambulance, and nicely se~tled down in between two white sheets . Quite a treat to see t he sheets, quilts and pillow slips once again. Sisters very nice and anxious to do what they could for us. Had a good night's sleep
    Capt Cunningham: Good billets and all comfortable. We have to take over a good lot of work round about
    Lt Champion, Ypres: Steen and Flannery pass through today, and spend some time with me before going on
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: Calm day

    13th of January
    Today 1918
    The 1260th day of war
    Sgt Peach, Ypres: Spent day in bed. Got a good sounding by Doctor. 2nd Div. Artillery Band playing at C.C.S. in afternoon. Unable to attend for decoration (Military Medal) at #Kemmel
    Capt Cunningham: Orders come that half the Company and transport are to go to #Vignancour. I am sent in charge and have Collins and Barbat with me. Collins and I with sappers and 54 attached Infantry come straight through by motor bus, Barbat bringing the transport along and will take 2 days
    Lt Champion, Ypres: Quite a number of &st Battalion officers pass through; Billy Hunt and :Bob Humphreys back from a school, Boardman back from leave and Parkinson and McConnell going to schools. I make a bargain with a Tommy: an extra special leather jacket for a quarter of a bottle of rum. The weather is bitterly cold
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: The Chateau of #Elverdinge burnt down

    12th of January
    Today 1918
    The 1259th day of war
    Sgt Peach, Ypres: Get my plate O.K. from Dentist. Fitting very well. Warned to be at #Kemmel at 10 am next day to be decorated with Military Medal by General Birdwood. On Sick parade in afternoon. Evacuated with Scabies and Gas. Taken from 2nd Field Ambulance to C.C.S. (2nd #Australian) at #Steenwerck in Ambulance (stretcher case). Comfortably settled down in bed for night
    Capt Cunningham: Stay at #Sydney Camp
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: Calm day

    11th of January
    Today 1918
    The 1258th day of war
    Sgt Peach, Ypres: Another trip to Dentist . Met Joe Ryan at Locre (#Loker). Have a very restless night. Troubled with scabies
    Capt Cunningham: Stay in #Sydney Camp
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: All #French newspapers – inclusive the ‘XXieme Siècle – are now sold at 15cts. Many people have no more coal

    10th of January
    Today 1918
    The 1257th day of war
    Sgt Peach, Ypres: Across to Dentist again in morning. Find he has lost half my plate, so have impression taken for new set
    Capt Cunningham: Leave Bulls Run dugouts at 4 a .m. Load up pack animals with, valises etc. and got down in small parties to Bde H.Q. and on then to #Longueval where we join up with transport and have breakfast. Then we march in Sections down to #Sydney Camp. Arrive #Sydney Camp at 11am
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: Thaw. Heavy gunning during the night and again in the evening. #President Wilson announces his 14 peace conditions. The moral of the troops and the civilians has not gotten better lately. The ‘niggers’ from the #WestIndies have left a few days ago

    9th of January
    Today 1918
    Sgt Peach, Ypres: On dental parade. Have to trample about 4 miles or so to #Loker to dentist with the 3rd Field Ambulance. More snow again in afternoon
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: Quite heavy gunning during the night. Strong frost today. The #British placed a particularly big gun at the ‘Hertog van Brabant, between #Poperinge and #Westouter, about 4hrs from the firing line. The brothers Arthur and Gustaaf Desmarets, farmers of #Dikkebus, leave for #France

    8th of January
    Today 1918
    The 1255th day of war
    Sgt Peach, Ypres: Reveille 5 am. Away on fatigue party to reserves at 6.15 am. On job wiring, building strong posts etc. Heavy snow falling most of morning and it is not long before we all have the appearance of Father Xmas. Get back to camp about 1 pm
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: Snow in the morning. Heavy gunning. Some shopkeepers start learning #Chinese to draw the Chinese to their shops. Lloyd George announces his peace conditions

    7th of January
    Today 1918
    The 1254th day of war
    Sgt Peach, Ypres: On duty as ROS. Move to new billets at #Irish Farm (#Kemmel-#Wijtschate) (#Chinese wall dugouts): get settled down fairly comfortably
    Lt Champion, Ypres: Rick McGregor is evacuated sick today, his old 5th. November wounds have become stiff and sore with this continued icy cold weather. As he passes, I manage to supply him with a warm feed which helps him along somewhat
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: Thaw and everything dirty. Burial of accidently killed Delie and of Emiel Bekaert, soldier of #Vlamertinge, who on New Year’s Day was on visit to his parents and was shot the day after. Several #British planes fly over during the night

    6th of January
    Today 1918
    The 1253rd day of war
    Sgt Peach, Ypres: Bitterly cold morning. Go for a walk and try to get warm. Spend afternoon writing letters
    Lt Champion, Ypres: Tonight, I go to the local pictures with Forrest, Griffiths and French Mortars, the #Belgian Interpreter
    Raoul Snoeck, #Diksmuide: I come back from the trenches and think about the new year. A stack of letters are waiting as the ‘marraines’ of the war have written, but we sadly get no news of our families: will we know the happiness of seeing them again this year? …that is a big question! It’s about time as the damp conditions engulf us in ice cold melancholy and makes us despair. But don’t think our despair comes from weakness, o no, they may let us attack so that it all comes to an end, we want to move forward, it’s standing still that discourages
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: Many #Australians at mass. The #British report that the #Germans captured a position near #Zonnebeke. Family Durein receives a letter from their brother, missionary in #China and a #Chinese labourer present in the shop looks at the letter, and disappears to fetch a #Chinese friend who says he spent some weeks in the village where the letter comes from and met the catholic missionary quite a few times: wanting to be sure about the matter, Durein fetches a series of pictures of missionaries in #China and soon the #Chinese labourer pics out the picture of Florent. amazing!

    5th of January
    Today 1918
    The 1252nd day of war
    Sgt Peach, Ypres: On dental parade . Have to go across to 3rd field Ambulance as getting plate repaired. Go to picture show at night
    Lt Champion, Ypres: Carl Waugh cames back from 2nd Army School and Bob Humphreys goes away to a gas school. Both pass through #Kemmel on their way
    Jacobus Winters, #Boezinge: On to the trenches
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: Thaw and clouded as many helpers splendidly repair the house of Mr Peirsegaele. In #Reningelst, a daughter of # Ploegsteert murders her newly born baby: she fled her room on a nightgown, hid for 50 hours under a heap of hop branches and when found the doctors did not have much hope of saving her; she is taken to Couthof (#Lovie, #Proven) where she recovers: one more of the miserable consequences of the war

    4th of January
    Today 1918
    The 1251st day of war
    Sgt Peach, Ypres: Out with a fatigue party. Have a good bath at Divisional Baths while crowd at work. Out again in afternoon. Leave party on job and Sgt Marks and self go for walk into #NeuveEglise. Find party has cleared off when we get back. Posted photos of platoon group to Oll
    Lt Champion, Ypres: This is wonderful weather, clear and crisp, but the roads are very slippery. Special studs are put into the horses' shoes to prevent them from slipping. Orders say that in future, bread 47% and biscuits 53% will be the proportions issued to frontline troops
    Jacobus Winters, #Boezinge: In the evening I make a walk through ydillic #Veurne and buy a pipe ‘Terminus’ for 4,5F
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: 12 communions

    3rd of January
    Today 1918
    The 1250th day of war
    Sgt Peach, Ypres: Told off to attend lecture in morning. Hang around for two hours or so and then find it has been cancelled. Still having trouble with throat and voice. Get a letter from Lil
    Lt Champion, Ypres: We have information about Fritz's new gas; it smells somewhat sweetish, like lightly decayed fruit or leaves, and it’s quite colourless, whereas chlorine has a yellowish colour
    Jacobus Winters, #Boezinge: Bathing for the company at 9.30am
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: Planes at 5.30pm. The AA-guns on Maeyaett’s land fire on a plane caught in the searchlights, but do not notice another plane approaching and dropping a bomb near the gun: 1 sergeant killed and 8 soldiers wounded. The bombing of the planes is particularly heavy in #Vlameringen: refugee Delie from #Brielen is searching for bottles outside and hides for the bombardment in a trench: one bomb falling near him kills him and his friend is knocked unconscious but otherwise unharmed. At 1am at night again many planes, also #British planes flying over the line

    2nd of January
    Today 1918
    The 1249th day of war
    Sgt Peach, Ypres: Off duty again. Several of us out in afternoon reconnoitring position to be taken up by us in reserves in the event of an attack
    Lt Champion, Ypres: Brigadier Leslie is made a Brevet Colonel of the #Indian Army
    Jacobus Winters, #Boezinge: 5.30pm relief: we go back to our quarters in #Wulpen (Farm Wouters on the road to #Veurne): I’m lucky, I am given the best room of the farm, sleep in a good bed with springs and have an excellent relationship with the owners
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: Heavy gunning in the morning. I visit the village with the Chaplain, it’s 2 years ago since he was here and he laments about the destroyed village, the fields and the farms

    1st of January
    Today 1918
    The 1248th day of war
    Gen #Monash, Ypres: I re-open my letter in order to send you my heartiest congratulations upon the news just received, by phone from General Birdwood, that the Honour List, published in #London this morning confers on us the honour of Knighthood. GHQ has just rung up to say I have been created Knight Commander of the Bath
    Sgt Peach, Ypres: Feeling a bit better after good night’s rest. On sick parade. Get put off duty. Have a good lie in
    Lt Champion, Ypres: In the New Year's list I notice General Heane's name as the new CB. He deserves it!
    Raoul Snoeck, #Diksmuide: A sad New Year’s day. The frost is biting and sharp and on the frozen ground our paces are heavier and more tired. In the past months it was raining and raining and from time to time a short period of short sky with a small cold sun. We occupy #StJacobskapelle and are on guard in the middle of the night. The guns are quiet and silence reigns and we wonder what trap the enemy is now preparing: which new devise is he going to prepare to catch us? We live in a continuous state of fear and permanent readiness
    Jacobus Winters, #Boezinge: To the trenches in the sector of #Ramskapelle
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: New Year, what a difference with the New Years of peace time! What will the new year bring, will we have peace? We hope so. I sing mass and put the year under the Lord’s protection. It’s freezing and very cold. Heavy gunning all day

    31th of December
    Today 1917
    The 1247th day of war
    Sgt Peach, Ypres: All feeling pretty tired and not at all sorry that we are to be relieved at night. Get packed up and waste no time when 1st Battalion comes to relieve us. Move straight out and back to Rossignol Camp at #Kemmel. Have a rough time coming out. Get a bit off track to start with. Get set again and out on to main road. Road very slippery. Just like walking on plate glass: lads falling about in all directions, some very amusing sight. Feeling just about done out. Gas making throat very sore, and making wind very difficult. Get a drink from comforts funds -bucked me up a bit. Put pack on timber, and hang on myself and let it drag me home. Hot meal waiting for us at camp
    Lt Champion, Ypres: Dave Burrin comes down from the line supports today to go to a Divisional Musketry school. The line, he says, so far, is a very soft place
    Jacobus Winters, #Boezinge: At 2pm a #German plane takes aim at us with his machine gun, but we have no losses. While going on patrol, I see 2 #Germans just 10meters away, but have no weapons with me: I go back and fetch 2 grenades which I throw in the hole where they were, and then investigate, but they had fled. ‘O God, thank you that you have abundantly blessed me during the past year and I pray that you would continue to protect me in the coming year
    2 #Canadian TnlCmp, #Ypres: Strength of Company 29 Officers and 575 O.R. and 3 Officers and 108 O.R. - 37th Division temporarily attached Infantry
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: Around 5pm #German planes fly over and drop a big bomb nearby, which doesn’t explode, but the schock is felt. In #Elverdinge a bomb drops on the tent of the Mayor Dr Louf and his maid dies, but he is only slightly wounded. He refuses to give up his task and now stays at he vicary. Today, the Chateau of #Kemmel burns down, due to uncareful soldiers. This year I baptized 7 children, and in Dikkebus 11 civilians died of which 2 refugees and 3 minors. 16 inhabitants of Dikkebus died somewhere else: 4 in #Reningelst, 2 in #Poperinge, 2 in #Watou, 2 at the hospital in #DePanne and 3 in the one of #Montreuil (#France), 2 in the hospital at #Couthove (#Lovie - #Proven) and 1 in the soldiers hospital in #Vinkem. At the moment 87 families live in Dikkebus, making 298 people; after the evacuation in July it was only 67 families with more than 237 people

    30th of December
    Today 1917
    The 1246th day of war
    Sgt Peach, Ypres: All in good spirits expecting to be relieved at night. Learn later that we hve to put in an extra night. Our officer (Mr . Tucker) sent away to Blighty for 6 months instruction at T.B. New chap (Mr. Crow) of 25th Reinforcement takes over. First experience under fire for him. In our post of 11 men, six unable to speak above a whisper: Result of gas
    Lt Champion, Ypres: In the middle of the night, I am awakened by shouts and the crackling of a fire and see the Red Chateau one mass of smoking ruins. It has been Brigade Headquarters. The old Chateau has a moat all around it and for the last few days, men have been sliding and skating on its surface. The fire is a wonderfull sight , with snow everywhere and the tongues of flame, and then the blackened skeleton standing out against the white background
    Capt Cunningham: We get news that we could be coming out of the line
    Raoul Snoeck, #Diksmuide: For the time being my stomach is bad and my rucksack is very heavy: one needs strong shoulders and loins like a bull to be able to carry that weight: it’s certainly not a ladies’ bag! We move from the straw of the camp to the straw in the advanced positions and only think of sleeping, eating, drinking, defending and protecting ourselves against the cold. For the rest, on guard, chores and cleaning and we also have to study theory and put into practice
    Jacobus Winters, #Boezinge: At 2am I notice about 30 #Germans moving towards us: they crawl toward our advanced positions and are covered with white sheets or shirts so as to not contrast with the snow: I let them calmly advance up to 40m and then open fire and send in 20 grenades. I hear one Fritz howling and see 2 falling down after which they carefully draw back and we fast-fire on the fleeing rest. 2 minutes later I go on reconnaissance, but nothing was left behind and all the wounded and dead were taken
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: 2 soldiers at Camerlynck are found dead and 3 more sick after they suffocated, having taken a stove onto their room. Today I see a #Chinese full of rage against a boy: I learn that he put up his finger, which enrages them, if on the contrary you lift up your thumb they are very happy

    29th of December
    Today 1917
    The 1245th day of war
    Sgt Peach, Ypres: All the heads get the wind-up. Expecting an attack by Fritz; especially on post I am occupying. S.O.S. sent up by 8th Battalion (next post to me). Everything seems to go wrong. Not a single reply given by artillery. No attack developes. Apparently 8th has wind up also. Sleep as much as possible through day (about 2 hours). Very dark night. All anxiously waiting for supposed attack of 29th but nothing doing
    Lt Champion, Ypres: After bidding the Battalion "au revoir", as it go up to the line in front of Wychete (#Wijtschate), I come back and turn in.
    René Deckers, #Warhem: the 3 155mm batteries, of which the 1st is mine, form together 5th group of the 1st Artillery Regiment, to which I belong for quite some time
    Jacobus Winters, #Boezinge: In the evening I occupy the advanced positions in the Wood ‘Trapèze’ with one section: clear weather
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: Frosty mist and little gunning. We read #Germany’s peace conditions: difficult. My brother Joseph return for labor leave at the farm of Cyriel Maeyaert: he will be sweating!

    28th of December
    Today 1917
    The 1244th day of war
    Sgt Peach, Ypres: Usual stand-to in morning from 6-7 am. Washing and powdering of feet, and having a general cleanup ready to move up to out-posts again. Move up and take over from C Company about 6 pm. Snow begins to fall again. Time dragging very heavy at night. Hours seemed like days while we are standing to.
    Lt Champion, Ypres: The Divisional concert party gives a show. It is packed to the doors. Some of the jokes would not be suitable for #Sydney Town Hall, but they go well in #Kemmel
    Jacobus Winters, #Boezinge: My platoon carries materials from Paepegoed to Dungelhof
    2 #Canadian TnlCmp, #Ypres: The vicinity is subjected to heavy gas-projector shelling. Capt. C.C. Richards and 19 O.R. are evacuated as casualties N.Y.D. gassed. 2- Company completes the work here and quarters in Bow Dug-Outs are evacuated
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: I claim reembursement for 4 schoolbanks at the boys school, that have been burnt by soldiers at farm Lamerant: 2x40 and 2x 25F=130BF

    27th of December
    Today 1917
    The 1243rd day of war
    Sgt Peach, Ypres: Not feeling too fresh so spent most of day lying down. Around having a yarn to Clarrie and Mat Black about old Alexandra days
    Lt Champion, Ypres: A very, misty day , and no observation balloons are up at all. A Fritz plane, wich we can't see but can hear, nearly crashes on Kemmel village. One moment, the roar of the engine is heard and the next, an aeroplane shape on which black crosses can be just distinguished looms out of the mist and then climbs out of sight
    Jacobus Winters, #Boezinge: 3pm: on the way to guard, arriving at 300m from #Bikschote my Pln is shelled: Verdcourt is slightly wounded, losing part of his thumb, he is patched up and sent to the back to ‘l’Océan’ (#DePanne)
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: Snow, frost and quite a bit of shelling

    26th of December
    Today 1917
    The 1242nd day of war
    Sgt Peach, Ypres: Practically same programme as on 25th. Beginning to feel effects of gas Fritz gave us on 23rd. Lost my voice. Relieved by C Company about 6 pm. and move back to Ravine
    Lt Champion, Ypres: Boxing Day sees me inspecting dugouts on top of Wychete (#Wijtschate) Ridge and resting in one, I am surprised to see a little old man smothered in overcoats walk donn the steps followed by a party of officers. It is General (Hooky) Walker, our Divisional commander out for a tour of inspection. Only his retinue following gives the show away that he is a General Officer; covered in overcoats his small figure is most unimposing and he looks and does feel the cold. After a chat in which he investigates my present job, when I tell him I thought the reserve defences in this forward area too weak, he only smiles and asks a staff Captain to make a note of it
    Jacobus Winters, #Boezinge: In the afternoon I go to the back to have a blood deposit treated and coming back I meet Staf Jonckers, Gendarm, and we talk about the past and old acquintances. He tells me that Leekens is stationed in #Stavele and I will visit him as soon as we get out of the trenches
    2 #Canadian TnlCmp, #Ypres: Company takes over the work here from 250 Coy. R.E
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: Snow and heavy gunning and a #German attack near #Passchendaele is repulsed. Many drunkards during the night. The goat of Delanghes is stolen and the next morning found with the ears cut off. It is said that several #Chinese who were fighting against the #NewZealanders at #Zevecote (#Reningelst) yesterday have been executed on #Zwarteberg (#Loker)

    25th of December
    Today 1917
    The 1241st day of war
    Sgt Peach, Ypres: #Christmas Day in the trenches. Getting what benefit we can out of a "1d. sit up" during the day. Breakfast consists of a piece of bread and fat bacon and dinner and tea combined a piece of bread and jam. Snow falls during the afternoon and night, and settles to a depth of about nine inches. Usual stand to at night for 14 hours. Get rations through night as follows: 7 pm. Stew and tea; 12 pm. rice and tea; 3 am. soup and dry rations
    Capt Cunningham: A very ordinary day in the morning after breakfast which is tea , bread, jam only. I go round works . A fair amount of shells flying about. Am back to lunch which is bully beef, bread, jam, tea and then have word Brig. General Smythe wants to see me so go down Bde. Get back to tea which is meat, #Christmas pudding (sent over by Win Warren) and tea
    Lt Champion, Ypres: #Christmas Day: a wonderful spread is put before the boys. For weeks past, Forrest has been preparing and after the meal, everyone seems satisfied except the cooks who are just about knocked out. They have green vegetables, pork, plum pudding and one bottle of beer per man, the tee-totallers being given two cigars each instead. No-one oversteps the mark, and a splendid #Christmas is spent by all
    Jacobus Winters, #Boezinge: At 2am we are back from work and at 5pm back to work and back at 11pm. All in the middle of snow, it’s real #Christmas weather: how often will we be celebrating the Peace Feast at work or in the trenches? I don’t even get the chance to go to mass
    2 #Canadian TnlCmp, #Ypres: One O.R. wounded. Manor Farm. Company completes the Artillery Dug-Out system here which is taken over by R.G.A
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: Beautiful #Christmas: 3 masses, in one of which 80 #NewZealand soldiers are present and the young ladies beautifully sing the #Christmas song. This year it’s a loud #Christmas. The #NewZealanders drink and swing, shout and cry out and quarrel with the #Chinese who stick together and in the evening there is fighting everywhere: very wild people! At farm Lamerant 15 hens are stolen and at Delanott the thieves are cought in the act. At 9.30pm a #NewZealand sergeant is cought while clubbing the pigs to death: he is locked up in the stable and tries to escape through the roof, but falls down; there is much drinking and stealing. Heavy gunning this morning

    24th of December
    Today 1917
    The 1240th day of war
    Sgt Peach, Ypres: Getting ready for the move at night. Have to stand to all night from 5pm-7am: very tyring job and a bitter cold night
    Lt Champion, Ypres: Christmas Eve: I am invited over to Headquarters and have a very jolly party. We have Somerset, Presnell , Symonds, Mant and a #Belgian interpreter whom he calls #French Mortars, as we cannot pronounce his name. Chedgey and Dowton are not there, having left in the morning for School. It is a very clear, frosty night, and Fritz spoils it by coming over bombing. All lights go out , but enough moonlight filters through for us to carry on our celebrations
    René Deckers, #Warhem: I get 48hrs leave and go to #Paris
    Jacobus Winters, #Boezinge: At 7pm we leave to transport materials: I don’t like the work, what a #Christmas!
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: A #British report says that the #Germans captured a #British first line over a distance of 700m at the railway #Langemark-#Staden and that’s the reason why there was so much gunning yesterday. In the evening much singing by the soldiers already celebrating #Christmas

    23rd of December
    Today 1917
    The 1239th day of war
    Sgt Peach, Ypres: Meet Clarrie Jose. Camped right alongside him. Fritz shelling fairly heavily all afternoon. Puts over a big number of gas shells. Several of the men feel the
    effects of it pretty badly, but it doesn’t trouble me. Out with ration fatigue at night. Have two trips to posts: 6 p.m. and 12 p.m.
    Jacobus Winters, #Boezinge: 4am: back from chores
    Arthur Pasquier, #Boezinge: We recieve a fierce bombardment: since a few days a #British 6-inch gun is pounding dangerously as it only fires from time to time, but often when enemy planes or observation balloons are up, divulging their position. The answer comes swiftly: 300 shells of 150mm land in our surroundings, but it’s a good thing they are not well-aimed, although our small bunker is not very safe as it has been pierced in a series of spots, making us lose quite a bit of our equipment: lamps, mirrors, even Marchand’s glasse get broken and doors and windows are blown away, making it inhabitable, so as to make us look for a new safe place
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: The #British buy many pigs at 3BF/kg, weighed alive

    22nd of December
    Today 1917
    The 1238th day of war
    Sgt Peach, Ypres: Nice clear day. About nine of Fritz's balloons up observing, so have to keep indoors as much as possible. Move across to our new position in ravine. Get a pretty good dug-out again
    Jacobus Winters, #Boezinge: Leaving at 4pm for chores
    Raoul Snoeck, #Hoogstade: It’s freezing in our barracks as we have no coal and our fingers are frozen. Each day before going to sleep I look at the pictures of my sister and mom as those of dad and my brother were burnt in the fire in #Stavele and those I was promised have not arrived
    2 #Canadian TnlCmp, #Ypres: Major A.B. Ritchie, (M.C.) takes over command of Company on transfer from No3 Tunnelling Coy. Canadian Engineers
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: Heavy gunning in the afternoon

    21st of December
    Today 1917
    The 1237th day of war
    Sgt Peach, Ypres: Everything still quite white with frost. Ice on shell holes about four inches thick. Trying a bit of skating but come a thud and nearly get a nice cool bath. Have the night off again
    Arthur Pasquier, #Boezinge: We now have our HQ in front of the #British 130 and 150mm marine-guns, enduring the tremendous shockwaves of the deflagrations. I have much bureau and paperwork. This morning I am in #Steenstrate and #Bikschote, recently capture by the #French. These places are – if at all possible – more flattened than #Merkem: 1 shell hole next to the other as far as can be seen; if we will have to capture #Belgium in that manner, there won’t be much left. In all that misery it is comforting to see the repair works: the main road from Ypres to #Diksmuide and many other roads are being repaired and given a new surface, proof of a quick approach in captured territory. Of #Bikschote there is nothing left but heaps of red rubble. We study 2 houses that appear to be partially left standing and learn that the interior has completely been fortified with reinforced concrete from floor to cealing and perfectly camouflaged: the observation of the captured #German lines teaches us about the resistance of the material used. Good reinforced concrete thick enough resists everything: again the #Germans have their positions better organized than us: they built bunkers with a roof of 2 meters thick and didn’t make things difficult: they used dismantled #Belgian railsroad tracks as reinforcement. The thickness of concrete of 80cm we use is not enough to resist direct hits, but does resist impact in the immediate surroundings: this is where we need to strike a balance, because it is possible to build more bunkers with a roof of 80cm with the same materials. At the same time we are witnesses to how a bunker resisting everything became the tomb of it’s dwellers, by a bomb exploding right at the entrance having probably killed everybody: the stench is terrible and the dirty red water is not frozen, like the ice in the area

    20th of December
    Today 1917
    The 1236th day of war
    Sgt Peach, Ypres: Wake up to find everything white with frost (looks just like snow) . Heavy mist hanging about all day so able to move about without fear of observation . Have a look round "iron tree" and our next dug-out in ravine. Lying off at night
    Jacobus Winters, #Boezinge: Working on the first line at night, going there through #Lizerne by tram: while working some gas shells drop nearby, but not accurate
    Raoul Snoeck, #Diksmuide: We are rehearsing a theater play of #Molière: ‘Scapin’s Deceits’ in which I play a role. I study my text for about half an hour a day and it helps passing the time. The women roles are played by soldiers and there is nothing more hilarious than to see them imitation the small steps by women, most of them succeed doing it and some are excellent: O those feet, those enormous feet, peeping out as u-boats from under the gorgeous dresses: it’s impossible to stay serious looking at that show! Of course the military service cannot be interrupted, not even during the rehearsals, like Leander having disappeared to peal potatoes!
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: Heavy frost and very cold. We visit the Pastor of #Kemmel in #Loker, he is getting better. Only few troops in the area although the news is spread that the #Germans will fill Flanders with troops. Food for men and animals is becoming very expensive

    19th of December
    Today 1917
    The 1235th day of war
    Sgt Peach, Ypres: Under more direct observation from Fritz so have to lie low in day time. Have nothing to do again at night. Turn out about 11 pm on account of gas scare: Gas about but not enough to do damage
    Capt Cunningham: Work going on day by day just the same, mud everywhere, rations very small, living practically on bully beef, bread and jam and tea !
    Lt Champion, Ypres: I am glad to· see the Unit march into #Rossignol camp (#Ploegsteert), 50 yards from my office , and I go over to see them all
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: I sing ‘golden’ mass with 20 people present and my brother leaves to the frontline

    18th of December
    Today 1917
    The 1234th day of war
    Sgt Peach, Ypres: Lying in most of day. Shift up to right supports dark. Fitted up in good pill-box with cooks again. Fatigues to do, so had a good night's rest
    Capt Cunningham: Working revetting in Possum Trench, also starting on some Machine Gun pits, deep dugouts etc
    Lt Champion, Ypres: My duties are to watch for accommodation, see that the defences of the area are kept up to standard, and generally allot billets and keep a watchful eye on the area which extends from #Kemmel up #Wijtschate Ridge towards the line
    Jacobus Winters, #Boezinge: At rest and appointed to give #Flemish instruction to officers, replacing Van Craen
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: I bring communion to the sick and then go to the Square with my brother Remy. It has frozen and it’s quite a walk. My house has been transformed into a warehouse with living quarters all windows closed with planks and the cellar full of corrugated iron. In my garden there is a #YMCA (Young Men’s Christian Association) with meetings and church services. The façade of the house of Thevelin has also been repared and Brutsaert came back to his house last week

    17th of December
    Today 1917
    The 1233rd day of war
    Sgt Peach, Ypres: Wake up to find place white with snow. Gather another 30 bags of turnips. Out on carrying fatigue again at night. Have two trips out to out-posts. Write a couple of letters
    Capt Cunningham: Start marking out the line and surveying it and have fixed where Strong Points etc will go
    Lt Champion, Ypres: My Headquarters are in Doctor's House, at·two-storied brick building facing #Kemmel Chateau
    Jacobus Winters, #Boezinge: In the evenign the Cmy is working at the advanced positions. The 3 men that took the #Germans prisoner on the 13th are called and each given 5BF
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: Heavy shelling during the night and many planes in the evening

    16th of December
    Today 1917
    The 1232nd day of war
    Sgt Peach, Ypres: Having fine weather. Take half a dozen men out with me and gather 40 bags of turnips. Turnips growing everywhere. A party of 20 of us are out on a carrying fatigue to the out-posts at night (party consists of 5 Sergeants, 4 Corporals 3 Lance Corporals, and 6 Privates). Wear out my good putties carrying a coil of French wire. Light fall of snow
    Capt Cunningham: Instead of putting most of their shells into #Gueudecourt they try not shelling all over the place and it’s not too nice walking about especially on fine days when their aeroplanes get up. Today when we are out we seem to get shells everywhere both 5.9's and shrapnel. I am quite pleased to get back into our dugout. Orders come through from C.R.E. that I am to withdraw my Section from the front line and be O.C. Reserve line so Reid will have to take over my work except the ‘Fritz's Folly’ dugouts
    Lt Champion, #Kemmel: Here, instead of advance officer as I thought, I am told to take over the Red Chateau Area as Camp Commandant
    Jacobus Winters, #Boezinge: At 3am we are back in our camp outside #Stavele: the barracks are good. I sleep from 5am until 7pm and getting up in the evening I am still tired: I never imagined that a man can go through such suffering, but it’s for our country and may God help us to keep the courage up and continue to perform our duty!
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: It’s reported that the #Germans took some positions at Polderhoek #Geluveld. In our war church people spend 112,75BF for #Christmas presents for the #Belgian soldiers. I baptise a child in the barn of Dauchy

    15th of December
    Today 1917
    The 1231st day of war
    Sgt Peach, Ypres: Camp in Pill-box along with cooks. Take a party out on fatigue at night. Supposed to repair a duckboard track in communication trench but find all OK, so get home early. Get letter from Stan and Xmas card from Mollie
    Capt Cunningham: All sappers hard at it but it is a hopeless job to take on as Infantry are short of men and every bit of material has to be brought up by men from Bde HQ over boggy ground, so much wants doing and so few to do it
    Lt Champion, Ypres: After a good breakfast which the Engineer supply, I report at #Kemmel
    Jacobus Winters, #Boezinge: At relief we are shelled, 2 shells drop just 10m away and we escape miraculasly at ‘Stampkot’ and from #Lizerne, we go to the back by tram
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: Calm day, the ground has dried. General permission is granted to the inhabitants of Dikkebus having been evacuated last summer to come back, which is relief as no more passports have to be signed

    14th of December
    Today 1917
    The 1230th day of war
    Sgt Peach, Ypres: Spend morning getting ready to move up to line. Move off full marching order at 1 p.m. Good track all the way. Take up our position in reserves just in front of Wyestrach (#Wijtschate). In fairly good dug-outs. Fritz (#Germans) shelling fairly heavily for a while. Bind up a wound (in back) of Corporal of 57th Battalion. Very dark night. Light rain falling
    Capt Cunningham: Infantry takes a part in front of our line called "Fritz Folly" and there are a lot of dugouts that want connecting by tunnels so have got sappers on at night doing same
    Lt Champion, Ypres: The Battalion marches out of #Menty, on its northward move back to the war. As I am marching out, I am detailed to go to Divisional Headquarters to be an advance officer. Taking a good man with me by the name of Clephane, we catch a lorrie and soon pass through #Samer and #Boulogne, and have a meal at #SaintOmer. Then we go on through #Cassel and #Bailleul, which is being shelled and we end up at Lindenboek (Lindenhoek, #Kemmel), where the 2nd Company of Engineers gives me shelter for the night
    Jacobus Winters, #Boezinge: At 11am we are shelled for 1,5 hrs with 104 150mm shells: the 2 entrances of our concrete dugout have caved in and we almost suffocate as our rockets catch fire, there are no injuries but some rifles and equipment is destroyed. We breathe freely, but I think of all the hardship we have now gone through: many of my men are at the back with fever or burnt legs from the gas left behind in the shell holes
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: The church of #Kemmel is the only one of the vicary of Ypres that can still be repaired. My brother Remi is here on leave. He suffered greatly around #Merkem. There are no trenches only shell craters half-full of water. They went there for 6 days and after 3 restless days, they were given with 6kg of grenades, rations and bullets and had to go out to a forward position, where no duckboards had yet been laid through water and mud in the dark night: 8-10 men holding to the same rope so as not to sink away and drown. The area is riddled with shell-holes, some 5-6m deep and the soldiers sink knee-deep into the mud with their heavy loads, where by the ropes are essential: they have to use all their forces to pull one man out. They needed hours to cover a short distance and they arrived in the advanced position fully exhausted and sweating profusely, shivering for hour afterwards, where they stayed for 3 days in a shell hole just yards from the enemy, changing position from time to time so as not to sink away. After a few hour it started freezing and the ground under their feet became hard, but the cold feet were unbareable, so during the night they would lie on the ground. Their coffee froze and the food was bad and after 3 days they came back wrestling through the mud half of the night, back to #OostVleteren: my brother was never before so exhausted and never enjoyed so much hot coffee and a straw bag to sleep on. From where they were staying they could hear the #Germans and sometimes see them, but no bullets were fired, neither from rifles or machineguns, even when they were being relieved: it was a silent agreement not to fire at each other, because if they would have, both sides would have had enormous casualties and probably nobody would have escaped injury. But the guns on both sides were firing fiercly and around them were the bodies of #Belgian and #French soldiers, some being carried away every night

    13th of December
    Today 1917
    The 1229th day of war
    Sgt Peach, Ypres: Reveille 4 a.m . March to #Wizenden (Reserves) and entrain there for station past #Bailleul. Fritz shelling #Hazebrouck as we pass through that station. Shells falling very close to us. Saw #French man lying dead near line. At end of train journey march to camp at #Kemmel. Spend night there
    Capt Cunningham: .Am getting large carrying parties of 100 men to carry material up at night. They get shelled too heavily to carry by day. Try walking on top of the very bad trenches but find having to get down as they start sniping us but walk through some of that mud is the limit and nearly pulls your legs off. You often get stuck and have to be pulled out
    Lt Champion, Ypres: We parad in battle order next day, and fight a skirmishing battle for about three miles until we come to cleared field to see a new message-carrying rocket demonstrated. It is intended to be used in sending messages to Battalion Headquarters back from the front line, its range being 1200 yards. In flight, a siren sounds and a faint blue light glows to attract attention. There is a metal box attached to put the message in
    Jacobus Winters, #Boezinge: At 7am while making my pipe, I suddenly notice 3 #Germans walking at 50m distance of our post: my 3 men take aim and I shout ‘Halt’ and immediately the 3 put up their arms and shout ‘Kamerad, nicht schiessen’. I let them come near, take away their weapons and let them be brought to the commander. They are 1NCO and 2 soldiers from #Bayern, all happy to be taken prisoner
    1st #Canadian Sg Battery, #Ypres: As the battery is to leave for the south at 10 a.m., Gnr. Hewitt C.W., who is living above ground and is acting as Mr. McDowell's batman, has orders to call the latter at 5 a.m. The former is about to enter the corridor leading into the officer's sleeping quarters when he is confronted with a sheet of flame whereupon he dashes through same and with great presence of mind brings Lt.-Col. Smart to safety. In the meantime three officers succeed in escaping by way of the ventilating shaft, but after this it is impossible to render any assistance to those inside 17 officers are burnt to death including Lt. McDowell of this unit and a Brig.-Gen. The origin of the fire cannot be ascertained. 9 a.m. - Lieut. M.F. Keeping, in charge of four lorries loaded with men, leaves the laundry and proceedes as far as the Column in #Vlamertinge, where he picks up twelve more lorries, loaded with stores etc., after which he passes through #Poperinge and #Steenvoorde and stops just north of #Hazebrouck at 1 p.m. About 15 minutes later, the O.C., Captain and Lt. S.F. Willett join Lt. Keeping, having travelled from Ypres in the automobile, and being followed closely by Lieuts. W.S. Trenholme and A.I. Cunningham with the remainder of the personnel in 9 lorries. 1 p.m. Here the men leave the lorries and have a meal on "Iron Rations. Now the column moves off passing through #Hazebrouck which is at this time being heavily shelled with long range guns. Several houses along the route which we take, are hit, but our personnel suffers no casualties. 2.20 p.m: We arrived at #Morbecque and take over billets in farmhouses which have been allotted by the Town Major to Lt. J.E. Lean who has gone ahead of the battery to secure the same
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: Day and night shelling, #Hazebrouck being particularly hit, where 70 civilians are killed and 250 wounded. Amongst the casualties the Deacon of #Caëstre and the priest of #Armentières, one would think the #Germans are aiming at the Deacons. The daily report does not mention the shelling of #Hazebrouck

    12th of December
    Today 1917
    The 1228th day of war
    Sgt Peach, Ypres: Start off again at 8 a.m. and march to #Remilly #Werquin (via #Ruppe and #Ouve). Country through which we pass very hilly, consequently all just about dead beat when we reach our destination
    Capt Cunningham: Sappers and working parties start work. I find in my sector Fatigue Trench and First Trench are the worst. No revetting is done and you walk waist deep in mud. I am getting parties in to drain this and then will get some A frames and screens and start revetting, also some deep dugouts. I have started in Chalk Cliff in Grass Lane
    Lt Champion, Ypres: Movements in the Battalion take place each day. Jenson goes on leave to England, and Charlie Kellanay rejoins the Unit. We are hot scones now at any type of open warfare. It has been gone over time and time again, until everyone is action perfect and should give a wonderful show if called upon. Mr Hollingworth having been transferred from the London office of the A.M.P. Society, I give Jensen my diary to take over to his successor, mr Fisher, also a letter of introduction to him. On the 12th, we play the 2nd Battalion football and win 17 points to 5. Our Unit is as fit and as hard as nails now. This sport programme as well as solid work in the mornings works wonders. In the evening, we have a visit from our old adjutant - Captain White, "D'' Company mess entertaining him well on towards midnight. He is attached to Division on Staff duties . Lieut. Somerset is now acting as adjutant and manages well. Flannery, who had the job for a long time has gone to Division as a learner
    Jacobus Winters, #Boezinge: Occupying advanced positions with the platoon being shelled with 40 shells, but no casualties. It’s freezing and there is no protection in our hole: it’s for our country we are suffering, we only hope it will bear fruit
    1st #Canadian Sg Battery, #Ypres: Our lorries are loaded with stores and corrugated iron. 2 p.m: As there is not sufficient accommodation at the 48th H.A.G., Lt. J.W. McDowell goes to the 77th(Southern Double) H.A.G. for sleeping quarters and messing. The 77th Headquarters and billets are in the ramparts, of Ypres, to which there is only one entrance and an air shaft here. There is also the Headquarters of an Infantry Division
    2 #Canadian TnlCmp, #Ypres: Company takes over from No 3 Tunnelling Company, Canadian Engineers, the maintenance here and at Ritz Street and Ridge Str
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: Heavy gunning during the night and in the afternoon and #German ‘birds’ flying over. We learn the good news of the #British taking #Jerusalem. Yesterday, the #Germans raided #Messines

    11th of December
    Today 1917
    The 1227th day of war
    Sgt Peach, Ypres: Reveille 5 a.m. Pack up and ready to move off at 8 a .m. Leave #Desvres about 9a.m., and travell via Main #StOmer Road march as far as #Campaign. Have afternoon and night there
    Capt Cunningham: Officers tour all round front line trenches also visit Battn. Coy's. The 2nd Bde is in the line. Collins then takes over Right Sector front line . I take left sector front line. Reid takes communication trenches and Barbat all rear work
    Lt Champion, Ypres: The W.A.A.Cs. (women's Auxiliary Army Corps) are here in hundreds, doing various duties: Munition making, aeroplane shops, ordnance, etc., carrying on wth jobs to allow men to go to the line areas. Reaching the 1st at about 10 p.m., we find Lieut. Graham back again; he is a splendid help to the football and war side of the Unit. Vic Fowler, the old Sergeant Major of "A" Coy is now with a commission pulling his weight and making things move along in his usual methodical manner. The little black Sergeant Major of old days, as the French girls used to call him, has become the little black Lieutenant of present days. Everything is set for the final of the football competition to be decided between "A" Company and "D", so next day everyone not on duty turns up to barrack for his favourite. ''D" Company wins, and quite an amount in francs changes hands.
    Raoul Snoeck, #Diksmuide: I am the secretary of some of the young men wanting to write a letter to their ‘marraine’ as they are in #France and the men do not speak #French. One has a marraine in #Argentina, but I do not speak #Spanish
    Jacobus Winters, #Boezinge: Some shells drop on our positions but there are no casualties
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: Heavy gunning in the afternoon and in the evening, mostly S of Ypres

    10th of December
    Today 1917
    The 1226th day of war
    Sgt Peach, Ypres: Swimming parade from 9.30 to 10.30. Spend rest of morning on range. Have about 50 shots. Fill in afternoon in billets. Go to bed early to get full use of bed for last night
    Capt Cunningham: No 1 and 3 Sections march from Sydney Camp and arriv #Melbourne Camp at 0900. The Company with transport then leaves #Melbourne Camp for #Longueval. I go on ahead to ‘take over’. See Major, Riddel at #Longueval Camp and wait for our Coy to come . They arrive about 12.00 and we had lunch then, the men carrying their kits and blankets. We march up to #BullsRun trench where there are some deep dugouts that we have made the time before we were in the line. Arrive at #BullsRun about 1630. There is very little room so have to squeeze in as best we can. Brockman and I have a room 8ft. x 5ft. In this we sleep, do our work and 6 officers have meals. The valises come up by pack animals about 2200. They are all wet and slime as several times the horses have fallen in the shell holes, also all our mess gear is lost in a shell hole so only have 2 plates , knives and forks between the lots of us
    Lt Champion, Ypres: We do not dine at the hotel that night, but rent to Maxim's Café, a most gorgeous and tinselly place, where it costs 20 francs before picking up a knife and fork
    Raoul Snoeck, #Diksmuide: Carlo Verbessem is dead: poor boy, he was hit by a bullet flying over enemy lines. Another good friend has gone. When I think of those with whom I joined up in 1914, there are many men lacking: the rest of us stay alone in the night, waiting for death, like the lantern at the cemetery of #Atur
    Jacobus Winters, #Boezinge: Relieved at night, it was about time, because we are chilled through and exhausted. At #Paepegoed I take of my shoes, change socks and have some sleep
    1st #Canadian Sg Battery, #Ypres: Commence to dismount Nos. 1,2 & 3 guns. 2 gun IS very low on the left side, due to the soft ground and most of the shooting being to the right. 4 p.m.: The dismounting of Nos. 1 & 3 completed.
    2 #Canadian TnlCmp, Ypres: Company starts the work of excavating two T.M. Emplacements and Tunnell Dug-Outs - for 37th Division TMs.- in the North side of the Bank
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: Great explosion in #Halifax (#Canada). #Geluveld has now been taken twice, but the #Germans took it back. #German planes throw out newspapers reporting that the Allied command is divided

    9th of December
    Today 1917
    The 1225th day of war
    Sgt Peach, Ypres: Church parade cancelled on account of weather. Have a busy day writing letters
    Lt Champion, Ypres: From about 4 p.m. to 7 p.m., the town seems dead, and it is then that the shows do a wonderful business. One show caters for English visitors, flashing the French and English titles and descriptions at the same time. All others are strictly French
    Jacobus Winters, #Boezinge: 3 platoon at Paepehoek 300m from each other: it takes us 2,5 hours to cover the distance as in some places we sink into the mud up to our belly and it is bitter cold, we are not allowed to make light
    1st #Canadian Sg Battery, #Ypres: Last day in action in this position
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: Armistice between #Russia and #Rumania

    8th of December
    Today 1917
    The 1224th day of war
    Sgt Peach, Ypres: Up to baths for a swim in morning. Have photo of platoon taken after dinner. Spend night writing letters
    Lt Champion, Ypres: A conjurer is at ·work in a neighbouring room, and a small boy climbs a rope thrown into the air by the man. It is all illusion of course, but it is impossible to see how it is done. The historic figures of the war, Cardinal Mercier, Lloyd George, Guillemeyer (#Guynemer), Foch, etc., are all portrayed in life-size. We have visited cinemas; all are comfortable and we are allowed to smoke in them
    Gen #Monash, Ypres: Paul and I with motor driver and batman cross the Channel and arrive safely here I shall appreciate the spell, and as permission has now been given General officers to get into plain clothes while on leave, I shall take advantage of this to have quiet rest as a civilian for a few days
    René Deckers, #Warhem: Together with NCO’s, I have been appointed for training on a new 155mm battery. It’s a boring voyage to #Eu. I manage to sneak into town where I find a room
    1st #Canadian Sg Battery, #Ypres: Lts. S.F. Willett and J.W. McDowell move to the 48th Group, near #MeninGate, in order to give sleeping quarters to the officers of the 140th Field Battery. 5 p.m.: The dismounting of # 4 gun is completed
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: The #British are driven back at #Kamerijk (#Cambrai) and the #Germans take 9000 prisoners and 148 guns

    7th of December
    Today 1917
    The 1223rd day of war
    Sgt Peach, Ypres: Brigade sports. Weather cold and fine, rain setting in so do not go out. Stayed in and play draughts. Cannot find anyone to beat me. Turn into bed early at night as officers having a spree in next room. Cooks get a bit merry after officers left. Get arguing point and start a brawl. Froggie came in and wakes us up to try and quieten things down a bit
    Capt Cunningham: We are moving up to the line again. Capt. Brockman comes back today
    Lt Champion, Ypres: A haircut costs me 10 francs, a most exorbitant price, but the chap can't talk English and I can't make myself too well understood, so I let it go. Lunch that day is supplied by an old friend known to Jarvis - Alexis Trapenard. He treats us very well and afterward takes us to an interesting show - a waxworks, similar to Madame Toussard's (Tussaud) in London. They are mainly war reproductions in miniature and they have bizarre lighting effects which gives the scenes a realistic touch, making them appear life-size
    Jacobus Winters, #Boezinge: 4am: on reconnaissaince in #Bikschote with Lt Beguin and in the evening chores with the Cmp in the 1st line
    Arthur Pasquier, #Diksmuide: A very moving burial, one of my good friends, 2nd Lt Gatin, the first of our course: I kept thinking of the talks we had during our walks at #Cise, reflecting on studying and what we would do after the war, as if there would ever be such a coming period, we carefull added ‘If I survive’. For him it is all over now: it is a tragic and moving moment as the general pins his medal (Leopold’s Order) up and the trumpets play the ‘Te Velde’
    1st #Canadian Sg Battery, #Ypres: The crews of "A" Sub commence to dismount # 4 gun. They experience great difficulty as the rear baulk has sunk 2.5 ft
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: Not many troops on the Church Square. At farm Comyn already 1030 soldiers have been buried

    6th of December
    Today 1917
    The 1222nd day of war
    Sgt Peach, Ypres: Ordinary parades morning and afternoon. Wrote a few letters at night. Sing- song in billet (piano) after tea
    Capt Cunningham: Good lot of work in way of huts etc. being pushed on here. We have 40 Infantry always and yesterday had another 175 for work
    Lt Champion, Ypres: Jarvis is a good chap, anywhere suits him, providing it is seeing sights, and I could not have picked a better travelling cobber. Neither of us wanted to spend the time loafing about and He managed breakfast about 8.30 a.m., always supplementing the French breakfast with something more solid
    Raoul Snoeck, #Diksmuide: Today is StNiklaus: ten NCO’s of the regiment organized a musical evening together with the musicians of the regiment
    2 #Canadian TnlCmp, #Reningelst: Company took over the maintenance of this system from the 250 Coy. R.E. and began the work oN excavating a T.M. Emplacement and Tunnelled Dug-Outs
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: Still freezing and much gunning at 2am. Shells on #Abele Station at 7am, it’s the first time Abele has been shelled. At 5.30pm planes and bombs on #Vlamertinge, 1 plane is shot on fire

    5th of December
    Today 1917
    The 1221st day of war
    Sgt Peach, Ypres: Out all day on a route march: march through #Samer and
    and Stunt (about 12 miles). Still nice weather
    Capt Cunningham: Capt . Brockman is not back from leave yet but expect him any day now. Weather still cold.
    Lt Champion, Ypres: Leaving the Castle proper, we wander about some of the private home district and enjoy the peaceful, restful time. Dinner that night is at Cafe de la Paix it is a most expensive meal, but an experience
    Jacobus Winters, #Boezinge: We leave #Pollinkhove at 12.30 and do reconnaissance in the new Sector. In #Elzendamme we jump in a car with a #British captain and from #Steenstrate on (on foot) one crater borders the next: no trace anymore of #German wire and lines only destroyed dugouts. In #Bikschote not even the spot of where the church was standing is recognizable. There must have been many people living here, but not it is only dead and abandoned like a horror scene. Poor #Belgium, once so beautiful and now…! But keep the spirit up we have to fight the #Germans. Craters with greenish water everywhere: gas! 5km into the frontline there are no 2m2 without a shell hole: the hellish shellfire went on for 6 days and nights
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: At 4 shells towards #Poperinge and #Abele: pub ‘The Red Cross’ is hit and soldiers and one of the daughters dies, others are wounded. Planes at night with searchlights from 10 different directions not being able to find them, they reach #Poperinge: a bomb falls on the Bertinus church and the deacon is wounded; he is taken to the hospital at ‘#Couthof’, where a piece of metal from his shoulder. A #German planes drops a newspaper ‘Gazette des #Ardennes’, writing the names of the casualties of the (#British) bombardment of #Oostende on the 6th of September, where 6 civilians are killed and 36 wounded. Many farmers are leaving #Belgium for #France and get good prices for their properties

    4th of December
    Today 1917
    The 1220th day of war
    Sgt Peach, Ypres: Another heavy frost followed by fine weather. Parade in morning recreation in afternoon. Get letters from Jean and Stan
    Capt Cunningham: Hear that we may move up to the line on 9th. Major Mather went away on leave last night
    Lt Champion, Ypres: The gardens have been excellent, but now of course they are in disrepair. They are reached by flights of steps, at the sides of wich are statues, until a much lower level than that of the Castle is attained. Fountains galore are there, but of course they are not working at present
    Jacobus Winters, #Boezinge: Conference of officers by Col Deisser about the new sectors at #Bikschote
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: #German planes bombing at 1am and we can hear the explosions

    3rd of December
    Today 1917
    The 1219th day of war
    Sgt Peach, Ypres: Lovely fine day. Heavy frost in morning. Have afternoon off to see football match between 7th and 8th. 8th wins. Dave, Fred and I go to hear the Kookaburras at night. Get letters from Mum, Grace , Daisy, Aunt Maggie, Lil, Glad, Lil Smith, Charlotte and Sylvia Cook
    Lt Champion, Ypres: Around this yard are many fine statues. The Castle is on rising ground and is most imposing and sombre. Inside, honever, the large reception rooms are carpeted and many fine tapestries hang on the beautifully panelled walls. The Amphitheatre, called Les Salles des Congress is where the President holds some meetings and here the old woodork is wonderfully polished. One would require a week alone to inspect this place
    Jacobus Winters, #Boezinge: Freezing. Burial of Lt Craen in #WestVleteren together with and Adjt and 8 other soldiers: I am one of those appointed to hold the corner of the flag over the coffin and Gen Michel and Maj Uyttenhove speak
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: Every day the #Germans report raids on #Merkem, where my brother is now. The #Germans launch a counter-attack at #Kamerijk (#Cambrai) and take back several villages. The #Chinese in the camps are revolting: Yesterday a Captain got stabbed. 30 #Chinese at #Busseboom refuse to work and lay down on the ground where they are beaten: they prefer the stick above obeying. At camp #Verhaege I saw 3 #Chinese tied to a wire with open arms, one with his leg bound up: that is not comfortable at all with this weather: it’s freezing! Sister Gabrielle from #DeKlijte comes back from #France

    2nd of December
    Today 1917
    The 1218th day of war
    Sgt Peach, Ypres: On guard till 4.30 p.m: everything goes off well. No Inspection by Colonel or Field Officer. Cold biting wind all day long
    Lt Champion, Ypres: We take a train from #SaintLazaire station and go to #Versailles, about 3/4 of an hour's run. This trip is most interesting. #Paris seems to be in a hollow and towering above and easily picked out are the #EifelTower and #SacreCoeur Church. We have lunch at #Versailles, being stung 14 francs for Jarvis and myself. Visiting the palace, we pass through two large gates, which are the worse for wear, all the gold leaf having worn off, into a large stone- paved courtyard, the stones being laid as evenly and smoothly as a billiard table top. The yard seems to be 300 yards square; you can imagine it packed with older day vehicles and groomsmen waiting for their masters to finish and come from Louis' court
    Jacobus Winters, #Boezinge: Confession and communion; today it freezes for the first time
    2 #Canadian TnlCmp, #Reningelst: Company completeS the Artillery Dug-Out System here, which IS taken over by R.G.A. 2- This system was badly crumped in nine places by a heavy bombardment with delay-action shells. Three Infantrymen were killed on #Ivy Lane Stairs, but Company had no casualties
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: Multiple flashes above Ypres, there is indeed a #British assault N of #Passchenaele, capturing some farms and fortified positions

    1st of December
    Today 1917
    The 1217th day of war
    Sgt Peach, Ypres: Ordinary parade in morning. Weather extra cold so filled in most of time at recreation. Mounted guard at 4.30 p.m.
    Capt Cunningham: I go up round the windmill and see the place Trevor must have been killed at and last night I see a Major of 22nd Battn who was out at same time as 27th and he shows me by map where the 27th charged, so I am getting a cross made and am going to take it out and put it where I think Trevor must have fallen
    Lt Champion, Ypres: We reach Paris at 8 p.m., after a run of six hours in a misty rain. #Paris in her war dress of no lights is a very dismal #Paris, on the outside. We take a fiacre to the Hotel and as we both have plenty of money, we get bedrooms with a bathroom in between, being charged 16 francs per day, meals being included. As we have an advantage over the exchange, this cost us actually 8/- per day. After a thorough soaking in a bath, we have something to eat, and sit in the Hotel lobby till late; we are too tired to go out, and we had a beautiful glowing feeling, partly due to food, and partly to the new surroundings. When we have had a shave in an adjoining saloon, we sallie out on our programme. The #ArcDeTriomphe at the head of the #ChampsElysees first claims our attention, and it is a truly magnificent arch, or rather tower. Around its walls and along above the arch are wonderful sculptural effects, and, not to forget the war, on top of it has mounted a light anti-aircraft gun. Then we go down to the museum at the #Invalides, where among interesting relics we see the fighting plane of #Guynemer, the most famous of war aces (killed in #Poelkapelle, Ypres). There are plenty of elderly soldiers about, most of them with a smattering of English, who are only too pleased to explain things to us. We go over Alexander's Bridge, covered with most elaborate monumental and sculptural works, till we inspect the huge stone statues guarding 'the river and bridge. Then we take a taxi through the Latin Quarter and #Montmarte till we come to the Cathedral or Notre Dame. There are countless gargoyles coming out from the guttering around the roof, each one being a different grotesque figure of a man, beast, fish, etc. , and the expressions on their faces, though executed in stone, are marvellous. The stained-glass windows are beyond description - they are magnificent: I see them with the setting sun glinting through showing up the Saints and #Bible scenes depicted in glass to their full advantage. To a casual inspecting eye, #Paris seems to be built in concentric circles, with broad tree-lined avenues radiating like the spokes of a wheel. There is a splendid underground railway with plenty of stations coming to the surface, and they are very cheap to ride. The #ArcDeTriomphe is the centre from which. some broad avenues radiate, and it is an education to sit on one of the many seats provided and see the people parading. This seems to be the Headquarters of the #American Army, judging by the numbers of #Americans about the place - there are at least 30 #Americans to an #English or #Australian.I.F. officer. We dine that night at the Hotel, tired out, and sated with the sights we have seen
    Jacobus Winters, #Boezinge: Working at the tramway of #Reninge 4,5km E of #OostVleteren
    2 #Canadian TnlCmp, #Reningelst: Company startS the work of excavating an underground system for R.G.A. Manor Farm(I.22.c.6.5.),400 yards South of #Zillebeke Lake, see Map 28 NW4(Ypres)

    30th of November
    Today 1917
    The 1216th day of war
    Sgt Peach, Ypres: Parade as usual in morning. Too wet to go out in afternoon. Take over command of No.1 Platoon
    Capt Cunningham: There are two " tanks" stranded up in front of #Pozières and get a souvenir from one of them
    Lt Champion, Ypres: My leave comes through to Paris at 11.00, and I dress and catch the 12.30 motor bus to #Boulogne, going straight on to the train 11 with no lunch. On the train, I pick up Jarvis of the 3rd Battalion and we decide to visit together. The train trip is via. #Abbeyville, #Longprez, #Amiens, #Picquigny (where the Divisional School under Sticky Stevens is) and then on to gay #Paris itself. From #Amiens to #Paris, we have company, in the person of a commandant of #French forces, which is about the rank of a Major in our Army, and he is a most interesting person. We give away no information at all - just listen to him telling us tales of #Verdun. what an awful shambles that place must be! He states that his troops are becoming very dissatisfied with their conditions, but that their hearts are sound; the reason is #Verdun itself. Trenches are taken and retaken to be battered out of recognition and then taken again; bodies unburied and unearthed after every bombardment. He wishes us luck after inquiring if he can do anything to make our stay in #Paris comfortable, and says that the Elysée Palace Hotel is catering fully for the needs of #Australian and #British soldiers and officers
    Gen #Monash, Ypres: I enclose a pencil sketch of the ruins of the Church at #NeuveEglise, close by here and an ink sketch of a winter scene in this part of the
    Jacobus Winters, #Boezinge: Half of the Cmy on chores
    2 #Canadian TnlCmp, #Reningelst: Strength of Company, 28 Officers and 590 O.R. and 3 Officers and 120 O.R.- 37th Division temporarily attached Infantry
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: Severe bombing at farm Beirnaert 20 horses are killed. At #Ouderdom on a train, 5 soldiers are killed and 8 wounded. At farm Coene no less than 25 huge bomb craters; a few yards from the house of 3 huge ones. We learn that the #French hospital at #Roesbrugge is also bombed by #German planes: 6 doctors and 15 soldiers are killed. Also heavy bombing of #Elverdinge and #Woesten. Above Ypres hundreds of flashes like lightning with heavy rumble of guns
    #ypressalient #ww1 #ypres #ieper

    29th of November
    Today 1917
    The 1215th day of war
    Sgt Peach, Ypres: Rather taken by surprise during dinner hour. Have a call by Mr. Piercey Nixon and Gordon, also several of the Sergeants. All congratulating me and shaking hands. Cannot make out what for. Later learn that I have been awarded Military Medal, and they have come along to wet it for me. All of us turn up late on afternoon parade and are nearly being put under arrest. Have afternoon off to see football match between 7th and 5th Battalions. Very good game. 7th Battalion wins
    Capt Cunningham: We go over the ground where Maj. Mather got sniped and also see the dugout where we sheltered that night and the sap we dug . Must have been cleaned out because it’s there now and we know it was blown all in by the shells
    Gen #Monash, #Australia, Ypres: I sometimes, but not often, have little leisure, and amuse myself practising sketching
    Jacobus Winters, #Boezinge: Chores from 8-11am: Lt Pajeur from #Leuven gets wounded by a shell and his brain is exposed: he dies 9pm in the hospital of #Hoogstade. 2Lt Clabeek on reconnaissance near #Bikschote gets a shell wound on his leg
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: Many #British planes during the night and heavy shelling at 4am. Bombardment around 4pm at farm Delportes and all of the evening we hear the shells whizzing over and exploding at Micmac, #Ouderdom, #Rozenhille and #Poperinge. Along the railway at farm Verhaege there are colored men from the #WestIndies: many of them are catholics and serve in the artillery; remarkably many of them smoke cigars, whereas most people smoke cigarettes. In #Reningelst soldier Leon Roelens from #TenBrielen is buried, he died on patrol. In #Reningelst I conduct the marriage of Maurits Cuvelier and Madeleine Verkruysse, both living in Dikkebus
    #ypressalient #ww1 #ypres #ieper

    28th of November
    Today 1917
    The 1214th day of war
    Sgt Peach, Ypres: On duty all day as R.O.S. Very little doing after morning inspection of billets
    Capt Cunningham: Everything up there is much the same except the roads have been made good again and a lot of tram lines have been run up. They have got all the heavy Howitzers up in #Pozières now and they nearly deafened us as we passed
    Jacobus Winters, #Boezinge: Chores at ‘#Driegrachten
    Arthur Pasquier, #Merkem: We move to the sector #Luigem-Merkem and are under heavy shelling for 3 days: 3 of our men get killed when a shell hits the parapet of our gun emplacement. I go on reconnaissance through former #German territory, crossing the #Ieperlee into the heart of the #German fortification: I feel proud to enter this captured territory: Merkem has become a shelled area where one crater is next to the next, some shellholes are as big as a house: our artillery did a tremendous job and I never an area so thoroughly destroyed: in this village of 3500 inhabitants not 1 wall has been left standing. From 8am-4pm our 7 guns fired without break, totalling 1581 shells, whereas a 120mm gun normally fires 125 shells/day: every shell weighs 24kg, the projectile 21kg and the charge 3kg: the men were carrying de projectiles to the guns, load them, remove the casings under the continuous thunder of the guns and in the evening a new load of shells has to be brought in, which is again heavy work. But no task seems to heavy for the soldiers, particularly when afterwards we are congratulated by the infantry for the precision and effectiveness of our guns. As always, the #German response to our barrage is weak. What is waiting for us tomorrow?
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: Full moon: many planes, but no bombs are dropped. Much gunning in the morning. It is reported that the #Germans are bombing fiercly around #Passchendaele, maybe there will be an assault in that area. Padre Delancy of the 50Div comes on visit
    #ypressalient #ww1 #ypres #ieper

    27th of November
    Today 1917
    The 1213th day of war
    Sgt Peach, Ypres: Mounted duty at night as R.O.S
    Capt Cunningham: Major Mather, Collins, Reid and myself walked up day before yesterday to Pozières. It's only about 3 miles from here
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: Much rain during the night and fierce gunning during the evening mostly N of Ypres; also many planes. This year the #Belgian soldiers to execute requisitions with the farmers, work with more wisdom than last year, as last year the hay had to be transported through the rain and the potatoes when it was freezing
    #ypressalient #ww1 #ypres #ieper

    26th of November
    Today 1917
    The 1212th day of war
    Sgt Peach, Ypres: Out on parade in morning. Have to remain in billets in afternoon on account of wet weather
    Capt Cunningham: I do not know if we shall work with the 2Bde, or not. I hear that technical units will carry on their present work and have their reliefs separately but have nothing official
    Raoul Snoeck, #Diksmuide: Life is becoming sad and boring. The news of #Gent is worrying: the #Germans confiscate all the copper and transmission belts of machines and close factories. What about to our parents? What is happening to them? We are told there is no more food; is that true? Imagine the mental condition we are in. We cannot even write letters to know the trueth. The few shreds of news I get, come through #Nederland trough mrs Bulté: she assures me that everything is going wel, but is that so? I am ready for everything. If the situation in #Gent really is that bad when I return, I will immediately leave to a foreign country: there are many countries where one can earn a living. The end of the war will not be this year: my impression is that we will be at the frontline for quite some additional months. From occupied #Belgium, news comes in that a certain number of women act despicably and that some #Belgians betray their country by collaborating with the #Germansa and work for them: by helping the enemy they kill their own soldiers, and thos women, do they never think about the fact that they might be holding the murderer of their father or their fiancé in their debaucherous arm? Horrible conditions! For us, who are sent to death, it is painful to learn this kind of news. O, if only, from occupied #Belgium, they could see the unhealthy and muddy trenches of the #IJzer, exposed to the terrible weather up to the knees in water, every moment in danger of death or horrible mutilation
    Jacobus Winters, #Boezinge: We are relieved by te 20Linie and go bivouac in #Pollinkhove: I stay with the family Frémault, who are very good to me
    2 #Canadian TnlCmp, #Reningelst: Lieut. W.O. Tower rejoined for duty from the Canadian Base
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: Quite a bit of gunning during the night, quiet during the day
    #ypressalient #ww1 #ypres #ieper

    25th of November
    Today 1917
    The 1211th day of war
    Sgt Peach, Ypres: Short church parade in the morning. Wind blowing a hurricane. Fall of snow shortly after dinner: first for the season
    Capt Cunningham: The 2nd Bde comes in today and are on their way to front line again
    Raoul Snoeck, #Diksmuide: I am send to Divisional instruction – are they going to make me one of those soldiers always behind the lines? They got me! I am in charge now of 80 non-commissioned officers, that is a high number, but I do not want to complain
    Jacobus Winters, #Boezinge: We are in trenches near #Luigem
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: Strong wind. 200 #NewZealand soldiers at mass in the barn. At the civilian mass there are about 20 more civilians. Heavy gunning in the afternoon
    #ypressalient #ww1 #ypres #ieper

    24th of November
    Today 1917
    The 1210th day of war
    Sgt Peach, Ypres: Escort to one of our Sergeants, up for F.G.C.M. Cold and
    wet day
    Lt Champion, Ypres: The billets have been improved - they are now spotlessly clean, and the general physique has gone up with a bound
    Capt Cunningham: Still in #Sydney Camp building huts, laying duck-walks, cutting drains, making cookhouses, wash sheds, etc.
    Jacobus Winters, #Boezinge: Relief of guard in the morning at ‘#Blankaart’
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: Quite a bit of shelling and we hear #British planes during the night. #Russia is more and more descending into chaos and that huge country on which we were counting for help is being neutralized. Lenin with the Marxists at their head is proposing a cease-fire
    #ypressalient #ww1 #ypres #ieper

    23rd of November
    Today 1917
    The 1210th day of war
    Sgt Peach, Ypres: Got a letter from Jean. Had a bath and swim up at Cement works. Water very hot. A company played B football in afternoon: I had a game (first time played for years). Met Will Waters
    Lt Champion, Ypres: The Battalion is improving, and each day there is a football match or some sports, and life is worth living
    Capt Cunningham: We came in last night and am now waiting for Capt. Rhodes to come and show me where the next camp site will be. Weather very cold again - probably have some more snow
    Jacobus Winters, #Luigem: Leaving Luigem to go on guard: my platoon is guarding the advanced positions at ‘#Blankaart’
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: Airplanes and balloons. Many troops have now left. All #Australians have left but there is one Bde of #NewZealanders still around the Mains Square. Big victory at #Kamerijk (#Cambrai) with 8000 prisoners, but it is not enough to restore the moral of the troops
    #ypressalient #ww1 #ypres #ieper

    22nd of November
    Today 1917
    The 1209th day of war
    Sgt Peach, Ypres: Out on parade in morning, but have afternoon off on account of wet weather. Sergeants mess at my billet. Froggies all nick name me "Petit Sergeant”
    Lt Champion, Ypres: Arthur Felton from the 4th Battalion comes over to
    see me and Vic Fowler comes back to the Battalion with a Commission
    Capt Cunningham: Collins is with me. Our job is to build a new lot of huts for a new camp
    #ypressalient #ww1 #ypres #ieper

    21st of November
    Today 1917
    The 1208th day of war
    Sgt Peach, Ypres: Company has to leave billets at Cement works on account of "Kookaburras" opening up there. Had to shift our quarters also. Now billeted at Estaminet in market square. Not a bad place.
    Lt Champion, Ypres: The programme in future will be drill in the mornings with the afternoons free
    Capt Cunningham: Hav orders from Majior Mather to come with: no. 1 and no . 3 Sections to this camp (Sydney camp) which is on the #Fricourt Road just near #Beaucourt Wood
    René Deckers, #Warhem: We move to the other side of the border: our battery is stationed in farms around #Rexpoëde and Warhem and I am staying 500m from the center of the village. We are far away from the war
    Jacobus Winters, #Luigem: In trenches
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: Bad weather and heavy gunning during the night. The #Belgian troops have severely been shelled around #Merkem. Fierce fighting in #Italy around #Piave. There is a revolt in a #Chinese camp in #Poperinge as a #British officer was attacked by the #Chinese: it is reported that the #British shot in the crowd and 3 #Chinese have died. In the saw mill at #DeKlijte a boy is mangled by being drawn into the machine by the belt
    #ypressalient #ww1 #ypres #ieper

    20th of November
    Today 1917
    The 1207th day of war
    Sgt Peach, Ypres: Get letters from Mum, Oll, Vera Robb and Ida. Out with officer in morning trying to arrange for company. Had afternoon off
    Lt Champion, Ypres: The day is given up wholy to cleaning up and general care of the men, feet inspected etc., and in notice we expect to have our units back to standard
    Capt Cunningham: Heard that 7th Bde haS lost trenches won by 5th. Capt. Brockman goes away on leave today, 30th. I shall look after the horses whilst he is away but there is really nothing to do as we are at present
    Raoul Snoeck, #Diksmuide: The sandbags are now frozen. I was on guard last night. Those living in warm houses have no idea about our living conditions
    Jacobus Winters, #Boezinge: A 3am we leave #Pollinkhove and mount guard at #Driegrachten-#Luigem
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: 74y Gustjen Hennin has been overrun by a #British car: amazing how death finally caught him: first, in July, a shell exploded at the door of his house killing several soldiers, the shrapnel flying through the house, but no one was hurt; then in September another shell exploded at his front door; 2 weeks ago a airplane bomb fell into their kitchen while they were at the table, but didn’t explode; finaly his new house was also destroyed the day before he rented hired it
    #ypressalient #ww1 #ypres #ieper

    19th of November
    Today 1917
    The 1206th day of war
    Sgt Peach, Ypres: Weather still keeping fine. Put in day doing drill and recreation. Fred, Dave and I out for a stroll together. Have a good feed of fried eggs. Get a letter from Vince. Spend night writing letters
    Lt Champion, Ypres: It must be wonderful grazing country. On next day to a village called #Menty which is to be our training and rest area for a while. #Menty is about 10 miles from #Etaples and the same distance from #Boulougne . The billets are not up to the mark, the platoons being split up and making things bad for administration
    Capt Cunningham: The weather is so bad that all we can do is sit inside the hut over a brazier and write letters and talk. Weather a bit warmer today but mud very bad still.
    Jacobus Winters, #Boezinge: I visit our new sector: it rejoices my heart and I am full of pride as 3 months ago the #German line was pushed back over 4km from ‘#Blankaart’ until ‘#Driegrachten’. I rejoiced stepping over the ‘#Ieperlee’ and putting my feet into captured territory: the area is still full of #German gear: small guns, mortars, bombs, grenades, torpedoes, gas cannisters, grenade launchers,… Most of their reinforced concrete bunkers are still standing and we make good use of them. They are lit with electricity and everything testifies of their much better organizing than ourselves
    #PPCLI, Ypres: Cloudy. Battalion moves by bus from KRUISSESTRAAT to ROBECQ - & the Transport by road to same place
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: Misty, calm night. #British report small advance near #Passchendaele. We learn that Marcel Timperman a boy from Dikkebus has been killed in an accident in #Bourboujon (#Loire)
    #ypressalient #ww1 #ypres #ieper

    18th of November
    Today 1917
    The 1205th day of war
    Sgt Peach, Ypres: Troops out on a raiding party getting vegetables for dinner. Managed to get a good feed of swede turnips and potatoes. Packed up and marched back into billets at #Desvres. Company billeted in cement factory. Sergeants in private lodgings. Had a good swim in hot water baths at factory
    Lt Champion, Ypres: The trip is via #Lumbres and #Wizernes, and I halt at the famous #Bertines Cathedral. There is a fine canal flowing through #StOmer and it is a highway for many barges, each with an Inland water sailor on deck on guard. It must be a good life to be, say officer in charge of Inland waters. After a day's spell at #StPierre, we move off again through #Campagne Le #Boulonnais to #Bécourt, passing through peaceful undulating country, everything looking fresh-washed and green
    Capt Cunningham: Sappers doing roads and huts but there is nothing for us to do
    #PPCLI, Ypres: WIELTJE/ Cloudy. Battn. moves back in early morning to B Camp at Wieltje & remains there all day. Considerable Enemy shelling during the night. Transport moves to #HONDEGHEM
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: Quite calm and although there is smog, many planes. A #British balloon is shot at and burns above Château Segar (Château Cigar). 2 masses in the barn with 200 #NewZealanders present. Report: the #Germans attacked the #Belgians at #Merkem and used an odourless gas that makes them vomit, so they cannot put on their gasmasks, after which they use poisonous gas affecting their eyes and lungs: they capture 3 #Belgian positions, but in a counter-attack 2 are taken back together with 10 prisoners. Many #Belgians are taken prisoner or die and many blinded are taken to hospital. The #German communique reports that the #Germans take 63 #Canadian prisoners at #Passchendaele. Father Looby of the 50th Division died at #Passchendaele, but his body cannot be found
    #ypressalient #ww1 #ypres #ieper

    17th of November
    Today 1917
    The 1204th day of war
    Sgt Peach, Ypres: Continued march back via #Desvres. Have great difficulty finding billets for us. Company and Battalion scattered all over the country. Get letters from Mum (2), Jean, Oll, Aunt Nell, Glad, Charlotte 2, and Sylvia Thomas
    Lt Champion, Ypres: With our numbers swelled, on the 16th, we march through #Belques, #Lumbres to #StPierre . The moment we arrive, I go off with the mess cart to #StOmer and come back laden with goods for the mess
    Capt Cunningham: See an awful lot of German prisoners working on the roads
    René Deckers, #Alveringem: Staying in the ‘Nieuwe Herberg’, a revolting place full of vermin: during the night I manage to leave unnoticed and go sleep at the notary’s house
    Jacobus Winters, #Boezinge: At 8am we leave for #Belgium and arrive at #Pollinkhove, 10km from #Veurne at 3pm. The troops stay in bad barracks, but we officers stay in a stone ‘shed’ with a stove
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: The #British were planning an attack but it is cancelled because of the smog. Many people noticed that the gunning this week is the most severe of the whole war, but the reports do not even mention it

    16th of November
    Today 1917
    The 1203rd day of war
    Sgt Peach, Ypres: On guard all day. Got letters from Mum, Grace, Daisy, Oll, Lil and Uncle Harold, also parcel from Mum . Go for a stroll with Dave at night. Just like old times being together again
    Lt Champion, Ypres: All the officers are popular -nith us and all can be depended upon to play the game
    Capt Cunningham: The weather has turned horribly cold - all the water in puddles and buckets is frozen this morning and all the muddy roads are now frozen as hard as bricks. Major Hancock and I ride over yesterday for pay
    René Deckers, #Steenkerke: The offensive is cancelled: our division suffered greatly and is removed from the frontline. The guns will be taken away in the evening and our whole battery will be at rest
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: Shelling all day at several farms: it’s the longest shelling spree ever: 18 hours! Several fall at the saw mill and the railway, killing several men and horses. At farm Lemahieu another armoured railway gun is firing

    15th of November
    Today 1917
    The 1202nd day of war
    Sgt Peach, Ypres: Get another early start on road and march back to #Becourt. A big number of the men suffering with sore feet. Mounted gaurd at 6 p.m
    Lt Champion, Ypres: We moved to Heuringham, and are joined up by 100 details, including 14 officers; Sampson, Booth, Clarke, Mortlocke, Jensen, Steen, Lee, Brownlie, Walker, Hamilton, Presnell, Davis and McConnell. We are pleased to see them, and we are such a happy family!
    Capt Cunningham: We are having an easy time
    Jacobus Winters, #Boezinge: At rest: Day of the King. At 3pm Gn Dewitte arrives and awards medals to the 2ndBonCarabiniers, also at rest here after they captured several #German positions
    #PPCLI, Ypres: BELLEVUE, weather isfair but cloudy with frequent ground mists and the whole of the support area - but particularly 1 & 2 Co'ys are subjected to heavy artillery fire. This lasts practically continuously. The front and rear areas are shelled with gas. No. 1 & 2 Co'ys are under control of 42nd  & R.C.R. - messages being sent to the H.Q. of these Battns. at MEETCHEELE. Aeroplane activity on the part of the enemy is very marked at all times, mist & fog interfering with them. Our activity in the air is slight and not sufficient at any time to drive off enemy planes which besides directing artillery fire - also fly low and play upon our trenches with machine guns. The Battalion suffers 59 Casualties - chiefly in 1 & 2 Co'ys - Lt. STRATFORD being killed and Lts JONES CARVOSSO & MACPHERSON wounded - the latter two at duty. O.R. killed & died of wounds. The Battalion is relieved by the 2nd Royal Berks [#Berkshire]. There is a good deal of confusion as the Companies taking over are nearly twice as strong numerically as our own and have therefore to provide extra cover for themselves & as a consequence the relief is unduly prolonged
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: Many shells during the night, one of which explodes in the #Chinese Camp, killing several ‘yellow’ men. There are #NewZealand troops camping on the Square in #Reningelst: their hats are round with a red, blue or black ribbon around them. Inhabitant having left Dikkebus are now allowed to come back. Some #British officers are not gentlemen at all and use their rooms to go to the toilet – even a protestant Chaplain! The #Chinese are again allowed to go into the shops, but they are not allowed to ask for coffee

    14th of November
    Today 1917
    The 1201st day of war
    Sgt Peach, Ypres: Set off once again on march. Travel leads as far as #StPierre. Weather nice and fine
    Lt Champion, Ypres: The Battalion, is sparkling up: the marching and hot food cur the soggy feet, and we swing along merrily. The band joins up as we passed through #Caestre and at our billets we find Moffatt and Jacobs awaiting us
    Capt Cunningham: Sappers are on building huts and making roads
    Jacobus Winters, #Boezinge: We leave from #Marck at around 8am and 3 hours later we arrive in #Warhem where we bivouack
    #PPCLI, Ypres: WIELTJE CAMP: Cloudy - Drizzling rain in evening. The Battalion relieves 43rd Battn. in the line night. No's. 1 & 2 Co'ys take over close support positions near VINDICTIVE CROSS ROADS (Reference #PASSCHENDAELE Sheet). This consists of a series of disconnected lengths of trench and improved shell hole positions along a line. No. 1 Co. on the right & in support to R.C.R. No. 2 Co'y on left supporting 42 Battn. No. 3 Co'y in rear supports but supplies garrisons for the fortified positions at MEETCHEELE & BELLEVUE. B.H.Q. in pill box at BELLEVUE Pill Box
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: Heaviest shelling and coming down at farm Planckeel during the night. #German attack at #Passendale (#Passchedaele) well-repulsed by the #Canadians. In the morning against the wall of the Cloister a #British soldiers is executed for refusing to go to the trenches: his own comrades have to execute him and several have explained how painful it is for them, with some of them crying of regret. Soldier Coene of Dikkebus who died at the hospital in #Vinkem is buried in #Westouter. The young conscripts between 30-35 are now arriving in the trenches

    13th of November
    Today 1917
    The 1200th day of war
    Sgt Peach, Ypres: Go in to see Dave in aftetrnoon . Fine day. Glad of spell after long march
    Lt Champion, Ypres: Next day, as our Medical Officer says that 67% of the men are not fit to march owing to gas and sore feet through the line slush, the transport relieves us of our blankets, pack and tin hats and we march in battle order for 11 miles to #StJansCappelle near #Berthen, taking over the billets of the Duke of Cornwall Light Infantry. We march via #Caestre to a village two miles the line side of Staples, and again we march in battle order only
    Capt Cunningham: Hve orders to come in to Camp and 12th FCo relieves us. March in here and have job of building huts. The rest of the Div. is going right back for rest
    #PPCLI, Ypres: SCOTS CAMP: Dull & cloudy in morning clearing in afternoon. The Battalion moves by bus to B Camp near #WIELTJE - Transport by road
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: The gunning today is tremendous, but an assault is certainly not to be expected in these (muddy) conditions: some say it is connected to the #Italian front, so that troops cannot be sent there. My brother Remi is with the 4th #Belgian LA is again in #Merkem to relieve the #French: the #French relieve the British at #Nieuwpoort where they lost many men with to no gains. Lloyd George says that the war has now taken 3 years and they 3 years of stupidity owing to lack of cooperations: well, that’s what the inhabitants of Dikkebus have been saying right from the beginning and the 4th year it will be the same

    12th of November
    Today 1917
    The 1199th day of war
    Sgt Peach, Ypres: Start off on route march to join up Battalion at 9 a.m. Do not reach destination till about 6.30 p.m. Reckon must have travelled about 17 or 18 miles. Route taken via #Hondeghem, #Staple, #Ebblinghem, Remmiscane (#Renescure and #Arques, Heuringlen. Learn news that my promotion as Sergeant has come through on 5th October 1917. Meet Dave. Nice fine day
    Lt Champion, Ypres: Where to put these full-sized platoons is a problem. We man the line wth about 90 men all told, they have about 200 and each with a pack and blanket to take up more room. Finally the relieving officer and myself pack half of them back to the support line, and when I am ready to leave, he is astounded when shown his new dugout. He almost expects to be able to spread out his valise, I think. My men are told to report back to Canal dugouts near Ypres. This they do in threes and fours, and not a man fails to turn up; everyone too has had a hot drink of cocoa at the comforts fund stall as they passed out on the Potje road. After a long sleep, breakfast comes on at nine instead of at daybreak, and we march out to Halifax camp near #Ouderdom.
    Capt Cunningham: Go up at night with tvo Sections and continue with work on T Heads off Petrol Lane for hopping off. Have two platoons of 6th Battn Infantry to work also. #Germans seem very jumpy and keep on putting flares over end machine gun. During one lot of their flares we see about 60 #Gerrmans on the skyline and got our Vickers gun to open up on them. It was funny to see them scatter. At about 12 midnight I stop work and we start to ·return but #Germans must have seen us getting away as they turned machine guns on hard and we all have to lie flat in the mud for about 15 minutes
    Raoul Snoeck, #Diksmuide: The situation at the frontline is still the same as before my departure: we still mount guard in the midst of the inundated area and just like in 1916, we are defending the sector N of Diksmuide. To our right the #British have mounted the pressure and we had hoped to be able to go into the offensive with them and be able to leave the mud of the #IJzer valley, but now I am convinced we have to abandon that hope until next year. Winter is standing at the door now
    #PPCLI, Ypres: SCOTS CAMP: Fine. Training & parades. 3 O.R. struck off - 1 taken on strength
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: We hear several #German planes during the night and hear bombs explode. Nice weather. In the morning the gunning starts again and continues during the whole of the day. In the morning shells at farm Coene. One #Australian Div leaves and instead arrives the 66th with Chaplain Major Stuart, coming from #Loker

    11th of November
    Today 1917
    The 1198th day of war
    The war ends 99 years ago
    Sgt Peach, Ypres: Have day to ourselves. Gp for a stroll around #Caestre. Turned into bed very early
    Lt Champion, Ypres: As we are to be relieved that night, we get our wounded away at once, and I send a runner to Headquarters to act as a guide. At about 8 p.m., we hear the relief coming and get ready to leave. On they come, and we see that they are a Company of Lancashire Fusiliers and they have actually marched up with full packs up and a blanket per man. Naturally, they can hardly walk, but stagger along and collapsed on the top of the trench
    Capt Cunningham: They are trying hard to push but if this weather continues it's impossible - not only the trenches up there but the roads etc. for getting up rations are beyond words. We are waiting now for orders
    #PPCLI, Ypres: SCOTS CAMP: Showery in morning clearing in afternoon.  Xmas pay
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: Heaviest gunning for 30 hours! Although the weather is bad, there are continuously #German and #British planes flying over. Because of the torrents of rain, many roads are flooded and the canals cannot cope, so many cellars are being flooded

    10th of November
    Today 1917
    The 1197th day of war
    Sgt Peach, Ypres: Leave #Etaples about 10 a.m. for #Caestre. Travelled via #Boulogne, #Calais, #StOmer , and #Haezebrouck. Reached #Caestre about 6 p.m. and marched to Reinforcement camp. Roads and camp over ankle deep with mud
    Lt Champion, Ypres: During the day, Fritz accidently drops a shell into one of the isolated posts, and when evening comes, the call for stretcher bearers goes up, and on going over we find five chaps wounded. They have bandaged themselves up as best they can, and have kept their heads and not given the post away by movement of any sort
    Capt Cunningham: Hear that Div. is being relieved. Weather is too awful for "stunting" as the mud makes it impossible for men to run and besides they are all absolutely done, Some of them in front line have no hot food for days and are sleeping in water and standing in mud in places up to their waists. The condition of the trenches is indescribable
    Jacobus Winters, #Boezinge: Sunday’s rest. I say goodbye to my friends in #Gravelines
    #PPCLI, Ypres: Rain & cold. Warning order received to move back to #PASSCHENDAELE AREA. Training & parades. The officer commanding 7 Can. Mach. Gun Co'y writes to C.O. "The officers and men of this Company very greatly appreciate your letter regarding the unfortunate death of LIEUT [H.] McKENZIE [P.P.C.L.I. - 1158] and also wish to thank you for your kind remarks as to the work of this Co'y during the recent action. All ranks feel the greatest admiration for your Battalion and although now Divisional Troops - we hope that we will always be associated with the 7th Brigade when in the line. The Esprit de Corps of the P.P.C.L.I. men with this Unit is most remarkable and you may rest assured that you will always get the best support possible. The following message from Lieut.-Col. W.B. KINGSMILL Comg. 123rd Cdn. Pioneer Battn to Lt. Col. ADAMSON  " Nothing has occurred since our arrival in France that has given me more unqualified gratification than your very kind and appreciative letter regarding the behaviour of my men after your Regiment's glorious attack on the 30th October. While all ranks of my Unit feel most gratified to receive such praise it is however only natural that they should have done everything that was humanly possible to get your brave chaps to the Dressing Station where they could receive the attention they so richly deserved. From The accounts I have received of the wonderful achievement of your Battalion show how thoroughly the officers and other Ranks are carrying on the splendid tradition of your Regiment. The only thing to regret is that such wonderful deeds should be at such great cost
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: Bad weather and much gunning as the #Canadians are doing another assault on #Passendale and proceed along the road to #Westrozebeke. In #Reningelst, the schools are closed because of measels

    9th of November
    Today 1917
    The 1196th day of war
    Sgt Peach, Ypres: Resumed our train journey at 10 a.m. and came on as far as Etaples. Out for a stroll around camp in afternoon. Went to picture show at night
    Lt Champion, Ypres: In the night, Billy Hunt takes out Dave Burrin and relieves me of the job and I just pottered about having a rest
    Capt Cunningham: Take a section up to Grease Trench and cut some saps across for "assembly" trenches for the "hop out"
    Arthur Pasquier, #Diksmuide: We are being relieved, but it is quite a task to bring to the back all the unspent ammunition: all means are put at work: supply units and munition columns of the 4th and 6th divisions and munition lorries. Shelling while going to the back: the smell of explosives is still present in #Oudekapelle and #Nieuwkapelle is obliterated; the monumental porch of #Lo is still standing as we drive through it. We are congratulated for bravely standing our ground under the heaviest shelling – even the #French who were at #Verdun and the #Somem confirm it: this would be inconceivable at the beginning of the war. I am full of joy as my promotion to 2nd Lt has now come through: my silver stars are replaced by golden stars, 8 months ago I was still a simple soldier
    Jacobus Winters, #Boezinge: We receive orders to be ready to go: something must be up
    #PPCLI, Ypres: SCOTS CAMP:Cloudy & overcast with clear intervals. Training. The following message is received from the Officer Commanding 43rd Battalion (Major CHANDLER) Dear Colonel Adamson. Your very kind appreciation of the work done by my lads on bearer parties for your Regiment is more than ample praise for the small service they rendered. I have read your letter to them and they desire me to say that they did no more than their duty to their comrades who were carrying on the fight; being just out of the fighting themselves and knowing the conditions they could do no less than their best. It may be your turn on some future occasion to help us out. The #Camerons will always welcome any opportunity of doing anything they can for a Regiment for which they have so much admiration as for the they have for the P.P.C.L.I. and though we never had the chance, we still look forward to the day when we may race the ‘Patricia's' to their objective. May I offer my congratulations on the splendid performance of your Regiment. I am sorry your casualties are so heavy - but you always rise again like a Phoenix stronger than ever - so that the P.P.C.L.I. even if badly cut up will still remain the same old fighting dogs
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: Some shrapnel is shot at the observation balloons. Many #British planes in the evening as it is a clear sky with stars. Several #British divisions are happy to leave Ypres for #Italy: they say the fighting will stop here. The #French shoot at the church of #Vladslo and it burns out. Total anarchy in #Russia as #Kerensky is deposed and #Lenin grabs power. The #Austrians announce 250.000 #Italian prisoners and 2300 guns captured: for the #Allied cause the conditions have deteriorated

    8th of November
    Today 1917
    Sgt Peach, Ypres: Farewell speech by Colonel in morning. Start off on our way for home. Marched to #Varennes, via #Bouzincourt and #Hedaville. Entrained at #Varennes and travel as far as #Abbeville that night (via #Candas) . A very miserable journey. Sleep in trucks all night
    Lt Champion, Ypres: The Battalion marches up in battle order only, and we formally take over from the 4th Battalion. My Headquarters consists of two semi-rounded pieces of corrugated iron, so low that it is impossible to sit up in them, but I am much better off than the men who have no dugouts at all. Our Battalion Headquarters is back on a ridge in a fairly dry position, but one wich is frequently shelled. Lying doggo all day. Billy Hunt and I take out the patrol that night - a beautiful moonlight night. We go around #Birma Copse again, being armed only with bombs. A back- bearing has to be taken by compass , as there is no outstanding feature of the ground to recognise and the whole patrol is done by compass. Billy and I creep along until we are astounded to see what He thinks is light coming up a dugout shaft , and we lay out the men for surrounding it, and gradually creep closer. There iw no movement at all on Fritz' s part and we think this too good to be true. Creeping on, we are just about to throw bombs down the lighted area, when spontaneously we commence to laugh. We have crept through the slush on our tummies to attack a larger shell hole than usual, filled with yelowish water on which the moon is shining. We all look sheepish, and go on our way looking for more glory! 'We find no trrace of Fritz - not even a working party making a noise. Probably our laughter in No-Man ' s Land has been too much for him. Coming back to another part of our line only 100 yards away from our place of exit; really a good march when every direction and movement is done by compass , we have difficulty in establishing our identity for a few minutes , and nearly have a Vicars gun on to us. The Machine Gun Company has come up, and is reinforcing our support line with their guns. We have been out five hours on that patrol , and we fall to with a will, deepening and extending our isolated posts to get warm and dry. The fresh earth is spread about so that it will not be too patent to Fritz , and after warm tea and stew brought up by a ration party from Headquarters, we settle down for the day. I am thoroughly knocked up. Two trips from Railway dugouts and two patrols all in 48 hours is enough for anyone
    Jacobus Winters, #Boezinge: 2pm: we get orders to go to #Reninge for work, counter-orders at 4pm and another unit is designed to go
    #PPCLI, Ypres: SCOTS CAMP/ Cold & cloudy turning to rain in evening & night. New draft is presented to the colour. H.R.H. Prince ARTHUR of CONNAUGHT visited the Battalion yesterday and conveyed to the C.O. the following message from the PRINCESS PATRICIA: "I have the greatest pride in my regiment and while deploring your great losses I feel that the spirit and endurance of the Regiment which I love so well may always be depended on to uphold the highest ideals of the Empire". The following message was received from Lady EVELYN FARQUHAR: "Will you convey to all ranks of the Regiment my deepest admiration for their gallantry and grit. While I deplore the heavy losses I know that it can always be depended on to be a credit to the service
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: Heavy bombing at farms and camps form 3-5am: also at the #Chinese Camp, at the AA-guns and near the retirement home of Dikkebus. At 11am a #German plane is downed. At the #Belgian frontline 36 soldiers of the 3rd Linie are killed. Father De Coster is overrun by a car in #Poperinge

    7th of November
    Today 1917
    The 1194th day of war
    Capt Cunningham: Get back to billets. Have not had a wash or change since 4th
    Sgt Peach, Ypres: School sports and competition. Our squad wins respirator drill, thus winning the musketry cup for 1st division Wing. First time 1st Division has ever won the Cup. Very wet day. Have a great dinner and evening to finish up with. While Colonel in middle of speech to us, other wings make a raid on us with smoke bombs, causing great excitement
    Lt Champion, Ypres: On the 7th November, one officer per company tours the line about four miles away, along a duck- board track named #Helles' Walk, then through to #Zonnebeke itself. Every building is pounded to bits, just heaps of red brick. As I am passing a large heap which evidently has been the church, I am blown off the track by the discharge of a battery of 6" Howitzers, our own of course, cunningly hidden right in the heap of broken rubble. Passing on in a hurry, I come on the remains of the gas works, and rush for my life over #Zonnebeke Crossroads, one of the hottest spots imaginable for enemy shelling. After seeing as much as I can, I report back to Railway dugouts. Fritz must have observation on to Helles' Walk as my little party is sniped by gun fire right up the track, broken duckboards in front and behind us are blown 20 and 30' into the air. No sooner do I report to Battalion Headquarters and have some scran, when I again take up a party through #Zonnebeke and take part of the 4th Battalion line. Part of the defence here consists of patrolling. A party of 20 men comes with the 4th Battalion officer and myself out on patrol and we patrol as far as #Birma Copse. The ground is very boggy and the gas is hanging around the broken down and water logged sticks, which once represented a very small wood. We are three hours out on this pntrol, mostly up to our knees in mud. When crawling is necessary, as it often is, we become caked with mud, and I then knew why we have no rifles, only bombs. The rifles would have been useless in the mud. Eventually we return and on giving the password and being recognised, come into the lines. The line is held by scattered posts , which are camouflaged. Fritz is too sensible to occupy this swampy area so it is left for us
    Jacobus Winters, #Boezinge: Relief every 16 hours
    #PPCLI, Ypres: SCOTS CAMP: showery
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: No more mist and numerous observation balloons. The #British communique reports that the #Canadians attacked #Passchendaele (#Passendale) yesterday and took that strategic spot, taking Mosselmarkt, Goeberg and 471 prisoners. The #German report states that the #British attacked #Geluveld, but were thrown back. At 4pm 256 prisoners walk by and honestly, they are the best soldiers we have seen and all in their 20-ies. It’s proof that the #Germans have stationed their best soldiers over here. A catholic padre is killed at ‘s #Graventafel

    6th of November
    Today 1917
    The 1193rd day of war
    Capt Cunningham: Have to sleep in sopping wet clothes on the ground with water lying on it
    Sgt Peach, Ypres: Wind up stunt of the school, all branches, with live ammunition. Very interesting demonstration. Continuation of musketry competition in afternoon. Concert in hall at night (Scarlet Runners). Very good turn out. Got letters from Mum, Grace, Daisy, Olive, Lil and Uncle Harold
    Lt Champion, Ypres: We are to relieve the 1Oth Battalion near· Roulers (#Roeselare) railway. Here in these support dugouts we are badly gassed, through which we lose three men. It is a most unpleasant camp - we ar constantly drenched with gas shells and our clothes reek of it
    Jacobus Winters, #Boezinge: Coast guard at 4pm
    Arthur Pasquier, #Diksmuide: At last we receive the order to leave #StJacobsKapelle: recently we are continuously shelled, day and night, with 105 and 150mm shells. The order was transmitted by phone, although we are continuously warned that the phones are tapped: this is an unforgivable mistake!
    #PPCLI, Ypres: SCOTS CAMP/ Cold with rain - clearing at night. Baths. Pte Hill awarded the MILITARY MEDAL
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: 6am: At Ouderdom, I see a huge flash from the town of Ypres and a few seconds later a firework of hundreds lightnings with shrapnel and red and white very lights going up. From here I can observe a magnificient spectacle of fireworks along the whole frontline from Ypres to #Wijtschate: several thousands of guns spewing their murderous charges into the fighting masses: it’s months ago since I have witnessed such a big assault: I have seen many in the past and from much nearer, but never before I saw it on such a large frontage with so many guns. Who is attacking? The first planes appear after half an hour and the gunning diminishes after an hour. Today no mist and #Bailleul is again bombarded

    5th of November
    Today 1917
    The 1192nd day of war
    Capt Cunningham: Col. Coulter of 8th Battn. asks that an Engineer Officer should go up and stay at his HQ and advise on matters so I go up and stay there two days and nights
    Sgt Peach, Ypres: First of inter-division competitions takes place in afternoon (shooting on the range). A very close go
    Lt Champion, Ypres: We leave for the line in misty weather at 9.30a.m. We each carry six sand bags and have another pair to act as puttees and an extra 250" rounds of ammunition
    Jacobus Winters, #Boezinge: On guard with orders to be opened every few hours
    Raoul Snoeck, #Stavele: Although I have been promoted to Adjudant, I succeed in staying with my Cmp. The soldiers receive me with joy. Most of my men are working class, but I love them: we are united because of common joy, hope and dangers and we went through so much suffering together that we have become family in heart and soul and the common service, worries and hope have made a bond of friendship that the time will never break. We are all fellow civilians defending the same cause. My batman is very happy to his boss back, he is an excellent boy: it starts getting cold, so we sleep under the same cover, he is an excellent soldier and never leaves me when there is danger
    #PPCLI, Ypres: Fine in morning - clouding up in the afternoon. Baths. The following messages are received From H.R.H. Princess Patricia: "Just heard of the magnificent work done by the Battalion on Oct. 30th. Heartily Congratulate all ranks; deeply grieved for all the losses sustained and for Major PAPINEAU's death. From Major A .H. Gault: "The greatest regret of my  life is that Army Orders prevented my being with you. God bless you all. From MAJOR GEN. L. J. LIPSETT C.M.G. Commanding 3rd Can. Div. to Brig. Gen. H.M. Dyer D.S.O. G.O.C. 7th C.I.B.: Dear General DYER I have not been able to see your Battalion Commanders to express to them my appreciation of what they and their Battalions  have done. I congratulate you and all the Brigade most heartily. The Battalions have done magnificently. The P.P.C.L.I. have many fine actions to their credit during the war - but I am sure none could be finer than their advance of the 30th. From. FIELD MARSHALL SIR DOUGLAS HAIG, Commander in-Chief to G.O.C. 2nd ARMY: "The successes gained by your troops yesterday under such conditions are deserving of the highest praise. While all the troops did well and constituted materially to the results achieved - the performance of the 3rd CANADIAN DIVISION in particular was remarkably fine. The ground gained is of high importance - and I congratulate you and all under you on the results of the great efforts made"
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: An order is issued, that the #Chinese are now forbidden to go into the shops and civilians are not allowed to sell them anything anymore. Nobody knows why: some say the #Australians made the drunk by pouring rum into their coffee, other say it’s because they give too much to the women and children. The #Chinese like to buy the best things, some have a lot of money. They are childish but not stupid. The #Chinese buy watches and rings and some shopkeepers are learning a few words of #Chinese. The pub ‘The Star’ is being closed for the duration of the war as a soldier was stabbed to death. Today I visit #Loker, where there are many new camps

    4th of November
    Today 1917
    The 1191st day of war
    Capt Cunningham: I have a look at positions etc . and we then go and rise up a Company of Infantry and start them digging at dark. It is very co l d and you are up to your knees in water and slush but out in "No Man ' s Land" it is better but as a very bright moon is Shining #Germans keep on sniping our party keeps going until 1.30 a.m. and then comes home. Get back to billets about 4a.m.
    Sgt Peach, Ypres: Go into Amiens for the day. Have a fair time. Go to the theatre in afternoon. Get my photos
    Lt Champion, Ypres: Being bombed severely by Fritz nightly, and our candles are put out underground with the force of the concussion from the bombs. We suffer no casualties and we don't want them. My Company is only 91 strong, organised into three platoons, so when Bitmead marched in with 60 details, he is very welcome
    #PPCLI, #Watou: SCOTS CAMP: Mist & clouds - Church parade. 45 O.R. join from C.R.C.C
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: Heaviest gunning from 3-7am, it’s reported that the #Germans are using gas and indeed the wind is favourable. We learn that Arsène Coene from Dikkebus got wounded yesterday at 2.30pm in #Oostkerke and is in a critical condition. He is treated at the ‘Océan’ hospital in #Vinkem

    3rd of November
    Today 1917
    The 1190th day of war
    Capt Cunningham: Orders come that they want a sap dug to connect "Whale" Trench and end of “Bombing” sap off Grease Trench so go up at lunch time to Battn. H.Q, . with two Sappers and meet Major Mitchell. We then go up to front line on the right. The shelling is very heavy especially with 5·9 stuff. Anyhow we get through
    Sgt Peach, Ypres: Half day off as usual. Stay at home and have a general clean up
    Jacobus Winters, #Boezinge: Field service
    Raoul Snoeck: At 2pm I leave #Normandy, being now officer and having spent some beautiful months here. Going back to the frontline with pain in my heart
    #PPCLI, #Watou: SCOTS CAMP. Mist & clouds - cold with rain at night. Muster parade.
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: The #Austrian report says that another 60.000 (#Italian) prisoners and 700 guns have been taken, which makes a total of 200.000 prisoners and 1700 guns. The soldiers here are impressed and say the enemy cannot be beaten and that it would be better to make peace

    2nd of November
    Today 1917
    The 1189th day of war
    Capt Cunningham: Enemy is shelling through the night and we have 4 sappers killed and 5 wounded. We get back to our billets at 6 on following morning having had 16 hours continuous work or walking. The mud is simply fearful
    Sgt Peach, Ypres: Out in the rain doing an outpost scheme Concert in hall at night. Several "Yanks" among the performers
    Lt Champion, Ypres: I explore some of the tunnel accommodation today , and it is like a rabbit warren, each outside entrance being guarded by a gas-proof door which is lowered when the unearthly gas sirens sound. The rum issue here is healthy six to a pint of' S.R.D. is quite sufficient
    Jacobus Winters, #Boezinge: 75 men at work at the railway station. I go to the 9am mass
    Raoul Snoeck, #Stavele: Mass for fallen comrades, doesn’t everyone miss one of his loved ones? Simple and moving as we all sit bent over in deep thoughts, every heart filled with emotion
    #PPCLI, Ypres: Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: SCOTS CAM: Cloudy & cold. The Battalion marches to YPRES and entrains to #ABEELE marching thence to SCOTS CAMP near #WATOU - Camp location the Transport moving by road. Billets scattered and crowded - barns and tents

    1st of November
    Today 1917
    The 1188th day of war
    Capt Cunningham: Passed a very cold night on 31st. Leave here at 2 p.m. and take the whole Company up for work Lt . Barbat come with me. We cannot get any infantry party so start Sappers to clean out and drain a communication trench called Gird Trench which is just behind Gueudecourt and has two broken "tanks" on its banks
    Sgt Peach, Ypres: Bitterly cold morning. Out on another stunt. Get tripped up going through scrub and gashed palm of my hand. Am allowed off parade for rest of morning. Final of boxing at night. Some very amusing contests
    Lt Champion, Ypres: The rats here are almost tame. They are very large, too and eat provisions out of the haversacks whilst one is asleep. It is quite a common sight when awakening to see half a dozen licking their chops within a few feet of one
    Arthur Pasquier, #Diksmuide: Our guns are firing less, while the #German gunfire increases. One falls behind our mess, while we are insiden another at the entrance. We duck for cover
    #PPCLI, Ypres: 1st NOVEMBER 1917. 3-00 a.m. The Battalion arrives at #POMMERN CASTLE. 49th Battalion also here and composite Battalion formed. Accommodation very limited. Lieut A.J. Lightbody seriously wounded on arriving at #POMMERN CASTLE. He later dies from these wounds. The Battalion ordered to proceed to "X" Camp, St. JEAN (#StJan) AREA on completion of relief by 13th Battn, but owing to shelling which commences about 10-00 a.m. the Battalion moves off at once, takes up a position in Field near #WIELTJE CROSS ROADS and remains there until arrangements  can be made to get into "X" Camp. The Battalion remains in "X" Camp on the night of 1st/2nd and proceeded on the morning of the 2nd to YPRES, entraining for #ABEELE. Arrives at #ABEELE about 11-30 a.m. detrained, and marched to WICTOU (#Watou) AREA, where we are now Billeted
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: Fierce bombardment by planes on a series of farms during the night in Dikkebus and #Poperinge: many men and more than 100 horses killed in Dikkebus. During mass 100 #German prisoners march through #Reningelst. There are 237 inhabitants left in Dikkebus, to that have to be added the women that came back and are hiding in their own houses. Since 3 Sundays a gendarme visits mass: he is from #Wevelgem

    31th of October
    Today 1917
    The 1187th day of war
    Sgt Peach, Ypres: Out on a stunt in morning, putting up barb wire in afternoon
    Lt Champion, Ypres: These tunnels have been enlarged by our mining parties and they must have 30 ft. of stone and soil cover
    Jacobus Winters, #Boezinge: March of 25km. In the evening Lt Beghuin returns and a give him back the command of the Cmy
    PPCLI, Ypres: I find our line consisting of shell holes running about level with pill-box. Well held in small separate posts. Capt. Wood of the R.C.R. brings up his Coy. of 30 Other Ranks and dugs in 50 yards behind Pill-Box. There are only 8 R.C.R. left in the front line with 2 Officers. We have 6 Lewis Guns in working order and hold the crest of the ridge. The enemy has apparently dug themselves in 200 yards in front of us. One of their patrols has just come up to our line but was beaten off. I figure I can hold this line against any counter-attack they put across. The sniping from our left is the worst feature. I am sending out Lieut Macartney who is all in and has been slightly hit in the wrist. Capt. Macpherson is pretty well all in. Lieut Puley has done very well and is in charge of the front line when I take over. We have about 15 stretcher cases in this Pill-Box as well as others outside. The enemy is using white flags today with their stretcher parties. I suggest that you send up stretcher parties by daylight to-morrow with white flags. We want water, S.O.S. Signals, S.A.A. and Bombs. Also a few rounds of blank.". 1-45 a.m. Capt. H. E. Sulivan seriously wounded and Major H. W. Niven D.S.O. M.C. detailed to go forward and take charge of front line. Lieut. J. A. Haslam goes up to take charge of Battalion Advanced Report Centre. 2-00 a.m.: Information received that the Battalion will be relieved on the night of 31st/1st by the 42nd Battalion. Their advance parties go up during the night. 3-00 a.m.: Advised by Brigade that all 123th [123rd Pioneer] Battalion and details from other Battalions will be forward by 5-30 a.m. to clear Battle Field of Stretcher cases. 5-00 a.m.: Information received that Captain H. E. Sulivan Died of Wounds. 4-15 a.m.: The S.O.S. goes up along our front. Artillery reply very good, Enemy does not attack. 7-00 a.m.: Stretcher Bearing parties arrive and work of clearing Battle Field of wounded commences. 8-15 a.m.: Message No. 12 received from Major Niven: "Have been around all posts and sniping not good today. Think shelling yesterday spoilt the Bosch nerve. I send a map with of Tenbrocke No. 2 Coy. position with No. 4 Coy. He has two Lewis Guns.  Could see with glasses 4th Division on our right front about 500 yards away, but swamp between makes  visiting difficult. 49th Battn. seems a long left flank to this position of No. 1 Coy and No. 4 Coy. and all the sniping is coming from their front". 8-15 a.m.: Message No. 13 received from Major Niven: "Have 7 Lewis Guns all in working order and mounted ready to fire. S.O.S. goes up from 4th Division about 4-00 a.m." 1-00 p.m.: Attached Orders marked "N" and "O" sent out in connection with the relief of the 42nd Battalion. 5.30 p.m.: The S.O.S. goes up on our front. Our artillery opens and enemy retaliation becomes heavy, which delays relief which was to have commenced at 6-00 p.m. 6-00 p.m.: Battle FIELD REPORTED CLEAR OF ALL WOUNDED. 7-00 p.m.: Message No. 14 received from Capt. J. R. Macpherson: "Owing to mixture of Coys. still existing here I cannot give close estimate of strength. We have about 30 of the R.C.R. whom we are using in close support just in rear of Pill-Box which is H.G.  No. 4vCoy. is about 50 strong, No. 2 Coy. very weak. Accompanying sketch map shows disposition as I am given it on left and I know it to be on right. Enemy observed in considerable numbers on road where marked "X".  Appears to be in full marching order as if making a relief. Fire of Lewis Guns failed to check this movement. Sniper who was in or near Graf House no longer active. Have house searched tonight and find it vacant. Machine Guns on low ground (49th Battn) front very troublesome, also snipers. Only a line of shell holes held on frontage. No wire or trench. Capt. Sulivan is shot through chest tonight and carried out. Very bad I believe. Tenbrocke and McRorie are on right. Lightbody and Puley on left. Lieut Allan and Grant-Sutti  and Capt. Wood of R.C.R. here. No immediate attack expected, but shelling heavy at intervals. 7-00 p.m.: Message No. 15 received from Major H.W. Niven: "Go over to 4th Division on our right and talk the matter over with Major Hamilton and we both agree that it will be impossible to connect. Quiet day so far, no casualties.  Am arranging to have all dead buried before leaving and sending a note to Haslam to do the same in his Area. 7.15 p.m.: Lamp Signal communication maintained throughout whole operation until 6-35 p.m. when Sergt Crock, operating the Station at Advanced Battalion Report Centre is wounded, and Station blown up. New station erected at once and signal communication organised and maintained until completion of relief. 7-20 p.m.: Artillery slackens up and relief commences. 12-00 midnight: Relief complete and Battalion proceeds to #POMMERN CASTLE. Enemy shelling #GRAVENSTAFEL RIDGE and Area with gas shells necessitating the wearing of gas masks during the march to #POMMERN CASTLE.
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: Planes flying over and dropping bombs all night, desturbing our sleep. All of the night we hear the shells howl over our heads to shell poor #Poperinge and some of the farms in #Reningelst, wounding the daughter of Pyck from Dikkebus and killing many horses at farm Kesteleyn

    30th of October
    Today 1917
    The 1186th day of war
    Capt Cunningham: We have orders to march to nearer the firing line billets so marched to here, but as I wrote this we are in rather trouble as our transport must have lost their way and so up to now (10 p.m.) we have no tea neither have we any blankets and as it is freezing cold and raining hard and the rain is leaking all through our dugout roof things are not very joyful. The mud outside is the limit and I do not know how we are going to do a "push" on 2nd as we are supposed to do . I really can ' t see how on earth infantry can advance and we can build “Strong Points" in this kind of weather . If this weather continues they will surely have to stop it for this year. It will only be a useless waste of life
    Sgt Peach, Ypres: Wet miserable day but parade just the same. Nevertheless have to go out on Semi-final of boxing contest
    Lt Champion, Ypres: We leave Chateau #Belge next day, and moved to the ramparts at Ypres. This town of Ypres is moated, and in the ramparts are many tunnels in which are tiered beds, and which offer dry protection from any bombardments
    Arthur Pasquier, #Diksmuide: 6LA has performed 3 raids on the #German trenches and brought back about 30 prisoners. 2LA and 3LA also take prisoners and Minenwerfer and MG’s. All raids are successful with astonishing lack of reaction from the enemy. The infantry is very glad with our performanc (artillery). There are big holes in the wire and moving behind the creeping barrage is satisfactory. We receive congratulations from everybody, so the artillery has regained the confidence of the infantry
    Jacobus Winters, #Boezinge: On guard at the coast
    PPCLI, Ypres: Fine in early morning  rain in afternoon. The Battalion attacks on the morning, going into the line 600 strong including 28 officers. The offensive is completed and a line established in advance of MEETCHELE. The 72nd Battn. attacks on the right and the 49th on the left. The Battalion comes out of the line at midnight on the 31st October relieved by the 42nd Bn and proceeds to #POMMERN CASTLE strong having suffered the following casualties: Killed – 93, Died of wounds – 3, Missing 38, Wounded 199 shell shock 1; Total Casualties all ranks   354
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: Many bombs during the night, killing horses, in Dikkebus in the area of ‘t Kapelleken’ and on #Poperinge. It is reported that the #Belgians crossed the Ieperlee (#Steenstrate) with small boats, advanced towards #Blankaart and took #Luigem together with the #French: small wonder there was so much shooting. Worse news as an #Austrian report claims 100.000 #Italians taken prisoners and 700 guns. #Bailleul (#Belle) all day shelled

    29th of October
    Today 1917
    The 1185th day of war
    Sgt Peach, Ypres: Very cold out on parade. Down at rifle range in afternoon and again at night
    Lt Champion, Ypres: Johnny Mant and Chidgey are both leaving for schools; Mant for Signals and Chidgey for Intelligence. The Battalion had a funeral party for those killed by the bombs, and those who went cast an anxious eye upward to see if Fritz was about. Sure enough, as we were coming home with Edgmeu in charge, we spotted some planes and managed to get in the lee of a hedge, and believe we were unnoticed
    PPCLI, Ypres: Cloudy in a.m. fine & clear in afternoon
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: Full moon, 2 planes flying over, but not dropping bombs.

    28th of October
    Today 1917
    The 1184th day of war
    Capt Cunningham: At nights the Coy. has to go out and do road work, laying corduroy roads
    Sgt Peach, Ypres: Big frost in morning. Turned into bed early. Put day in writing letters at night
    Lt Champion, Ypres: Later on, Fritz comes over again, but the lesson bad been learnt, and not so much as a match striking gives our position away. So he sailes on to Ypres again. These plane engines of Fritz's have a peculiar intermittent exhaust which is most characteristic
    PPCLI, Ypres: Fair with ground mists. Much enemy bombing & shelling on back areas. At 3.00 p.m. the Battalion moveS off from YPRES to #GRAVENSTAFEL AREA relieving the 9th Brigade to attack 2nd objective in the #PASSCHENDAELE offensive. No 1 Co. relieving 43rd No. 2 Co'y - 52nd and No. 3 Co- 58th Battalion No. 4 Co'y being temporarily attached to 49th Battalion but taking up their position on the front from which the P.P.C.L.I. are to attack - and relieving the 116th Battn. in DAD TRENCH
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: Full moon, twice a #German plane flies over, but doesn’t drop bombs. A #French report explains that #Merkem, ‘De Kippe’ and ‘Verbrande Smis’ have been captured. The #Austrians claim to have made 60.000 #Italian prisoners

    27th of October
    Today 1917
    The 1183rd day of war
    #Passchendaele, #Passendale: 63Div: Hawke Bn recaptures ‘Banff’ House. A counter-attack is beaten off with small arms. 4Div: 44th and 47th Bn sent up to reinforce and by 10am the original line of the objective has been taken
    #French and #Belgians advance astride the Ypres-#Diksmuide road
    Eastern Front: #Germans retire from #Verder Peninsula (#Riga)
    Southern Front: #Cividale (#Isonzo) in flames and occupied by #Germans, claiming 80.000 prisoners
    #British cavalry in action in centre of #Gaza (#Israel) front
    #USA: #American infantry and artillery for the first time in action in #France
    #KingAlbert, #DePanne: #Belgian and #French attack on the left flank in the #Diksmuide area in support of the #Passchendaele Battle: #Merkem and the ‘peninsula’ (in the flooding) #Luigem are captured at the S end of the Wood of #Houthulst
    Arthur Pasquier, #Diksmuide: Heaviest shelling: all our batteries (75mm, 105mm and 220mm) spend about 1000 shells today. We are congratulated for our accurate firing and the #German trenches smoke like factories. Yesterday the ‘#Blankaart’ Castle was destroyed by shelling
    Capt Cunningham: We have been given some jobs to do while waiting here though. Built huts all day yesterday and then the Company has to turn out last night and go and build some corduroy roads. I went with them last night but tonight Reid has taken them. Major Mather comes back and is now o.c. of the Coy
    Sgt Peach, Ypres: Usual parades in morning. Divisional Wing sports in afternoon. Weather fined up a bit and things go off well. Our section (the strays) surprise the crowd by winning the ceremonial drill competition. Our tugs-of-war team come second. The first pull we have is against the Officers. I won the potato race and with the pioneer officer as my horse, win the Balaclava Melee. Our dinner at night is a huge success. The menu: soup , salmon with salad, ham and mashed potatoes, roast beef, roast potatoes, peas and cauliflower, pudding, jellies and custard, nuts, lime juice, soda, beer, whisky , wine, gin etc . Finish up the night at 11pm
    Lt Champion, Ypres: We are training, physical jerks, etc., and next evening at 6.30 p.m., whilst tea is on, Fritz comes over and drops a bomb and gets six of our chaps. He then continues on his way and drops some on the 2nd Battalion and makes a mess there. We are told he gets 70 men with three bombs. The lateral burst of these bombs is most surprising; pieces radiate for 100 yards and the wound is burnt as hell if one is hit
    Jacobus Winters, #Boezinge: Work at the railway station
    124th #Canadian Pioneers, Ypres: Two night parties as usual ARE again sent out for work on the ARTILLERY ROAD and the MULE TRACK. The ARTILLERY ROAD Party composed of two Officers and 70 Other Ranks under Lieut. R. F. McIntosh carries up fascines and builds a turn. They also repair the Road in a number of places. 1 Other Rank is slightly wounded.
    43rd #Canadian Bn, Ypres: The day is comparatively quiet and there is very little shelling by the enemy. 12 noon: Bn. Scouts ordered out to scour the face of the hill over which our Coys. have advanced in search of wounded. They report no wounded and very few dead on the ground.  The body of Lieut. Severn is found; and buried by the Chaplain.
    44th #Canadian Bn, Ypres: One Company in extreme front line on right of 47th, along #PASSCHENDAELE Road, in good position, distributed in depth, with Lewis guns posted to command flanks and front
    47th #Canadian Bn, Ypres: During the day the enemy shells our new line heavily. At night the whole Battalion, in conjunction with the 44th is ordered to advance and occupy the ridge in front and throw out posts. "A" Company's  line is now in front of Hillside Farm. This operation is accomplished successfully. Connection is established by "C" Company, over the marsh, with the 9th Brigade
    87th #Canadian Bn, Ypres: Battalion moved to #POTIJZE Area as per Operation Order # 70. Weather cloudy but no rain. Move completed at 12.30 P.M. Battalion quarters in shelters and dugouts. Trench strength of Battalion: 32 Officers, 618 Other Ranks
    PPCLI, Ypres: Working parties (300 O.R.). Continued aerial activity on part of enemy planes. Ypres is shelled with High velocity shells and the town and surrounding areas heavily bombed in the moonlight
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: Planes at 1am. At 6am a shell explodes just in front of the door of the vicary. Much gunning in the morning. We learn there is an assault. 187 prisoners walk through #Reningelst at noon. Shells at ‘Potente’ and ‘Torreel’

    26th of October
    Today 1917
    The 1182nd day of war
    #Passchendaele, #Passendale: #French-#British attack E, NE and N of Ypres, improving positions from Passchendaele to #Poelkapelle: #French capture ‘Draaibank’ in bad weather
    4th #Canadian Bde, #Passchendaele: Attack at 5.40am astride #Passendale road and S of #Ravebeek. Artillery fire from the #Germans southeast of Passchendaele. Of the 420 men of the 46th Battalion who are on the start line at zero hour, 70 per cent become casualties. They are counter-attacked three times during the afternoon and pull back to within 100 yards of #Ravebeek
    3rd #Canadian Div, #Passchendaele: The Division attacks with two brigades at 5.40 a.m. 9 #Canadian Brigade attacks with the 43Bn; the 52nd is checked at ‘Laamkeek’. By 9 a.m., under heavy artillery fire, the Brigade is falling back. However, the 43rd manages to keep a foothold on #Bellevue. Around noon the 52nd are sent up. They finish clearing Bellevue and, working south, do the same to ‘Laamkeek’. By6.30 a.m. the next morning the Brigade has consolidated its gains
    Eastern Front: #German squadron bombards #Khainash (#Riga)
    #Oostburg, #Nederland: The heavy gunning continues, sometimes interrupted by heavy blasts
    #Paris, report: 200 prisoners captured this morning
    Capt Cunningham: I think we were to have gone up for a push but the weather is so bad they have postponed it
    Sgt Peach, Ypres: Out on a bit of a practice stunt in afternoon, have a pretty fair time of it
    Lt Champion, Ypres: We are in for the line again, and as there are so many officer casualties last time, a nucleus of officers, including the Second in Command and two Company Commanders have been ordered to stay behind. Those to be left out this time are, McConnell, Presnell, Bit.nead, Lee and Mortlocke
    11th #Canadian Fld Amb, Ypres: 100 extra Bearers sent forward for evacuation of wounded from the attack by the 10th Canadian Infantry Brigade
    124th #Canadian Pioneers, Ypres: A rather curious accident occurs in camp about Noon this date, when 9 men of "A" Company are very badly burned, owing to an explosion of some kind while they are asleep, in their shelter
    1st #Canadian Mount Rifl, Ypres: The 8th CIB attacked in conjunction with the Royal Naval Div. (Imperials) on Left & 9th Bde on Right. The 4th CMR Bn. attacked with C Coy 1st CMR in support. C Coy moved forward immediately attack was launched and assisted 4 CMR Bn. to take their objective. Owing to casualties the 4th CMR Bn. has no officers to direct them. Capt Clark grasping the situation takes command and shows great ability in getting a new line formed. A Coy 1st CMR Bn. moves forward from Support Line into our old Front Line under a heavy barrage during the forenoon. D Coy moves forward during afternoon & B Coy are “standing to” ready. Casualties Lieut C. BAYNE and LIEUT. W.S. KENNEDY killed. Lieuts R.W. MOIR and R.T. COOK wounded. Approximately 15 ORs killed & 12 missing. LIEUT R.T. COOK shows great gallantry in dealing with a #German patrol in no mans land. He himself shoots five and the remainder are dispersed. REV. T.H. STEWART CAPT. Shows great gallantry and devotion in leading stretcher bearers and helping the wounded. Night: - Bn. moves back to Reserve billeted in dugouts near WIELTJE. Major D. WILLIAMSON leaves for England. Lieut J. HENDERSON goes on leave
    43rd #Canadian Bn, Ypres: The first Coy. of the 52nd. Bn. from Bde. support has now gone forward on the low left slope of the ridge to connect up on Lieut. Shankland's left and fill in the gap between the part held on the Crest and C.M.Rs. 12 noon: this is done and the 2nd Bde. Support Coy. of 52nd Bn. go forward through this Coy. and thereafter push across in front of the line already established clearing up  Pill Boxes on the left front and afterwards #BELLEVUE and strong points on right front.  By this time Lieut. Smart has pushed forward on the right of the ridge line and established his connections having 1 Officer and 40 O.Rs. with him.  He succeeds in rounding up one strong point and sending back 90 prisoners, including 3 Officers. Lieut. Shankland although slightly wounded has by this time rejoined his command and two Bn. Scouts who had accompany him report back with one Officer and two O.Rs. prisoners taken by his party: this Officer who speaks good English states that he expected to find his Coy. on the ridge as it had been ordered to counter attack
    44th #Canadian Bn, Ypres: Heavy showers during morning. All ranks work hard evacuating 46th wounded and carrying supplies. Captain D.B. MARTYN, M.C., O.C. No.1 Company called to Battn. H.Q. to act as Second-in-Command in place of Capt. (A/Major) MOFFAT. Lieut. C.G. KERR, M.C., takes over command of No.1 Company. Enemy opens up heavy bombardment of forward area in afternoon and reports received that 46th Battalion driven back to original position
    47th #Canadian Bn, Ypres: 10.30 a.m. "C" Company receives orders to take over original front line position formerly occupied by Company of the 50th Battalion, which has moved forward to reinforce the 46th. The last-named Battalion has attacked early in the morning. During the afternoon the enemy counter-attacks, driving the attacking troops from their position. Many disorganized parties of the 46th and 50th Battalions come running back through our line which holds fast. In the evening "C" Company is instructed to hold the position and form the left flank with which the other companies are to connect. Later it is found that the right companies are further forward than was expected
    PPCLI, Ypres: Very heavy rain & wind in morning continuing until evening when clear moonlight. Working parties. The first portion of the Can. Corps #PASSCHENDAELE offensive is carried out this morning by 8th & 9th Brigades. Much enemy bombing on YPRES & back areas in evening & night
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: Very bad weather all day. Heavy gunning in the morning

    25th of October
    Today 1917
    The 1181st day of war
    Southern Front: #Italians retreat from #Piezzo, SW of #Tolmino and prepare to evacuate #Bainsizza Plateau: #Germans claim 30.000 prisoners and 300 guns
    #German ships from #Moon Sound bombard #Kuno Island (#Riga)
    #Brazil declares war on #Germany as regularly #Brazilian merchant ships are being sunk by #German U-boats
    #London, report: The enemy launches a fierce counter-attack near #Houthulst, they are completely thrown back. Air activity difficult because of very strong W-winds: heavy bombs on airfield near #Kortrijk and on the trenches: 4 enemy planes downed, 1 shot down by the infantry, 3 forced to land, 6 of ours missing
    #Oostburg, #Nederland: all day heavy gunning heard, also during the night, changing to drumfire in the morning
    #KingAlbert, #QueenElisabeth, #DePanne: Visit by the Duke of Connaught, son of Queen Victoria: he was Governor of #Canada from 1911 to 1916. The Duke takes lunch with the Royals and rewards medals
    Capt Cunningham: The weather is awful and the whole place a sea of mud - terribly cold and wet
    Sgt Peach, Ypres: Out on a barb wiring stunt. Our leader (marching by prismatic compass) got a bit out of his track and upset operations somewhat . Colonels as usual not too pleased with things . Weather rather miserable. Got home at about 10 p.m .
    Lt Champion, Ypres: These huts are sand-bagged up three feet on the outside - quite enough to stop splinters from penetrating, and only a direct hit can cause many casualties
    Jacobus Winters, #Boezinge: Exercises for the regiment, our Cmy in reserve
    102 #Canadian Bn, Ypres: A regular gale of wind blowing all day long, dries up the ground wonderfully, but  when it drops at night, rain undoes the good work. 3 Casualties wounded on night working party. Orders received to move out on the 27th
    124th #Canadian Pioneers, Ypres: 2 Other Ranks are wounded (one of these is able to return to camp). As the Mule track between #ZONNEBEKE STATION to SEINE is in need of repair, etc. a party of 2 Officers and 100 Other Ranks under Lieut. Monaghan is sent out for this work. The Transport with the necessary material has difficulty in getting to its destination on account of heavy shell fire, and the conditions of the Roads. Only four wagons of the convoy get anywhere near the job and 7 Others have to dump their loads a considerable distance from the scene of the work – This necessitates a long carry and consequently party is only able to repair the very bad spots in the mule track. A party of 2 Officers and 100 Other Ranks under Lieut. J. E. Bell is employed during the morning preparing position for 12" Gun for the Canadian Corps Siege Battery. The work at first is entirely filling shell holes on proposed road, but later when material arrives the road to the Gun position is almost completed. Engineer Officer in charge tells Lieut. Bell that party has done twice as much work as any party of the same size he has ever worked with.
    1st #Canadian Siege Bty, Ypres: The battery procees from the Camp to the billets which are in the Ypres Laundry. 11 a.m: Officers with crews, go forward and take over the 4 guns, one of which is out of action. Two guns are in front of Cambridge Road, while the other two are to the right of #Bavaria House
    43rd #Canadian Bn, Ypres: During the night the 9th Field Coy. C.E. has laid duck board bridges across the RAVEBEEK Stream at Four points leading to assembly ground forward of the stream and these are reported in good order. 10:00 a.m. ZERO hour not yet advised but advice received that the attack will be made tomorrow as intended.  The weather is now beautifully dry with a strong wind blowing which is drying up the ground between the water logged shell holes and giving promise of much better going than has been expected. Our artillery is shelling continually throughout the day - practice barrages and area shoots.  Some of our medium heavies are reported shooting short on our left. This was at once taken up with the Liason Officer attached. 6:00 p.m. At dusk the two forward Coys. push out forward posts to ensure that the enemy does not come out and occupy shell holes inside our barrage line. Advice received that ZERO hour will be at 5:40 a.m. and Coys advised. 7:00 p.m. Message maps showing barrage lines issued to Coys. Shovels have been very difficult to obtain but A Coy. now reports that they have salved a sufficient number for their use. Bn. Scouts in charge of Scout Burns lays tapes from the duckboard crossing bridges, back towards support positions about 300 yards for guidance of Support Coys. D and A. to assembly position
    44th #Canadian Bn, Ypres: Lieut-Col. DAVIES called to H.Q. 10th C.I.B. at 11.00 p.m. and directed by B.G.C. to plan attack on Blue Line in case 46th successful in morning
    PPCLI, Ypres: Morning clear with strong breeze clouding up later. Working parties again furnished. Enemy bombs and shells YPRES & transport lines the latter being forced to move back of YPRES in consequence
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: #Australians again arriving in #Reningelst. Men coming back from the frontline are in a dire condition: many sick of the gas, soar and coughing terribly. Less women working at the laundry, instead being tasked with preparing planks for the duckboards: lorries picking them up in the morning. During the night the planes fly above us, dropping their bombs everywhere: one explodes and destroys the tent of Dequirez: 1 soldiers killed, a boy and a girl wounded, this family has suffered greatly during this war: a son was killed at the fighting around #Antwerp, their daughter was killed 4 months later in bed in #Kemmel by a #German bullet and another son was killed while on leave by a bomb on a train in #Rozendael last September

    24th of October
    Today 1917
    The 1180th day of war
    #Passchendaele, #Passendale: #German attack at #Houthulst forrest repulsed
    Eastern Front: #Russians evacuate #Kronstadt
    Southern Front: #Austrian-#German attack in thick fog on 20-mile front breaking through 2nd #Italian Army at #Tolmino, #Caporetto and #Piezzo: 10.000 prisoners
    #Berlin, report: Heavy artillery duels in #Vlaanderen from the coast (#Nieuwpoort) to #Houthulst and #Passchendaele
    Capt Cunningham: Have orders to march at 1400 to #Mametz - near #Fricourt. It is very slow going as the transport is simply a mass going and coming and you have to halt every now and again. We arrive in the dark and find we are billeted in large huts - the best kind of huts I have seen. They hold about 30 men
    Sgt Peach, Ypres: Got a parcel from Oll Ordinary parades etc. (duplicate for my 21st birthday). Weather a bit better
    Lt Champion, Ypres: When the bombing is over, we go out and see distinctly six huge Fritz planes over Ypres. He drops many eggs there; his planes, being picked up by search lights, look like huge silver birds gliding along. Our anti-aircraft guns are shooting all around them, and must make things most uncomfortable
    Jacobus Winters, #Boezinge: ½ Cmp to work at the railway station
    1st #Canadian Mount Rifl, Ypres: Front Line. Situation normal. Hostile shell fire severe. Night: - Bn. Isrelieved by 4th CMR Bn. & moved to Support Area. Lieut EINARSON J. and 2 ORs killed and about 10 wounded
    43rd #Canadian Bn, Ypres: Front Line. Situation normal. Hostile shell fire severe
    Night: - Bn. isrelieved by 4th CMR Bn. & moved to Support Area. Lieut EINARSON J. and 2 ORs killed and about 10 wounded
    44th #Canadian Bn, Ypres: Slight improvement in weather conditions. Work of improving camp accommodation energetically carried out. Several bombing aerial raids are carried out by enemy during day, bombs being dropped in vicinity of camp. No casualties. Enemy shelling of rear areas almost negligible. Orders received that Battalion will relieve 47th battalion in support on night of 25-26th, and to relieve 50th Battalion in front line following night
    47th #Canadian Bn, Ypres: Very heavy enemy shelling throughout the day. Soon after dawn all companies sent out burying parties to inter all the dead in the Battalion area as per Brigade instructions. Some platoons and HQ of "A" Company are badly shelled. Casualties - 2 O.R.'s killed and 2 O.R.'s wounded
    87th #Canadian Bn, Ypres: Weather still raining and very little training possible. Route march by platoon in the afternoon
    #PPCLI, Ypres: Raining with clear intervals. Battalion furnishes working parties carrying artillery ammunition in forward area. The Battalion is in Brigade reserve. Orders received to move on 25th to x camp near #WIELTJE & advance party sent to take over - but later in the day this is cancelled owing to the accommodation in YPRES being better. Enemy aeroplanes coming over YPRES in squadrons of 11 & 13 - & bombing in day time. Our planes seem unable to cope with these formations. The plank road from #WIELTJE to #KANSAS CROSS blown up in 8 places
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: Heavy shelling: 2 catholic padres of the 5th Division badly wounded

    23rd of October
    Today 1917
    The 1179th day of war
    #Passchendaele, #Passendale: #Germans regain little ground S of #Houthulst forest. #German attack near #Poelkapelle repulsed, just like a 7th attack around Ypres in the evening
    France: Great #French victory on the #Aisne: advance of 2 miles on a 6mile front: 8000 prisoners, 70 guns
    Eastern Front: #Germans retire 20m in 2 days near #Riga, destroying bridges
    #Turkish troops approaching #Samarra (NW of #Baghdad) repulsed by #British
    #London, report: S of #Houthulst forest our positions are attack and we are forced to draw back a little
    #KingAlbert, #QueenElisabeth, #DePanne: Visit to the 2LA artillery
    Capt Cunningham: Left billets and marche about 2 miles where we pick up motor transport. The whole Division moves at once so it takes a good many buses to shift us. I have to look after some luggage so go in a motor car with a #French officer and as the traffic is so enormous get separated from main Column. We passed through #Amiens and arrived at dark and I have a nice job finding where the unit has gone but find them at last after walking about 3 miles
    Sgt Peach, Ypres: Too wet to go outside, so do all our work indoors. Boxing between 2nd and 4th Divisions at night
    Lt Champion, Ypres: The ground around our huts is very sloppy and uncomfortable. At night we are bombed by Fritz; no lights ·are shown of course, but he must know this is a favourite starting-off place for the line
    Arthur Pasquier, #Diksmuide: Squadrons of 30-40 planes fly over the battle area with resulting air battles and the losers crashing down
    Jacobus Winters, #Boezinge: The bad weather prevents us going outside
    11th #Canadian Fld Amb, Ypres: All Medical Officers required to proceed to forward posts for 24 hours tour of duty. Under the new Medical arrangements, the Dressing Station at Prison, Ypres is a Corps Main Dressing Station for working wounded
    124th #Canadian Pioneers, Ypres: As the 66th Artillery Division is having difficulty in getting its guns forward on account of the state of the roads, a party of 5 Officers and 200 Other Ranks is sent out forward this night to repair an Artillery Road. Road is also made passable for Field Artillery from DEVIL'S CROSSING on
    44th #Canadian Bn, Ypres: Work is continued on camp during the day. Supplies and equipment checked up in view of probable operations. Rain at intervals. Very little shelling during the day. Slight aerial activity. Bad visibility One O.R. wounded on carrying party
    47th #Canadian Bn, Ypres: Late in the evening, Lieutenant J. Scott ("C" Company) is wounded by shell splinters
    87th #Canadian Bn, Ypres: Very little training possible on account of rain and mud
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: Very bad weather all day. Few planes. A big #British attack should take place this morning, but is cancelled because of the bad weather. The #British Cardinal Bourne on visit to the troops in #Loker

    22nd of October
    Today 1917
    The 1178th day of war
    #Passchendaele, #Passendale: #British adbanc on a 2,5ml front between #Poelkapelle and #Houthulst forest. 18th Division (XVIII Corps): The Division attacks with one brigade. 53 Brigade attacks at 5. 35 a.m. with the 8th #Norfolk’s in the lead, followed by the 10th #Essex. A #Chinese attack using dummy figures was launched at the same time, to distract the #Germans attention from the imminent attack on the Brewery. The #Norfolk’s take the Brewery as planned and the #Essex, advancing at 7.30 a.m., passes through the #Norfolk’s and goes on to take Noble's Fann. They push on to Meunier House which also falls. After a short barrage, the #Essex occupy Tracas Farm, which lays in front of the line. At 5 p.m. about 200 #Germans are seen gathering to the rear of Noble's Farm; when they come within range, they are dealt with by Lewisgun fire. 34th Division (XIV Corps) The Division attacks at 5.35 a.m. with two brigades. 102 Brigade attacks with the composite battalion 24th/27th #Northumberland Fusiliers. They take their objectives and clear Requete Farm, which has been overlooked by the 18th Division. Relieved by the 4th #Canadian Division (Canadian Corps), 101 Brigade attacks with the 15th and 16th Royal #Scots. The 15th make their assault on a two-company front, 'A' on the right and 'B' on the left. At 6 a.m. 100 of the enemy advance towards thirteen men and an officer of' A' Company and demand their surrender. They are shot down and only one of the Germans is seen to return to his own lines. 'B' Company reaches a point near their objective, a row of pillboxes, which are found still to be occupied by the #Germans; they are cut down and only fourteen men return. The company in support are not able to cross the Broembeek owing to flooding and artillery frre. The 16th Royal #Scots advance with the 23rd #Manchester’s on their left (35th Division). They reach their final objective around Six Roads and then put down covering fire for the #Manchester’s, who try to outflank the pillbox but are held up by wire. Later on a strong counter-attack forces them to retire to the east of #Egypt House. 35th Division (XIV Corps): Two companies of 20th #Lancashire Fusiliers are sent to take up a line which ran from 100 yards in advance of Angle Point to 200 yards in front of #Aden House. The position held is consolidated. 105 Brigade attacks with the 16th #Cheshire’s and the 14th #Gloucestershire’s; the 15th #Sherwood Foresters are in support and the 15th #Cheshire’s in reserve. The right of th 16th #Cheshire’s goes well and gains its objective, Marechal Farm, with few problems. However, the centre and left are held up by fire from a blockhouse in the wood 500 north. On the left, the 14th #Gloucester’s meet strong opposition but occupy their first objective, including #Panama House, by 6.15 a.m. Taking two pillboxes on the way, they reach their final objective and are consolidating by 7.45 a.m. At 4.39 p.m. the #Germans launch a counter-attack against the left of the 16th #Cheshire’s and break through. The surviving #Cheshire’s fall back 100 yards, and then back to their original line. The 14th# Gloucester’s remain on the original objective and the #German attack is caught by artillery fire, but the right of the #Gloucester’s drop back and make a defensive flank with the #Cheshire’s. A platoon of the 15th #Sherwood Foresters is brought up to bridge the gap.
    Southern Front: #Italians repulse a strong #Austrian-#German attack on the #Cadore front (#Dolomites)
    #Russia: #Petrograd #Soviet hold stormy meeting: #Trotski demands peace and accuses #Kerenksi of treason. Defense of #Petrograd arranged
    #USA: Beginning of appropriation of raw material for war purchased and stored by #Germans in USA during first 2 years of war
    #KingAlbert, #QueenElisabeth, #DePanne: President Machado of #Portugal on visit: he was part of the revolution, deposing the aunt of Queen Elisabeth as Queen of #Portugal. Machado, a small figure only reaching to the shoulder of King Albert, will be deposed in December in one of the series of revolutions shaking #Portugal between 1910-1920
    Capt Cunningham: At 0700 get the 2nd Field Ambulance and come here and find they have come and have fixed up billets for themselves . We certainly have a tour round #France. Our Transport leaves this morning and we are leaving tomorrow in motor lorries
    Sgt Peach, Ypres: Five off and one N. C. O. missing from morning parade. Fine day - ordinary parades etc . Pay day
    Lt Champion: Chidgey and Robinson go on Paris leave today. Ihope it is my turn soon. On the 25th, ·He are taken to Chateau #Belge in motor cars
    Raoul Snoeck, #Stavele: We take breakfeast at the in-laws of Freddy. My heart rejoinced being in this very #Belgian family, emanating an atmosphere of calm and happiness. Such lovely people!
    Jacobus Winters, #Boezinge: The guards are relieve at 4 o’clock
    11th #Canadian Fld Amb, Ypres: 40 Bearers proceed daily at 4 AM from Prison, Ypres to forward area on #Zonnebeke Road
    124th #Canadian Pioneers, Ypres: Transport does not arrive with sufficient material and consequently the full party cannot be worked to advantage. 2 Other Ranks are wounded. During the day a party of 2 Officers and 59 Other Ranks fill and lay 150 sandbags, spike and guard-railed 200 yards, repair and relay 50 yards of the plank road, thus completing the job. Very heavy shelling stops the party continually. 1 Other Rank killed and 2 O.R. slightly wounded. Lieut. A.C. Oxley's work was highly commended, and he displayed great courage and resourcefulness in carrying out his work
    1st #Canadian Mount Rifl, Ypres: Bn. in Support Area. Enemy shelling very Heavy. Casualties 3 ORs killed and 6 ORs wounded. Hostile aircraft bombed Rear Areas at night
    44th #Canadian Bn, Ypres: Work of getting camp area in good shape is commenced. Very inclement weather prevails, and great difficulty is experienced in fixing up horse standings owing to the deep mud. Parties of Officers and Scouts reconnoitre the Forward area during the early morning
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: Heavy gunning in the morning. Moonshine during the night: the civilians are terrified and it does not take long before the #German planes start dropping their loads, while fiercely being shot at. We hear glass and tiles being broken. We also hear bombs dropping but not exploding: it’s like a bag of 100kg of salt being dropped from several meters high just 3 paces away. We find 3 stones in the attic of the vicary, that were propelled by a bomb dropping on the road 250m away

    21st of October
    Today 1917
    The 1177th day of war
    #Saarbrücken bombed by #British, #Dunkerque bombed by #Germans
    Eastern Front: #Germans land on #Russian mainland at #Verder. #Germany claims 20.000 prisoners and 100 gund captured in last 9 days
    #Russian fleet escapes N out of #Moon Sound (#Riga)
    #Oostende bombarded by #British ships
    #Russian #Soviet’s Peace Terms issued
    #London: #British Marine planes bombard airfields of #Vlissegem and #Houtave (#Oostende). Air battle: 5 of our planes against 20 #Germans: 2 enemy planes downed, 2 forced to land, 1 of ours missing
    #KingAlbert, #QueenElisabeth, #DePanne: Visit by Gen Tom Bridges and Gen Anthoine
    3# Australian Div: 4 wounded and 2 more at the trench mortar unit
    Sgt Peach, Ypres: On leave to #Amiens . Catch train at #Albert at 8.40 a.m. Lovely day. Have my photo taken. Have a look through Cathedral. Pipe organ playing whilst I am there. Spend a fairly enjoyable day and catch train for home at 8 p .m. Train does not stop at #Aveluy, consequently am carried on to #Beaucourt #Hamel, and have to walk back (about 5 miles). Get home at 11 p .m. Sent model of Hun aeroplane to Dad
    Jacobus Winters, #Boezinge: On guard at the coast at 4
    2 #Canadian TnlCmp, #Reningelst:
    11th #Canadian Field Ambulance: Take over from 9th #Australian Field Ambulance at the Prison, Ypres at 6 AM. Town shelled in the AM and PM. Town bombed in the evening. One O.R. wounded and evacuated
    124th #Canadian Pioneers: A Working party of 4 Officers and 164 Other Ranks under Major W. H Latimer works on the Road in the early morning, and succeeds in laying over 100 yards of plank Road. Most of the planking has to be carried for more than 500 yards. During the day a small party under Lieut. A. C. Oxley is employed spiking down the planks, and "guard railing" road. This party is continually delayed by Shell Fire in the immediate vicinity and time and again is driven off the work. Two direct hits are made on the Road which destroys much of the work. A party of 3 Officers and 87 Other Ranks under Captain E. B. Munro lays 40 yards of stringers and carries up about 350 planks to the work. Captain R. Ingleton proceeds on Detached Duty as AREA Commandant, #VLAMERTINGE
    44th #Canadian Bn: Battalion moves from #ZUYTPEENE to #POTIJZE area by bus. Battalion debusses West of YPRES and marches through YPRES to billeting area. YPRES is heavily shelled just before the Battalion marches through, but shelling ceases during the march, and no casualties are sustained. Officers and men are accommodated in tents and bivouacs. Battalion Headquarters is taken up in the remains of a small house which is speedily put in good shape. Whole area is very muddy and conditions decidedly uncomfortable. Bombs and H.V. shells fall among our billets during the night without inflicting any damage
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: Planes drop bombs on #Reingelst and Poperinge, 2 horses killed. Since the 1st of August 860 soldiers have been buried near Farm Comyn in Dikkebus
    47th #Canadian Bn: Leave Pevion Farm. March to #Cassel Road and from there take busses to #Potijze, arriving there at 1.30 p.m. As the leading companies are passing through Ypres, an enemy naval shell lands in the square, and causes the following casualties - Lieutenant Foster, wounded, 2 O.R. killed and 19 O.R. wounded

    20th of October
    Today 1917
    The 1176th day of war
    #Passchendaele, #Passendale: 104Bde takes up line ‘#Aden’ House – ‘Les Cinq Chemins’
    #Germans report #French attack repulsed between #Skumbi valley and #Ochrida (#Macedonia)
    #British sub sinks #German dreadnought and transport in Gulf of #Riga
    #Allies recognize #Polish National Committee
    Occupied #Belgium: Death rates under #German occupation are rising dramatically
    #London, report: Our patrols have captured 12 men this morning SE of #Polygon Wood. Mist prevenst our planes from making observations for the artillery. Air raids on airfields in #Gontrode, #Roeselare, #Ingelmunster and on the station of #Kortemark. 9 #German planes are downed
    #Berlin, report: #Oostende has been shelled from the sea, damaging houses. Artillery activity is constraint by mist, but towards the evening shelling intensifies at the coast and around #Diksmuide. Enemy patrols are repulsed
    3# Australian Div: Atrillery HQ at #MeninGate taken over by the 4th #Canadian Artillery Division
    Sgt Peach, Ypres: Ceremonial parade in morning . Colonel Heritage in charge. Very dissatisfied with work and let us know all about it. Went up to #Pozieres in afternoon to see if I can find any trace of Perce's grave but have no luck . Place very much altered now. Grass very thick and high, making walking very difficult. Big number of "Yankee" Engineers now camped at #Pozieres, also big number of Indians salvaging old material and cleaning place up a bit. Got a letter from Roy McLean
    Arthur Pasquier, #Diksmuide: Report warn us that if we shell the #German living quarters, we’ll double as many shells back. A plane bomb puts a #French lorry on fire while driving. At HQ of the 2nd battery bombs Adjt Huppen, 2 other men and a horse are severely wounded, they now have 3 killed and 11 wounded
    Raoul Snoeck, #Stavele: I get 2 weeks of furlow – the longest in the war. I sleep in a bed with a duvet: civilians have no idea about the conditions in the trenches. Tonight Freddy and I go to what the theaterplay ‘Shylock, the Merchant of Venice’ by #Shakespeare
    2 #Canadian TnlCmp, #Reningelst: A party consisting of 5 Officers and 280 Other Ranks under Captain G. A. Keith carries planks forward from where they had been dumped by the transport. The work is continually held up by Traffic congestion. A party of 40 Other Ranks under Lieut. A. C. Oxley lay stringers during the day but are greatly hampered in their work by continuous shelling of the area. 4 Other Ranks are wounded. A Party of 5 Officers and 200 Other Ranks under Captain E. B. Munro goes out in the evening: their work consists of carrying planks forward from the dumps on the Road. About 500 planks are carried forward, and 100 yards of Road laid. The party is shelled off the work between and 10.25 p.m. 1 Other Rank is wounded. A small party of 2 Officers and 62 Other Ranks under Lieut. R.F. McIntosh carries on the work of Captain Munro's party until early morning. The work consists chiefly of carrying planks forward. 2 Other Ranks are wounded. Heavy shelling of the area between 2.00 and 3.30 a.m
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: A #German plane flies over very low above #Reningelst in the morning: it is fiercly shot at with MG’s, but still escapes. The #Germans capture the Island of #Oesel (#Riga). #German planes in the evening, but not dropping any bombs

    19th of October
    Today 1917
    The 1175th day of war
    13 #Zeppelins raid E and N #England and #London, 5 brought down: a larger type of #Zeppelin is used; 36 killed, 55 injured. The stormy weather is catastrophic for the #Zeppelins and they will not be used anymore for those kind of raids
    Eastern Front: #Germans fail in fraternizing on the #Rumanian front
    #British armed mercantile cruiser ‘Orama’ torpedoed and sunk: no lives lost
    #USA embargo on trade with Northern Neutrals
    #London, report: Our planes do valuable work in reconnaissance for the artillery by taking pictures and also dropped 2500kg of bombs on artillery positions near #Douai and on railway stations in #Gent. A night 1000kg of bombs are dropped on the station of #Kortrijk
    3# Australian Div: Our artillery takes part in a gas bombardment on #Passchendaele (#Passendale)
    Capt Cunningham: Catch the train at o6oo and get to #Abbeville at 1400 and find that our train cannot go until 2000 so go up and have a late lunch and have a walk round the town in the afternoon. Catch the train and travel all that night
    Sgt Peach, Ypres: First of a series of boxing contests at night. 1st Division against 5th Division. All supposed to be novices at the game, but some decent shows put up. 1st Division wins 6-4
    Jacobus Winters, #Boezinge: The company delivers 90 workers at the railway station
    124 #Canadian Bn Pioneers, Ypres: The Battalion gradually makes itself comfortable in "bivies" etc. under very bad conditions as the Camp ground is very wet and the men have little time to construct any kind of shelter for themselves. A large working party of 7 Officers and 306 Other Ranks under Major W. H. Latimer. They complete the work of grading the North side of the Road to a width of 15' and dig a ditch on the north Side of it. This making the road ready for the planking. There are no Casualties. A working party of 3 Officers and 198 Other Ranks in charge of Major J. M. Oxley performs the following work:500 yards of railway grading completed, 50 yards partially completed, 55 yds. of brick are laid. There are no Casualties. This work is done for the 5th Army Troops Company. 2 Other parties of 1 Officer and 50 Other Ranks each are detailed for work as unloading parties at ‘SPREE’ FARM and ‘FREIZENBERG’, for the 49th, and 66th Divisions, respectively. Parties arrive at rendez-vous at appointed time, but as no transport arrives to be unloaded and as no one from either of the above Divisions can be found in the vicinity it is presumed that arrangements have fallen through, and parties are brought back to Camp. There are no Casualties. Lieut. A. Wood is admitted to Field Ambulance this date with "Scabies"

    18th of October
    Today 1917
    The 1174th day of war
    Eastern Front: Moon Island (#Riga) evacuated by #Russians
    Southern Front: Renewed local fighting on #Trentino and #Carnia fronts
    Report on #German activity near #Djibouti (#Somalia)
    #German E #Africa: Fighting continues around #Nyangoa (#Tanzania): considerable casualties on both sides
    Occupied #Belgium: #Germany denies that #Belgian death casualties have risen dramatically
    #Berlin, report: Despite heavy weather severe shelling on both sides
    #London, report: Enemy artillery fire is mainly directed towards the areas of the roads to #Zonnebeke and #Menin (#Menen), as well as the rear area’s of #StJuliaan and the ‘Steenbeek’
    #KingAlbert, #QueenElisabeth, #DePanne: Visit to #Amiens, #Beauvais, #Chantilly and #Creil
    3# Australian Div: 11 men wounded, 1 killed
    Capt Cunningham, Ypres: Have orders to proceed to Long and fix up billets for the Company. Take my batman with me and ride to #StOmer here I entrain with the rest of Division billeting party. Arrive in #Calais at 1800 and find that the train will not start until 0600 on the following morning so go down into the town and have dinner and book a room for the night
    Sgt Peach, Ypres: Have rather an interesting afternoon's work. Building dugouts etc. At work with the crosscut saw, hand saw and so on
    Jacobus Winters, #Boezinge: Section training
    124 #Canadian Bn Pioneers, Ypres: The Battalion is given to 6.00 p.m. the 22nd to complete the task of constructing a plank parallel road to the pave road on the #ZONNEBEKE ROAD about halfway between FRIEZENBERG, and ZONNEBEKE. This particular place is under direct observation, and heavily shelled periodically during the day and night. Major J. M. Oxley is given charge of this work, the first party commences work on the early morning of the 18th inst. A large party of 8 Officers and 440 Other Ranks under Major N. B. McLean is sent out in the morning of the 18th to prepare the North side of the road for planking. Party workes about an Hour and a half when they are shelled off the Road, and suffer many Casualties. The road at this point is under direct observation. Casualties: 4 Other Ranks killed and 12 Wounded, 1 Dies of Wounds.
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: The #British report states that the #Germans have drawn back 1000 meters S of #Passhendaele (#Passendale). 7 planes drop bombs in the evening on ‘t’stuksken’

    17th of October
    Today 1917
    The 1173rd day of war
    France: #Germans enter trenches at Hill 344 (#Soissons)
    #Russia: Government prepares to move to #Moscow from #Petrograd
    US transport ‘Antilles’ torpedoed: 67 lost
    #German E #Africa: Column from #Lukeledi (#Tanzania) Mission drives #Germans eastward; 2 columns occupy #Nyangoa (#Tanzania)
    #German raiders sink 9 merchantmen and 2 destroyers out of convoy off #Bergen: 135 lost
    3# Australian Div: Night: Our batteries are subjected to gas shelling and high explosives
    #Berlin, report: strong reconnaissance units near ‘Draaibank’ have been repulsed
    #Oostburg, #Nederland: Drumfire (from Ypres) reported around 4am
    Capt Cunningham, Ypres: Moved from Le Menegat (#MeninGate at 0800 and marched via
    Watten to Bleue Maison
    Sgt Peach, Ypres: Beginning to make hours of work a bit longer. Extra lecture nearly every night. Have our old C.O. Lieut. Col. Jess, lecturing us from 11 a.m . to 12 noon. Manage to dodge lecture at night. Go and got my hair cut and have a good bath instead
    Jacobus Winters, #Boezinge: Work at the railway station with 60 men
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: At farm Lamerant the wing of a #German plane is shot off, it crashes at farm Verraest: the #German ‘Gotha’ plane has 3 motors with 3 men of which 1 vainly tried to jump out and the 2 others are crushed under their machine: the #British plane who had shot down the #German, immediately land and come to inspect their prey

    16th of October
    Today 1917
    The 1172nd day of war
    France: #German air raid on #Nancy
    Eastern Front: #Oesel Island (#Riga) fully in #German hands, taking 10.000 prisoners
    #German E #Africa: #Belgians rescue convoy of prisoners SE of #Mahenge (#Tanzania)
    3# Australian Div: 2 Art Bde of the Imperial Artillery Division are relieved by 2 #Canadian Bde’s
    #London, report: Seaplanes executed a raid on the port of #Brugge: many tons of bombs dropped. A #British patrol downed an enemy 2-man plane near #Zarren: the observer could be seen falling out, the plane turned over at caught fire, all our planes returned
    Capt Cunningham: Moved from #Steenvoorde at 0830 and marched through #Cassel (a lovely place on a high hill) to Le Menegat (#MeninGate)
    Sgt Peach, Ypres: Weather practically a repetition of previous day. Issued with little white singlet for doing our physical jerks. Concert at night by members of the school
    Jacobus Winters, #Boezinge: Exercises on the beach at Grand Fort Philippe (#Gravelines)
    2 #Canadian TnlCmp, #Reningelst: 2 O.R. wounded. The Buff Bank and 'A' Crater Dug-Outs Systems are handed over to the Infantry
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: I am told that at the frontline everything is so wet that it is almost impossible to continue fighting. We learn that the #British, #Australians and #NewZealanders had horrendous losses at #Broodseinde (#Zonnebeke) and #Poelkapelle

    15th of October
    Today 1917
    The 1171st day of war
    #Passchendaele, #Passendale: #SouthAfrican Brigade: A patrol of the 2nd Bde of #SouthAFrica finds Varlet Farm occupied by the #Germans
    Docks of #Brugge raided by #British airmen
    Eastern Front: #Germans cut off retreat of #Russians from #Oesel Island (#Riga) and capture 3500 prisoners
    #German E #Africa: #Lindi column drives #Germans on #Nyango (#Tanzania) by enveloping movement
    3# Australian Div: Enemy aircrafts has been very active: number of his planes frequently crossing our lines. One of his ‘Gotha’ machines is brought down and crashes in the vicinity of #Polygon Wood
    #London, report: enemy artillery very active along the railway Ypres-#Staden
    #Berlin, report: No major infantry battles
    #Oostburg (#Nederland), report: 10.30pm-midnight: air raid on #Zeebrugge and area: 1 plane flew over Oostburg and then returned as the attackers are very fiercly shot at above #Belgium
    Capt Cunningham: Move with whole Company through #Poperinge to Steenvoorde about 12 mile march. I go on ahead in motor lorry to fix up billets. Major Hancock is at present our O. C. Temp. Major Mather I saw in #London and we expect him back any day now, thank goodness
    Sgt Peach, Ypres: Sun breaks through clouds early in morning and remained out till about 4 p.m. Gives us a chance to do a bit of "hopping over the bags" and so on. Rain falls again during night
    Lt Champion: Here the country in the distance looks similar to the #Cassel district, the farms and hop fields looking like a chess board
    Raoul Snoeck, #Stavele: The results of our exams are in: I succeeded gloriously, but I would prefer never to become 2nd Lt: if the war would end right now, I would gladly give up the title
    2 #Canadian TnlCmp, #Reningelst: During the night a gas shell penetrates Duke Street gallery; 13 of our sappers are sleeping in a dug-out nearby & next day are evacuated as gas casualties
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: At noon a plane flies over #Reningelst and drops 2 bombs: Coming from school, Crombez, a boy of 12 dies on the spot and a soldier besides him is wounded. The wife of Jan Plak is arrested on the field, harvesting potatoes by the gendarms as she returned to the farm without permission: she is triumphantly taken to #Reningelst. Odie Lamerant, now 18 have left for their military service. In the evening airplane bombs between Millekruise and #Kemmel. Several civilians are fined because in the evening light is visible from their houses.

    14th of October
    Today 1917
    The 1170th day of war
    #Passchendaele, #Passendale: #Germans capture a post on the front of the 37th Division
    Eastern Front: #Tserel (#Estonia) and Arensburg in flames and #Irbek Strait cut of by #Russians from #Sworbe Peninsula
    #British mine-sweeper ‘#Begonia’ and merchant cruiser ‘Champagne’ sunk: 56 lost
    More dramatic measures taken in #GreatBritain to compete with growing shortage of foodstuffs, petrol and coal
    #Ukraine declares itself an autonomous nation and claims participation in future Peace Conference
    3# Australian Div: Enemy has considerably increased artillery activity
    #London, report: Our positions on the Broodseinde Ridge (#Zonnebeke) are heavily shelled
    #Berln, report: Skrimishes in the craterfields S of Ypres
    Capt Cunningham: Move with whole Company to C.R.E. near #Reningelst
    Sgt Peach, Ypres: Spend day writing letters, trying to make up for lost time
    Lt Champion: I manage to secure a horse, and go for a ride on to a spur about six miles away, where there is a windmill
    Arthur Pasquier, #Diksmuide: I do not like having to go back to that battery position out of fear of getting wounded again on that same spot. #Nieuwkapelle an #StJacobskapelle are being bombed, they are used to it…
    Jacobus Winters, #Boezinge: We are relieved at 4pm
    #Canadian 44Bn: Battalion resting and cleaning up in morning. Church services held in
    #Canadian 87Bn: Still in Oxelaere billets. .Company billets in afternoon. Weather showery. Protestant and Catholic church parades, on conclusion of which a Battalion parade is held at which the C.O. presents ribands to the following: D.C.M.-Sgt. Keith M.M.-Sgt. Mander, Sgt. Myers and Pte. Leet. The service for which these men are decorated are mentioned in War Diary for September 10th, 1917, with the exception of Pte. Leet, whose service is as follows: Pte. Leet During the raid on #LACOULETTE and FOSSE 7, South of the #SOUCHEZ RIVER, night of June8/9th, 1917, showed great bravery and determination in engaging the enemy when largely outnumbered. His work with the rifle, bayonet and bomb accounted for a number of #Germans and broke up this resistance. He entered dugouts alone and showed great personal contempt for danger. Pte Leet has always been a volunteer for any dangerous job, and his presence with any party inspires the others with confidence
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: The #Irish Father Bergin is buried, the ceremony is conductd with 8 priests (3 padres and 5 priests living in #Reningelst), with many soldiers accompanying the coffin and giving military honors. His remnants are buried outside of the cemetery hedge. The Brigade of Father McDonald, of the 23rd Division only has 1000 men left: the number of dead is not that large but many have been wounded or are sick because of gas. In #Dikkebus many women have returned home, but are instantly sent back: another sad procession. In all of the territory of the 2nd Army, the civilians are not allowed to return: that is hateful and incomprehensible! Planes in the evening

    13th of October
    Today 1917
    The 1169th day of war
    #Passchendaele, #Passendale: 3 #Australian Division: On the whole a quiet day. The location of the enemy is still doubtfull, and since weather conditions are at present most unfavorable, it has been impossible to obtain any definite information from our reconnaissance planes. Throughout the day our stretcher-bearers, also those of the enemy, are busily engaged under cover of the #RedCross bringing in wounded and burying the dead on the battlefield. The enemy respects our #RedCross men
    Eastern Front: #Germans continue landing on #Oesel Island (#Riga)
    #Belgians repel #German attack SE of #Mahenge (#Tanzania)
    #German mine-sweepers between #Courland and #Oesel Island (#Riga)
    #Paris, report: #French reconnaissance units attack #German patrols, taking 30 prisoners of which one officer
    #London: W of #Beselare and N or #Poelkapelle enemy reconnaissance troops are thrown back. One of our airplanes on patrol shoots down an enemy plane above #Oostende, which crashes down in flames. Tonight our positions S of Broodseinde (#Zonnebeke) are heavily shelled
    #Berlin: Strong #French and #British reconnaissance units attack our positions in the early morning: they are thrown back
    #KingAlbert, #QueenElisabeth, #DePanne: Visit to Gen Posch, CO of the 1st #Grenadiers. In the sector of #Diksmuide 14 men are killed
    Capt Cunningham: Move into transport lines. They send motor lorries out to #Lille Road so we walk down to there and picked them up and then drive through Ypres back into transport lines near #Ouderdom
    Sgt Peach, Ypres: Feeling better again. Had afternoon off, but spent it writing up notes
    Lt Champion: Moffatt is at a convalescent camp
    Jacobus Winters, #Boezinge: On guard at Les Petites Hemmes (#LesHemmes, #Calais)
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: We learn about the death of Father Bergin #Irish #Jesuit. He studied in #Jerusalem and was chased to #Egypt by the war. He joined the #Australian army as a simple nurse, but got promoted to Captain-Padre and was now Major. A few weeks ago he was back here, but yesterday he was killed by a shell near #Zonnebeke. #Belle (#Bailleul) is bombarded several times this week

    12th of October
    Today 1917
    The 1168th day of war
    #Passchendaele, #Passendale: #British attack on 6 m tot the NE of Ypres.
    3rd #Australian Division: Waterfield falls to the 40Bn, which is stopped at its first objective by enfilade machine gun fire across the valley from Bellevue pillboxes. At noon heavy casualties cause the Brigade to begin pulling back to its start line and by 3.30 p.m. this has been completed.
    #NewZealand Division 2 NZ Brigade attacks with the 2nd #Otago to take the Red Line, the 1st #Otago to take the Blue Line and the 1st #Canterbury’s to capture the last objective, the Green Line; the 2nd #Canterbury’s are in reserve. Attacking at 5.25 a.m., the right struggles up from Marsh Bottom while on the left they are held up by uncut wire around the #Gravenstafel road. The 2nd #Otago encounteres fierce opposition but pushes on to the uncut wire, some 25 to 50 yards deep; this is defended by pillboxes. The only gap in the wire is at a single point on the sunken #Gravenstafel road. This proves a death trap to many of the #Otagos, who, seeing the rest held up by the wire, rush the lane, where machine- gun fire mows them down. The troops on the wire desperately try to cut paths through and do succeed in getting through the first belt. The 1st #Otago, with survivors from the leading troops, pushes into the gap and tries to crawl under the entanglements, but with little success. The right company in the marshes is held up by two pillboxes, which are taken by hand-to-hand fighting. The 2nd #Canterbury’s hve come up and join the troops on the high ground but are unable to break through and the men are told to dig in where they were. 3 NZ (Rifle) Brigade forms up with the 2nd Battalion to take the Red Line the 3rd to take the Blue Line and the 1st to take the Green Dotted Line; the 4th Battalion is in reserve. Shortly after leaving the start point, part of the 2nd Battalion are held up by an enemy strongpoint. This is cleared. The assaulting troops become intermingled with each other and the 9th Division on their left flank. They capture the Cemetery on their extreme left and establish posts 150 yards eastwards. In the centre, parties push on to the edge of Wolf Copse, taking Wolf Farm on the way. At 8 a.m. they are ordered to dig in. The 1st Battalion, unaware that the attack is held up, comes under fire from #PeterPan and #Yetta House. They dig in and form a support line 150 yards west of the road between Wolf Farm and the Cemetery. At 3 p.m. it is proposed that the attack should be renewed, but this is subsequendy cancelled
    Eastern Front: Combined naval and military laning by #Germans at #Tagga Bay (#Oesel - #Riga) and occupy parts; attempt to capture pier on #Moon Island repulsed. #Russian coast batteriest destroyed: 8 Dreadnoughts, 12 light Cruisers, 40 TBD; #Russian ships hinder #German fleet. The attack to reach Passchendaele fails. Gen #Haig realizes that the breakthrough to the coast is not going to succeed, but is determined to take the heights before winter sets in. The village of Passchendaele becomes the final objective
    Southern Front: #Austrian attack repulsed in region of Mnt #Costabella
    3# Australian Div: objectives of 5th. phase of the current operations, advancing to the assault from the South of YPRES - ROULERS (#Roeselare) Railway to YETTA HOUSES. Weather conditions for this attack are again extremely bad. The muddy state of the ground, the very wet, dark night, together with their being subjected to Gas Shelling and HiE concentrations on front systems, make the assembly of our troops a matter of the greatest difficulty. However, they are at their Jumping off positions to time. Heavy fire is immediately opened by Hostile Machine Guns, which, together with uncut wire around enemy's a Strong Points and ''Pill boxes"hod up our troops on the left. Considerable advance is made by our troops on the right, but as they suffer heavily from enfilade Machine Gun fire consequent of the troops on the left being held up, they have to withdraw. It is found, also, that the valleys are almost impassable owing to the mud, which delays and tires out our men. Eventually a line is consolidated slightly in advance of that from which the attack started. Owing to the state of the weather, the supply of ammunition to the guns is a serious problem, under the trying conditions of which our Gunners and Drivers display maximum fortitude
    Sgt Peach, #Ypres: Weather not improving. Feeling none too well. Pains in head and ears. Go to Doctor at dinner time, and have about a gallon of water shoved in my ear. Suffer great agony with earache at night. Turn in to bed about 6 p.m.
    Lt Champion: When Withy and Presnell were in Paris, they met Moffatt, and had an enjoyable time
    Raoul Snoeck, #Stavele (#Russia): Over here people are astonished about the intensity of the #Russian #Revolution and it catastrophic consequences. I am not at all informed about how the crisis in Russia is evolving, a country I barely know. To meet it looks like the #French went through a similar period in 1789: yesterday the people were serfs and today thay are masters: They only know freedom by name and in their dreams, it’s inevitable that all kinds of violence, splurge and debauchery are the result. The stronger the oppression, the more cruel the reaction is afterwards: I would not be astonished if one day Russia will go through a reign of terror
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: The #British assault this morning over a front of 10km is again stopped by the heavy rain, although positions are captured and 500 prisoners made. The soldiers explain that the #German fortifications are incredible: bunkers with walls 1,5m thick, impossible to destroy with high explosives. There are now 9 generals at the farm of the Mayor

    11th of October
    Today 1917
    The 1167th day of war
    #Passchendaele, #Passendale: A #German counter-attack is stopped near ‘Draaibank’
    #Turkish attack in #Armenia SW of #Erzingan repulsed
    #German E #Africa: A column in #Mbemkuru valley occupies #Ruponda
    4 ships, flying # Swedish flagas and lying in #British ports are taken over by #British as they are mainly #British owned and would be considered as such by the #Germans
    #British Government stop scommercial cable communication with #Nederland
    3# Australian Div: ammunition expended: 18 Pndrs: 13.563 rounds; 4.5” Howitsers: 5353 rounds
    #KingAlbert, #DePanne: Council in #Houtem: the #Belgian army must be ready around the 15th of October for a major assault
    Sgt Peach, #Ypres: Busy trying to get myself in some kind of order. Shining up rifle, brass on equipment and so on. Very cold and wet. Went to concert at night (The Misfires): good show
    Lt Champion: We scored 50 details yesterday, but even now the companies are short, being organised into three platoons instead of four
    René Deckers, # #Steenkerke: The guns are now at ‘Nieuw-Lettenberg’ and the gunners are enjoying some rest. I further fallen in disgrace: during the night I have been resupplying the guns with ammunition: there are now about 10.000 rounds available. The resupplying is cumbersome: all the roads are full of #British equipment, enormous tractors pulling gigantic guns, cranes and all kinds of lorries. But it has now been raining for 15 days and I think the offensive has fallen into the water: the level of the inundation has risen sharply and N of #Diksmuide it’s impossible to get through. In the mean time the #Germans flatten our trenches (with the artillery), who are undermined by the heavy rain anyway. Tomorrow there will be 7 more burials in Steenkerke, so my friend Paul Pierard will gen new neighbours
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus, #Australia: Since a few weeks, we are now living with the #Australians and we get to know their gifts and weaknesses: it’s a beautiful and lively people, stronger and more crude than the #British and there are no weaklings with them. They are not more dirty than the #British, but they are not washing and shaving themselves all day. They are courageous fighters that know no fear and that is one of the reasons, they have been put in one of the most dangerous sectors, of which they are proud. But they are a little bit wild: their biggest weakness is drunkenness as they earn much: #Australians: 6 shillings a day, #NewZealanders 5, Canadians 4 and #British 1 shilling. And so when they come to rest in our village, after having lived in areas without houses or pubs and having their pockets full of money, they want to feast and drink and beer, wine and champagne is being drunk. The beer and wine sellers are making a lot of money, but they have to undergo the consequences: it’s no exception that the pubs are demolished and when closure time is there they are difficult to get out of the pubs and they ask for more drink. Only the womenfolk are able to do this after much talking and men have to stay away or soon a fight breaks out. Particularly the #Belgian Gendarms should not show their faces and they are lenient if a pub owner has not managed to get everybody out after 8 o’clock. After 8 wild drunken shouting is heard on the streets and in that sense they not better than our drunk #Flemish men. But not all are like that being drunk: hundreds of times I heard some shout, ‘Father, me catholic, rosary!’ and show their rosary. In general the #Australians much more destroy the crops of the angry farmers than the #British. But just like the #Canadians they are bigger thieves: quite a few civilians’ chickens or fruit was ‘loaned’. In that sense they are worse than the #British

    10th of October
    Today 1917
    The 1166th day of war
    #Passchendaele, #Passendale: #French extend their hold on ‘Corverbeek’. 66Div: a #German counter-attack is repulsed and at night the division is releaved by the 3rd #Australian Division
    #German E #Africa: #Portuguese capture #German post at #Mauta, 26m N of #Rovuma river (#Tanzania)
    #Germans bomb #Russian transport at S end of #Oesel Island (#Riga)
    3# Australian Div: Ammunition expended: 18Pndrs: 29.599 rounds; 4.5”Howitsers: 5143 rounds. During the day our stretcher-bearers are busily engaged bringing wounded. Usual harassing fire on the enemy’s roads, communications, billets and hutments. Aircraft: both sides very active. During the night the enemy is over our back areas on bombing expeditions. Several times planes come over our lines but are driven back by ours: 1 plane is brought down in flames and one of our machines crashes. Very poor visibility
    Occupied #Belgium: Near #Antwerpen, the #Germans have cleared an area for shooting exercises: the damage is 40 million BEF. The rebuilding of Ypres and #Diksmuide will amount to 200 million BEF
    #Berlin: Air battle above #Zonnebeke in the evening with 80 planes participating: #British are shot down
    #Reuters: #British troops take the ruins of ‘Reutel’ without much resistance, but on the cemetery there is much resistance by machine guns and a fierce battle follows. In some places they go through a desert of mud, but all of a sudden encounter fierce resistance from well-hidden trenches, hidden positions and tree stumps. The machine gun fire is much worse, not because of more intense fire, but because of the slow progress through the mud: the bad weather and the mud are the worst enemies. The fighting around #Poelkapelle are very heavy. Reports say that the village has now been taken, but the #British had to draw back as the village came under own fire
    Sgt Peach, #Ypres: Accommodation and tucker at school very good. Not taken too kindly to the parade ground. Weather wet and miserable
    Lt Champion: At the present time, we are encamped in tents and huts, and Lee has his tent most comfortably fitted up - he believes in comfort.
    Raoul Snoeck, #Stavele: We are told that the whole of our unit will get 2 weeks off in #Paris! I urgently need a picture of myself, but I don’t have the finances at the moment. My father was right, that the food is the best at home, since then I have been eating the most terrible stuff: as always the older people are always right, although I do not see my father as an old man, but rather as an older brother
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: The interpreter for the #British tells me that he knows 4 Colonels who are only 21and 1 only 20. The #British Commander-General was a driver before the war, he has known him #Marseille. At the beginning of the war he entered the army as a simple soldier and became commander in March 1915 and a year later Commander-General. In the #British army officers are promoted within their unit and in that way a Lieutenant can quickly become Colonel

    9th of October
    Today 1917
    The 1165th day of war
    #Passchendaele, #Passendale: 3rd phase of the Battle of Passchendaele. #French-British attack E and NE on the outskirts of the #Houthuls forest. 1 mile advance on the #Passchendale Ridge, taking 2000 prisoners. #German counter-attack S of the Ypres-#Staden railway on front of 2000yrd. 1st #Australian Division raids #Celtic Wood. 49th and 66th Div attack. Owing to extremely bad weather conditions, movement of troops up to their assembly positions is attended with greatest difficulties. Heavy continuous rain fell through the night, rendering the ground almost impassible, in spite of the fact that 10 hours were allowed to cover 4000yrd of the approach march, it is found that the position cannot be reached in time, with the consequence that some of our troops are not available at the assembly hour. When finally the remainder of the troops arrives, they are in a state of complete exhaustion. However the Red line is reached and some parties reach the Blue Line also, but the latter cannot be held. By 6pm the enemy forces us back to the beginning line.
    Eastern Front: German air activity very marked around #Oesel Island (#Riga)
    #Germany: Naval mutiny announced with #Socialist party involved
    #German E #Africa: N of Lake #Eyassi (SE #Victoria #Nyanza - #Tanzania) last #German guerrilla detachment captured. #Belgians occupy #Mahenge (#Tanzania), old #German HQ in Highlands, taking 260 prisoners
    #KingAlbert, #QueenElisabeth, #DePanne: Visit to Gen Anthoine in #Rexpoëde. The 1st #French and 2nd and 5th #British armies are ready for the offensive
    #London: 6:20am: Major #British and #Allied offensive NE and E of Ypres
    Sgt Peach, #Ypres: Up at 5 a.m. to catch train, but have to wait at Station in cold till 9 a.m. Supposed to get out of train at #Aveluy, but train does not stop. Carry on to #AchetLeGrand and catch empty train back again. Get out to 1st #Anzac Corps School about 6pm
    Lt Champion: Presnell and Jithy are the lucky ones for Paris, and we wish them luck
    Raoul Snoeck, #Stavele: Today it’s a sad, grey and rainy day. It’s exactly 3 years ago that I saw my parents for the last time at #Stalhille. We just had that horrible withdrawal from #Antwerp behind us: an exhausting and depressing journey of suffering in the midst of big groups of crying refugees. I can still remember very well what mothers was wearing: a brown dress with otterfur, because outside it was bitterly cold. How many times since have I not embraced the thoughts about my parents! Now, 3 years have passed
    Jacobus Winters, #Boezinge: Drying of clothes
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: What a horrible weather! But the #British are fighting in it. The guns do not stop flashing and there are even planes. This morning a girl of the parish is getting married to a #British soldier: many spectators, civilians and soldiers: the latter seem to have much fun, which makes the soldier be shy: he hurries to his car. The soldiers have written on it: ‘We are married today in #Reningelst’. The couple left for #Poperinge in that manner. A few days later the young lady left by ship to #England to comply with the Army rule that wives of #British soldiers stay in #England

    8th of October
    Today 1917
    The 1164th day of war
    France: Both #German and #French attacks file near #Craonne
    #Russian encounter with #German scouting vessels between #Oesel Island (near #Estonia) and NW #Courland (#Letland)
    #Russia: Railway strike begins. #Kerenski forms new #Russian Cabinet
    #Ukraine inaugurates autonomous Government
    3# Australian Div: Shelling of ‘Abraham’ Heights and #Kansas Roads with 77mm from the direction of #Passchendaele (#Passendale). Ypres-#Zonnebeke Road shelled with 4.2mm. Hill 40 is lightly shelled in the morning.
    #Paris: #French and #British troops are attacking S of the wood of #Houthulst, the fighting continues
    #London: Storm and rain all of the day with the artillery very active in Ypres
    Sgt Peach, #Ypres: Leave #Poperinge by train at 9.30, get to #Etaples at 7.30 p.m. Travel via #Hazebrouck, St. Orner (#StOmer), Pont Cologne and Bonongne (#Boulogne). Spent night at rest camp (with a lot of "Scotties" (#Scottish)) at #Etaples. Still wet and cold
    Jacobus Winters, #Boezinge: Gathering faggots with 2 platoons: on the way back we get completely soaked
    2 #Canadian TnlCmp, #Reningelst: A fire occurs in a dug-out occupied by Infantry; after working all night our sappers extinguish it
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: Despite heavy weather, planes are flying: they must have made much progress to be able to do that. Heavy gunning all day, especially from where the #French are. 15 shells in the morning at the ambulance at farm Vandemarliere towards #Reningelst: several soldiers are killed and wounded: these shells are fired from at least 20km. Much rain in the afternoon

    7th of October
    Today 1917
    The 1163rd day of war
    #Passchendaele, #Passendale: #German attack near #Reutel repulsed. 143rd Bde: assault on Burns House and Vacher Farm fails. 49th Div (#Anzac Corps): parties of the 11-12Bn raid #Celtic Wood
    Eastern Front: #German attack near #Riga thwarted
    Southern Front: Artillery active on #Bainsizza Plateau (#Isonze - #Italy) and on #Carso. #Austrian attack on #Massif of #Costabella (#Italy) repulsed
    Great artillery activity on the #Gaza (#Israël) front (#Palestine)
    #German Uboat U293 interned at #Cadiz (#Spain) escapes
    Mr. #Kerenski forms Coalition Government.
    #Uruguay breaks off diplomatic relations with #Germany
    #France: #French Government announces scantiest harvest in 50 years: luxuries cut down to make tonnage for import of grain
    #KingAlbert, #QueenElisabeth, #DePanne: War Committee gathers under presidency of the King. Princess Marie-José for the schoolyear to the girls boarding house at #Poggio Imperiale near #Firenze (#Italy)
    #Paris: The gun battles in #Belgium stay fierce
    #London: 2 enemy planes downed and 1 #British missing
    Capt Cunningham: The 5th Division are coming in to relieve us
    Sgt Peach, #Ypres: Get a start on track from Dickiebusch (Dikkebus) about 9 a.m. Go on D.A.D.O.S. at #Ouderdom and get fitted up with clothing, then catch a bus on to #Poperinge. Too late t o catch train so have to wait till next day. Go to picture show at night. Very wet day.
    Jacobus Winters, #Boezinge: Such bad weather that I do not get out the whole of the day
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: Again #German planes dropping bombs all of the night. We hear huge shells exploding in #Poperinge and more in the morning. The #British report 4500 prisoners. At midnight, the clock is stopped for 1 hour and we turn back to the previous time

    6th of October
    Today 1917
    The 1162nd day of war
    #Passchendaele, #Passendale: #German attack at dusk on #Polygon Wood repulsed. British take 380 prisoners. 2nd #Australian Division: Daisy Wood is reported to be strongly held by #Germans
    France: Heavy fighting 25m S of #Czernovitz. #Russians take 750 prisoners
    #German E #Africa: #Mbemkuru (#Tanzania) column reaches point 30m from #Nangano. #Belgian troops engaged N and NE from #Mahenge (#Tanzania)
    #Peru breaks off diplomatic relations with #Germany
    #Georgia starts a separate army
    #KingAlbert, #QueenElisabeth, #DePanne: On visit to General #Pétain on visit at #Rexpoëde (#France) in the context of the upcoming offensive in #Vlaanderen (#Flanders)
    3#Australian Div: 6 pm . 5-6 p.m: During the period, SOS signals are replied to on seve:ral occasions, but no attacks on the part of the enemy were reported. Further harassing fire on enemy roads and comnmnications, hutments, billets, and strong points, arecarried out at irregular interval .in occordance with programme. A Protective Barrage is put down at 6 a.m., and is reported satisfactory. Enemy' s Artillery showed normal activity, and his fire- is mainly directed against #YPRES - #ZONNEBEKE Road, (which isshelled intermittently during the night by 15mm. Hows.)
    #Berlin: Because of the heavy rainfall, the fighting remains low: in #Flanders (#Vlaanderen) heavy gunning between Poelkapelle and #Zandvoorde
    #Paris: No infantery action today, but the artillery duels in #Flanders (#Vlaanderen) was severe at moments
    #London: Troops from #Leicestershire perform successful attack W of #StElooi. Heavy rain and much colder
    #Belgium, #Refugees (#England): The Royals gieve 10.000BEF for the monument thanking the #British for helping the #Belgians
    Capt Cunningham: When I get back I find we are to move away in a few days out of the line
    Sgt Peach, #Ypres: Everybody is mixed up on the way out. Several of us get in with a crowd of 6th Battalion lads and we go back with them as far as #Westhoek Ridge. We get a dixie of stew and drink of tea there, and make off to our place of assembly at Swan Chateau. The cooks are waiting for us there with a good feed, and drink of cocoa, and I must say it is greatly appreciated. Rum and cigarettes are there for those who wanted them. As soon as we have satisfied the ''inner man'', we get into our blankets and have a bit of a sleep. It is just 5.30 a.m. when we get settled down. Get word after dinner that I have to get into "Walking Order" ready to go off to the school at Arelay. Go back as far as Dickiebusch (Dikkebus) that night, have a bit of a clean-up, and settle down for a good night's rest. Get letters from Mum, Daisy, Harriet and Sammy
    2 #Canadian TnlCmp, #Reningelst:
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: In #Westouter and #Reningelst there are still many troops. The artillery is having many casualties: the 33 Div has already lost half of it’s men: small wonder, as the artillery cannot hide it’s guns in the open flat countryside, packed together, so that not even lines can be formed. The #Australian Padres are always with their men in the frontline, that’s why we do not see them often in #Reningelst. The #Chinese have started filling up the ditches in #Dikkebus and towards #Abele: what will happen when it will start raining? A farmer complained as horses had ruined his chicory field, whereupon the officer replied ‘You should not have put them in in the first place!’

    5th of October
    Today 1917
    The 1161th day of war
    #Passchendaele, #Passendale: Number of prisoners taken the last few days: 4446, congratulations from the King. The 15th #Durham Light Infantry attacks and captures a blockhouse
    In #Mbemkuru Valley (SW #Kilwa - #Tanzania) the #Germans are retiring before the #British and reach #Nanagano 30m SE from #Liwali; a column from #Ruhuji river advances W
    #Swedish Government protests seizure of their ships in #British ports
    3#AIF Div: 2 wounded, 1 killed. Ammunition expended - 18 Pdrs: 51,922 rounds; 4.5 Howitsers: 15.907rounds. OPERATIONS :- our Artillery car ries out harassing fire on enemy’s Roas and Communications, Billets & Hutments , and engage enemy strong points. Registrations re carried out by the advanced Batteries. Practice Barrage is put down at 5.15 a.m. And Gas bombardments of roads leading to #Passchendaele. S.o.S. signals arereplied to on several occasions . Hostile artillery is below normal, main areas shelled being FREZENBERG Road, and POTIZE - #ZONNEBEKE Road. Our Battery positions in #ZONNEBEKE is heavily shelled during the afternoon, whilst newly captured territory and particularly our frontline system receives enemy's attention from guns!Fire coming mostly from direction of #PASSCHENDAELE . #PASSCHENDAELE, which village affords exellent observation to the enemy, in which considerable movement of troops has been noticed
    #London: The enemy artillery fires furiously on the positions S of the #Broodseinde (#Zonnebeke) Ridge, but there are no counter-attacks: 380 prisoners are brought in
    Capt Cunningham: Next day get down to #Poperinge and there I am met by man with horse so go back to our transport lines and go out to #YpresSalient on ration waggon that night
    Lt Champion : Reporting once again to Sticky Stevens, I find Wells ,Blake, and Bitmead all waiting to go back up the line. My stay at the base is short
    Sgt Peach, #Ypres: Weather still bad. Have a bit of a doze through the night. A few aeroplanes come hovering above us shortly after daylight, but they cannot do much on account of the weather. We spend the day improving our positions and doing a bit of sniping. Things look very strange when we get moving about at daylight. Men are moving about out in the open everywhere. One would think they are all digging a vegetable garden or something of the kind. The stretcher bearers and carrying parties have a difficult job getting to the front line as the mud is knee deep. About 11 p.m. after a couple of counter attacks, we are relieved by the 11th Battalion. It is a case of get back as best we can, and I can assure you we waste no unnecessary time in doing it
    Raoul Snoeck, #Stavele: The #French heavy artillery will be on the other side of the chateau and they learning horse-riding: some of the animals come from the #Argentinian Pampas or from the #Brasilian plains. They are only partially tamed and unruly. Today I received a letter from mother with pictures from my sister and herself. Mothers looks young and my sister is now a grownup women, I would not have recognized, when I met her. I am very happy with these pictures as those I had have burnt during the disaster in June. Mother promises to send pictures of dad and my brother: I am looking forward to that, as in that manner, I will have my whole family with me… at least on pictures
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: We feel 2 very heavy schocks during the night, supposing it’s the armored railway guns firing and continue to sleep quietely, but in the morning we learn it was big shells, one landing just 60m away: 3 soldiers are torn to pieces and in there is room for 5 horses in the crater; a good thing the soldiers have left their tents, so that nothing terrible could happen. Tonight also shells on #Poperinge. The #British communique explains about the assault yesterday: it was executed between Tower Hamlet (‘5 min SE of ‘t kantientje) and the railway from #Langemark to #Staden: the #British capture part of #Poelkapelle, ‘s #Graventafel, #Broodseinde, Molenaarelsthoek, Reutel and #Polderhoek. The #Germans were on the verge of attacking themselves, the trenches full of fresh troops: it was a big surprise for them and many surrendered; the communique announces 3000 prisoners: today 900 prisoners pass through #Westouter. Our windows shake all day, which means there is heavy fighting going on

    4th of October
    Today 1917
    The 1160th day of war
    #Passchendaele, #Passendale: #British advance on 8-mile front, anticipating by a few minutes a #German attack E of Ypres: 3000 prisoners taken. In a counter-attack the #Germans regain some ground SE of #Polygon Wood.
    I #ANZAC Corps 1st #Australian Division: The Division attacks at 5.25 a.m., zero hour, with two brigades. 1 #Australian Brigade: The 3rd Battalion, despite meeting pockets of opposition, goes well but overshoots the Red Line. They arebrought back and consolidate the position. At 8.10 a.m. the 1st and 4th Battalions goforward and, although they pull to the left, stay in touch with the troops on their flanks. The commanding officer decides to prepare for counter-attacks and leave re-adjustment to later. They dig in, with the 1st Battalion in old trenches and the 4th partly behind some German wire. 2 #Australian Brigade: The 8th Battalion advances through the marsh and tree stumps of Romulus and Remus Woods North of Molenaarelsthoek and under fire from a nest of pillboxes. They arrive at the first objective at 7.15 a.m. and for better observation consolidate 100 yards in advance of the Red Line. Whilst doing so they come under fire from four 77 mm guns in a position on the #Beselare-#Broodseinde road. An officer and a few men attack and capture the guns. The 6th and 7th Battalions take over the attack. The 6th loses direction and crowds the 7th. However, they maintain touch with both flanks. Both battalions come under heavy fire from Retaliation Farm and also a large crater used as a #German headquarters and strongpoint. This is taken by the 6th Battalion. They carry on the advance and come under fire from the distant Keiberg position. The Blue Line isconsolidated and posts are established 75 yards in front of the line. No counter-attacks are launched, but the enemy is seen massing at 12 noon at Dame House and #Celtic Wood, at 1 p.m. and 2.30 p.m. at Flint Farm and twice near Keiberg. Artillery fire disperses the enemy. 2nd #Australian Division: The Division attacks at 5.25 a.m., zero hour, with two brigades, meet the same #German counter-attacks as the 1st #Australian Division and likewise fight them off. 6 #Australian Brigade: Chasing the retreating #Germans, the Brigade skirts #Zonnebeke Lake and helps capture the village itself. On the way they capture four anti-tank field guns and carry on over their first objective without stopping, although some companies are brought back to the first objective. The final objective istaken, including #Broodseinde village. 7 #Austrialian Bde clears Zonnebeke of snipers. II #ANZAC Corps: 3rd #Australian Division: The Division attacks at 5.25 a.m., zero hour, with two brigades. 11 1Australian Brigade attacks with the 44th Battalion; the 41st Battalion are in support. They are held up by the Seine strongpoint but this is rushed by parts of the 41st, who goes on to the final objective and dig in. 10 #Australian Brigade attacks with the 39th Battalion. They are held up by machine-gun fire from pillboxes in the #NewZealand Division's area, but these are dealt with by the 40th Battalion who are in support. They go on and are forced to storm #Hamburg and consolidate. #NewZealand Division: The Division attacks at 5.25 a.m., zero hour, with two brigades. In their advance to the Red Line the #NewZealanders have to cross the #Hanebeek. Like the #Australians, they are also to be the target of a #German counterattack, but the opening barrage takes care of most of the enemy. 4 #NewZealand Brigade: The advance starts on time with the 3rd #Auckland and the 3rd #Otago. They take Dochy Farm and Riverside in their stride. Otto Farms puts up more resistance but also falls, and the Brigade moves on to the Red Line, which they consolidate. The attack istaken over by the 3rd #Canterbury and the 3rd #Wellington. The #Canterbury’s are held up temporarily by two pillboxes not shown on their map. These they take before going on to attack the farm known as #Berlin, which they consolidate. 1 #NewZealand Brigade attacks with the 1st #Auckland and the 1st #Wellington. The #Aucklanders drift to the north, dragging the northern companies of the #Wellingtons with them, and come under fire immediately from pillboxes around Aviatik Farm and Dear House; these arecleared with bomb and trench-mortar fire. On their extreme left, in the 48th Division's front, they come under fire from Winzig, Albatross Farm and #Winchester, all of which they take and consolidate. The #Wellingtons come under fire from Boetleer pillboxes. These are cleared and the #Wellingtons carry on to the Red Line. On reaching the crest they come under fire from two dugouts in front of Korek. These are about 120 yards beyond the objective and, under the British barrage, are cleared by troops from the #Wellingtons and the 3rd #Otago (4 #NewZealand Brigade). The 2nd #Auckland and the 2nd #Wellington take up the advance from the Red Line and, working together, capture the #German battalion headquarters in the group of pillboxes known as #Waterloo. The #Aucklanders go on through the brick ruins of Korek to #Calgary Grange. The #Wellingtons meet resistance from #Kronprinz Farm but goon to consolidate the final position
    #Peru: #Peruvian Government issues ultimatum to #Germany regarding sinking of ships
    #KingAlbert, #DePanne: Visit by #French generals Anthoine, Nollet and La Capelle in connection to the upcoming offensive in #Flanders (#Vlaanderen), that would restart on the 12th of October: the #Belgian Army would have to be ready for a major assault that would take place on the 25th of October.
    3 #Australian Div: The attack for the #Passchendaele ridge proves to be one of the most successful yet. More than 3000 prisoners pass through the cages (in 12 hours). On several occasions the enemy is observed massing at various points and is then quickly broken up by our artillery fire. Hill 40 on our frontline is particularly heavily shelled by the enemy. We put a heavy shell barrage on #Zonnebeke. From 10 to 15 minutes prior to the attack, the enemy opens out Barrage on our Front line and Forward Area, to cover a counter attack he has purposed delivering. Our heavy, sudden barrage and attack forestalled his intentions, throwing his troops into utter confusion, and inflicting exceedingly heavy casualties
    Capt Cunningham: Stay at Boulogne till 7 in evening and catch the train to Hazebrouck where we stay the night
    Lt Champion : Fortunately on the 4th October, I am discharged and go to Etaples, here I take over a draft for Havre
    Sgt Peach, #Ypres: A day never to be forgotten by those who took part in the
    stunt. At 1 .15 a.m. we start off on our trip to take up our positions ready for the ''hot-out''. There is to be one continual string of men (miles long) stealthily moving up, all bent on the one purpose. At 2.15 a.m. we halt at our forming up point (#Anzac Redoubt). There we have to wait till 6 a.m. for our barrage to open up. At 5 a.m. Fritz opens up a barrage on us. He himself is going to attack us at 7 a .m. Unfortunately he gets right on to our position and inflicts heavy casualties on us. One shell lands about a yard on my right and blows several of my mates to pieces. Another lands in the soft earth about 18 inches above me, and bursts right underneath me. I get a good shaking up but luckily come out of it unscratched. We are simply praying for our barrage to open so as we can get ahead. At 6 a.m. it stats and everybody makes one wild rush forward hardly knowing where he is going. Lights of all colours are going up in all directions, all being fired by Fritz . In various places the Hun puts up a bit of a fight, but we have him beaten from the start. As usual we were all too anxious to push ahead and get into our own barrage at the first objective . We have to go back some distance to wait for the barrage to lift. After a wait of about an hour, we push on again over the steep hill and on to the second objective. Here we set to and consolidate. It is not long before we get settled down and were ready for Fritz whenever he likes to counter attack. It is a glorious victory. We take all our objectives, a big number of prisoners, and a lot of booty. We have some great fun swapping in the evening. Fritz counter-attacks several times but our artillery breaks him up each time. Weather very dirty
    Jacobus Winters, #Boezinge: Inspection
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: Big #British offensive: the #British are satisfied with the result. 150 prisoners march through the village: they are the strongest and fittest #Germans I have seen up until now, all in their twenties from different regiments, amongst the #Prussian Guards: the #Germans have brought in their best troops. Bad weather in the afternoon. There are now 4 groups of Gendarms in Dikkebus, if this continues, there will soon been more gendarms than civilians: these men are well-paid and get many presents from the civilians

    3 # Australian Div, Ypres: Further satisfactory artillery practice barrages at 6.15am and 5pm, but observation again difficult due to mist
    Occupied #Belgium: It is decided by the Government in exile that 8 BillionBEF will be demanded of #Germany as repairs for the damage caused by the war
    #London: At dawn our positions at Tower Hamlets and #Polygon Wood are heavily shelled by the #Germans, but the following #Garman assault was broken by our artillery before reaching our lines
    Capt Cunningham: I will not put down much of my trip to London except it will probably alter the whole of my life as I met the girl who, if luck keeps with me, will come back to #Australia with me
    Sgt Peach (#Australian in #Dikkebus): Get a nice bundle of mail just before moving a bit nearer the line. Get letters from Mum, Lil, Jan, Oll, Lil Smith and Lena . Get loaded up with necessary ammunition etc . and move up as far as #Westhoek Ridge where we spent the night. Have to be satisfied with what little cover we can find. Rain falls all through the night and makes things rather miserable
    Jacobus Winters, #Boezinge: Sunday’s rest, beautiful weather
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: In the first day of the night again many planes. In #Poperinge 2 civilians are killed. In #Westouter 6 bombs fall at ‘New Dikkebus’. In the morning the #Australians at Ypres take back the lost ground and advance even further. They are now in possession of the railway station and the church of #Zonnebeke (the few walls left standing, that is)

    3rd of October
    Today 1917
    The 1159th day of war
    #Passchendaele, #Passendale: #Germans attack 13Bde on right, but are thrown back. 37Div: #German attack on advanced post at #MeninRoad. #Germans attack between Tower Hamlets and #Polygon Wood repulsed
    Eastern Front: Intense artillery duel in #Jakobstadt (#Dvinsk). Artillery sto fierce enemy attack 7m N of #Rumanian border (#Bukovina). #Bulgars attack #Rumanians N of #Buzeu river
    Southern Front: #Italians repel continued #Austrian attacks on #SanGabriele
    #Russi ans take #Nereman village, 50m N of #Mosul (#Iraq)
    #Italian airmen bomb vessels in harbour of #Cattaro (#Montenegro)
    #KingAlbert, #QueenElisabeth, #DePanne: B
    3#AIF Div: Ammunition spent in the morning: 18pndrs: 11.282 rounds; 4,5” #Howitser: 5070 rounds
    Capt Cunningham: I arrive back at Boulogne and am very seasick coming over (the Channel)
    Sgt Peach, #Ypres: Have to keep in under cover all day so as we would not be observed by Fritz's planes. Weather cold and stormy
    Jacobus Winters, #Boezinge: Our Coy is making wickerwork (for trenchwalls, with willow branches) in #Fiennes
    Raoul Snoeck, #Stavele: Are there still many #SouthAmerican nations going to take sides with us? They make me think about that tale about a lion fighting his enemies and getting exhausted, while a mule is watching: when finally the lion is exhausted, the mule come along and gives him a kick: those small nations make me think of that mule; of course we should be gratefull for all the help we can get to make speed up the end of the war
    2 #Canadian TnlCmp, #Reningelst: 2 OR wounded
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: Again very heavy bombing during the night. There are 3 simultaneous huge explosions and there is the sound of the glass of 3 windows and 17 other windows in the building breaking. I go and look outside and find 3 huge craters at 60m from the house and 30m from the church and I learn that an officer’s body, sleeping only 30m from there a barack, was mangled. Today I visit refugees from Dikkebus in #Krombeke, #Roesbrugge and #Proven. Since 3 months, there is now an airfield besides the road #Poperinge #Krombeke with 14 planes and the area is criss-crossed by railways. In #Roesbrugge there are all kind of #French: Alpine Jaeger, #Trucos, Anamite (they look like #Chinese). Many inhabitants from Dikkebus have come back unofficially and without a permit, living hidden in their own houses, but the Gendarms close an eye about their presence

    2nd of October
    Today 1917
    The 1158th day of war
    #French and #British airmen bomb towns in #Metz region, #Cambrai and #Kortrijk and #StDenijsWestrem areodrome
    Eastern Front: #Autrian attack in #Isonzo (#Italy)
    HMS ‘Drake’ torpedoed off the #Irish Coast: 19 killed
    #Germany: Reichstag informed of mutiny at #Wilhelmshaven
    #Russia: #Russian Democratic Conference decides against Coalition Goverment
    #KingAlbert, #QueenElisabeth, #DePanne: #German air raid on #Dunkerque: 100 casualties
    2 #Australian Div, Reningelst, Ypres: Take over from 4 Aus Div at Smith Camp, then move to ramparts Ypres

    1st of October
    Today 1917
    The 1157th day of war
    #Passchendaele, #Passendale: 5 powerful #German attacks repulsed at #Zonnebeke and between #MeninRoad and #Polygon Wood. 23rdDivision (X Corps) 69 Brigade: At 5.30 a.m. a #German attack is launched, supported by ground-attack aircraft, at the left of the Divisional front. The battalion on the left of the 9th #Yorkshire Regiment falls back, causing the #Yorks to fall back 150 yards to make a flank and link with the #Leicestershire Regiment (110 Brigade, 21st Division). Three more attacks are driven off by rifle fire. The #Germans dig in just east of an old line of their barbed wire, having gained 150 yards. 7th Division (X Corps) 22 Brigade: After a heavy barrage at 6.15 a.m. the #Germans launch an attack on the 1st #RoyalWelshFusiliers, but it is driven off by artillery and at 9am another attempt is made, with the same reslt. Later, #German troops are seen concentrating in #Cameron Covert and at Joist Trench and are dispersed by artillery fire. 21st Division (X Corps) 110 Brigade: The 9th #Leicesters are on the right of the line and the 8th on the left. At 5 a.m. three strong infantry attacks are launched by the #Germans on #Glencorse Wood and #BlackWatch Corner in particular. One of these assaults forces the 9th #Leicesters back from Joist Farm, but the line is reestablished east of #Cameron House. 4th and 5th #Australian Divisions (I #ANZAC Corps): Parts of these divisions are relieved by the 1st #Australian Division (I #ANZAC Corps).
    #French and #British planes bomb #Rhine towns and #Roeselare. #Dunkirk bombed by #German planes, causing serious material damage. Airplane raid on #London: 11 killed, 41 injured
    Eastern Front: #German planes bomb #Oesel (#Riga)
    Southern Front: #Austrian attack on #Bainsizza Plateau (#Italy) repulsed
    #German E #Africa: Fighting proceeding in #Mbemkuru Valley (#Tanzania). A #German guerilla detachment surrenders 75m S of #Kondoa #Irangi (#Kenya). #Allied troops meet strong resistance SW of #Lindi (#Tanzania). Great typhoon in Japan does vast damage
    #KingAlbert, #QueenElisabeth, #DePanne: Visit by Victor-Emmanuel III, king of #Italy. The king welcomes the #Italian king at the #French border and visit the trenches and the airfield of #Houtem, were both kings talk with #Belgian pilots. The kings also visit the hospital l’Océan in De Panne and inspect the troops in #Hoogstade, where there was heavy artillery fire and #Duinkerque was severely bombed
    3 # Australian Div, Ypres: HQ of Artillery closes in #Reningelst and reopens at #MeninGate for intelligence and at #Brandhoek (#Vlamertinge) for administration. Practice barrages put down at 9.30am and 8.15pm: observation somewhat difficult due to mist
    #Oostburg, #Nederland: heavy gunning heard all day from the direction of Ypres
    #London: Seaplanes drop bombs on the airfield of #StDenijsWestrem: 1 shed burns and the fire is visible 30m around. 8-10pm: planes heard: 1 plane flies over our territory and it’s motor can be heard for a long time flying in the direction of #Vlissingen. #Zeebrugge is again the target of many bombs, the pink light being visible in the sky. Het firing of MG in the air battle can clearly be distinguished
    #France, #Poelkapelle: A lady asked the Ace pilot #Guynemer, which distinction he still could earn, to which he replied: ‘Just one, a wooden cross’
    #Berlin: The enemy vainly tries to recapture the territory lost yesterday
    #Belgium, #Refugees: A #Belgian society sends 50.000BEF to #Nederland
    Capt Cunningham: While in #England I see Biddy and give her two diaries which I had kept since leaving #Australia
    Sgt Peach (#Dikkebus): Left #Steenvoorde and marched almost to #Abele, where we get into buses. Travel to Dickiebusch, via #Abele, the outskirts of #Poperinge and Penningherst (#Reningelst). Weather very hot and roads thick with dust. Am supposed to stay behind at #Steenvoorde to go Army Corp School but cleared off with crowd to try and miss it
    Jacobus Winters, #Boezinge: Exercises on the Main Square in #Fiennes
    2 #Canadian TnlCmp, #Reningelst: Company take over the workings here and at the #Bluff from the 175 Coy. R.E
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: Heavy gunning most of the night and day. We learn that the #Germans have succeeded in penetrating the 1st line of the #British. Today and yesterday the #Australians are moving towards the frontline, sometimes 80 lorries driving by. The #British say there will be a big assault this week. We learn that the best #French pilot #Guynemer has died

    30th of September
    Today 1917
    The 1157th day of war
    #Passchendaele, #Passendale: 3 #German flame attacks repulsed between Tower Hamlets an #Polygon Wood by the 9th #YorksAndLancs (North of #MeninRoad
    Airplane raid on #London, 4 machines penetrating defences: 14 killed, 38 injured
    #StDenijsWestrem again bombed by #British planes
    #China: #SunYatSen arrested for organizing revolution at #Canton
    Southern Front: Successful #Italian attack on #Bainsizza plateau, taking 600 prisoners
    #KingAlbert, #QueenElisabeth, #DePanne: B
    3#AIF Div: 2 OR killed, 6 wounded
    #Middelburg, #Nederland: Several airplane attacks reported at the #Belgian coast
    #Paris: #French planes bombard airfields at #Roeselare and #Tielt and stations at #Lichtervelde, #Staden, #Kortemark and other places
    #London: The Admiralty reports marine planes bombarding the sluices #Zeebrugge and the airfield of #StDenijsWestrem and #Torhout and workers trains at #Brugge
    #Oostburg, #Nederland: Planes again attacking the #Zeebrugge area. In the afternoon #German planes flying over #Brugge are heavily shot at by the #Germans
    Sgt Peach (#Dikkebus): Ordinary church service. Get letters from Mum, Jean, Lil, Oll, also parcel from Oll. Very heavy bombardment in early morning. Get four papers from Lil
    René Deckers, #Steenkerke: I have been taken off the list as candidate officer: the explanation is that I do not possess the military criteria. As I came back one day too late from furlow, I am punished with 3 months of loss of all favors.
    Jacobus Winters, #Boezinge: Trip to #Calais in the afternoon: after going to the cinema, I go back
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: Again a terrible night: every 15 minutes bombs are dropped by planes on a series of farms: One falls on the house of Rouseré in #Reningelst, but does not explode. One in #Poperinge on the house of Henin, that also does not explode. Several soldiers killed at #Zevecote. The of a AA-gun shrapnel wounds daughter Delva Rousselare while in her tent. In #Poperinge the Deacon’s house was destroyed by a shell, while the Deacon and 2 sisters just went hiding under the cellar staircase: 1 step further and he would have been dead, they were taken from under the rubble by soldiers. At Entrepreneur Lecompt a bomb does not explode but cuts off the leg of an officer. This is the most terrible night in #Poperinge up until today: 180 bombs were dropped. In between masses, I visit the Main Square. The barn of Cannaert has been accommodated as a cinema and that is where mass will be held

    29th of September
    Today 1917
    The 1156th day of war
    Airplane raids on #London: 3 machines penetrate the defenses: 14 killed, 87 injured
    Southern Front: #Italians improve position on #Bainsizza plateau, taking 1400 prisoners
    King of #Italy returns after visiting the #French and #Belgian front
    #KingAlbert, #QueenElisabeth, #DePanne: B
    3#AIF Div: 1 OR wounded
    Occupied #Belgium: In #Bergen (#Mons) the #Germans remove 7 statues embellishing the town, one of which is a monument of king Leopold I; a start has been made by the #Germans to remove bronze from the cemeteries; all bronze objects and copper has disappeared from the houses
    #Berlin: Some of our torpedo boats encounter a large number of enemy torpedo boats at the #Flemish coast that are fired at: on one of the torpedo boats a large explosion occurred, but our ships come back undamage
    Sgt Peach: p102 (1 par) Get a letter from Mr. Lindsay. Church parade in the morning . Football match after dinner
    Jacobus Winters, #Boezinge: Our Coy goes to work in the wood of #Fiennes: as only one officer is needed I stay behind in the camp
    2 #Canadian TnlCmp, #SanctuaryWood: L/Cpl.Michael Caveney, born 15/06/1888 in #Gateshead, Co. #Durham, #England killed in action
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: 4am: planes drop bombs on the farm of Hilaire: 1 officer and 30 men killed and many wounded. #German planes flying over all day

    28th of September
    Today 1917
    The 1155th day of war
    #Passchendaele, #Passendale: 3#AIF Div: O.R.’s: 2 killed, 15 wounded, 1 gassed, 2 shell-schock
    Airplane raid on SE Coast, but planes headed off from #London: no damage
    Southern Front: #Italians gain ground on Monte S #Gabriele
    #Turkish commander, 3455 prisoners and 13 guns taken near #Ramadiya (#Euphrates, #Iraq)
    #Zeebrugge and aerodromes bombed
    #German E #Africa: Big #German supply centre SW of #Kilwa (#Tanzania) captured: #Rhodesian column arrives 66m SW of 1Liwale (#Tanzania)
    #KingAlbert, #QueenElisabeth, #DePanne: Visit to the 1St Linieregiment
    #Belgium, WVL: #Berlin: The enemy is driven out of a line of craters at the Ypres-#Passchendaele Road. #Belgians have been taken prisoner at the #IJzer in the inundation area
    Sgt Peach: March down to #Steenvoorde for a bath in morning. Out in afternoon practising formation of battalion, for next stunt. Get letters from Stan and Oll
    Jacobus Winters, #Boezinge: I take over command of the Coy, as Lt Beghuin is on reconnaissance to the wood of #Fiennes
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: Several farms heavily shelled: 6 soldiers die. It fascinating to see how the #British hold a plane captured in their lightbeams, while he is shot at: it’s like a golden bird in the sky

    27th of September
    Today 1917
    The 1154th day of war
    #Passchendaele, #Passendale: 7 counter-attacks E of Ypres repulsed. 39th Division (X Corps): Three German counter-attacks are broken up by artillery fire. That night th e Division is relieved by 37th Division (IX Corps). 33rd Division (X Corps) 100 Brigade: At 5.40 a.m. it is reported that #Cameron House had fallen and the 2nd #RoyalWelshFusiliers (19' Brigade) are sent to fill the gap between the 4th King's and their right. This they do and push on to the Blue Line. 98 Brigade attacks once more to plug the gap which exists between the Division and 15 #Australian Brigade (5th Australian Division). Fierce and confused fighting continues until 3.50 p.m., when it is reported that they are in touch with the #Australians at Cameron Covert. That night the Division is relieved by the 23rd Division (X Corps). 3rd Division (V Corps): Following an intense barrage, the Germans launch a counter-attack in the vicinity of Bostin Farm. The attack is repulsed but the troops of 9 Brigade are very badly shaken.
    Southern Front: #Pola and #Olivi Rock (#Austrian submarine base) heavily bombed
    #Russians fight #Kurds near #Oromaru (#Van, #Turkey). Battle of #Ramadi: the #Turks are driven back far into Central #Mesopotamia, persued by the #British. Once Central #Mesopotamia conquered, Gen Maude wants to advance along the #Tigris in the direction of #Mosul, a crucial petrol production site
    Seaplanes raid #StDenijsWestrem (#Gent) aerodrom: 15 #Gothas hit
    #Russia: Arrest of #Lenin ordered
    3#AIF Div: 1 OR gassed, Lt Harrison wounded
    #London: Gen #Ludendorff’s report omits to mention that at the #Germans lost in the assault on #Zonnebeke and that #Geluveld was not a target
    Sgt Peach: Weather still continuing fine. Spending most of the time at recreation. Out for a short route march in morning
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: Bombs at Millekruise: several horses killed and wounded. I baptise little Jeanne Lamerant, born yesterday. We eat delicious sweet bread and drink chocolate milk to the health of the mother and child; may God protect child and family

    26th of September
    Today 1917
    The 1153rd day of war
    #Passchendaele, #Passendale: #British advance E of Ypres: #Polygon Wood cleared, #Zonnebeke stormed, advance towards Passchedaele. 4 #German counter-attacks fail after fierce fighting. 39Div attacks at 5.50am with 2 brigades. 1/1st #Cambridgeshire’s and 4/5th #BlackWatch attack through extremely boggy ground, whereby only A Coy of the #Cambridgeshire’s succeed in keeping up with the (creeping) barrage. By the time B and C Coy have cleared the Western edge of ‘Joist’ Redoubt, A Coy is engaged on the eastern edge. A gap developes, beween the #Cambridgeshire’s and the #Sussex on th left, but this was subsequently filled. All the objectives are taken apart from a large pillbox on the left of the front. 116 Brigade attacks with the 14th #Hampshire Regiment and the 13th Royal #Sussex; the 11th and 12th Royal #Sussex are in support. The Brigade advances through Tower Hamlets, take all their objectives and join the #Cambridgshire Regiment (118 Brigade) who are consolidating the objectives on a line just behind Tower Trench with a post in the north-western corner of Gheluvelt (#Geluveld) Wood. 33rd Division: The task of the Division is to attack with only 98 Brigade covering the flank of the #Australians and 100 Brigade regaining the ground lost on the previous day. 100 Brigade attacks with the 1/9th #Highland Light lnfantry and the 1st #Queen's in the lead. The #Queen's are halted 50 yards short of their objective and one company of the 1st #Cameronians (19 Brigade) is sent to help. By 9 a.m. the #Queen's report that they have made contact with the #Sussex (116 Brigade, 39th Division) on their right. At 2.30 p.m. the #Germans attempt to counter-attack the #Queen's left flank, but two platoons of the HU charge, drkve them off and carry on across open ground to regain another portion of their lot ground. With the exception of one pillbox near the #MeninRoad the whole of the ground lost on the 25th has been recaptured. At 4 p.m. the pillbox, too, falls, to a party of #Cameronians. At 5 p.m. the #Germans launched a counter-attack, but this is stopped by artillery fire. A large party of #Germans is observed running for shelter towards a pillbox which is clearly too
    #Passchendaele, #Australia: I ANZAC Corps 5th Australian Division The Division attacked with two brigades. 15 Australian Brigade: The 59th Battalion is to take the first objective but the 29th and 31 st45 Battalions push on and get mixed up with them. The Brigade pauses when the Germans show some resistance at two pillboxes on the south-west corner of Polygon Wood, and come to a halt on the so-called racecourse, 150 yards short of the first objective. The 31st Battalion came under fire from blockhouses on their right in the 33rd Divisional area. They extends their flank and comes under fire from #Cameron House. At 7.30 a.m. it is considered inadvisable to continue without the 33rd Division. Contact is thus made with the 33rd Division, and at 11 a.m. the 31st and 29th Battalions continue to the second objective. 14 #Australian Brigade attacks with the 53rd Battalion; the 56th and 55th Battalions are in support. The 53rd advances without opposition and reaches the Butte, which they bomb and, the attack is taken up by the 56th and 55th Battalions, who go well until encountering fire from the #German HQ on the #Polygon-beek. The attack is held up until the 29Bn (15Bde) catchesup and clears it. Pushing on, they come under fire from 2 pillboxes, which are eventually accounte for by the 56Bn. Artillery and machine-gun fire disperse the #Germans before they can launch a counter-attack. 4th #Australian Division: The Division attacks at 6.45am with the 4th and 13th Brigades, their objectives being the Red and Blue Lines. 4th Aus Bde attackes in a mist with the 16Bn, while the 15th and 14Bn are in support. The 16th takes its first objective, the Red Line, and are in touch with the 14th Aus Bde on their right. The first counter-attack is spotted at 3pm with the #Germans massing on their front. This is dispersed by artillery fire. 13th Aus Bde attacks with the 50Bn; the 49th and 51Bn are in support; The 50th captures 2 MG’s and nineteen prisoners on their way to the Red Line and moves on to the Blue Line. Advancing, and meeting little opposition, the 51st occupies the brickyard at Zonnebeke, in touch with the #British 3rd Div on their left. A 4pm, and again at 6pm, the #Germans are reported massing on their front, but the trhreat is broken up by artillery fire
    Southern Front: Fighting in #Marmolada (#Italy) region
    #Hejaz railway bridge destroyed near #Maan (#Jordan); train derailed, 80 prisoners taken
    #German E #Africa: enemy retires from strong post in Lukuledi valley (22m SE of #Lindi)
    #Greece: #Venizelos resigns
    #Germany (#Deutschland): #Reichstag President denounces Mr. #Wilson
    #Russia: Central #Georgian Council formed. #Kerenski resigns from #Soviet
    2#AIF Div: A further advance is made on a 2 Army front
    3#AIF Div: Major Taylor & 2nd Lieut Eales Wounded. 3 O. R. Wounded. 2 O. R. Shell-Shock. 8th F.A.B. 2 O. R. Killed. 4 O. R. wounded
    Sgt Peach: Practically filling in time in morning. Football match in afternoon
    2 #Canadian TnlCmp, #SanctuaryWood: 7 Officers and 318 O.R. return from 2nd Army Rest Camp. Company takes over from No 1 Tunnelling Coy. Can. Eng'rs. The workings along the Canal Bank at Buff Bank, Crater Dug-outs, and North Street. Three roads leading East from #StElooi are allotted to the Company for maintenance
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: Gunning all night, particularly in the morning. The #British attack at #Zonnebeke and make an advance of 1100m. Many prisoners walking through Dikkebus in the evening. All summer lorries with ammunition drive through Dikkebus, but the amount is today huge: no less than 1000 lorries. Traffic is enormous and is increasing continuously. There are more and more railways and secondary roads, but the traffic on the main roads still increases. The barn of Camile Derycke burns down, because of careless soldiers

    25th of September
    Today 1917
    The 1152nd day of war
    #Passchendaele, #Passendale: #German attack during the relief of the 23rd by the 33rd Division: 5.30am: 1st #Queens of the #Highland Light Infantry driven back by the #Germans; 2nd #Worcester’s and 4th Kings lose no ground; 9am: a Coy of the #Queens regains the lost ground. #Germans penetrate between ‘Tower Hamlets ridge and #Polygon Wood, but repulsed later
    SE #London raided by #German planes: 9 killed, 23 wounded. Zeppelins attack #Yorkshire and #Lincolnshire coast: 3 injured
    Eastern Front: #Russian detachments attack #Turks successfully near #Ortobo (Bitlis - #Turkey)
    #Oostende again bombarded
    #Belgium, WVL: #Guynemer, the #French pilot goes missing above #Poelkapelle
    #Belgium, #Refugees, #Nederland: 3 #Belgian recruits succeed in getting over the #Belgian border
    Sgt Peach: Still having good rest. Got a parcel from Oll. Have opportunity offered me to stay out of line next stunt if I wished, as reserve N.C.O. Decide to go into line with boys. Go down in town at night
    Arthur Pasquier, #Diksmuide: The #Belgian offensive, planned for July and postponed to August is al of a sudden coming very near. Continuously orders are coming in, which are energetically executed. First positions have to be built, then put on the map, while concentrations of material should be avoided. Cover should be found, taking into account nature and the power of the guns. Then there is the study of the accessroads for the supplies, the railways,… . around the batteries supplies for 5 days must be provided. HQ and observation posts must be erected, telephone and visual communication lines established. #StJacobskapelle, #Nieuwkapelle and #Hazewind are viciously shelled several times a day with explosive and gas shells. The #French soldiers estimate the danger here to be a severe as in #Verdun: ‘In your country everything is so desparately flat, that there is no place to hide yourself or dig in
    Raoul Snoeck, #Stavele: (diaries): rustle of pages endlessly being turned, scratching of pens, the hissing of burning petroleum lamps
    Jacobus Winters, #Boezinge: At 10am we leave #Ardres and arrive at 11.30am at #NiellesLesCalais, a village of 145 inhabitants at 4,5km from #Calais: it’s quiet here
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: Heavy gunning all night again. These days there are severest gun battles going on, making many casualties with the artillery

    24th of September
    Today 1917
    The 1151st day of war
    #Passchendaele, #Passendale: Local battles around the #Menen Road
    France: #German attack near #Verdun repulsed
    Airplane raid on #London and SE Coast: 21killed, 70 injured
    #German E #Africa: #British destroy #German food depots W of #Kilwa. #Belgian column within miles of #Mahenge
    Satisfactory #Japanese Mission to #USA
    #Britain apologises to #Denmark for #Jutland violation on 1.9.’17 and offers indemnity
    #Oostburg, #Nederland: Action by planes above #Belgium: bombs are dropped, much action around Ypres increasing towards the evening. Bombing of #Brugge during the night, airplane humming audible all day
    #London: Successful air raid on #Varsenare, with bombs falling between the hangars and planes
    #KingAlbert, #QueenElisabeth, #DePanne: War Council, presided by the king, meeting in #Houtem
    Sgt Peach: Another easy day. Kit inspection and pay in afternoon. Moved our camp to place about 100 yards away
    Jacobus Winters, #Boezinge: We leave #Gravelines at 11am. It is hot today and we arrive in #Ardres around 6pm, exhausted
    2 #Canadian TnlCmp, #SanctuaryWood: Company turns over these workings and the Hollandiekeschuur (Hollandse Schuur) Crater to 177 Coy RE
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: Shooting all night and particularly towards the morning: a #Germany counter-attack, they say. Shells on #Poperinge from 8am-2pm, appr 1 every 15min. I visit Poperinge in the afternoon, where I learn that a mother and 2 children have been killed and another child was wounded

    23rd of September
    Today 1917
    The 1150th day of war
    #Passchendaele, #Passendale: 8Div: #Germans unsuccessfully raids ‘Van’ and ‘Zero’ posts. 98Bde: cooperate with 1st #Australian Div (#Anzac 1) to retake frontline. 58th Div: failed #German attack against ‘Stroppe’ Farm. Artillery and small fire-arms fire from 5th and 6th #Seaforth’s break up a heavy #German counter-attack following an afternoon bombardment from the direction of #Poelkapelle. 20Div, 6:25am: #German attack driven off by small arms fire. 12th #KingsRoyalRifle Corps and 10th #RifleBrigade attack ‘Eagle’ Trench under cover of trench mortar fire: by sending parties of bombers from both ends and a covering party in front of the trench, the Bde clears the salient after a sharp fight
    #British destroyer sunk in #Channel: 50 survivors
    #CostaRica breaks of relations with #Germany
    The #German Ace pilot Werner #Vos, who had 48 victories in 1 year time, is killed by #British fighter planes under the command of James #McCudden, who will have 57 victories before being killed himself in 1918
    #Berlin: multiple enemy batteries pounded and numerous munition depots destroyed by our artillery
    #London: The #British #Admiralty contradicts the announcement that in the last bombardments the Cathedral of #Oostende would have been hit. Using pictures it is shown that the docs of #Oostende were hit and are tilted, 1 workplace is completely destroyed, 7 others damaged as is the Uboat hangar
    #KingAlbert, #QueenElisabeth, #DePanne: B
    Sgt Peach: Troops rather tired so lying off having a spell all day
    Raoul Snoeck, #Stavele: Making a boat ride on the lake of #BoisdeBoulogne (#Paris): it remembers me of the boat rides we had as a family in #Gent; will I ever see back my beloved #Gent, my parents, brother, sister? And my boat? I so much liked hearing it cleaving through the water and the waves the propeller would cause. De grey quay walls and the old #Flemish houses reflecting in the swelling water. If I survive, I would like to have the following words on my grave: ‘Killed for the 2nd, but last time.. nobody would understand
    Jacobus Winters, #Boezinge: I visit a very interesting factory in #Gravelines, manufacturing cardboard

    22nd of September
    Today 1917
    The 1149th day of war
    #Passchendaele, #Passendale: #German artillery very active. A #German attack NE of #Langemark is beaten back and 25 prisoners are made, followed by #British regiments attacking and capturing #German defensive position. Since the beginning of the offensive 3243 prisoners are made, of which 80 officers
    #Stuttgart, #Trier, #Koblenz und #Frankfurt bombardiert
    #Oostende attacked by #British coast patrol
    Relations between #Germany and #Argentina much strained
    #London: Our planes bombard the stations of #Staden, #Roeselare and #Kortemark
    #Berlin: The enemy lost 14 planes in the West and an observation balloon. Lt Berthold achieved his 23rd victory in the air. NCO Thom again downed 2 enemy planes
    #KingAlbert, #QueenElisabeth, #DePanne: The Royals arrive at #Souilly (#Meuse, S of #Verdun), a few minutes later President #Pointcaré and Gen Pétain. Visits to the surrounding area of #Verdun
    Lt Champion : I watch my first baseball game : between the #Canadians and the #Yanks. A most interesting game, but I think overrated. In the evening the Duchess of #Westminster gives a concert, which all walking wounded can attend. I have been to ‘Ordnance’ and was re-equipped with clothes and whilst there I met Holt and Tindale, rejoining the battalion
    Capt Cunningham: HQ and 2 sections are at the #Bluff (#Zillebeke). They made some fine dugouts by digging into the bank (of the canal). I think I shall go on leave on the 29th and shall be glad to see Biddy and tell her all I know of poor Trevor. I do not know who will take over my section, perhaps my Sergeant will carry on
    Sgt Peach: Move back about 4 a.m. to billets at Dickiebusch (#Dikkebus). Get our packs and blanket and turn in for a rest for the day. Get letters from Mum, Daisy, Vera, Jean, Lil, Aunty Nell, Alma French and Mollie Ryan, also one each from Glad and Stan. Have to pack up again in afternoon as we are moving into billets further back. Taken to our new camp by motor buses. Travel via , #Boeschepe, and #Abele, to #Steenvoorde
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: 4am: a #German plane drops bombs on camps. 5-6.30am: heavy gunning, due to a #German attack succeeding in taking back some positions. After high mass 3 #German planes fly over, several missing AA-shrapnel fall on Farm Lamerant. Eyewitnesses tell me that the fields are full of bodies after the battle of Thursday. #Germany’s answer to the peace proposals of the pope stink for lies and falsehood and I prefer reading the letters of my brothers who are serving in the army: Remi writes that yesterday, he left on furlow to go to #Lourdes, while Joseph leaves on Wednesday

    21st of September
    Today 1917
    The 1148th day of war
    #Passchendaele, #Passendale: #German attack on Tower Hamlets’ Ridge thrown back. Prisoners now exceed 5000. 10th Royal West #Kent’s attack with 20th #Durham Light Infantry, making little headway, due to boggy conditions: they advance until the copse off the Bassevillebeek is reached and a forward line of posts is established and consolidated. A number of #German counter-attacks in the afternoon are all repulsed. At 7 pm 7 waves of #Germans are seen advancing towards the Bde and are dispersed by artillery and small-arms fire
    Eastern Front: After 18 months #Russians retire N from #Jakobstadt (#Dvina)
    Southern Front: 2nd phase of #Isonzo battle closes: neither side can hold onto Mt #StGabriele
    #British bomb and cause surrender of #Diwaniya (#Euphrates)
    #German E #Africa: #Germans broken up W of #Kilwas and #Lindi: feel S of River #Mbemkuru
    #Gen Alexeiev resigns
    #USA: Publication of Count Bernstorff’s correspondence with #Berlin, bribing Congress
    #Berlin: In the battles in #Vlaanderen, the planes play an important role: 89 enemy planes and observation balloons are shot down. 3 of our planes are downed. 1stLt Schleich achieves his 21st and 22nd victory, Lt Bülow shoot his 21st adversary down and Lt Wüsthof and Lt Adam shoot down 2 enemy planes
    #London: The Admiralty reports that patrol ships successfully bombard #Oostende. 3 enemy planes are downed
    #Paris: The #British advances E of Ypres threaten the high ground of #Passchendaele (#Passendale): taking the village will open the way to the plain towards #Menen
    #Paris, l’#Echo: According to trusted information, the troops of Crownprince Rupprecht of #Bayern suffered 22.000 casualties and 6 days before the bombardment 10.000
    #KingAlbert, #QueenElisabeth, #DePanne: The Royals leave for a visit to #Verdun
    Capt Cunningham: The #Germans put in a good deal of Minnewerfers today, but are soon shut up by the artillery. I hope to get leave so I can see Biddy before she leaves for #Australia. Weather getting pretty cold.
    Sgt Peach: Our platoon put out in front to dig and occupy strong post. In that position we occupy most advanced post in whole advance, being well over border of #Polygon Wood. All of us very tired at night, as we have worked hard at night . Fritz counter-attacks again just before dusk, just as we are about to be relieved. Counter-attack a regular failure. Relieved by 2nd Battalion just before midnight . Arrive back at railway dugouts about 2 a.m. The weather is very fair all day, consequently there is great activity in the air on both sides. We were attacked by a Hun machine as we are being relieved
    Jacobus Winters, #Boezinge: Exercises on the beach
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: A #British plane flies over with a big light in the front and a small at the back: this changes regularly as the #Germans imitate them, like recently when a seemingly #British plane approached ‘Vogeltje’ (near #Poperinge) and the #British were not suspecting any danger, when instead of descending it started throwing its bombs. Heaviest shelling during the night: men and horses killed, amongst which a fine lad, who served the the #French Priest-Interpreter as altar server; he was blown to bits. From ‘#Ouderdom’ to Ypres all the fields are full with soldiers camps: the #German do not even need to aim to make a hit in that area. 7 #German planes attack a #British observation balloon, but are chased away by AA-fire. At the farm of Peter Storme I meet 4 farmers, the only inhabitants left in that area: everything is either broken or stolen, Storme was able to harvest 800kg of potatoes; Camyl Derycke was not able to harvest anything from his ½ hectare; Lietaert received a reimbursement for damage of 500BEF for his ½ hectare. They seldom get bread and although their misery is great they have high spirits and having fun. I meet many #Australians going to the frontline: it’s incredible how calm they look, as if they are going to their work, although many of them will never return. In the evening 3 #German planes fly of ‘Millekruise’: 1 bomb falls on a cart with shells, that catches fire and soon explodes: the drivers are blown up and the refugee Oreel of #Kemmel, living in the house opposite is wounded and taken to #Couthove (#Proven); several houses are badly damaged

    20th of September
    Today 1917
    The 1147th day of war
    #Passchendaele, #Passendale: The Battle of #MeninRoad starts. #British-#Australian advance near Ypres taking #Inverness Copse, #Glencorse Wood, #Veldhoek and part of #Polygon Wood and 2000 prisoners. 58Bde: 2ndArmy IX Corps, 19th Division, The Division attacks at 5.40 a.m. with two brigades. 58 Brigade attacks with the 6th #Wiltshires, the 9th #Welsh Regiment and the 9th #Cheshires; the 9th Royal #Welsh Fusiliers are in support Considerable fire is encountered from south-west of #Hessian Wood, Jarrocks Farm, Pioneer House, #Hollebeke Chateau and the railway embankment. The #Welsh are held up by fire from the wood and do not reach the first objective; the #Wiltshires, therefore, form a defensive flank on their left. At 6. 24 a.m. the advance continues. The #Wiltshires have taken their final objective and form a defensive flank on the left. The #Welsh are held up in passing through #Hessian Wood but go on to take the northern edge of it and gain touch with the Wilts at the south-western corner. Moat Farm and Funny Farm are also taken by the moppers-up. 57 Brigade attacks with the 1Oth #Worcesters, the 8th #Gloucesters and the 8th #NorthStaffs; the 10th Royal #Warwicks are in reserve. The Red Line is taken, although the muddy conditions slow the #Gloucesters and #NorthStaff and they come under fire from a row of dug-outs north of Top House. Considerable opposition is met from Wood Farm and #Belgian Wood. The latter is cleared by a bayonet charge by the #Gloucesters. The Blue Line is taken. A liaison detachment consisting of half a platoon of the 8th #NorthStaffs, a machine-gun detachment and the 16th #Sherwood Foresters (117 Brigade, 39th Division) is ordered to establish posts near North Farm. This they manage to do after a short, sharp fight. Consolidation is hampered by fire from #Hollebeke Chateau. A counter-attack on North Farm at 7.30 p.m. is destroyed by artillery, machine-gun and rifle fire. X Corps 39th Division: The Division attacks at 5.40 a.m. with one brigade. 117 Brigade assaults with the 17th #Sherwood Foresters, supported by the 16th #Sherwood Foresters and the 16th #RifleBrigade; the 17th #King'sRoyalRifleCorps are in reserve.
    #Passchendaele, #Australia: I #ANZAC Corps: 1st #Australian Division: The Division attacks at 5.40 a.m. 2 #Australian Brigade: The 6th Battalion attacks with the 5th Battalion in support. The 8th and 7th Battalions are to pass through and take the third objective. The 6th crosses #Glencorse ood with little difficulty. Machine guns open up from the southern edge of the wood but are soon dealt with. Subjected to rifle grenades, the #German garrison at Fritzclarence Farm are forced to keep their heads down and the position is taken from the rear. The attack is taken over by the 5Bn; the pillboxes on their front mostly surrender without a shot being fired. They do, however, outflank a blockhouse which is causing the 23rd Division some difficulty and then go on to the Blue Line, taking Verbeek Farm on the way. Consolidation begins, but they are fired on from #BlackWatch Corner. A party is sent out to take the pillbox, and it manages this with little difficulty. The 7th and 8th Battalions take the Green Line, encountering little resistance, and go on to consolidate the position. 3 #Australian Brigade: The 11th Battalion attacks with the 12th Battalion in support; the 10th and 9th Battalions are to take the third objective. They meet problems from concrete shelters along the sunken track at the northern side of #Glencorse Wood. The Germans erect a machine gun on the roof of one of the shelters which momentarily holds up the attack but is soon dealt with by the 11th and 1Oth Battalions. The assault battalions carry on to the second objective across #Nonnebosschen by using the edges of shell craters. The Red Line is just east of #Glencorse Wood. The second objective- the western edge of #Polygon Wood- is gained by the 12th Battalion by 7.45 a.m. The 9th and 10th Brigades assault the Green Line, which falls easily and is consolidated. 2nd #Australian Division: The Division attacks at 5.40 a.m. 7 #Australian Brigade attacks with the 25th Battalion; the 27th Battalion is in support and the 28th in reserve. The 25th advancs through the swampy #Hanebeek, meet litle opposition and moves on to the first objective, the Red Line. The 27th takes over the attack on the Blue Line: attacking the pillbox #Albert, and capturing it easily, they go on to consolidate their objective. 5 #Australian Brigade attacks with the 20th Battalion and the 18th Battalion in support; the 17th and 26th Battalions are in reserve. The attack goes well, although the left of the 20th meets some resistance from a line of old concrete artillery shelters, causing a slight hold-up. They go on to the first objective but, whilst attempting to consolidate, come under fire from two pillboxes 200 yards away. To save further casualties, these are dealt with on the spot. The 18th Battalion takes over the attack on the Blue Line, taking #IronCross and #Anzac House in its stride. The 18th are then forced to take #Garter Point to prevent sniping on troops consolidating the Blue Line. The third objective, the Green Line, is assaulted by the 17th and 28th Battalions (7 Brigade), with the 26th Battalion in support, and is taken easily.
    #Passchendaele, #Passendale, #Reuters: Our artillery has been pounding the enemy positions since one week now. At night the positions are also shelled with gas, whereby one enemy artillery group was completely quieted and eliminated. This paved the way for the infantry attacks. The results are satisfactory: already at the beginning 60 prisoners are taken. 50 tanks are involved. Our planes fly in coordination with the attack. Our men have been spotted at the line #Zonnebeke-#Geluveld. German troops reassembling are pounded and the prisoners will be in the thousands. Our wounded report that every crater captured, results in taking prisoner between 12-20 men. Strongholds having posed problems since the 31st of July are now subdued: #Pommern Redoubt, the #Iberian blockhouse, Shuler Gallery. Many of the prisoners taken are very young and mainly come from #Bayern. The mud has been tough, worse than at #Messines (#Mesen). Our losses are not heavy, considering the enormous value of the gains made. The terrain taken from the enemy is of great strategic importance. It has been a great and glorious day for the #British armies in #Flanders (#Vlaanderen)
    #Oostburg, #Nederland: What is now happening at the #WesternFront must be the peak of the war. Since Sunday, the guns are pounding with all their might, but as bad as Wednesday, it has never been. After the guns going over into a barrage, the guns at the #Belgian coast have joined in, the rolling thunder from the direction Ypres never ceasing, probably caused by the planes dropping their heavy projetiles
    Eastern Front: Attack in #Sustiza valley (#Moldovia) repulsed by #Rumanians
    Southern Front: #French and #Albanian troops raid #Austrians in #Skumbi valley (#Albania): 400 prisoners
    Gen #Cassini’s column defeats Nuri Pasha at #Zanzur (W of #Tripoli): 1600 enemy losses
    #USA: National War Convention
    #Berlin: Since this morning fierce attacks by #British with changing successes are going on from #Langemark to #Hollebeke
    #KingAlbert, #QueenElisabeth, #DePanne: Visit by the #American journalist Walter Page, diplomat and friend of #President #Wilson. 2nd and 5th #British go on the offensive
    Sgt Peach: Set off about 1 a.m . to take up our positions in line for new offensive. All well loaded up. My section of eight has to carry besides their ordinary load, 1000 rounds A.A., 2 boxes of bombs, 7 shovels and a pick. The weather is wet and miserable and the ground muddy and slippery, consequently we have great difficulty in marching over the shell-beaten area. The weight under the unfavourable conditions proves too much for the men so a lot of ammunition has to be dumped by the way. After much difficulty, we find our way to the forming up point (in #Glencourse wood, not far from #Clapham Junction). Here we form up in whatever cover available. Two brigades are packed together practically in a few square yards. We are observed by an advanced German strong post, which calls for artillery support. Luckily little damage is done, although shells fall all around us. At 5.40 our barrage opens up. Three minutes later it lifts, and we all push forward with it, so as to miss the Hun counter barrage. To see us advancing is like watching a crowd coming away from a football match. Cigarettes and pipes are lighted up, and we go forward finishing up anything the barrage misses. About 11 a.m. we reach our final objective and set to work consolidating. Our casualties all through are very light. Major Tubb V.C. is killed. Fritz counter-attacks at night but cannot move us
    Jacobus Winters, #Boezinge: Exercises on the field
    2 #Canadian TnlCmp, #SanctuaryWood: 2 OR wounded
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: The assault starts at 5pm. A whole train with slightly wounded is heading for the advanced dressing station. The gun on the armoured train doesn’t stop pounding. All of a sudden a big cloud in stripes forms above #Zillebeke: it’s a gas attack on a point with much resistence. All houses at ‘Hemelrijk’ are now destroyed. I visit the poor Mayor, who is in a bad shape: he only has one man helping him (with the harvest) and he works so hard: he and his wife are continuously exhausted, while his goods are stolen all the time. Several houses at the lane have now been demolished. On the square I meet 60 prisoners, 40 at ‘Boonenmeerschen’ and 40 more at ‘Hallebast and notice that ¼ of them wear Red Cross armbands, which is strange, maybe they want to be better cared for. In the afternoon 200 prisoners march through #Reningelst, coming from #Vlamertinge: there are many prisoners, but the #British have captured at the high price of many wounded. The observation balloons have moved forward. Poperinge is shelled

    19th of September
    Today 1917
    The 1146th day of war
    Eastern Front: #German infantry attack at #Lemburg (E of #Riga) repulsed with loss by #Letts
    #Russia: Kerenski tries to limit power of extremists
    #USA: 343.500 conscripts joined to date
    #Belgium, #Refugees, #Roosendaal: #Belgian refugees erect a committee with the goal of thanking the town of Roosendaal for their loving care towards thousands of #Belgians: a portrait of the Mayor, August Coenen, made, by the #Belgian painter Jean Vaenen, is handed over; the town Council decides to put it up in the Council Room
    #London: Despite bad weather conditions our planes took up reconnaissance tasks: 1 enemy plane was forced down, 2 of ours are missing
    #Berlin: Heavy gunning all day
    #KingAlbert, #QueenElisabeth, #DePanne: Prince Leopold leaves for #England
    Sgt Peach: On guard till about 2 p .m. when we got our load up (220 rounds, SSA, 2 bombs, 3 sandbags, 1 ground flare , barrage, reserve and days rations, extra water bottle) and moved off a bit nearer to line . Bivouaced at railway dugouts just on edge of Dickiebusch (#Dikkebus) lake , till about 1a.m. Resting as much as possible all evening . Very miserable night. Rain poured down and we got a good soaking through. Had a good hot curry for tea to help warm us up a bit
    Jacobus Winters, #Boezinge: Exercises on the beach
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: Heavy shelling. In the afternoon we hear about a major assault by the #British-(#NewZealand) forces, that will start tomorrow at 5am

    18th of September
    Today 1917
    The 1145th day of war
    Southern Front: #Italians capture 200 prisoners in #Carzano (#ValSugana, #Trentino)
    #France: Painlevé redefines #French war aims: #Alsace-#Lorraine an reparations
    #Berlin: The #British repeat their heavy shelling of the Wood of #Houthulst. A few smaller infantery attacks are thrown back
    #London: A few encounters of patrols, whereby some prisoners are taken
    #KingAlbert, #QueenElisabeth, #DePanne: Princess Marie-José back from long stay at #Hardelot
    Sgt Peach: Packed up and march to new billets just outside of Dickiebusch (#Dikkebus). Put on guard in evening. Heavy bombardment at night . Guns flashing all around, very pretty sight
    Jacobus Winters, #Boezinge: March of 20km
    2 #Canadian TnlCmp, #SanctuaryWood: 1 Officer and 18 O.R. leave for 2nd Army Rest Camp
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: The 5th #Australian Division also arrives. People leaving for the trenches. In the evening we see the lightning flashing, which means that there is much gunning. But we only hear little as the wind comes from the wrong side

    17th of September
    Today 1917
    The 1144th day of war
    #Passchendaele, #Passendale: 47Div: relieved by the 1st and 2nd #Australian Divisions
    Eastern Front: Fighting between advanced posts at the #Riga front continues
    Central Powers issue decree appointing #Polish Regency Council
    #Germany apologizes to #Argentina over Count Luxburg affair
    #Berlin: Heavy gunning in #Flanders (#Vlaanderen)
    #London: #German attempt, covered by barrage to enter our trenches S of #Lombardsijde: the enemy unit is received with heavy fire and thrown back with losses, before having reached our trenches
    Sgt Peach: Our Company all goes across to showery baths at #Anzac Light Railway; had a good hot shower and got a good change of under-clothing. Parades both morning and afternoon. Had Bill Waldron across to see me at night
    Capt Cunningham: Reid and I move into our new dugout tonight: It’s much better as you can stand up in it and we will be far more comfortable now
    Jacobus Winters, #Boezinge: Exercises on the beach
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: Monday. Calm night. Tomorrow's heavy shooting in the distance. We go to Locre (#Loker) to the burial of E.H. Plaetevoet, priest in the institution of Locre (#Loker), died there last Wednesday. Mgr De Brouwer and 17 priests were present today. E.H. Plettinck, #Kemmel's pastor, is called in his place and is appointed Executive. He will fulfill that ministry for all the time that combine it with his ministry of Pastor of #Kemmel. He is going to reside at Mr Plaetevoet's house, and on Sunday he has a mass at farm in #Kemmel. There are now no more than 70 inhabitants. When we go to the mountains, we see a lot of guns, and still notice the tower of #Wervik. More and more, we expect the #British to attack

    16th of September
    Today 1917
    The 1143rd day of war
    #Passchendaele, #Passendale: 20Div #German counter-attack repulsed by small-arms fire. #Guards: #German attack through Ney Copse: 16 men of the 2nd Guards are cut of, but manage to fight their way back to their own positions. 47Div manages to fight of a #German counter-attack on Cryer Farm
    #France: #Stuttgart, #Colmar, #Thionville and #Sarreburg bombed by #French
    #German E-#Africa: German positions at #Kalimoto (N of #Mahenge) captured, while #Belgian troops pursue under Col Huyghe
    #Russia Gen Kalédin , Hetman of the #Don #Cossacks declares loyalty to the Government of Kerenski
    Occupied #Belgium, #Zürich: The #Vatican reports about a report from #Germany about the hostile and revolutionary attitude of the #Belgian Cardinal #Mercier in occupied Belgium
    Sgt Peach: Church parade in the morning: a dozen Fritz airplanes fly over during the service
    Capt Cunningham: We have a terrible big contract to get the trenches near good before the winter catches us
    Arthur Pasquier, #Diksmuide: I get the opportunity to ride horse in #Hoogstade, but it’s a dull environment. I am impatient to finally be appointed Lt. Life with the artillery is much pleasing than with the infantry: as officers we are a family. Our Major receives all respect not due to his extra stripe, but because of his excellent technical knowledge. After a fine performance of the #EgmontOverture by the orchestra of the 1st #Grenadiers, we listen to an beautiful sermon of Father Hénusse
    Jacobus Winters, #Boezinge: Sundays rest
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: 9.30am: fierce gunning near #Wijtschate. 17 #German planes fly over without dropping bombs: 3 are exceptionally big and I am told they are #Gotha’s, known for carrying big loads of bombs. Several #British and #Australian soldiers come to confession. Being in the centre of Dikkebus, I notice that the roofs of the best-preserved houses are being repaired by the soldiers: for that goal the use the tiles of the worst damaged houses and in this manner my own house is getting a new roof! Yesterday and today shells on #Poperinge. The #British Padres are divided into 2 groups: the ‘C of E’ (Church of England) and the ‘No C of E’ (not Church of Engeland; those ‘No C of E’ are the #Catholics, the #Presbyterians, the #Evangelicals and others

    15th of September
    Today 1917
    The 1142nd day of war
    #Passchendaele, #Passendale: 7th #London’s attack #Inverness copse. 1/4th #EastLanc’s take position ‘Sans Soucis’. 51st Div launches a ‘#Chinese’ attack, utilizing dummy figures
    #France: #Germans repulsed by #Portuguese at #NeuveChapelle
    Southern Front: 4 successive #Austrian counter-attacks on #Bainsizza Plateau fail; #Italians gain ground to the SE
    Hottest season on record at #Baghdad
    Seaplanes successfully attack shipping between #Blankenberge and #Oostende
    #Russia: Russia is officially declared a Republic und Kerenski with new Cabinet
    #Berlin: Heaviest shelling on our positions at the road from #Menen to Ypres: #British Bn perform an assault, but their charge is broken with many losses; N of the road our frontline is entered on the length of a Cmp
    #London: The enemy attacks our lines in the area of the Canal Ypres-#Komen (#Comines) and E of #Mesen (#Messines)
    Sgt Peach: 7am: To #Cassel with a couple of men to take prisoner back to #Bath. From #Cassel with good weather #Dunkerque is visible, it’s the highest point in Northern #France. Back at camp having a look at a plane made on the ground (scale model) of the actual positions we will occupy in next stunt
    Capt Cunningham: p39 Having a fine old time with the parapets, as the weather brings everything down and you have to revett to do any good
    Jacobus Winters, #Boezinge: Exercises at the #Polygon
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: In the evening we become aware that the #Australians have arrived: there is much more violence in the streets. Posters are put up explaining which fruits of the fields are requisitioned and at which price the products should be sold

    14th of September
    Today 1917
    The 1141st day of war
    #Passchendaele, #Passendale: 3am: 2/1st #London’s attack #Winnipeg from #Springfield; 7.30pm: 200 #Germans counter-attack #Springfield. 126Bde advances with 1/4th #EastLancs and dig new trench 100yrd in front of the old trench
    #France: #French drive #Germans out of #Caurières Wood (#Verdun)
    Southern Front: Enemy approach trenches near #Focsani, but repulsed everywhere by #Rumanians
    #USA: £400.000.000 spent on naval construction in little over a year
    #Berlin: A #British attack is thwarted by a counter-attack near #StJuliaan and some prisoners are taken
    #London: the strong West wind particularly favors the enemy planes in combat. 11 heavy bombs on the railway station N of #Charleroi and 75 on stations and camps nearer to the frontline: 3 enemy planes shot down, 1 fell behind our lines, 6 made steerless and 4 of ours are missing
    Sgt Peach: Travel to #Reningelst in the afternoon
    Capt Cunningham: The weather is very dirty lately: coming out of the trenches with liquid mud up to the knees
    #KingAlbert, #QueenElisabeth, #DePanne: The King having learned that #Kerenski (#Russia) now forcefully governs as dictatorial, discusses the situation with Jules Destrée, plenipotentiary minister to the #Kerenski government
    Jacobus Winters, #Boezinge: Training on the beach in consolidation of a taken position. I take over command of 12Cmp Machineguns
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: Many more #Australians and #Chinese arriving. Behind the sheepstable a (scale)model has been constructed of the battlefield of #Zonnebeke. Quarrel in #Russia between Gen #Kornilov and #Kerenski

    13th of September
    Today 1917
    The 1140th day of war
    #Passchendaele, #Passendale: The #Guards are driven out of posts on the N side of the Broenbeek and the Wijdendrift road, back into the shell holes in the rear. #German attack near #Langemark repulsed
    #Russia: Gen Kornilov’s revolt fails and Gen Kalédin and the Cossacks revolt. The Soviet bans Cadets
    #London: Local battle NE of #StJuliaan: our troops advance and make some prisoners
    Sgt Peach: Bn moves to #Berthen: lovely panoramic view of country on all sides; Got a good feed of blackberries
    #KingAlbert, #QueenElisabeth, #DePanne: Visit by Gen Anthoine
    Jacobus Winters, #Boezinge: 3Cmp leaves for #Oeren, band in front, to build barracks
    2 #Canadian TnlCmp, #SanctuaryWood: 4 Officers and 133 OR return from 5th Army Rest Camp
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: Much #Australian artillery leaving. Father Clinton acknowledges that the harvest in #Belgium is being destroyed by the troops, and that this is not the case in #France. Many tanks are loaded onto trains and leave the area

    12th of September
    Today 1917
    The 1139th day of war
    #France: #French HQ estimates #German losses for the war up to date to be 4 million
    Eastern Front: #Italians stubbornly hold onto NE of #Gorizia. #French and #Russians troops cross River #Devoli (#Macedonia near #Albania)
    Gulf of #Riga still controlled by #Russian warships, bombarding #German batteries on #Courland
    #Russia on point of civil war
    The #French ‘ace’ pilot #Guynemer of the ‘Cigognes’ Squadron killed in operation above Ypres (#Poelkapelle)
    #Paris: #German planes bombard #Dunkerque. Our planes successfully bomb #Hooglede, Kortemark, #Gutz, #Geite, #Lindeken, #Staden en airfields NE of #Torhout
    #London : airfield and munition depots in #Torhout bombed, causing huge explosions. Bombing the port of #Brugge and the pier of #Zeebrugge, scoring a full hit on a destroyer: all planes come back safely
    Sgt Peach: Received letters: Eva Smith, Daisy, Vera, Lil (containing 2 snaps of self an Marjory), Sylvia Cook
    Capt Cunningham: Work going well ahead. I have heard nothing more about Trevor: the 27Bn is not far, so I asked Pownell to go and see if he kind find him
    #KingAlbert, #DePanne: The King learns of the death of the #French ‘ace’ pilot Guynemer, having disappeared above #Poelkapelle. A bomb dropped onto a train full of #Belgian soldiers near #Rosendael (#Dunkerque) kills 28 soldiers. Hospitals in #DePanne and #Vinkem are bombed
    René Deckers, #Oostkerke: The train with soldiers on leave is bombed near #Dunkerque: 29 killed and 41 wounded
    Jacobus Winters, #Boezinge: Bivouac and excercises on the beach
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: #Australians arriving all day. #Australian artillery at the vicarage of #Reningelst and at farm Lamerant. Many big guns going to the frontline. #Belgian soldiers are arriving for workingfurlow (harvest), some are from #Pittem and stay in #DeKlijte. 9pm: #German planes drop their bombs farther away and #British planes fly towards the enemy

    11th of September
    Today 1917
    The 1138th day of war
    #Passchendaele, #Passendale: 9th #Manchester’s launch unsuccessful attack on blockhouse ‘The Hut’
    #British planes heavily bomb #Lille and #Roeselare
    Southern Front: #Austrian counter-attacks on #Bainsizza Plateau and NE of #Gorizia heavily repulsed
    #British seaplanes bomb #Zeebrugge mole and air sheds
    First pary of #British prisoners arrive from #Switzerland
    #Russia: #Kerenski declares Gen Kornilov a traitor
    #Paris: 4 #German planes have been destroyed and 10 forced to land
    #London: successful raids last night S of #Lombardsijde: heavy damage caused to the enemy and prisoners taken
    #KingAlbert, #QueenElisabeth, #DePanne: Supper with the Prince of Teck, now Lord Athlone
    Jacobus Winters, #Boezinge: On march
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: The grave of Maj #Redmond is at the hospice of #Loker: Many high ranking visitors every day, putting their signature into the mourning registry prepared by the catholic nuns. Besides the grave of Maj #Redmond another grave has been prepared for Fahter Doyle, an exemplary and courageous man, who died 2 weeks ago between #Zonnebeke and Frezenberg and who’s body is still lying in the first enemy lines. Between 9-11, many #British planes, heavy with their destructive loads, flying towards the enemy lines. Every day the #British report talks about enemy positions, railway stations, airfields, bivouacs and towns being bombed and we sadly learn about many civilians being killed by the bombardments

    10th of September
    Today 1917
    The 1137th day of war
    #France: #British take 400yrd more at #Villeret
    Eastern Front: #Russian 11th Army takes up position 30m NE of #Riga: #German persuit
    Southern Front: #French and #Russians extend their occupation near Lake #Ochrida (#Macedonia)
    #Russia: Gen Kornilov approaches #Petrograd. M #Kerenski assumes dictatorship and Provisional Government resigns
    Occupied #Belgium, #Kortrijk: In the area of Kortrijk life has become exceptionally expensive: the prices of food have quadrupled. Sinces February there is no more coal available. Butter on the black market is sold at 18BEF. There are no more potatoes since December
    #Berlin: A #British attack SE of #Langemark is thrown back (N of Frezenber)
    #London: Enemy artillery is particularly active SE of #Ypres and around Nieuwpoort
    #KingAlbert, #DePanne: 9.30-12: War Council presided by the king: the #Flemish cause is discussed and the deteriorating #Russian situation
    Jacobus Winters, #Boezinge: We throw shells on #Polygone
    2 #Canadian TnlCmp, #SanctuaryWood: 6 Officers and 290 O.R. leave for 2nd Army Rest Camp
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: Much #Australian artillery arriving. Father Gill, who was here in 1915 is back: today he holds Mass in the barn of Lamerant and remembers doing it on the same spot then. 9.30pm: #German planes over #Reningelst, but the bombs drop farther away

    9th of September
    Today 1917
    The 1136th day of war
    #Passchendaele, #Passendale: #German attack on #Inverness Copse, but thrown back
    #France: 600yrd of trenches taken near #StQuentin. End of the 3rd #French offensive at #Verdun
    Southern Front: #Austrians claim 6000 prisoners near #Hermada (#Carso). #French advance near Lake #Ochrida (SW #Macedonia)
    #Cadiz: #German submarine U293, short of oil, enters and is interned
    #Russia: General Kornilov rebels agains the #Bolsjewick lead by #Lenin and #Trostsky: the coup fails and his soldiers are eventually beaten by armed #Bolsjewick workers
    #Berlin: Several attacks against our positions in #Flanders, preceded by barrages are thrown back
    #London: all positions taken are consolidated and counter-attacks repulsed. Local attacks SE of #StJuliaan, taking several prisoners. SE of #StJan a #German attack took an advanced post and it was retaken, but several men are missing. Several air raids throw bombs on enemy airfields
    #Nederland, #Middelburg: a short but intense plane attack on the #Belgian coast is observed
    #KingAlbert, #QueenElisabeth, #DePanne: Council of Ministers presided by the King. The #Flemish question is discussed and a Ministry of Economy is established. The Queen and Prince Leopold again attend Mass at Villa St Joseph at 10.30am
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: planes attacking around noon throw 80 bombs on Dikkebus: 80 mules killed; men killed and wouded on both farms Planckeel and Comyn. This summer in Dikkebus, app 800-1000 mules and horses killed. The tank-men near farm Haelewyn, pack up and leave for #France. I baptize the child of Oscar Ghesquiere in the chapel in #DeKlijte. I read in #DeStandaard that #Pittem was bombed

    8th of September
    Today 1917
    The 1135th day of war
    #Passchendaele, #Passendale: 2/6th and 2/8th #London’s raid pillbox and fortified shell holes
    #France: #French attack at #Verdun seizing terrain and taking 800 prisoners
    Eastern Front: General Kornilow erroneously marches on #Petrograd
    #German E #Africa: #German HQ at #Mahenge threatened by #Belgian troops from the North, forcing the #Germans to retreat towards #Liwale SW of #Kilwa and #British occupy #Mponda, S of #Mahenge
    #Russian Government reimposes death penalty for treason, desertion and cowardice
    Occupied #Belgium/#Deutschland, #Norddeutsche Allgemeine Zeitung: The enemy press claims continuously that the #German Governor-General Falkenhausen instored a reign of terror in #Belgium. He would be ordering executions on a daily basis and does not flinch from executing women and children under the most atrocious pains. We have to correct this: since Falkenhousen was appointed on the 1st of May 1917, 84 #Belgians have been executed because of espionage; the sentence was executed on the 19th of May and no less than 65 have been pardoned of which 5 women. All those having been executed were older than 20. The number of sentenced #Belgians is a clear indication about the scale espionage is occurring. The stubbornness with which our enemies execute their elaborate espionage in #Belgium demands for strong measures to act against it
    #London: During the night an attack was performed on 2 of our positions S of #Hollebeke. In one of them the enemy succeeded in capturing 3 of ours, at the other post the attack was repulsed with losses for the enemy. In the early morning another #German attack at Inverness wood was thwarted and we took 12 prisoners
    #Berlin: Heavy attacks NE of #StJuliaan, the enemy is beaten back
    Jacobus Winters, #Boezinge: Field service
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: Planes during the night but not over us, they bombed the ‘Torreel’ Woods near Dikkebus. Soldiers of the Intelligence Service of #Poperinge visit the inhabitants of the village to get postcards of places like #Roeselare, #Tielt and #Kortrijk and I give a few of #Pittem. Many civilians of those places have been invited by the Intelligence Service to provide information about the villages and towns. The situation in #Russia goes from bad to worse. Much gunning during the evening

    7th of September
    Today 1917
    The 1134th day of war
    #Passchendaele, #Passendale: 125th Bde relinquishes the ground the 1/5th #Lancashire Fuseliers gained yesterday
    #France: #American hospitals near coast bombed: 3 killed, 10 wounded
    Eastern Front: #Macedonia: #British activity on #Struma. #Italians attack Monte #StGabriele. #Austrians bomb #Venice
    Southern Front: Health of troops in #Mesopotamia reported greatly improved
    #USA contemplates seizing 400.000 tons of neutral shipping in #American ports
    Occupied #Belgium: It is reported that now more people are dying by hunger. There is a worrying rise of cases of tuberculosis: in #Brugge it is estimated that more than 50% of the sick have some form of tuberculosis. These are the consequences of a lack of food and of warming in winter
    #Berlin: Several #British attacks between #Komen (Comines) canal and #Houthulst
    #London: successful raids and reconnaissance fights near #StJuliaan and heavy gunning near #Langemark
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: Not much gunning during the night: it’s a long time ago that the people good sleep so well. Prisoners walking by in the morning. Many #German planes flying over in the afternoon: a series of farms are bombed and 3 civilians are killed: 2 refugees from #Wijtschate and 1 from #Mesen (#Messines). At farm Desmytere several soldiers are killed. 16 tanks drive by, coming back in the afternoon from the frontline and going to their resting place at Ouderdom. Much gunning in the evening. The soldiers don’t talk much about the fighting yesterday, although it was fierce. The official (#British) communique reports a small advance N of #Frezenberg

    6th of September
    Today 1917
    The 1133rd day of war
    #Passchendaele, #Passendale: 125th Bde launches partially successful attack around Hill 35 (Frezenberg): after attacks and counter-attacks, an advance of 150yrd is consolidated on the right flank. The 2/5 #Warwicks attack, but fail to capture Hill 35 (Frezenberg) during the night. The 5th #Seaforth #Highlanders make an unsuccessful raid on Pheasant Trench
    Eastern Front: #Russian Army falls back clear of enemy. The #Kaiser reviews troops in #Riga
    Southern Front: Stubborn fighting N of Gorizia (#Italy)
    #German E #Africa: #Germans surrender to #British coloured troops at #Kakera (NNE of #Kilossa)
    #Petrograd and #Moscow are closed to strangers
    #Berlin: Heavy artillerybattle between the wood of #Houthulst and #Hollebeke. #British attack N of the road Ypres-#Roeselare over 4km: they are thrown back everywhere; 3 divisions were involved in the counter-attack, causing the enemy heavy losses and taking prisoners
    #London: N of #Frezenberg strong counter-attacks force our units back to their own lines. Strong gunning around the road Ypres-#Menin. Few gunning N of #Mesen (#Messines)
    #KingAlbert, #QueenElisabeth, #DePanne: Trip to #Hardelot
    Arthur Pasquier, #Diksmuide: Orders are now that there should only 1 officer be commanding a batter, which gives me the opportunity as Adjutant to command the battery
    Jacobus Winters, #Boezinge: Excercises at #Polygone
    2 #Canadian TnlCmp, #SanctuaryWood: Company takes over these workings at Hollandiekeschuur Crater (Hollandseschuur) from the 1st Australian Tunnelling Coy. Company istransferred from IInd Corps to IXth Corps (2nd Army)
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: Bombardment of several farms: 30 mules are killed. The rolling of the guns and a thunderstorm and lighthing intermix in a tremendous spectacle I observe from my window. NW of Dikkebus there are much less soldiers

    5th of September
    Today 1917
    The 1132nd day of war
    #Passchendaele, #Passendale: B-Cmy of the 2/8 #Warwicks unsuccessfully attack Hill 35: an outpost is captured, but they are thrown out again. Air raids over #British lines kill 37 and wound 43 #German prisoners
    #France: 3 #British hospitals are bombed, killing 19 and wounding 26 patients at #Vadelaincourt (#Meuse)
    Eastern Front: #Germans capture line of River #Dvina to #Friedrichstadt
    Southern Front: Struggle continues NE of #Gorizia
    #German E #Africa: #Germans lose 500 men in 4 days between 28th of August and 2nd of September, particularly during retreat from #Mahenge
    #Berlin: NE of Ypres strong partial attacks by the #British are thwarted. At the #Belgian coast heavy gunning on #Oostende over land (from #Nieuwpoort area), but no military damage caused
    #London: Our planes throw bombs on the railway points near #Gent. 8 bombs are thrown during the night on airfields near #Kortrijk. In air battles 5 enemy planes are down, 5 others become steerless. We miss 3 planes
    #KingAlbert, #DePanne: Visit by the King and Prince Leopold to the heavy artillery of the #French army at #Avekapelle: the heavy guns of 320mm and 370mm are mounted on railway wagons; on the canal of #Lo are mored the #French gunboats with 160mm guns
    René Deckers, #Oostkerke: The offensive is failing, another hope lost, antoher winter at the #IJzer! Autumn is approaching: it’s dark at 8pm. I have been relieved of my function of commanding a gun. From time to time I steal way to the hospital of #Cabourg 40km away to play a few tunes (violin): if I am very lucky a lorry picks me up. The war has becom boring by the continuous gunning
    Arthur Pasquier, #Diksmuide: We are shelled with about 150 120mm and 150mm shells. A good thing we left the bunker of the commander, because there is now only a big crater left. We wonder when the war is going to end. The #French tried to mount a gun near our position, but soon left as the level of the ground water is too high for them
    Jacobus Winters, #Boezinge: Exercises on the beach. I am tasked with teaching #Flemish to the #Walloon Officers: today is the first lesson and I teach them the usual vocabulary
    2 #Canadian TnlCmp, #SanctuaryWood: Company turned over these workings and those at #StirlingCastle, #Menin Road, Ritz Str., Dormy House, Ridge Str., and #Lille Gate to No 3 Tunnelling Coy. Can. Eng'rs
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: Shelling at farm Lamerant: smal but treachorous shells: as they explode at first contact with the ground, they don’t make big craters, but split into thousands of small shards which pierce through the wooden walls of barracks and tents and continue to pierce through men and horses. God is still protecting that good farmer Lamerant, who in better times, was so good as to present his barn to have mass there. The planes also drop huge bombs with big amounts of explosives: if these fall on a house, the whole house is destroyed, while when dropping on the ground they make huge craters; even if one drops 5 or 6 meters from you, you might get away unharmed, but the small bombs are worse. Many people did not go to sleep last night, hiding in the safest corners of their houses, waiting for the air to clear; they then make their bed a corner of the kitchen to get some sleep. We also in the vicarage are not safe as it is nowhere safe in our house, so we sleep in our bedroom and commit our souls to our guardian angels. Sad news from #Riga, taken by the #Germans

    4th of September
    Today 1917
    The 1131st day of war
    #Passchendaele, #Passendale: The 2/8 #Warwicks attack #Aisne Farm and get to 30yrd, when they are thrown back. 175th Bde: a patrol occupies Spot Farm
    #France: #RedCross stations in the rear of #Verdun bombed during the night
    #Brittain: Airplane raid on #London and SE counties kills 19 an injures 71. #Scargborough shelled by submarine with 30 rounds, killing 3 and injuring 6. The anti-British propopsals of the correspondence between the #Tsar and the #Kaiser published (the Willy-Nicky letters)
    Eastern Front: #Russians fall back on #Riga-#Petrograd road
    Southern Front: Heavy fighting SE of #Gorizia and S of #Carso
    Occupied #Belgium: The #Germans have requisitioned all the copper. In #Esen all the horses have been taken. In #Kortrijk huge amount of linen have been requisitioned
    A #German deserter about #Oostende: The situation is dire: almost no meat, and when it is available the inhabitants receive 75gr/week; coffee is at 25BEF; no sugar; bread 300gr/day; no milk, butter, eggs, vegetables. The inhabitants in their misery still hope that the #Allies will win the war
    London: clashes between patrols and local fighting S of #StJuliaan. Bombs on hospitals Tuesday night
    London: many tons of bombs with good results dropped on the port of #Brugge, #Varsenare and #Gistel
    #Berlin, #Vlaanderen: Exceptionally heavy gunbattle at the coast, in #Houthulst and towards the Leie
    Jacobus Winters, #Boezinge: Regimental march of 25km. It’s warm but the march proceeds well. De Hutten, #Loon - Plage, #Craywick, #Bourbourg, #StGeorges, #Gravelines
    2 #Canadian TnlCmp, #SanctuaryWood: 3 O.R. wounded. Maple Copse. 1 O.R. killed. 1 O.R. died of wounds
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: #German planes flying over all the morning. A shrapnel of an AA-gun explodes just 10m away from me, while I am at the #British cemetery. Some friends on visit at the vicarage: we play cards on 2 table – that was a long time ago! Dikkebus was bombarded fiercly the last few days – particularly around the farm of the Mayor

    3rd of September
    Today 1917
    The 1130th day of war
    #Passchendaele, #Passendale: Another unsuccessful attack by the the 2/6th Warwicks to take positions on Hill 35. British front slightly advances near #StJuliaan
    #France: 6 #German airplanes bomb #Sheerness: 132 killed and 96 injured
    Eastern Front: #Riga finally evacuated by #Russians: forts and bridges blown up, thousands of prisoners and 130 guns taken. #German warships break into the Gulf of #Riga and shell #Livonian villages
    Southern Front: #Pola bombed
    #Brugge bombed
    #KingAlbert, #QueenElisabeth, #DePanne: Heavy bombing of #Dunkerque and #Calais
    #Oostburg, #Nederland: Numerous planes drop bombs on #Belgium, many deflagrations heard
    #Paris: French planes bombard the railway stations of #Roeselare and #Lichtervelde
    #London: Successful air raids on #Brugge and the airfield of #Varsenare
    Jacobus Winters, #Boezinge: Patrols drop bombs on #Gravelines during the night
    #Australian 1TunCmp, #Hill60: Road repairs in #Kemmel, #Wijtschate, #Messines (#Mesen), #StElooi, #Hollebeke: spreading gravel and renewing cobble stones. 1 man wounded
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: Shells at ‘Boerenhol’ in #Reningelst. I observe the frontline from the ‘Rodeberg’ in the afternoon: gras growing on the shelled surface of #Wijtschate; the craters of the exploded mines are visible in the landscape, all of the area the ground has been turned upside down. #German planes drop bombs during the night on Farm Kestelyn in #DeKlijte, killing men and horses. Also shells at ‘Ondank’ in #Westouter and at farm Lamerant. The guns at farm Delporte blast away

    2nd of September
    Today 1917
    The 1129th day of war
    Airplane raid on #Dover
    Eastern Front: #Germans cross #Dvina 18m above #Riga
    Naval airmen bomb #Brugge docks
    #British and #Belgian operations drive #German detachments from River #Ruaha to #Mahenge
    #KingAlbert, #QueenElisabeth, #DePanne: Trip to #Hardelot (#France)
    #Berlin: continued fierce gunning in the middle of the frontline in #Vlaanderen
    #London: Enemy artillery active E of Ypres. Airplane battle: 1 #German plane downed, another steerless, one of ours missing
    Jacobus Winters, #Boezinge: Sunday’s rest with nice weather
    #Australian 1TunCmp, #Hill60: #Bellewaarde and #Hooge Crater work commenced; Onraet Wood – Chateau Farm tramway completed
    2 #Canadian TnlCmp, #SanctuaryWood: 3 Officers and 146 O.R. return from 5th Army Rest Camp. 4 Officers and 133 O.R. leave for 5th Army Rest Camp
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: Shells at Farms Lamerant, Plankeel and De Crock. 10.30pm the #German murdering machines fly over again for 1,5 hour, dropping their bombs on the terrified village. Several bombs on and around the square. 20 men wounded and 6 horses killed and 18 wounded. An Incendiary bombs drops on a munition train wagon killing several soldiers instantly. Several wagons immediately catch fire and in danger for their lives several soldiers start unlink the other wagons. With the rest of the wagons with 2 burning wagons they drive towards #Westouter, where they start extinguishing the fire, which succeeds. The remaining 3 burning wagons blow up in a tremendous blast, shattering windows of all the houses on the square, also stained glass-windows of the church. The vicarage now has 15 more holes. The house of Vieren has no more tiles and there big cracks in the building. A bomb falls on a house in #Loker and kills the daughter, another daughter and the father are wounded. Also many shells on #Bailleul (#Belle), where a series of civilians and soldiers are killed

    1st of September
    Today 1917
    The 1128th day of war
    #Passchendaele, #Passendale: 24Div: German attack on #Inverness Copse beaten off after heavy fighting. 2/5 Warwicks attempt to rush Hill 35 and occupy part of it
    #France: #German attack SW of #Cambrai at first successful, later beaten back
    Eastern Front, #Riga: #German attack E of Riga, troops entering the city. New tactics are used: short bombardment followed by specialized storm troops attacking, avoiding strong points. The attack is a great success: few #German losses and 9000 prisoners taken, with many #Russians leaving their posts
    Southern Front: #Italy: slight #Italian advance at the #Julian front
    #Jutland coat: #British destroyers drive 4 #German mine-sweepers ashore, 2 on fire
    #Berlin: Severe fighting in #Vlaanderen in the dunes (#Nieuwpoort) and on both sides of Ypres. An attack of battalion strength (app 800) thwarted by #German MG and artillery fire N of the #Menin Road
    #Paris: much gunning around Driegrachten and #Bikschote
    #London: Marine planes attack the airfield of #Gistel and sheds put alight; all planes are back. Attack E of #Wijtschate succeeded with important enemy losses
    Jacobus Winters, #Boezinge: Exercises and field duty with adjt Guyot
    #Australian 1TunCmp, #Hill60: Tunneling dugouts at Hollandsche Schuur and Grand Bois (#Wijtschate)
    2 #Canadian TnlCmp, #SanctuaryWood: Strength of Company 30 Officers and 615 O.R. Tor Top: 3 O.R. wounded
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: Planes flying over dropping bombs, but not on the village. Also bombs on #Proven. There is not much hope left for a successful offensive in #Vlaanderen, we now hope the offensive will move the frontline for a few more kilometres. I go to #Abele and turn back through #Poperinge. Seldom have I seen so many soldiers: divisions arriving at the front, others leaving, at least 500 cars. The harvest of hops is extremely bad due to the salaries being too high: 3 out of 10 fields in #Reningelst have not been harvested. Most patatoe fields have been looted by the soldiers: all farmers of Dikkebus are complaining about the harvest this year

    31th of August
    Today 1917
    The 1127th day of war
    #Passchendaele, #Passendale: #Germans force #British to abandon advanced positions N of #StJulien-#Poelkapelle road. #British air raids by seaplanes on aerodromes on the #Belgian coast. The 182nd Bde takes over #Gallipoli and #Hill35
    #France: #French success near #Hurtebise (#Aisne)
    Southern Front: Heavy fighting at Monte #SanGabriele (NE of #Gorizia) - #Austrian counter-attacks repulsed and 27.000 prisoners claimed to be taken by #Italians
    #London: Our forward positions E of #Oosttaverne are raided, some of our men are missing
    #London, #Reuters: The #Belgian Army, which at the beginning of the war had suffered greatly under their difficult and dangerous task, is now much stronger and better equipped, thanks to the war industry erected in Northern #France. This rearmament under difficult circumstances and under fire was difficult but successful. In the second battle of Ypres (gas attack), together with the #Canadians on the right flank, the #Belgians on the left flank saved the day. The moral of the #Belgian soldier, after 2,5 years away from home under suffering and not getting any news from home is excellent and a testimony of the #Belgian endurance. This spirit displayed by both the #Flemish and the #Walloons is greatly encouraged by the #Belgian King, never having left the #Belgian territory, exept for small visits to troops – although only about 5% of the country is unoccupied -
    #Berlin, #Vlaanderen: fighting at night and a series of #British prisoners taken
    Arthur Pasquier, #Diksmuide: The offensive is kept being postponed: we cannot shoot in our positions, but are being shot at in bursts of a few shells, for which it is impossible to hide and we already have 4 killed and 6 wounded. The infantry has more losses thanin combat. On our right the #French and #British have made advances near #Boezinge and #Langemark. While leaving our position, I am invited to shelter under a roof of ‘elephant’ steel covered with earth as shelling starts: I have just gone into the shelter, when on the spot where I would have been a 150mm shell explodes: I would have been pulverised, death can come very suddenly! The new #German shells are so fast that they explode on impact, before you can even hear the blast of the gun
    2 #Canadian TnlCmp, #SanctuaryWood: Company starts repair work on the #MeninRoad Tunnels near #Clapham Junction
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: 6 #German planes fly over and drop bombs at ‘Hallebast’ and at the lake killing guard standing next to the gendarme and 40 horses. Several cars drive by at night with #British #Marines, taking a look at the lines: clean men in blue uniforms and berets, all with a good morale and friendly

    30th of August
    Today 1917
    The 1126th day of war
    #Passchendaele, #Passendale: 38Div: the #WhiteHouse is entered by patrols. 7Bde takes over #Glencorse Wood
    #France: Attempted #German night raid SE of #Lens repulsed
    #British advance on front of 600yrd SW of #Gaza
    #Belgium, #Refugees: 41 Belgian young men, ready for military service, escape to #Nederland
    Jacobus Winters, #Boezinge: Exercises on the beach
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: The #British report says that advances were made near #Poelkapelle. The harvest has been collected, where possible, but the Mayor was only able to bring in 1/3 of the harvest. Cafmeyer has 5 ‘gemeten’ harvest, but has not been able to harvest even 1 shelf. Goethals threw 3000BEF manure on his land, but is not able to harvest anything. Now that the harvest is over, the #Belgian army decides to send the soldiers on leave – too late! A few of the soldiers are now arriving to do some work here and there

    29th of August
    Today 1917
    The 1125th day of war
    Eastern Front: Continued fighting near #Focsani
    #Polish State Council resigns
    #US reply to the Papal Peace Note
    Occupied #Belgium: Packages with food are now allowed to be sent to #Gent
    #Berlin: #British attacks thwarted with many losses NE and SE of #Wieltje (NE of Ypres) and between the railways Ypres -#Roeselare and #Boezinge-#Staden. A #British patrol is thrown back N of #Langemark
    #KingAlbert, #DePanne: Visit by Gen Anthoine: a new offensive near Ypres is being prepared with participation of the #Belgian army around the 25th of October. The King makes 2 flights with a #Bristol Fighter of the 40th Squadron of the #RoyalFlyingCorps at #Lefferinkhoucke (#France): one above into enemy above #Oostende: for this feat the #British Government will award him the highest possible military medal, the Distinguished Flying Cross
    Jacobus Winters, #Boezinge: The weather is too bad to go outside: theory about field service
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: Midnight: shells at farm Goethals-Verraest

    28th of August
    Today 1917
    The 1124th day of war
    #Passchendaele, #Passendale: The #Germans abandon ‘Vieilles Maisons’ and the position is occupied by the #York’s and Lancs: an informal truce begins along the line, with both sides sending out stretcher-bearers and search the many shell holes and bring in the wounded, irrespective of nationality
    #France, #Verdun: positions almost completely restored to those before the great attack of February 1918
    Eastern Front: #Russian defection of a whole division
    Southern Front:#Austrian counter attacks on #Bainsizza plateau thwarted: #Italians claim 1000 prisoners
    #British planes successfully attack #Maan (Hejaz railway - #Jordan)
    #German planes drop 90 bombs on #Russian shipping in Gulfs of #Riga and #Finland
    #Berlin: Numerous attacks result in prisoners and equipment being captured. The enemy is thrown out of positions NE of Frezenberg in a counter-attack
    #London: The enemt is thrown out of a #German strong position in front of our lines SE of #Langemark. A bomb-attack on 2 of our positions E of #Oosttaverne is thrown back with losses
    #KingAlbert, #QueenElisabeth, #DePanne: Exceptional audience granted to journalist De Marès
    Jacobus Winters, #Boezinge: The weather is too bad to go outside. Distribution of clothes and theory about mounting guard
    2 #Canadian TnlCmp, #SanctuaryWood: 3 soldiers wounded, one at #Stirling Castle
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: Exceptionally strong wind: on the main road trees fall over. 10am: shells at farm Delporte and at 3pm at farm Verraest. A report says that the #Italian made 23.600 prisoners

    27th of August
    Today 1917
    The 1123rd day of war
    #Passchendaele, #Passendale: #British line advances 2000yrd astride the #StJulien-#Poelkapelle road. 41Bde: 2 tanks unsuccessfully attack 600yrd of trench near the #MeninRoad. Gloucesters and Warwicks unsuccessfully attack Schuler Farm-#Gallipoli. 10/11th #Highland Infantry reach #Gallipoli Farm, but are thrown back by machine guns. Advance of the 9th West #York’s starts well, but they come under fire from Pheasant trench and #Vancouver. 38Div is forced back by fire from Pheasant farm
    Eastern Front, #Russia: General #Kornilow appeals for measures to restore discipline in the army
    #German E-#Africa: #Germans slowly pushed back in #Masasi District. #Belgian columns from #Kilossa drive enemy to S bank of #Ruaha river. Midway between Lake #Nyassa and sea, considerable #German force closely invested
    #Berlin: Strong assault by the #British fails along the road Ypres-#Menen. Along the road #Langemark-Ypres and the railroad Ypres-#Roeselare strong assault accompanied by tanks: the enemy is pushed back everywhere, a bloody defeat for the #British; the success is due to the excellent resistance by the troops from #Württemberg
    #Belgium, #Refugees: 72 #Belgians young men ready for recruiting succeed in crossing the border to #Nederland: they succeeded in cutting the electric wire along the border and they were joined by 6 Belgian women
    #KingAlbert, #QueenElisabeth, #DePanne: Another meeting with minister Segers, de Broqueville and De Ceuninck about the language problems in the #Belgian army
    Jacobus Winters, #Boezinge: I buy a pair of shoes at the military storage
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: Heavy rain and wind all night. Heavy shelling in the afternoon

    26th of August
    Today 1917
    The 1122nd day of war
    #Passchendaele, #Passendale: 24Div: #Germans capture an outpost, but it is immediately recaptured and the line is re-established. 23Div: At dawn 4 posts are attacked with flame-throwers and one post is forced back. 61Div unsuccessfully attacks Shuler Galleries
    #France: #French reach outskirts of #Beaumont
    Eastern Front: #Germans claim 1000 prisoners after renewed attacks E of #Czernowitz
    Southern Front: The whole of #Bainsizza Plateau in hands of #Italians: 23.000 prisoners
    #London: Successful raid E of #Oosttaverne, taking prisoners. The enemy uses flame throwers at the #MeninRoad. Satisfactory advances E and SE of #Langemark
    #Berlin: Enemy patrols successfully beaten off in #Vlaanderen
    #USA, #Belgium: Minister Broqueville receives 100.000BEF in relief for #Belgian inhabitants
    #KingAlbert, #QueenElisabeth, #DePanne: War Committee, presided by the King. #Flemish agitation discussed
    Jacobus Winters, #Boezinge: Sunday’s rest
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: At Inverness Copse (Castel Godschalck) and Glencourse Wood (Castel Vandenpeereboom) the #British attack in vain, suffering many casualties: those places are so strongly fortified as never seen before. There are also guns shooting at a range of only a few meters and many machine guns. The morale of the #British troops is now low, due to the fierce resistance, the best being the #Leinsters from #Ireland. Between shelling and masses I visit the new #British cemetery at farm Comyn: 240 soldiers have been buried there since the 1st. There is a record number of masses, the protestants must keep us catholics in high esteem, seeing that: but it will not be thanks to the pastor of #Reningelst, whose’s masses are seldom or never well-performed

    25th of August
    Today 1917
    The 1121st day of war
    #Passchendaele, #Passendale: #Germans recapture positions lost on the 19th. The 9th #BlackWatch again fails to capture #Gallipoli, but succeeds in capturing and consolidating 170yrd of terrain. The 10th #Scottish Rifles unsuccessfully attempt to capture #Iberian farm. Another unsuccessfull assault on #Aisne Farm by the 2/7th Worcesters. Failed attack on Schuler Galleries by 61Div.
    Eastern Front: Lull on #Riga and #Rumanian fronts
    Southern Front: Intense fighting at #Bainsizza Plateau
    #Kerenski warns extremists of the danger of their methods at the #Russian National Conference in #Moscow
    #London: the #Germans succeed in occupying the NW corner of the wood near the Ypres-Menin Road, but are immediately thrown back
    #Berlin: enemy patrols are thrown back in #Flanders. Lively enemy plane activity after the weather clears
    Jacobus Winters, #Boezinge: On patrol from 7-9pm
    2 #Canadian TnlCmp, #SanctuaryWood: Lieut. E.C. Bloomfield and 20 O.R. Reinforcements from C.E.T.D. #Shoreham report for duty
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: Less wind. Quite a bit of #German AA-fire (shrapnel) at the observation balloons. 4pm: 5 #German planes throw bombs on Vandenpeerboom farm and ‘t Hemelrijk’, killing men and horses. At 9.30pm bombs on chateau Hendrickx, again killing men and horses

    24th of August
    Today 1917
    The 1120th day of war
    #Passchendaele, #Passendale: #British line forced back from positions gained on the 22nd. #German attack at #Glencourse Wood with bombers and flame-throwers, but at #Inverness copse the attack is not as effective. The 2/7th Worcesters try to outflank #Aisne farm, but are stopped by machine gun fire. The gunpits at #Springfield are attacked with flame-throwers, but the #Germans are driven off
    Southern Front: #Italians occupy the summit of #MonteSanto and continue their advance
    Occupied #Belgium: #Washington: 6million bushels wheat destined for #Sweden are re-allocated for relief in #Belgium. #Nederland: the people are astonished about how the #Belgian Government, cut off from 95% of its population is succeeding in helping them, although the #Germans have confiscated 50% of the harvest
    #London: #German position taken near #Lombardsijde: prisoners and MG captured
    #Berlin: position E of #StJulian retaken
    #Nederland: #Dutch benefactors help #Belgians families where a baby was born in #Holland during the war
    Jacobus Winters, #Boezinge: On guard at St Florquin
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: Strong wind: no planes the whole of the day. The #Germans attack at the #MeninRoad and make a slight advance, but the #British immediately take the terrain back

    23rd of August
    Today 1917
    The 1119th day of war
    #Passchendaele, #Passendale: NE of #Langemark the #British line slightly advances. 44Bde attacks #Gallipoli, together with the #BlackWatch, the latter advancing 80yrd.
    #Berlin: Bombardments: #Bissegem: 3 children killed and 3 wounded; #Kortrijk: 8 civilians killed under the rubble of their house in the Rijsselstraat; a bomb kills a woman at an ambulance in #Kortrijk
    #KingAlbert, #QueenElisabeth, #DePanne: Return to #Adinkerke from a trip to #Hardelot
    Jacobus Winters, #Boezinge: Exercises on the beach in the rain. Back inside at 10am with inspection of weapons at 11am
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: 2 bombs before mass at farm Dalle and at 8am a shell at barn De Crock. 13 prisoners walk through #Reningelst. The weather is better and some farmers harvest their crops although they are completely dry. The massacre of the soldiers is getting worse and worst-off are the #Australians

    22nd of August
    Today 1917
    The 1118th day of war
    #Passchendaele, #Passendale: Heavy fighting at Ypres: frontline adances by 500yds. 15Div: attack at 4.45am: line established between Railway Dump and Beck House; 2 weak counter attacks repulsed in the afternoon. 61Div: assault and after 30min a line is established 150yrd from the #Winnipeg-#Kansas crossroad. 48Div, 4.45am: attacks on #Springfield and #Winnipeg. Tanks cannot leave the road due to mud, but deal with #Vancouver. 11Div: attack with the help of 2 tanks ‘Devil’ (female) and ‘Dracula’ (male). On the #StJulien-#Langemark road fallen trees block the passage. Tank ‘Devil’ receives a direct hit, killing 2 men, ‘Dracula’ is not seen again until the evening W of #Poelkapelle; the 6th Borderers take all of their objectives, meeting little resistance
    Airplane raid on #Dover, #Ramsgate and #Margate: 12 killed, 25 injured. #Zeppelin destroyed by naval forces off #Jutland
    Eastern Front: #Russian retire 3-8ml near #Riga
    Southern Front:Fierce fighting in #Carso
    #Turkish defeat in #Hejaz
    Occupied #Belgium: Urgent transport of food from #Nederland is required, but not allowed by #Germany
    #Berlin: Most tanks participating in an offensive around Ypres have been destroyed
    #London: The tanks make an important impact on the new assault around Ypres. On the right flank #Germans from Silesia fiercly resist: from 1 of the bunkers at the road #Langemark-#Zonnebeke 47 men appear and joyfully raise their arms in surrender. A #German squadron, coming back from raiding #Dover, is intercepted by planes from #Dunkerque
    #KingAlbert, #QueenElisabeth, #DePanne: The Royals make a trip to #Hardelot (#Calais)
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: 4.30: Several #German planes bombard soldiers camps: at ‘Razelput’ 27 horses and 3 men are killed; at farm Spenninck 18 horses and 4 men; at farm Coene 33 horses numerous wounded horses and men. 5am: #British assault accompanied by a tremendous artillery barrage for 5 hours. 2 men and 16 horses killed at farm Dalle and at the lake. Some prisoners walk through #Reningelst. #German planes bomb near several farms: 6 men and 28 horses are killed. The #British continuously light up the air with beams of search lights

    21st of August
    Today 1917
    The 1117th day of war
    #Passchendaele, #Passendale:
    #Zeppelin raid on #Yorkshire: 1 injured
    Eastern Front: #German attack near #Riga, #Russian positions abandoned
    #Berlin: The #British fire app 100 heavy caliber shells on #Roeselare: a series of houses is destroyed and a Cloister is hit; a series of inhabitants are killed of which children heavily wounded; the scared population is angry at the #British
    #Oostburg, #Nederland: 3-4am: bombing of #Zeebrugge, AA-fire and plane motors clearly audible
    Jacobus Winters, #Boezinge: Organising the mounting of the guard at St Folquin. Conference with the Major about the field service
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: Many shrapnels shot at the observation balloons by the #Germans. Only few troops in #Reningelst. We are expecting an assault tomorrow. No planes in the evening
    #ypressalient #ww1 #ypres #ieper

    20th of August
    Today 1917
    The 1116th day of war
    #Passchendaele, #Passendale: Slight #British advance
    #France: #French carry enemy defenses N of #Verdun: 5000 prisoners taken
    Eastern Front: #Rumanians gain ground N of #Foscani. Indisciplined #Russians forced to retire on #Riga front
    Southern Front: Battle of #Isonzo continues in favor of #Italians
    #London: positions N of Ypres-#Meninroad slightly improved. Towns amongst which #Middelkerke and munition depots in #Brugge bombed
    #Paris: #German planes bombad the #French support and a camp for #German prisoners. #French planes bomb the railway stations of #Torhout and #Roeselare. 21 #German planes are shot down
    #LeHavre, #Belgian Government: the #Germans have deported inhabitants of #Tielt and Kortrijk and forced them to work for the military efforts in #Roeselare and #Eeklo. Lt Toussaint has particularly distinguished himself as pilot: surrounded by 9 #German planes, he managed to shoot down the leader after which, although being in a crushing majority, the 8 other planes fled. 8 #Belgains are killed, 3 houses destroyed and in a hospital a wounded man is wounded again by bombs dropped by the #British on #Kortrijk
    #KingAlbert, #QueenElisabeth, #DePanne: The Queen visits #French hospitals in #Roesbrugge. Prince Leopold visits the frontline in #Diksmuide.
    Jacobus Winters, #Boezinge: Exercises and patrols
    2 #Canadian TnlCmp, #SanctuaryWood: #Stirling Castle: 2 O.R. wounded. Valley Cottage, 1 O.R. killed
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: Fierce gunning. Mass at 5.45am at farm Lamerant, after which I bring communion to 5 sick people. During the night tanks again leave for Ypres and the others towards #Hollebeke. At 9.30 a plane duel: the #German plane crashes near farm Heugebaert
    #ypressalient #ww1 #ypres #ieper

    19th of August
    Today 1917
    The 1115th day of war
    #Passchendaele, #Passendale: #British line advances 1 mile along the road of Ypres-#Poelkapelle: 7 tanks together with the #Worcestershire(s) manage to subdue a series strong #German positions and most of the fleeing #Germans are killed: all 7 tanks manage to return from the action
    Eastern Front: #Germans claim 22.000 prisoners from the last fighting in #Galicia and #Bukovina
    #London: Many tons of bombs dropped on St Peters station in #Gent, the station of #Torhout and the port of #Brugge
    #Berlin: substantial amounts of bombs dropped on ammunition dumps, railway stations and batteries in #Poperinge and Ypres
    Minister of war, #Belgium: The value of the #Belgian soldier is beyond doubt of the highest quality: before the war we did not know much about him and were in awe about our mighty neigbors, but the war has revealed him: he is good, disciplined, calm, tenacious, without worries, ready to give themselves with heart and soul to King and Country. The #Belgian soldier has amazed the world: in history he will take a place in the first line and that is how it should be. Everywhere and always the #Belgian soldier has proven to be of the highest military quality: I am proud to have him under my command
    #KingAlbert, #QueenElisabeth, #DePanne: Meeting of the special Government Council concerning the #Flemish cause
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: One of the tanks is at farm Lamerant and well-hidden behind camouflage: I do not dare to look inside as I can get into trouble, but those who had a look tell me that the mechanics are amazing. A new soldiers camp called ‘Lake Side’ camp is now at the Vicary. The barn of Goethals has been torn down and all the fruit of the trees has disappeared into the bellies of the soldiers. Father Mac Kam holds mass in the ruined church with 125 soldiers and another mass is held at the Cloister with #British soldiers. The 47th Division having been at rest for 2 weeks is back and will leave for the #MeninRoad tomorrow. A #German plane is downed. A #German Squadron flies over and is fiercly shot at as it drops is deadly bombs everywhere: 3 bombs at fam De Coninck in #Reningelst: men and horses are killed and wounded. Other bombs on several camps killing many men and horses and a munition depot explodes, even breaking windows 10 minutes away
    #ypressalient #ww1 #ypres #ieper

    18th of August
    Today 1917
    The 1114th day of war
    #Passchendaele, #Passendale: The #Somerset(s) advance through #Inverness Copse. The #Cornwall(s) meet stiff resistence but with help of 2 tanks coming from the #MeninRoad, hold their positions despite 3 #German counter-attacks in the afternoon. 28Div take positions opposite Broenbeek
    #France: #Rumanians retire towards #Marasesti (N of #Focsani)
    #Italy: The 11th battle of the #Isonzo is launched between #Gorizia and #Trieste: 52 divisions an 5000 pieces of artillery attack and the #Italians suffer 166.000 casualties. The #Austrian call for help from the #Germans
    #Paris: 11 #German planes destroyed and 6 badly damaged. Our planes bombarded successfully: #Kortemark, #Torhout, #Lichtervelde, #Oostende, #Kamerijk and wooden huts in the wood of #Houthulst
    #London: Successful attack near the road Ypres-#Poelkapelle advances our lines by 500yrd. In total 2114 prisoners, of which 55 officers have been taken
    #Berlin: S of #Langemark an attack with tanks covered by smoke is thrown back after having penetrated our lines
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: The #British advance considerably and take #Langemark, but are thrown back near #Zonnebeke. The soldiers report about the unexpected but violent #German counter-attack and the #British artillery firing on their own ranks: they lose 6000 men, leaving their wounded behind, but the #Allies take 400 prisoners. Father Van Houver receives permission by the Pope to hold mass in his own house
    #ypressalient #ww1 #ypres #ieper

    17th of August
    Today 1917
    The 1113th day of war
    #Passchendaele, #Passendale: 48Div: unsuccessful attack of Maison du Hibou. #French hold on to positions captured E of #Bikschote
    #France: #German counter-attack repulsed near #Lens
    General Smuts convinces the #British Government to erect a new unit the #RoyalAirForce or #RAF
    Jacobus Winters, #Boezinge: 12-2pm: exercises in shooting rifle grenades at the huts
    René Deckers, #Oostkerke: #Bikschote, Steenbeek, #Langemark, so often we wrote those names in the report about observation of the #Germans – and now we have captured them. Soon #Merkem will be in our hands
    #Australian 1TunCmp, #Hill60: Road repair in #Kemmel, #StElooi, #Messines (#Mesen), Vierstraat and #Hollebeke
    2 #Canadian TnlCmp, #SanctuaryWood: 3 Officers and 134 O.R. left for the Fifth Army Rest Camp at Equiken
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: The #British do not comment on the battle of yesterday, so it probably did not go well. Many ships are being sunk by the Uboats. The #Germans shoot many shrapnel at the observation balloons. A series of houses at Zevecote in #Reningelst are bombed, but no one wounded. Near farm Cambron 2 soldiers are killed and 3 wounded: the planes must have seen the lights in the #British canteen. The big hospital near Leene (#Abele) is bombarded and 18 #Germans and 2 nurses are killed
    #ypressalient #ww1 #ypres #ieper

    16th of August
    Today 1917
    The 1112th day of war
    #Passchendaele, #Passendale: General Gough 5th Army makes a major assault N and NE of Ypres with relative results, due to the terrain conditions and the stubborn #German resistance. 56Div attack at 4.50am. #Glencorse Wood is cleared. The leading waves enter Polygon Wood, but are thrown back, ultimately the 169Bde is thrown back to its starting positions. Some men of the 167Bde reach the N of Polygon Wood, but have never been seen again. 8Div attacks at 4.45am: the Berks advance across the Hanebeek and secure most of Iron Cross redoubt; #Anzac and #Zonnebeke redoubt are also captured. 16Div (#Irish) attack at 4.45am: at 3.30am the Div has both flanks it the air and is forced back to the starting positions. 36Div (#Ulster) attack, but at 10am they are back at the beginning line. 48Div gains terrain and fights off several counter-attacks at #StJulian. 11Div reaches the #Langemark road and takes it in a second thrust. 20Div: After crossing the Steenbeek the men move in single file between craters full of water or mud. The #Germans are forced out of Kangaroo Trench. The enemy is driven out of the cemetery of #Langemark. Hinder from a blockhouse W of #Langemark and later at the station of Langemark and at 7.20am the whole line advanced towards the final objective. 29Div: attack at 4.45am: after the #NewFoundlanders take over they come under fire from #Cannes Farm in very marshy conditions and finally reach the Green Line, but continuing they also take the Red Line and send patrols to #Japan House. The South #Wales Borderers take #Montmirail Farm and they consolidate the final objective at 10am
    #KingAlbert, #QueenElisabeth, #DePanne: The Royals move from De Panne to #Adinkerke. Ingenbleek advises the King about the #Flemish cause. The first Officer of the #American Expeditionary Force, Major Murphy on visit.
    Jacobus Winters, #Boezinge: Exercises on the beach
    René Deckers, #Oostkerke: We learn that the Steenbeek has been crossed and #Langemark taken
    #Australian 1TunCmp, #Hill60: Tunneling dugouts at l’Enfer Wood
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: Heavy shelling in the evening and during the night, but from 1-8.30am all guns are firing furiously! The #British attack with 5 divisions
    #ypressalient #ww1 #ypres #ieper

    15th of August
    Today 1917
    The 1111th day of war
    #Passchendaele, #Passendale: Allied attack on a 9 mile front N of Ypres-#Menin road crossing Steenbeek river, capturing all objectives: #Langemark taken. Some ground won during the day, recaptured by the #Germans. 20Div: #German counter-attack repulsed at 5am
    #German and #British destroyers in action in #Bight of #Heligoland
    Occupied #Belgium: All #Gendarms, Police are called back from being pensioned
    #KingAlbert, #QueenElisabeth, #DePanne: Visit to #Rexpoede. Medal awarded to Georges #Guynemer. Open letter from the ‘Frontbeweging’, a #Flemish movement fighting for the cause of the #Flemish: the King promises to keep contact with Marie Belpaire, their mouthpiece
    Jacobus Winters, #Boezinge: Confession and communion
    René Deckers, #Oostkerke: Some NCO’s complain about me with the commander, so I am sent back to observation, what I actually prefer
    2 #Canadian TnlCmp, #SanctuaryWood: The underground system was handed over to the 175 Coy. R.E
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: 40 communions. Heaviest gunning during the night. I have seldom seen so much rain out of winter season an never during the month of August. This is extremely bad for the harvest: the crops are rotting on the fields. God has His plan and knows what is best. Before High Mass I count 33 planes at the same time. The camps in #Reningelst are empty, but very crowded with soldiers around Ypres. Shells at Ouderdom in the evening
    #ypressalient #ww1 #ypres #ieper

    14th of August
    Today 1917
    The 1110th day of war
    #Passchendaele, #Passendale: 20Div attack across the Steenbeek establishing a line on the E bank: crossing of the stream made easier with bridges.
    #France: #British attack on wide front NW of #Lens to NE of #Loos: some villages taken, 5 #German counter-attacks repulsed
    Eastern Front: #Russians and #Rumanians retreat S toward #Sereth
    #American troops pass through #London on their way to the front; #StarsAndStripes and #UnionJack flown side by side from #HouseOfLords
    Occupied #Belgium: Soon nothing will be left of the #Belgian ports. In order to drive the #Germans from #Oostende and #Zeebrugge the destruction, started in 1914, has to be finished. The security of the #British ports is at stake. #Brugge, where the U-boat docks are, remains the objective of the #British planes. #Gent has also been the objective of several raids. The plight of #Antwerpen remains uncertain: it is considered to be the competitor of #Hamburg, so the #German will damage it as much as possible. In what condition will the inner ports of #Gent and #Brugge be after the #Germans will stop the occupation – one shivers at the thought
    #Berlin: an attack across the Steenbeek near #Langemark is thrown back, also S of #Frenzenberg and #Hooge. Our plane squadrons have become very efficient against batteries and the trenches. 20 enemy planes and 4 observation balloons have been downed. A letter from the 124th Bde at the #Flemish frontline has been intercepted:
    ‘I have no more than 320 men in the trench, of which 50% suffer of rheumatism, diarrhea and exhaustion
    #KingAlbert, #QueenElisabeth, #DePanne: Visit to the airfield of #Bergues. The King is present at a simulated attack in De Panne
    2 #Canadian TnlCmp, #SanctuaryWood: 30 O.R. temporarily attached Canadian Infantry, return to the Base
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: German counter-attack beaten back in the morning. The rain stops from time to time: that’s when #German planes attack observation balloons, but none are hit. The crew of one of the observation balloons jumps with their parachutes, but they fall in the lake and drown
    #ypressalient #ww1 #ypres #ieper

    13th of August
    Today 1917
    The 1109th day of war
    #Passchendaele, #Passendale: 20Div with 59Bde and 6th #York(s) attempt to gain ground with limited success
    Martial law in #Spain
    Eastern Front: Continued #Russian-#Rumanian offensive
    #Berlin: Heaviest gunning E and NE of Ypres and in #Lombardsijde in the evening. Enemy patrols are without success. SW of #Westhoek we drive out the #British from some parts of the wood after bloody man-to-man fighting. Enemy assaults in the area of #Langemark and Frezenberg thwarted. #British concentrations of infantry and tanks are fired at
    #Paris: The #German are reinforcing their numbers in #Flanders (#Vlaanderen): a new episode in the offensive is being prepared
    #London: E of #Westhoek the enemy attacks, but is repulsed with heavu gun and rifle fire: only 2 or 3 advanced positions are lost
    #Nederland (The Netherlands): Because of the storm above #Flanders (#Vlaanderen) the electricity on the wire at the border with #Belgium is switched off. 3 #German soldiers use the opportunity to flee: they are emprisoned in #Sluis
    The king and the queen both make a flight in the area.
    #KingAlbert, #QueenElisabeth, #DePanne: Visit to the airfield of #Biernes (#Bergues) and flight with plane where the famous ‘Cigognes’ are stationed and where Georges #Guynemer was a member of (he would later be lost over #Poelkapelle). The king takes his place in a Morane-Parasol plane behind the pilot for a flight of 32 minutes, with the queen in a similar plane. Medals are awarded before the flight
    Jacobus Winters, #Boezinge: Exercises on the beach
    2 #Canadian TnlCmp, #SanctuaryWood: Lieut. V.M. Meek, reportS for duty from C.E.T.D. #Shoreham, England
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: Despite the heavy weather the #Germans shoot shrapnel at the observation balloons. A communique says that the #British lose #Glenscorse wood, but advance along the railway Ypres-#Zonnebeke. Severa shells around 7pm at the graveyard of #Poperinge: it’s the most dangerous place there, as there is a important crossroad there, where most traffic crosses and the #German continuously take ame at it
    #ypressalient #ww1 #ypres #ieper

    12th of August
    Today 1917
    The 1108th day of war
    #Russian-#Rumanian offensive in #Moldavia
    Ex-#Tsar removed to #Tobolsk
    Airplane raid on #Southend and #Margate: 32 killed, 26 injured, 1 raider destroyed
    #Berlin: Troops ready to attack are dispersed by our artillery E of #Messines (#Mesen). #German patrols remove a MG from a tank at the frontline. Destroyers are chased away by #German seaplanes, 1 being hit
    #London: Our planes and observation balloons are successful in guiding the artillery: many pictures are taken and 4 enemy airfields are bombarded; 9 #German planes are downed, 2 in our lines and 8 are disabled, 7 of ours are missing. 1 Gotha-plane and 1 seaplan are destroyed in front of the #Belgian coast
    #KingAlbert, #QueenElisabeth, #DePanne: Visit by Minister of Foreign Affairs de Broqueville
    Jacobus Winters, #Boezinge: Feast on the beach at Petit Ford Philippe
    2 #Canadian TnlCmp, #SanctuaryWood: 12 O.R. temporarily attached Infantry (R.S.F.) return to their Unit. Tor Top. One O.R. wounded
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: 75 civilians at mass. The #British capture #Westhoek, #Glencores Wood (Vandenpeereboom chateau, #Menen road). I see many #Scottish troops. An observation balloon is set on fire in #Vlamertinge. The conditions at the frontline line are horrendous: sometimes a shell barrage drops every second 3-5 shells in an area of 500m2. Our losses are horrible, but the situation of the #Germans must be much worse, as the #British are gunning about 10 times as much
    #ypressalient #ww1 #ypres #ieper

    11th of August
    Today 1917
    The 1107th day of war
    #Passchendaele, #Passendale: Heavy #German counter-attack around Ypres repulsed. #British line in #Glencourse Wood pressed back. 18Div: a #German pillbox is lost, but the 8th #Norfolk recapture it. 11Div: Attempt to advance forward post thwarted. 29Div: posts established on the E side of Steenbeek and 12 double wooden bridges erected
    Eastern Front: #Germans cross River #Sereth and take 7000 prisoners, while #Romanians stubbornly resist at #Ocna
    Liner ‘City of #Athens’ mined off #CapeTown: 21 lost
    #London: Terrain won E of the River Steenbeek on both sides of the railway Ypres-#Staden: 124 prisoners. After 10 days, yesterday, it was again possible to fly planes: enemy very busy in the air. We throw 6,5 tons of bombs on enemy military objectives
    #Berlin: Enemy charges N of #Hollebeke are unsuccessful. Heavy enemy mortar fire at Driegrachten
    Jacobus Winters, #Boezinge: Marching with the regimental band, my platoon is immediately behind the band. Conference with the Major in the afternoon
    #Australian 1TunCmp, #Hill60: Road repair and maintenance: #Kemmel, #Wijtschate, #StElooi, 1 man wounded
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: Creepy noise at night by #German planes. They drop bombs on farm De Smet: 9 soldiers and 30 horses die; at farm Spennick: 20 soldiers die, 38 wounded and 40 horses dead; also 4 soldiers die at farm Deraedt. 64 prisoners of war walk through #Reningelst
    #ypressalient #ww1 #ypres #ieper

    10th of August
    Today 1917
    The 1106th day of war
    #Passchendaele, #Passendale: #British advance on 2 miles front E of Ypres, capturing remainder of #Westhoek and occupying #Glencorse Wood. #French make progress E and N of #Bikschote. 18Div:Capturing positions in #Glencorse Wood, but stuck 200yrd from #Clapham Junction. 74th Bde attacks with its left flank on the Ypres-#Roeselare railway. The position is protected from effective attack by a stretch of deep mud in the Hanebeek valley
    #France: #Nancy bombed
    #French bomb #Frankfurt
    Eastern Front: #Germans keep threatening rear of #Russian-#Rumanian armies, advance in #Moldavia
    #Berlin: Enemy advance over a front of 8km between Frezenberg and #Hollebeke: penetration in to our positions, but eventually thrown back. Nightly enemy raids near #Menen thwarted on both sides of the #Langemark-#Boezinge railway. Air battles in #Flanders down 19 planes and 2 observation balloons
    #London: 200 prisoners taken in advances in #Flanders. Counter-attacks are thrown back. Air raids on #Gistel and #Torhout
    #KingAlbert, #DePanne: Visit by Col Tilkens, Co of #Belgian-#Congolese army, fighting the #Germans in #German East-#Africa
    René Deckers, #Oostkerke: Our mobile AA-gun fired all night on a #German plane until it crashed in its own lines. One of our men working at the telephone lines is killed by a lost shot. One of our planes is chased by 4 #German planes and crashes behind enemy lines near #Diksmuide. The #Germans are taking ame at their own trenches to pound them in case they are taken by us
    Arthur Pasquier, #Diksmuide: The reason why I have not been promoted to be officer is not because of bad reports: 6 of my commanders have written excellent reports
    Jacobus Winters, #Boezinge: I am temporarily moved to the 10th Cmp, as they have no #Flemish officers.
    #Australian 1TunCmp, #Hill60: #Oosthoek-#Hollebeke-Zero House roads under construction
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: 24 observation balloons. #Poperinge shelled. 4 #German prisoners pass by
    #ypressalient #ww1 #ypres #ieper

    9th of August
    Today 1917
    The 1105th day of war
    #Passchendaele, #Passendale: Maison #Bulgar and Rasta pillboxes occupied without resistance during the night. Posts NE of Steenbeek advance over 150yrd
    #France: Successful #British raids near #Lens
    Compulsary military service in #Canada instaured
    #Hungary: Prime Minister #Esterhazy resigns
    #Berlin: strong enemy infantry attacks E and SE of Ypres: the attacks between the railway Ypres-#Roeselare and #Hollebeke fail
    #Paris: #French troops take several farms E of #Bikschote and W of #Langemark, capturing several MG’s
    #London: E of Ypres on both sides of the #Menin road, small advance by our troops, all our objectives reached on the left flank. Our troops take positions in #Glencourse Wood, we take 240 prisoners
    Vossische Zeitung: the enemy is again making preparations for a major operation in #Flanders
    #KingAlbert, #QueenElisabeth, #DePanne: General #Anthoine explains that an attack on the wood of #Houthulst cannot be executed in view of the fact that the #British advance is less deep than expected and that the #French have no reserves ready: under these conditions a #Belgian move towards #Diksmuide is impossible, so General #Haig abandons the plan
    Jacobus Winters, #Boezinge: A new guard positions is established at Grand-ford Philippe
    #Australian 1TunCmp, #Hill60: Tunneling at l’Enfer wood continued
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: 3 #German night planes bombard #Hazebroek, shelling in the morning. #Dikkebus is also bombed and a whole series of horses and men are killed between the kapelstraat and the #Kemmel straat. Bombs in the evening on #Poperinge. As the weather is getting better, the observation balloons are up again, but they are in slightly different positions
    #ypressalient #ww1 #ypres #ieper

    8th of August
    Today 1917
    The 1104th day of war
    #Passchendaele, #Passendale: Wet weather continues in #Flanders. #French make progress NWof #Bikschote. 111Bde relieved by the 12th #Australian Bde (3DIV)
    Eastern Front: Retirement of #Russians and #Rumanians SW of #Ocna
    #Paris: S of #Langemark 20 prisoners taken. Despite heaviest shelling, the #Allies still make daring reconnaissance attacks. It is estimated that on the 31st (1st day of Passchendale), the #Germans had about 12 divisions at the front
    #Berlin: after the #British attack near #Nieuwpoort yesterday, the enemy is not able to do much more attacking. An important #British attack takes place E of #Hooge, but is thrown back with important losses. Our planes bomb artillery near #Diksmuide, Ypres and #Armentières and munition depots near #Bailleul and the station of #Hazebroek
    René Deckers, #Oostkerke: I mislead my superiors by telling them that I have to go to the dressing station in #Steenkerke, but soon I arrive in #Izenberge, where I spend some time with my friends. The ‘Decauville’ tracks (narrow gauge) multiply at the back of the frontline, just like the regular railway tracks, used by the railway guns. There is now a railway leading from #Avekapelle to #Fortem-#Izenberge and several leading from the strategic railway #Waaienburg-#Adinkerke
    Jacobus Winters, #Boezinge: Exercises
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: Heavy storm in the evening. On the way to #Loker a scale model of the whole #German frontline SE of #Oosttaverne. I meet #Portuguese soldiers, working on the railway: they are dressed in blue like the #French, but have a different kepi
    #ypressalient #ww1 #ypres #ieper

    7th of August
    Today 1917
    The 1103rd day of war
    #Passchendaele, #Passendale: The bridge over the Steenbeek at ‘Chien’ is blown up by the #Germans
    #Liberia declares war on #Germany
    Eastern Front: Mackensen crosses the #Susitza river and takes 3000 prisoners
    #Berlin: After drumfire, the #British are thrown back near #Nieuwpoort and #Bikschote
    #Paris: The #Germans bring in new heavy artillery in #Flanders. It has been raining for 4 days and it is admirable how our soldiers were able to capture the territory though the mud, the flooded area’s and the craters full of water: it is a witness to a spirit of self-sacrifice and endurance
    #London: successful attack of positions near #Lombardsijde.
    #KingAlbert, #DePanne: Talk with Marshall #Haig about a #Belgian-#French attack towards the wood of #Houthulst
    Jacobus Winters, #Boezinge: Training on the beach and teaching in the afternoon
    2 #Canadian TnlCmp, #SanctuaryWood: 30 O.R. reinforcements from C.E.T.D. Shoreham, report for duty
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: No rain but fog, no observation balloons and few planes. Pub ‘Het Wieltjen’ is hit by a shell but there are no wounded. There is not much shelling, but there must be quite a bit of fighting, as many wounded are transported to the back. The news from #Russia is again getting worse
    #ypressalient #ww1 #ypres #ieper

    6th of August
    Today 1917
    The 1102nd day of war
    #Passchendaele, #Passendale: 24Div #Jehovah Trench recaptured on the #Germans. 41Div: Another #German attack on #Hollebeke repulsed. Heavy fighting at the #Belgian frontline near #Oudekapelle: 11 #Belgian soldiers die
    Eastern Front: Slight #Russian Rally in #Czernowitz region
    #Berlin: repeated clashes with patrols in the nomansland craterfields. Heavy shelling in #Diksmuide and towards the coast (#Nieuwpoort)
    #Paris: heavy artillery exchanges in the area of #Bikschote
    Jacobus Winters, #Boezinge: Exercises for the platoon and the Cmp
    2 #Canadian TnlCmp, #SanctuaryWood: 60 O.R. temporarily attached Canadian Infantry, returned to the Base
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: Many #Chinese have arrived. I do not know where they come from. They are very childish in their manners, like children of 10 or 11 years old. The #Chinese mainly work on the roads and are not lazy. If they pass by in group they are very noisy: everybody talks and shouts a the same time. The #Chinese eat rice in the morning, at noon and in the evening with sticks. Thousands of #Chinese are at work in #Reningelst and many more in #Poperinge. They have to be treated like children: the sergeant always carries some iron whip, which he sometimes hits their skin: the #Chinese don’t care to much about this, they even laugh about it and then they are obedient again. In the #Chinese camp I saw one of them with a yoke around his neck and another with a wooden block with a chain and they had to do the road work that way. When a shell comes down they stare at it and when it explodes they clap their hands and laugh, although in #Poperinge some were killed and the others panicked. There are 2 big #Chinese camps in #Reningelst. Some of the #Chinese are catholic: the deacon of #Poperinge asked them to do the act of repentance, the boys started to weep
    #ypressalient #ww1 #ypres #ieper

    5th of August
    Today 1917
    The 1101st day of war
    #Passchendaele, #Passendale: #Germans regain footing in #Hollebeke, but are driven out again. The 8th North #Staffordshire helps the 12th #EastSurrey to help drive them out. 24Div: #Germans attack and capture #Jehovah trench
    #Berlin: heavy fighting along the road #Menen-Ypres: prisoners are taken and MG’s from tanks are secured. The first battle for the U-boat ports (#Zeebrugge and #Oostende) is lost by the #British. At #Hollebeke 4 officers, 50 men and 4 MG’s are captured and 14 men and 10 MG’s near #Bikschote
    #London, #Reuters: An attack on both sides of the #Menin Road, pushes easily to #Hooge and beyond it, captures the support trenches at #Bellewaerde: 80 #Germans and 2 MG’s captured. The continued battle at #Bellewaerde results in 40 more #German prisoners and 1 officer. Several more groups of prisoners are taken and the tunnel of #Menen (#Menin Road) is reached
    #KingAlbert, #QueenElisabeth, #DePanne: The Prime Minister of #NewSouthWales (#Australia) is received by the king: he is offered a cheque of 1.5 million francs for help to the #Belgian war victims. With this cheque the amount of help by #Australia rises to 18 million francs!
    Jacobus Winters, #Boezinge: Confession and communion at 7am. at 10am I go to the mass for those fallen in the 3 years of war
    #Australian 1TunCmp, #Hill60: 3 men wounded
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: There is a big lack of labourers for the harvest near the frontline: the Belgian soldiers are not allowed, nor those working in the war industry: it is a greatly regrettable for the harvest. The muddy conditions on the battlefield are horrendous: the soldiers sink into the mud up to the loins, some drown in the shell craters. It sometimes takes 2 hours before being able to bring a wounded soldier 10 minutes farther. A #Belgian #Canadian explains how some #British soldiers have taken the bell of the church of #Voormezele to #Abele, intending to take it as a souvenir to #England, but he says ‘This is not going to happen even if it costs me 1000$
    #ypressalient #ww1 #ypres #ieper

    4th of August
    Today 1917
    The 1100th day of war
    Eastern Front: #Russian rally and attack enemy at #Zbrucz River otherwise retreat everywhere else
    #Russia: #Kerenski withdraws resignation and constitutes new cabinet
    #Passchendaele, #Passendale: 41Div: Germans launch counter-offensive at #Hollebeke and establish positions, from which they are driven out again
    #London: #British troops advance and a #German attack NW of #Bikschote is thrown back. At #Hollebeke the #Germans succeed in taking positions on both sides of the canal, but are later thrown back: several prisoners are taken
    #Berlin: #British patrols at Frezenberg and W of Westhoek are repulsed. Heavy shelling near Driegrachten and from Luigem to Draaibank. #German planes with MG’s and bombs intervened
    #KingAlbert, #QueenElisabeth, #DePanne: de Broqueville becomes Minister of Foreign Affairs and De Ceuninck becomes Minister of War
    René Deckers, #Oostkerke:
    Jacobus Winters, #Boezinge:
    #Australian 1TunCmp, #Hill60: Roads repaired and maintained at Vierstrate, #Kemmel, #Wijtschate, #Wulvergem and #Messines (#Mesen)
    2 #Canadian TnlCmp, #SanctuaryWood: 20 O.R. reinforcements for Company from C.E.T.D. #Shoreham reported for dut
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: The 3rd of war starts! Still raining, in the afternoon a deluge! A catastrophy for the offensive. Very sad for the harvest. Probably the worst ever. But God certainly has his goal with this. Let us trust in Him. More gunning in the afternoon
    #ypressalient #ww1 #ypres #ieper

    3rd of August
    Today 1917
    The 1099th day of war
    #Passchendaele, #Passendale: #British retake #StJulien and positions on Infantry Hill. A patrol of the 117Bde penetrates as far as Maison du Rasta and Maison du Hibou. 51Div: several posts established across the #Steenbeek
    Eastern Front: Czernowitz falls, #Kimpolung (#Rumania) evacuated
    Heavy fighting in #German East #Africa: #Germans compelled to withdraw along #Lindi-#Masasi road
    #Paris: #French reconnaissance troops throw back #German patrols at Kortekeer pub. Since the 1st, the #Germans have repeatedly used gas
    #London: Wet and stormy
    #Berlin: The battlefield makes an eerie impression with the thousands of bodies, particularly along the road #Langemark-#Zonnebeke and at #StJulien with stretched-out fields of #British corpses. Roeselare is heavily shelled at night
    #KingAlbert, #QueenElisabeth, #DePanne: Visit to Gen Anthoine in #Rexpoëde
    #Australian 1TunCmp, #Hill60: Oosthoek Estaminet - #Hollebeke road under construction
    René Deckers, #Oostkerke: It’s now 3 years since I went to war to fight for our ideals. I check the unloading of 9-thumb shells for the #British batteries. The #French artillery in our sector will be replaced by #British
    Jacobus Winters, #DePanne: Rain prevents us to venture outside. Inspection at 10am
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: Heavy shelling: at the beginning of the war it was easier to distinguish between the different types of shells coming in. A new kind of #German shell was used during the night: we only heard a shock and rumbling, thinking it was the British railway gun that was firing, but to our astonishment in the morning, there were huge shell craters close to us. Shells on #Poperinge. 1 catholic and 1 protestant padre killed. Rain all day
    #ypressalient #ww1 #ypres #ieper

    2nd of August
    Today 1917
    The 1098th day of war
    #Passchendaele, #Passendale: Positions Ypres-#Roeselare retaken by #British. 55Div: #German attack around #Pommern redoubt: broken up by MG and artillery fire: the attackers retire behind Hill 35. 39Div: #Germans reported massing in front of #Kitchener’s Wood: dealt with by artillery fire. 116Bde occupies the ruins of #StJulian: posts established on the E side of the #Steenbeek, N of village. At #Langemark, the British attack using flame throwers on both siedes of the railway, but they are thrown back over the Steenbeek. In spite of the numerical superiority in batteries, tank and plane squadrons and the numerous divisions, the #British have only succeeded in capture the terrain of the first schock. The numerous #German counter-attacks that have been undertaken are also a complete failure. Correspondents report about huge losses on the #German side with bodies of men of every age heaped up over a distance of kilometers. Divisions leave the majority of their numbers on the battlefields as dead and wounded
    Eastern Front: General #Brusilov resigns
    #German raider ‘Seeadler’ wrecked on #Howe Island (#Pacific)
    #Kerenski resigns
    #CorriereDeLaSera: 4/5 of the #British Army is in #Flanders ready for the decisive battle
    #Australian 1TunCmp, #Hill60: L’Enfer Wood: dugouts tunneled
    René Deckers, #Oostkerke: It continues raining. The furrows are full of water and we wade through the mud in the trenches. To wash myself, I waited for the rain on the roof of our dugout to drip in the bucket. The heavy gunning at #Bikschote and at the coast continues. Nothing is happening here: from time to time an artillery barrage to which we reply
    Jacobus Winters, #DePanne: Exercises on the beach: having just arrived, it starts pouring rain. After ½ hour of exercises, back to the barracks and inspection of weapons
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: Rain all night and the whole of the morning. Not much gunning during the night. The #British cavalry, disappointed, returns to #Westouter. Again I admire the stubborn patience of the #British, who in spite of the setback are neither depressed nor displeased
    #ypressalient #ww1 #ypres #ieper

    1st of August
    Today 1917
    The 1097th day of war
    #Passchendaele, #Passendale: Most activity is stopped due to the heavy rain. The severely damaged battlefield has become a thick mud slurry. #Germans counter-attack, retake #StJulian and positions on #Ypres-#Roeslare railway. #French gains on W bank of #IJzer Canal. 15Div: Under cover of smoke and artillery barrage the #Germans attack the join between 15Div and 8Div. The leading waves of the #German counter-attack are stopped. The 8Div is forced back and the left flank of the 15th is also forced to draw back, but by 9pm the line is restored. 8Div is relieved by 25Div. 3AusDiv takes care of a counter-attack by the #Germans at #Warneton (#Waasten) with a MG/artillery barrage
    #Germans advance on #Czernowicz. #Russians retiring S of #Dniestr to #Rumanian frontier, #Russians retiring rapidly
    Occupied #Belgium: It is from now on forbidden to manufacture or sell maps of scale 1/100.000 or less with cities, parts, railways, ports and factories on them
    #Berlin: The enemy does not make any advances on any of our positions near Ypres, but has severe losses in dead and wounded. Because of counter-attacks several hundreds of our prisoners are freed. Also heavy #British losses (#Australian) losses E of #Wijtschate. The Village of #Bikschote changes hands several times. The #British are thrown back out of #Langemark and #StJulian
    #Paris: continuing bad weather in #Belgium. #German counter-attacks at #Bikschote thwarted
    #London: Everywhere around Ypres #German counter-attacks have been thrown back
    #Reuters, Ypres: Our troops do not need to fight severely to gain terrain, but the (weather) conditions hinder artillery support
    The #Times: The #German infantry is fighting less valiant and flee. Haig only used a fraction of his troops, with still 3 months of campaigning ahead
    #Australian 1TunCmp, #Hill60: Repair and maintenance of roads: #StElooi, #Hollebeke, #Wijtshate, #Kemmel, #Wulvergem, #Mesen (#Messines)
    René Deckers, #Oostkerke: Uninterrupted rain since the day before yesterday from morning until evening. After the thundering of the last few days, a deep rest has come down over the battlefield, interrupted bay heavy shellings on the big crossing of #Oostkerke. The #French advance is situated around #Bikshote, #Merkem and #Luigem are still strongly held by the #Germans. There is some jealously: we actually should have made that assault, as we have been guarding that strip of frontline for 3 years now, but we have a lack of artillery and near #Diksmuide the inundation makes it impossible to take #Diksmuide
    Jacobus Winters, #Boezinge: The 4th year of war commences: all strongly wish it to end, but if necessary we will continue to hold on. Heavy rain. 9.30am: inspection of boots, linen and gear. 10.30am: theory by specialist-corporals
    2 #Canadian TnlCmp, #SanctuaryWood: Strength of Company, 31 Officers and 759 O.R. #TorTop. One O.R. wounded
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: Enduring rain all day: what a setback for the #Allies! I have seldom in my life been so disappointed because of bad weather and the it has become quite cold also. The British must be suffering greatly in those shell holes half full of water and in the drenching rain, as they went into battle in summer uniform, shorts and no protection against rain. Not much gunning during the day. 5 shells on #Poperinge in the evening. The communique reports that the #Germans counter-attacked and regained #StJulian and #Westhoek
    #ypressalient #ww1 #ypres #ieper

    31th of July
    Today 1917
    The 1096th day of war
    Eastern Front: #Russias retreating from #Czernovitz region
    #Passchendaele, #Passendale: Fieldmarshall #Haig launches 3rd Ypres, the Battle of Passchendaele: his has great ambitions. With this battle, he intends to destroy General Sixt von Arnim’s 4th Army, to advance several kilometers along the coast and then to go to the North to capture the Ports of #Oostende and #Zeebrugge. This is important as from #Oostende and #Zeebrugge many U-boats and destroyer operate from there in the Atlantic. In the preceding months, the tonnage of ships being sunk by the U-boats has become greater than even the #US is able to produce. If this condition would endure, the supply of the Allies in #GreatBritain and #France would come in jeopardy. So, it is seen as crucial to winning the war to capture the ports of #Zeebrugge and Oostende. On top of that, when the decision about 3rd Ypres is taken, the #French Army is in great disarray: there is mutiny in many units and it is feared that if the #Germans make a major assault in #France, the #French lines, just like in #Russia will not hold. So, the #French pressurize the #British to start an assault around Ypres. Short time later it is discovered that the #Germans are indeed preparing a major assault in France. The pressure for an assault in Ypres has become very great. After the war, the official history of the war, written by #Germany would state: ‘If the Battle of #Flanders 1917 (Passchendaele) had not happened, #Germany would have won the war’. The battle begins: The 5th Army of General Gough attacks towards the NE in the direction of #Pilkem Ridge. The #French 1st Army of General Anthoine is in support to the North, the 2nd Army of General #Plumer in the South. #British and #French attack over a 15-mile front in #Flanders and 12 villages and 5000 prisoners are taken. At first the assaults are relatively successful, but #German counter-attacks reduce the gain to about 3km in depth
    #NewZealand 1st Bde (#Auckland): attacks at 3.50am #LaBasseville (#Warneton - #Waasten). The #Wellington’s encounter strong resistance
    #Australia: 3Div launches an assault E of #Messines (#Mesen): the windmill is finally captured!
    19Div and 37Div attack S of #Hollebeke and take the village, but are stopped 100yrd from their objective
    24Div attacks NE of #Zillebeke and reaches #Jehovah Trench and captures #Groenenburg Farm and flooded #Jordan Trench
    30Div attacks NE of #Zillebeke: confusion in #SanctuaryWood, leaving Sanctuary Wood, they come under MG fire from #Stirling Castle. 2nd #Scots Fuseliers loose direction in #SanctuaryWood: they report #Glencourse Wood to be taken, but actually take Château Wood N of the #MeninRoad
    1 Cmp of the 18Div bridge the gap between #Surbiton Villa and #Jap Avenue near #Clapham Junction. The 8Div, with the help of mortars firing thermite shells takes #Bellewaarde Lake: 2nd #Scottish take the Black Line and #Jaffa Trench and receive rifle fire from Kit and Kat blockhouses
    15Div captures #Frezenberg Redoubt towards #Zonnebeke
    55Div withdraws from the Line #Pommern Castle to Beck House after attacking towards StJulien. The #BlackWatch advances through #Kitchener’s Wood and across the #Steenbeek
    38Div meets stiff opposition in the vicinity of Iron Cross
    Battle of #Pilkem Ridge: Most of the Guards divisions reach the Blue Line Objective
    #Berlin: This morning the relentless heavy artillery fire turns into haviest drum-fire. Then an assault starts from the #IJzer to the #Leie and the Battle of #Flanders starts
    #London: The battle around Ypres are successful although the weather is bad. We enter enemy lines over a distance of 15 miles from #Basseville at the #Leie until #Steenstrate, both villages being taken. On the extreme right we work together with the #French, protecting the #British left flank. At #STeenstrate we enter the #German positions to a depth of 2 miles
    #Berlin: the first assault of the #British Army over a frontline of 25km are being thrown back. The very powerfull enemy forces have to content with holding some pockets
    #London: #British and #French troops are crossing the #IJzer
    #KingAlbert, #QueenElisabeth, #DePanne: Mr Homan (#NewSouthWales, #Australia) and Mr Wade present an important sum of money for relief for the #Belgian war casualties
    René Deckers, #Oostkerke: The #British take #Pilkem and the #French #Bikschote. The #Germans continue to shell our supply roads: I don’t care too much as my task is to keep an eye on the arrival and unloading of 3 ammunition carts to be delivered at a forward position
    Jacobus Winters, #Boezinge: At 8 am we go to the beach, but it’s raining so hard that we are soon back. In the evening back to #Gravelines
    2 #Canadian TnlCmp, #SanctuaryWood: The Coy is divided for zero day into 3 maintenance parties at the forward dug out systems (Dormy House & Ritz #TorTop) and a large party of each of the 4 sections whose duty it is to construct a diversion road at #Hooge. A marking out party leaves #Lille Gate shortly after 10 a.m. and proceeds to the site of the Road. Maj Wilkinson is killed by shell fire and the party considerably delayed at the site of the work by machine gun & shell fire. One section of the Coy. under Capt. Macaulay arrives on the ground about 12.15 p.m., accompanied by 450 Officers & O.R. of the 9th Loyal N. #Lancashire’s and commences grading but are unable to continue as the enemy is using the route which passes N. of the #Hooge craters as a target for continuous shell fire. The Coy sustains no casualties due entirely to the sodden condition of the ground which allowed H.E. shells to penetrate deeply before bursting. The Infantry and the transport which is supplied independently suffers a little, losing 5 men killed and 16 wounded. At 3.50 a.m. the bombardment becomes intense and the British attack commences. Lieuts. Knight and Stevenson go over after the 1st Infantry wave at zero + 40 mins. with a party of 10 sappers and investigate the German lines for a depth of 1400 yds. opposite the #TorTop sector. This party works for 11 hours under continual shell & machine gun fire. They find a few mine & dugout entries, most of which have been wrecked by our artillery. They cut all suspicious wires but find no indications of delayed action mines or traps. The whole area has been subjected to such devastating fire that no dug-outs or galleries are left in a habitable condition with the exception of 2 small concrete structures. The #Stirling Castle D.Os. are found on fire. The party returns with one sapper slightly wounded
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: Today it’s exactly 3 years ago that the #Belgian Army started mobilising and that we were thinking for the first time about war: today this is being remembered in a terrible way! Already in the evening there was very heavy gunning, but at 3.30am it rises to a unheard violence, into a firework of hundreds of lightnings in the sky. There is no doubt the assault has started. At 8.30am the first news comes in and the assaults proceeds well although there are the usual exaggerations: the frontline would have moved 5 miles. But we can see with almost certainty that the assault is indeed advancing well: the observation balloons and the artillery is bein moved forward and at 9am we see cavalry coming from #Westouter, moving towards the frontline. They drive by for 2 hours and they are accompanied by light guns. It’s a long time ago since I have seen #British cavalry and I admire their beautiful horses and their numerous and excellent equipment. The gunning relent at about 11am and many ambulances start arriving with wounded, which becomes a steady flow in the afternoon. We come to the conclusion, that the victory was less easily obtained than their victory at #Wijtschate (#Messines-(#Mesen) Ridge Battle 7th of June) and that gains were achieved at a higher price. The heavy wounded are driven in ambulances, the slightly wounded in lorries. Also many #German wounded are transported and at 12.30pm 130 #German prisoners walk by and at 2.30pm 30 more. The men look tired and meagre and more prisoners come by in the evening. An officer explains that the assault of the 5th Army and in the #French sector over a distance of 24km from the #Leie to #Steentstrate and a depth of 3-4km succeeds well. It’s in accordance with the report released in the evening. The #French succeed in capturing #Steenstrate and #Bikschote and advance towards the Kortekeer. The #British take #Basseville near #Waasten (#Warneton), Verlorenhoed, Frezenberg, #StJulian, #Pilkem, ‘t #Hooge and Westhoek. There are already 3500 prisoners. The #British encounter more resistance and there is fierce fighting in some places: the worst is at the #MeninRoad and in #Zillebeke, particulary at #Glencourse and #Inverness Wood (the woods of Vandenpeereboom and Godtschalck) have been fortified to uprecedented strength. There is a concentration of machineguns and guns and the 24th division and the #Irish #Guards charging took heavy losses and had to let go: only that objective has not been reached today. It is cloudy all day and the planes are not able to fly, it starts raining in the evening. At 5pm the gunning starts again and endures for the whole of the night. At 9pm Micmac camp is shelled: several shells drop on farms and 1 officer is killed. 10 huge shells on #Hazebrouck: #German planes have bombed it the past, but this is the first time it’s being shelled and panic is great in the town, making many inhabitants flee

    30th of July
    Today 1917
    The 1095th day of war
    Sharp fighting reported in #German E #Africa: Allies drive the enemy from River #Lugungu (between Lake #Nyassa and sea). HMS ‘Ariadne’ torpedoed and sunk: 33 lost
    #Berlin: heaviest artillery barrages in #Flanders (#Vlaanderen)
    René Deckers, #Oostkerke: #British in splendid uniforms passing by, but they are by no means more clean than us, because they are under the mud from top to toe. We build new battery positions next to ours for the new #British batteries that will join us. Guns blazing during the night, our supply lines are under heavy fire. It is now certain that #French troops are defending the line #Noordschote-#Steenstrate-Het Sas
    Jacobus Winters, #Boezinge: Rain in the morning. I teach theory to my new platoon for 1 hour: they are all #Flemish with 4 exceptions and their eyes shine, when they learn that I love their mother tongue (#Flemisch - #Nederlands)
    2 #Canadian TnlCmp, #SanctuaryWood: 7 wounded, 1 wounded at #TopTor
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: Gunning all day and night: farmer Derckx of #Dranouter is killed by a shell. The sky is clouded. We learn that the assault is to take place tomorrow at dawn: there are only few soldiers on the street in the evening as they already have taken up their positions. The soldiers are very optimistic and talk about liberation all of #Flanders (#Vlaanderen) in the next weeks. The civilians are less optimistic and wonder what is going to happen to ‘our’ #Flanders (#Vlaanderen) and their family on the other side. It’s both: hope and fear, joy and sadness at the same time: let us trust in God’s protection and ask that He may act towards us with His Wisdom and goodness! Since 2 weeks now, no #Belgian soldiers in the #French sector are allowed to go on leave

    29th of July
    Today 1917
    The 1094th day of war#Russian resistance S of #Dniestr, but retirement in #Bukovina
    Furious artillery battle in #Flanders (#Vlaanderen)
    #London: Enemy positions attacked near #Lombardsijde. Seaplanes throw bombs on the factories in #Brugge, #Torhout, #Middelkerke and #Gistel: all planes return safely
    #Berlin: There is a fierce artillery battle in #Flanders (#Vlaanderen) to get the superiority, before the infantry will play its role. The #Germans keep retaliating although peppered with 38cm shells and the most broad use of gas against them: they successfully fight the enemy. #British monitors (vessels) are thrown back in their attempt to silence the coastal batteries (#Flanders - #Vlaanderen). #British batteries particularly active between ‘Sas’ and ‘Wieltje (Ypres). The #British again unssuccesfull try to throw a bridge over the #IJzer at #Nieuwpoort
    #Rotterdam, #Belgian schools: Prizes ceremonially awarded and school feast. A fifth school is soon to be opened in #Feyenoord. Holland is at the top of the nations in providing accommodation for those oppressed and persecuted
    René Deckers, #Oostkerke: Shelling the last 2 nights on #StJansMolen, Oostkerke, #Lettenburg and #NieuwLettenburg. Impossible to sleep, the deflagration come every second: one explodes 5 meters from my place. Intact detonators and heads of shells can be found everywhere, the soil is full of it: I unbury an excellent sample. The nights are full of flares, while in the South artillery duels take place
    Jacobus Winters, #Boezinge: At mass I thank God for my new appointment. I go to #Gravelines, where I join my new Cmy, the commander is in a bad mood and I hope this will not last
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: 2 masses with thundering guns all over. 1 boy says ‘It is a petty I am not master of the gun, the war would be over soon!’ #Armentières is shelled with big shells and at the same time with gas: small barrels fall down, break on the ground and spread a white powder turns into gas, starting its murderous work: because of the big shells, the civilians are forced into the cellars and it is then that the gas starts its suffocating task: 1000 civilians are poisoned and more 300 die. The Deacon was a testimony to all: he refused to leave the town as long as other civilians were still there: he is found suffocated besides his two maids. In the afternoon the streets of #Reningelst are crowded with soldiers: no less than 900.000 from here to the coast, with other troops and artillery continuously being added. In #Bailleul the hospital is shelled: 30 dead and 40 wounded

    28th of July
    Today 1917
    The 1093rd day of war
    Successful #British air raid into #Belgium
    Eastern Front: Further #Russian retreat into #Galicia: Russian frontier reached. Continued #Rumanian advance in #Moldova
    #Berlin: Uninterrupted gunning in #Flanders (#Vlaanderen) day and night: the maximum gunning is reached in this war. 35 enemy planes downed
    #London: 54 prisoners and 2 MG’s taken
    #Nederland: Yesterday about 30 young #Belgian recruits managed to cross the border into #Holland
    #KingAlbert, #QueenElisabeth, #DePanne: Afternoon snack offered to the schoolchildren from the school of #Vinkem
    Jacobus Winters, #Boezinge: Regimental march music: my soldier are proud and happy with my appointment as officer. May God help me to truly keep the oath I have sworn. I am appointed to a new Cmy – the 9th. I am sad to have to leave my boys
    2 #Canadian TnlCmp, #SanctuaryWood: 0-11 p.m. Enemy aeroplanes dropped bombs in the vicinity
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: In the evening 7 #German planes with bombs and MG’s, throwing and shooting everywhere. Gunning all day. Father MacKam says that for every shell the #Germans send, the #British answer with 20

    27th of July
    Today 1917
    The 1092nd day of war
    #France: Further fighting N of #Aisne, #German attacks in Champagne repulsed
    Over 3000 merchant ships are now armed
    #London, #DailyMail: Never before the war has been more fierce, without any actual battle taking place: we live in a storm of #British and #German artillery fire, which makes the air tremble more than 100 miles away, enlarging the war area on both sides. A few projectiles of 15’ dropped 32km away from the frontline. Today, thousands of shells are fired at Ypres and #Koksijde, Nieuwpoort and #Oostende are shelled. We do on a bigger scale what the #Germans are doing: many more attacks. The #Germans fire more during the night, we fire more during the day
    #Oostburg, #Nederland: Exceptionally heavy gunning from the direction of Ypres during the night and continuing during the day often sounding like drum fire. From time to time heavy explosions are heard and there is considerable plane activity. Most inhabitants here are having a restless night
    #Belgium: A #Belgian unit captures the crew of a stranded U-boat. Our planes shoot down 3 enemy planes
    #Berlin: A great artillery battle is raging in #Flanders (#Vlaanderen), particularly S of #Dismuide an both sides of #Hollebeke
    #KingAlbert, #QueenElisabeth, #DePanne: Visit to the artillery of 6LA. Trip to #Hardelot
    Jacobus Winters, #Boezinge: At noon as I arrive I learn that 2Lt Dieudonné announces that our promotion as Officers hass arrived. We are summoned by the Major and our stars are fixed on our uniform. The Major receives us with open arms are we are seated next to him at table
    2 #Canadian TnlCmp, #SanctuaryWood: 2 O.R. gassed
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: Much shelling through the night and shells on #Poperinge. At 10.45pm #German planes throw bombs on #Westouter. At farm Lamerant 18 mules are killed and at farm Verhaege 40 horses; also 5 soldiers wounded and 13 wounded. At farm Maes 27 horses and 2 men killed and 3 wounded. There are 26 fixed #British observation balloons

    26th of July
    Today 1917
    The 1091st day of war
    #France: Repeated #German attacks in #Champagne
    Eastern Front: #Austrian-#Germans take #Kolomea (#Galicia)
    The #German #AirForce is reorganized into units of 50: the best-known being #Richthofen’s Circus, named after the charismatic ace Baron von Richthofen and being composed of planes painted in the flashy colors
    #London: a local battle takes place during the night SW of #Waasten (#Warneton), our troops beating the #Germans out of the village, but in a counter-attack we draw back to our own lines. Prisoners made NE of Ypres
    Jacobus Winters, #Boezinge: Exercises!
    2 #Canadian TnlCmp, #SanctuaryWood: 1 O.R. wounded
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: 4 more masses in my barn/church: 2 #British and 2 #French. More and more troops arriving. After mass a huge armoured railway gun drives by: 25 meters long on 32 wheels, it is followed by a series of wagons with guns and men: the gun drives towards #Bailleul, fires a few rounds to the #Germans and then returns to its parking place behind farm Onraet. Every day the huge gun makes a few trips like that and when that monster opens it muzzle the whole village of Dikkebus shakes: I am sure that in #Menen the people talk about this chap! Heaviest gunning in the afternoon in #Wijtschate and #Voormezele and N of Ypres. The #Germans are using gas again: there is a continuous flow of ambulances with wounded. Some have their eyes burnt and are blind. Some are brought in completely naked: the #Germans are use a product that goes through their clothes, that burns them, so their clothes have to be taken off immediately; these people suffer greatly. Everything points towards an imminent assault, we long for it. All traffic by civilians is forbidden at 10am in the morning: nobody knows why, 10am is when there is the least army traffic

    25th of July
    Today 1917
    The 1090th day of war
    #France: Intense gunning in #Flanders (#Vlaanderen)
    Eastern Front: #Russian retreat continues in E #Galicia. #Russian-#Rumanian advance in S #Moldova
    #Berlin: Up until now, this month, 6000 men and 150 officers have been taken prisoner. The artillery battle in #Flanders (#Vlaanderen), which is the heaviest of the whole war, continues. At several points enemy patrols, having entered our lines are thrown back and prisoners are made. Our coastal batteries drive away advancing enemy sea forces. drum fire still increasing at the coast and around Ypres. Unsuccessful #British reconnaissance attacks continue
    #KingAlbert, #QueenElisabeth, #DePanne: Visit to the 1st #French Army. Together with Gen Anthoine the King visits #Lo, #OostVleteren, #Krombeke and #Rexpoëde (#France). The 1st #French Army occupies the sector ‘Driegrachten’-#Boezinge and will take part in the great offensive on the 31st of July in #Flanders (#Vlaanderen)
    Jacobus Winters, #Boezinge: Exercises
    2 #Canadian TnlCmp, #SanctuaryWood: 1 p.: A daylight raid takes place from Crab Crawl & results in 15 German prisoners being brought back
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: Today I go to #Poperinge to get my pass: I was reprimanded twice, but it still takes 2 weeks to get it. Shelling at 12.30pm: 1 shell explodes in farm Vandemarliere, causing much damage: the inhabitants were just in the cellar since ½ minute, so nobody gets hurt. More shells at several farms. Bad news again from the #Russians: #Tarnopol has fallen. This week the farms start harvesting: the harvest is good although the wheat is too wet; May and June were good months

    24th of July
    Today 1917
    The 1089th day of war
    #France: #French counter-attack regains ground at #Aisne
    Southern Front: #Russian Government restores #DeathPenalty at the front
    #Canadian military service bill passed
    #Paris, #Deutschland, #Nederland: Magaretha Zelle (#MataHari) is judged as spy for #Germany
    #London: Successful raids N and NE of Ypres: 114 prisoners. Heavy gunning near #Lombardsijde (#Nieuwpoort)
    #Cadzand, #Nederland: 7-8am:#British ships fire on #Oostende and #Zeebrugge. It is not possible to see if there is damage. Retaliation from the coast on the ships that are ony barely visible
    #QueenElisabeth, #DePanne: Trip to #Hardelot-Plage, via #Boulogne with Princess Marie-José: she will be there for 4 days: the wood nearby is a preferate place for the Royals to spend holidays
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: The Whole of the night very heavy gunning at #Boezinge and #Steenstrate. When the trains arrive in the evening at #Poperinge they are welcomed by heavy shelling. There are now 8 #British and 1 #Australian Division in the area

    23rd of July
    Today 1917
    The 1088th day of war
    Eastern Front: #Russian undisciplined retreat in #Galicia continues on a front of 150m
    #Belgium, WVL: Successful raids W of #Hollebeke: prisoners made
    René Deckers, #Oostkerke: This morning the guardsman wakes me up at 5am screaming ‘gasalarm’! I continue sleeping, thinking it’s better to die by gas than by suffocating inside a gasmask, but not for long, because the guard comes and says this time it is serious. The air indeed smells of methyl, but it’s only tear gas. I learn that #Nieuwkapelle has been shelled with suffocating gas
    #Australian 1TunCmp, #Hill60: 1 man and and Lt-Justice L.B. wounded
    2 #Canadian TnlCmp, #SanctuaryWood: 1 O.R. killed. 3 O.R. wounded. 3 O.R. gassed. The workings at Dormy Ho., Ritz St. & Ridge St. are turned over by Coy. to 18th Infantry Div
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: Above #Westouter and #Poperinge #German planes drop their bombs and then fly over low at about 100m with MG’s spraying their fire on the soldiers camps: a series of soldiers are killed and wounded. An AA-gun shrapnel explodes in the house of Delplace from Ypres. A piece of shrapnel pierces through the head of daughter Delplace from top to bottom. Everybody thought she would die, but she recovered

    22nd of July
    Today 1917
    The 1087th day of war
    #France: Intense artillery activity in #Flanders
    Eastern Front: #Russian retreat in #Galicia extending. #Russians penetrate #German defenses E of #Vilna: 1000 prisoners, but further success jeopardized by indiscipline
    Southern Front: #British raid on #Bulgar trenches on the #Struma front
    Successful #British raid at #Gaza (#Palestine, #Israel)
    #Siam (#Thailand) declares war with #Germany and #Austria-#Hungary
    #London: successful raid on farm E of #Oosttaverne (#Wijtschate): prisoners made
    #KingAlbert, #QueenElisabeth, #DePanne: Visit by #French #President #Poincaré, arriving at 11am in De Panne. A Cmp is paraded on the beach. The King explains that the #British Supreme Command suggested to him to leave De Panne, but that he decided to stay on #Belgian soil
    René Deckers, #Oostkerke: De air being very clear, contributes to the gunning. The air is full of the sound of air planes and observation balloon everywhere: they haved double in number in the last few months, lining the frontline
    #Australian 1TunCmp, #Hill60: Repairing captured enemy dugout
    2 #Canadian TnlCmp, #SanctuaryWood: 20 O.R. reinforcements for Coy. from C.E.T.D. #Crowborough, #England report for duty
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: Since the beginning of the war, I could choose the roads with the least shelling to go somewhere, but now the gunning is so severe that there is shelling everywhere. Just before High Mass, farm Delporte is shelled and set aflame: the shells howl over our temporary church. The #British Padre Hourley, has just finished mass, when he has left 10 minutes later a shell explodes and completely destroys the church. Shells on #Poperinge. At farm Dauchy an incendiairy shell sets the beautiful massive barn alight: all the splendid tools and machines, worth 4000BF are destroyed

    21st of July
    Today 1917
    The 1086th day of war
    Heavy artillery battle in #Flanders (#Vlaanderen)
    Eastern Front: #German progress S of the #Dniester, reaching suburbs of #Tarnopol
    HMS ‘Otway’ torpedoed: at least 10 lost
    #Germany: arrest of Gen #Pilsudski (#Polish patriot)
    Occupied #Belgium: Hungry people start looting fields and fruit plantations
    #KingAlbert, #QueenElisabeth, #DePanne: Meetings with a series of politicians concerning the upcoming offensive: maybe also talking about the underground #Flemish movement at the front
    Jacobus Winters, #Boezinge: We celebrate the National Day, much better than the #French National Day
    René Deckers, #Oostkerke: I am charged to check the number of shells, which seems easy at first sight, but there about 2000. To me one more or less doesn’t matter too much, but the commander has different view on that
    #Australian 1TunCmp, #Hill60: Tunneled dugout ‘L’Enfer Wood’
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: #Belgian independance celebrated. Terrible gunning during the night: several munition depots explode. 5 huge shells at the mill of the château of #Reningelst

    20th of July
    Today 1917
    The 1085th day of war
    Eastern Front: #German breach of #Russian front in #Galicia growing
    #Serbian government approves the ‘#Korfoe Declaration’ opening the way to the later founding of #Yugoslavia: it calls upon #Croatia, #Montenegro, #Serbia and #Slovenia to unite into country
    #Russia: Alexander #Kerenski appoint as head of the temporary Government, but not recognized by the extreme left-revolutionary groups
    #London: enemy artillery active around #Lombardsijde (#Nieuwpoort). Many air battles: 3 enemy planes downed, 6 others forced to land, we miss 4 planes
    #KingAlbert, #QueenElisabeth, #DePanne: It is decided to join De Panne to the #British sector: just like most civilians, the King and Queen refuse to leave. They decide to go and live in de #Moeren in château Sinte-Flora in #Adinkerke: it is less comfortable, but villa Maskens is kept at their disposal
    Arthur Pasquier, #Diksmuide: I go on furlow first to #Bourbourg and then to #Paris, where I stay in the magnificent residency of the #President of the Republic. Back at the frontline we are lodged in tents quite near to the frontline, waiting for the offensive: #German reconnaissance regularly fly over, low to the ground, shooting with their MG’s while being shot at
    René Deckers, #Oostkerke: A #French battery takes aim at #German positions, but is shelled by #German 150mm’s in the afternoon: then #French are furious, as the 2nd artillery Bde, with the task of obstruct counter-fire is heavily criticized, because it failed in its task.
    #Australian 1TunCmp, #Hill60: Building trench tramways
    2 #Canadian TnlCmp, #SanctuaryWood: 1 O.R. killed, Dormy House. Sgt.S.D. Smith killed. 1 O.R. wounded
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: Again a series of farms shelled. Again many soldiers in #Westouter

    19th of July
    Today 1917
    The 1084th day of war
    Heavy attacks S of #Lombardsijde (#Nieuwpoort)
    #German counter-offensive near #Lemberg: #Russian positions pierced because of troops insubordination: the #Russian units start to dissolve, many units refuse to fight, the number of deserters is mounting. The #Germans regain part of their lost territory after the #Kerenski offensive; counter-attacks by the 4th #Russian Army and #Rumanians are thrown back
    #Turkish cavalry force encountered W of #Beersheba (#Israel-#Palestine) and driven back
    Main positions in #Narongombe (E #Africa) attacked with heavy casualties on both sides
    Members of the #Reichstag (#Germany) approve a peace resolution, supporting the end of the war, as suggested by the #US #President Woodrow #Wilson
    #Berlin: enemy attack near #Lombardsijde and E of #Messines (#Mesen) fails
    #London: raids N of Ypres take prisoners
    #Berlin: Only in #Flanders (#Vlaanderen) heavy gunning
    René Deckers, #Oostkerke: The #French artillery is taking positions in the area
    #Australian 1TunCmp, #Hill60: Road repairing in forward area’s: #Vierstrate-#Wijtschate, Rd S#StElooi-Dome House-Eikhof
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: 3 times during the night barrages on farm Desmarets: 1 shell explodes in the stable and kills 3 horses, Robert Bonduelle being in the stable is unharmed. Several shells on nearby farms. Another shell during mass in the pasture of Lamerant and another while I am having breakfast: the shrapnel hits the wall, still another shell at 10am. Still more #Australian artillery driving by in the morning. Much gunning in the afternoon around #Hollebeke and #Boezinge: we learn that the #Germans attack and take some trenches

    18th of July
    Today 1917
    The 1083rd day of war
    #France: #German attacks S of #StQuentin and #Verdun
    Eastern Front: #Russian gain and lose #Nowica (#Galicia)
    #Russia: revolt in #Petrograd crushed, order restored
    #Allies start with preceding barrages in preparation of the upcoming offensive in the Ypres Salient: about 1400 guns open fire and throw explosive and gas shells at the #German trenches around the town. The drum fire continues continuously until the last day of the month, until 3rd Ypres starts, also called the Battle of #Passchendale (#Passendale). The #Allied gunning destroys the lower ground with its high water level: the whole natural and artificial drainage system is destroyed
    #London: Successful raids N and E of Ypres, prisoners taken. E of #Oosttaverne (#Wijtschate) enemy storm troops are driven back. Heavy gun exchanges near #Lombardsijde, a #German assault is driven back
    #KingAlbert, #QueenElisabeth, #DePanne: Visit by Filipp Meda, Minister of Finances in #Italy. Talk with P. Hymans
    René Deckers, #Oostkerke: The 18th on a rainy night I go back to the frontline: I am depressed and afraid to be punished, as I am 1 day late
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: Calm night. The whole of the night #Australian artillery moves through the village on its way to #Vlamertinge. Several bombardments around farm Henri Breyne and the tent of Saelens: a shell falls on the barn of Breyne, Henri Lamerant being in the area gets a stone on his arm

    17th of July
    Today 1917
    The 1082nd day of war
    #France: #French regain positions N of #Verdun
    Successful #British raids around Ypres
    Eastern Front: #Russians hold their positions in #German counter-thrust in #Galicia
    #Russia: Continued disorder in #Petrograd
    #GreatBritain: Royal Proclamation: the Royal House will not be called anymore ‘von Sachsen-Coburg und Gotha’, from now on it will be called ‘#Windsor’
    The 13-year old Prince Karel from #Belgium finishes his final exams at the #Belgian #Marine school and will soon embark on a #British warship
    #Berlin: In #Hollebeke and #Waasten (#Warneton) #British raids at the #Belgian coast and E of Ypres are thrown back. A big air battle over #Vlaanderen: 50 planes engage each other: we shoot down 11 enemy planes and 1 observation balloon
    2 #Canadian TnlCmp, #SanctuaryWood: 2 O.R. wounded
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: Louis De Wilde is buried: as his body was being taken to #Poperinge, the cart was shelled a second time: the cast was demolished and the parts of his body had to be gathered and put into another cast. Much #Australian artillery is driving by. Gunning at noon in #Voormezele. I have never seen such big shrapnel flying around. 1000 supporters gather for a boxing contest at ‘Zevecote’ (#Reningelst). Beautiful theatre and cinema halls in #Reningelst

    16th of July
    Today 1917
    The 1081st day of war
    #France: #German counter-attacks repulsed in #Champagne
    Eastern Front: #Russian withdrawal in #Galicia
    Southern Front: #Italian raid in #Carso: 275 prisoners
    Crisis in #Russia: resignation of 4 Ministers of Cadet Party, as protest against recognition of #Ukraine
    #London: NE of #Messines (#Mesen) our lines have advanced slightly. Many tons of bombs are dropped on ‘Solvay’ factories in #Zeebrugge, on the railway crossings in #Oostende, #Middelkerke and #Lichtervelde, all planes come back safely
    #KingAlbert, #QueenElisabeth, #DePanne: Visit by CO of the #Allies, Gen Pétain. Talks about the upcoming #Allied offensive, to start on the 31st of July between #Steenstrate and #Warneton (#Waasten)
    #Australian 1TunCmp, #Hill60: 1/3 of the Cmp resting at #StOmer
    2 #Canadian TnlCmp, #SanctuaryWood: 49 O.R. reinforcements for Coy. from C.E.T.D. #Crowborough, #England, report for duty
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: Shells on #Poperinge all day. There are 21 observation balloons. A #German plane has to make a emergency landing, the young pilot, about 18, jumps out a few meters from the ground on top of a horse and tries to flee, but he doesn’t get very far. Mrs Tahon and her baby are buried today. Big news: the #German Chancellor Bethman-Holweg resigns

    15th of July
    Today 1917
    The 1080th day of war
    #France: #British air raid on #Belgium
    Eastern Front: #German opposition stiffening in #Galicia
    Southern Front: #Italian raid in #Carso: 275 prisoners
    #London, report: Lively both-sides gunning near #Armentières, #Wijtschate and #Nieuwpoort
    #ZeeuwsVlaanderen, #Nederland: Bombing assault during the night in the area of #Brugge and towards #Gent. Several planes flying over ZeeuwsVlaanderen
    #KingAlbert, #QueenElisabeth, #DePanne: Visit to Gen Dujardin, CO of the ‘Mixed’ Brigade
    Jacobus Winters, #DePanne: We have to change rooms as our room is now rented
    #Australian 1TunCmp, #Hill60: One man wounded on the 13th
    2 #Canadian TnlCmp, #SanctuaryWood: 1 O.R. killed & 1 O.R. wounded. 8th R.G. Hospital 1 O.R. dies of sickness
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: Many shells at a series of farms and in #Poperinge, where several civilians are killed, also soldiers leaving mass. Outrage! Many inhabitants in Dikkebus are being force evacuated. Only 5 people per farm may stay, the other have to evacuate to #Watou: only a small bundle of things are allowed to be taken, a crual measure all of a sudden announced on Saturday evening or Sunday morning. There is no care for the civilians and the harvest is at hand! Our women and girls are abused and sent into the world, while the men can stay. Numerous are those weeping, cursing and lamenting and only a few hours are given to execute the order. A gendarme of Dikkebus even laughs at the misery of the people. The gendarms have to use force and sometimes even their weapons to force the evacuation. Evacuations also in #Vlamertinge, #Woesten and #Elverdinge, with the same scenes. Due to the resistance of the civilians in the #French sector the evacuation has to be abandoned. 40 and 49 people in the masses. There are now still 250 people living in Dikkebus. Also near #Veurne civilians are put on trains and force-evacuated to the South of #France, just like in the #German occupied territory. The #Belgian soldiers protest vehemently. The government reacts with great speaches, which infuriate the #Belgians, who see the reality at the frontline. Only 1 minister – Helleputte - has been at the frontline for the whole duration of the war

    14th of July
    Today 1917
    The 1079th day of war
    #German attacks around #Lombardsijde (#Nieuwpoort) repulsed
    #British successful raid on #Turks near #Gaza (#Israel)
    #USA: #Congress votes: £128.000.000, 22.000 planes and 100.000 airmen for the #WesternFront
    #Berlin, report: #British attacks repulsed near #Lombardsijde. Lively gunning E and SE of Ypres
    #London, report: Navy planes bombard airfields: #Aartrijke, #Houtave, #Nieuwmunster, #Gistel; stations: #Torhout, #Brugge and #Oostende
    #KingAlbert, #QueenElisabeth, #DePanne: Talks with Ingenbleek concerning the #Flemish cause
    Jacobus Winters, #DePanne: We celebrate the #French National Day. We meet refugees from #Antwerpen: daughter and son both play the mandolin
    #Australian 1TunCmp, #Hill60: Repairing captured enemy dugouts
    2 #Canadian TnlCmp, #SanctuaryWood: Coy. turns over the completed workings at Railway Dug Outs to 18th Infantry Div
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: Relative quiet night. Poperinge Shelled 3 civilians killed.

    13th of July
    Today 1917
    The 1078th day of war
    Eastern Front: Further #Russian progress around #Kalust (#Galicia): 1600 prisoners
    #KingAlbert, #DePanne: Talks with #British Gen Du Cane in #BrayDunes, attached to Mk #Haig’s staff in connection to the upcoming offensive in #Flanders. Nieuwpoort is severely shelled
    Jacobus Winters, #DePanne: ‘Ecole de Peloton’ on the beach
    #Australian 1TunCmp, #Hill60: Digging in tunneled dugouts in ‘L’Enfer Wood’
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: 3 bombs are dropped on teh ‘Gendarmerie’ of Dikkebus. Shells at Ouderdom in the afternoon: Jakob’s daughter flees in panic, but is overrun by a car and severely wounded; the pub ‘Casino’ is demolished. The pub of Dewilde is hit by a shell: mother and daughter are unharmed in the cellar, but upstairs, Louis’ arm is torn off and dies. I have seldom seen a house being so demolished by just one shell, impossible to repair or to continue living in it. There much fewer troops now in #Westouter and #Reningelst, many camps abandoned, but more troops in Dikkebus

    12th of July
    Today 1917
    The 1077th day of war
    #British raid into #Belgium
    Eastern Front: #Russian progress towards #Dolina (#Galicia)
    Report that #Turks have been routed by Kin of #Hejaz in N #Arabia: 700 killed, 600 prisoners
    #China: #Chinese Republicans enter #Peking (#Beijing)
    #Berlin, report: attacks by the enemy repulsed E of #Nieuwpoort and S of Ypres: some prisoners and MG’s taken. During a patrol fight W of #Woumen some prisoners are made
    #Oostburg, #Nederland: Last night planes again dropped bombs at the #Belgian coast, many explosions, 2 very heavy explosions towards the morning
    #London, report: raids on enemy positions SE of Ypres. Enemy raids repulsed at the canal Ypres-#Comines (#Komen) and E of #Nieuwpoort: prisoners taken
    #KingAlbert, #DePanne: Talk with Gen De Ceuninck, who is to become Minister of War
    Jacobus Winters, #DePanne: ‘Ecole du Soldat’ on the beach
    #Australian 1TunCmp, #Hill60: Road repairing and maintaining in forward areas
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: Desaster in #Nieuwpoort! The #British, who recently took over positions on the other side of the #IJzer in preparation of the great upcoming offensive, were assaulted by #Germans and thrown over the river #IJzer. #Bailleul is shelled today: civilians killed. #German planes throw bombs at #Ouderdom and AA-guns shoot at them: sadly, a piece of AA-gun shrapnel pierces through the roof of the tent/barrack of family Tahon, sitting at the table: the shrapnel pierces through a chest with clothes on the 1st floor, through the ceiling, through their baby sitting on its mother’s lap, tears off the thigh of the mother and lodges itself 1 meter into the ground: little Albert, 18 months is dead on the spot, the mother (32) is hospitalized, but dies a few hours later. Never before have I seen something as horribly beautiful as this baby: it was laughing at the moment it died and it’s facial expression was fixed in death – it is now laughing in that manner in heaven! Family Tahon has particulary suffered during this war: 11.’14: Aunt and niece killed; 3.’16: Aunt killed; 8.’16: Sister and Sister-in-law wounded; 5.’17: mother-in-law wounded and now his wife and child killed

    11th of July
    Today 1917
    The 1076th day of war
    Eastern Front: Capture of #Calusz (W of #Stanislau, #Galicia) by #Russians
    #British column from #Fallujah (#Euprhates) engages #Turkish force up the river and inflicts considerable loss
    Report of #British operations in E #Africa published
    The #British start a major air campaign above Ypres: the goal is to take the #Germans out of the air before the #British will launch a major offensive (#Passchendaele - #Passendale) at the end of the month
    Occupied #Belgium, report from #Maastricht: The first shipment of bread, since long, is shipped to #Belgium
    #Berlin, report: #Oostduinkerke bombed by our planes and 3 enemy observation balloons and planes downed
    #KingAlbert, #QueenElisabeth, #DePanne: Meeting with de Broqueville and Ingenbleek. Talks about the #Flemish demands
    Jacobus Winters, #DePanne: ‘The Soldiers School’ on the beach
    2 #Canadian TnlCmp, #SanctuaryWood: 3 O.R. wounded. 13. 1 O.R. wounded
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: Shelling in the morning. 3 #British observation balloons shot down. Seldom #German balloons are shot down. Seldom, the #British planes attack the #German planes when they attack the balloons. An #Australian Division marches through #DeKlijte. My brother Rémi, comes here on furlough

    10th of July
    Today 1917
    The 1075th day of war
    #Belgium, #WestVlaanderen: After intense barrage #Germans gain ground at the mouth of the #IJzer near #Nieuwpoort, destroying parts of 2 #British battalions and taking 1000 prisoners. #British counter-attacks drives #Germans back from advanced positions gained near #Lombardsijde
    Eastern Front: #Russians capture #Galicz, 2000 prisoners taken
    Since the beginning of the war the #British have captured 117.772 prisoners and 759 guns
    #Berlin, report: The enemy has been thrown over the #IJzer: more than 1250 prisoners, of which 27 officers. The #British losses are high. Artillery fire around #Wijtschate increasing during the night. Our planes drop bombs on the stations and sluices near #Nieuwpoort
    #London, report: The enemy attempted to approach our advanced positions S of #Belgian report: #StJoris, but our fire drove them back. N of #Diksmuide fighting was fearce, also at #Steenstrate and ‘Het Sas’. Since yesterday the #German artillery is shelling position behind the frontline: some casualties among the civilians
    #KingAlbert, #QueenElisabeth, #DePanne: #Germans capture ‘Redan’ in #Nieuwpoort, just after #British take over from the #French: it is the only part of the #IJzer river mouth that still used to be in #Allied hands
    Jacobus Winters, #DePanne: To the beach to train the new rules about training with and without weapons: we start with the ‘School of the Soldier’
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: Again much gunning during the night. I can hear the shells whistling, but they do not fall nearby. Quite an amount of munition exploding in the ‘Galgebossen’ between #Reningelst, #Poperinge, #Elverdinge and #Vlamertinge. At #Zevecote (#Reningelst) the pub of #Lermytte burns down. Although it’s only 3 minutes from here – cause unknown, we only learn from the next day: such news is too small to be much talked about. The 25th and 30th divisions arrive

    9th of July
    Today 1917
    The 1074th day of war
    #France: #British line slightly advances near #Messines (#Mesen)
    Eastern Front: #Russian offensive progresses SW of #Halicz, enemy driven back, 1000 prisoners
    Southern Front: #Austrian attacks at #Isonzo repulsed
    #British planes bomb #Constantinople and the #Turkish-#German fleet
    #Russians evacuate towns on #Mesopotamian front owing to #Turkish pressure
    HMS Vanguard blown up as a result of internal explosion
    #Berlin, report: A british assault ZW of #Hollebeke is repulsed aswell as NE of #Messines (#Mesen)
    #London, report: Our lines move forward near #Oosttaverne. Successful raid S of the canal Ypres-#Comines (#Komen)
    #KingAlbert, #QueenElisabeth, #DePanne: #Diksmuide: 27 men of the 4th LinieReg killed in artillery barrage
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: Calm night. 7 tanks drive through Ouderdom going to the frontline. Talk everywhere about an upcoming offensive from the #Leie to the #NorthSea: they have to get through at all costs. #Flanders should be free within a few weeks. The soldiers say that it will be terrible, an enduring assault. The newspapers also keep reporting about it. The civilians are afraid of the barrages that will preceed the battles. One farmer asks to get permission to flee with his cattle in view of the upcoming offensive, but he is arrested and questioned about what he knows about the upcoming offensive. Shelling in the morning at several farms, soldiers killed. The #British report about an advance in #Wijtschate. Today I hear something new, a #Canadian band playing the #Belgian National Anthem

    8th of July
    Today 1917
    The 1073nd day of war
    #France: #German attacks on the #Aisne repulsed
    Eastern Front: Gen Kornilov breaks open the #Austrian front: 7000 prisoners taken, cavalry persues enemy, but rout stemmed by #German reseres
    #USA: The #US declares an embargo on exportation of foods, metal and coal
    #KingAlbert, #QueenElisabeth, #DePanne: Princess Marie-José, having finished her 1st year secondary education in #Firenze (#Italy), is fetched in #Paris by her parents
    Raoul Snoeck, #Stavele: On leave in #Roule (#Normandy) at the #Seine. Rowing boats are leased and we play in the water to the alarm of the fishermen. We are hungry in the evening, also because of the gymnastics after swimming. We receive deliciously served fish, which we devour with the appetite of 23-year-olds
    René Deckers, #DePanne: I get leave. I am 1 day in #Calais and 7 days in #Paris, where we celebrate the wedding anniversary of my parents. The moral of the #Parisians is excellent and the presence of the #American troops is ‘contagious’
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: Again shelling in #Hollebeke. Exceptionally calm day. Masses

    7th of July
    Today 1917
    The 1072nd day of war
    Big #German airplane attack on #London: 57 killed, 193 injured, 11 enemy planes accounted for. #British planes bomb #Gistel
    #Berlin, report: heavy artillery exchanges near #Wijtschate. #British reconnaissance raids thwarted E of Ypres. Our artillery fire detonates a series of munition depots and sets fires. An enemy patrol of about 100 men enters our positions on the railway Ypres-#Roeselare and is immediately thrown back: the enemy leaves some dead, wounded and prisoners
    #London, report: successful raids N of Ypres, taking some prisoners
    #KingAlbert, #QueenElisabeth, #DePanne: Visit to the #KingGeorgeV and Queen Mary in #Trammecourt. Visit to the #British and #French frontlines by #KingGeorgeV in #Rexpoede
    Jacobus Winters, #Boezinge: At 3pm we leave #Bourbourg for #Gravelines, 10km away, where we are part of the reserve of the Army. Beyens and I stay with old fisher. They prepare our meals, we are well taken care of
    2 #Canadian TnlCmp, #SanctuaryWood: Lieut.G.H. Gilchrist awarded Military Cross. 5th 12 O.R. 30th Div. attached Infantry reported for duty. 8 Officers & 210 O.R. 30th Div. temporary attached Infantry reported for duty
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: #German planes and MG fire active during the night. Several farms shelled near #Reningelst. The report says that there is a slight advance near #Hollebeke. A #British observation balloon is shot on fire in #Dikkebus. Shells at ‘t Vogeltje’ near #Poperinge

    6th of July
    Today 1917
    The 1071st day of war
    #German towns bombed by #French planes
    Eastern Front: #Russian attack in #Galicia spreading in region of #Stanislau. Heavy fighting near #Brzezany
    #British destroyer torpedoed in #NorthSea: 8 lost
    Crisis in the Reichstag in #Germany: demand for reforms in domestic and foreign policy and peace without annexations
    #Nederland: A #German squadron flies from E to W over the southern border of #Holland: they are not attacked. An extremely heavy bombardment heard and felt all of the night by those living near the border: it is suspected that there is an attack on #Zeebrugge
    #London, report: Many air battles around Ypres, many enemy planes, one squadron of 30 planes: 14 planes downed, we miss 5
    #KingAlbert, #DePanne: The King flies in a new plane ‘Sopwith’ over the heavily damaged towns of #Nieuwpoort and Ypres and above #Bergues. Fighter planes escort the King
    Arthur Pasquier, #Hoogstade: As I am still weak, having just come from hospital, I am advised to go on leave, the order has already been issued. I receive the Military Distinction and the War Cross
    René Deckers, #DePanne: I am relieved of the function of NCO-observer and become adjudant of 2Lt Moreau
    Jacobus Winters, #Boezinge: 8am: departure on foot to #Bourbourg, by #Bergues: 30km: the men march well, despite the heat and 6 days of ‘long guard’. We arrive in the evening. Command has recommended Beyens and me for promotion
    2 #Canadian TnlCmp, #SanctuaryWood: One O.R. died of wounds received on 30.6.17. Ypres 9.7.17. 1 O.R. wounded
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: 10 communions. Heaviest bombardment in #Boezinge. Louis Ghys’ house is demolished as they just have fled into the horse stable, but the stable is also hit and Mrs. Ghys arm is broken: she just came from hospital 2 days ago, having previously been wounded. Their mule loses an eye. Fam Ghys are grateful to have been protected and nothing worse has happened, although twice they lost all their furniture, having lost 2 daughters to typhoid in 1915 and daughter Reine having been wounded and now the mother having been wounded twice in 7 weeks. Several shells drop into a camp and a tent is blown away 15 meters, the 6 soldiers inside are not hurt. Towards #Kemmel a house at the ‘5 geboden’ is demolished. I make 7 visits to families: only 1 of the houses has not been shelled: Henry Depuydt can only still use ¼ of his house. No words can describe how much the civilians long for the offensive to start, throwing back the #Germans, as the actual conditions for the civilians at the frontline become unbearable: the soldiers say it will be in one week from now. We learn that the #Russians have started an offensive at #Lemberg, taking 20.000 prisoners

    5th of July
    Today 1917
    The 1070th day of war
    #British line slightly advanced S of Ypres
    #France: Artillery engagements in #Champagne
    Eastern Front: Artillery and infantry action in #Brzezany
    #British destroyer mined in the #NorthSea: 18 survivors
    #KingAlbert, #QueenElisabeth, #DePanne: Meeting with #KingGeorgeV and Queen Mary of #GreatBritain. A long visit to the #British frontline in #France. Lunch with the #British Royals and the #PrinceOfWales. Dinner at #StSixtus (#Westvleteren). It is decided that the #Belgian Army will launch an assault on #Diksmuide a soon as the #British-#French offensive made some advance
    Arthur Pasquier, #Elverdinge: My last days in hospital were boring, I wanted to be back with my unit. I get to #Woesten with a #RedCross car. Our position has been heavily shelled: 1400 shells. A gun was hit and thrown into the air. My place has been obliterated by a projectile. At the place of Capt Wallens 3 #British officers were instantly killed. This afternoon I hear the first whistling of a shell after my release from hospital and get terrified. I have seen to many thorn-off arms and legs, in the be next to mine a student-volunteer was amputated both legs above the knees. I hope to get control over my fear soon
    Raoul Snoeck, #Stavele: Life is much more enjoyable than at the frontline, although it certainly is no joke. We are trained hard in the big heat, sweating profusely
    Jacobus Winters, #Boezinge: 1am: relieved and to the back, where we get a warm meal. The to the road #Woesten-#OostVleteren, where we are taken with #French cars to #Killem for the night
    2 #Canadian TnlCmp, #SanctuaryWood: Cpl. A. McQueen killed. 1 O.R. wounded
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: Heavy shelling at several farms: tents destroyed and men and horses are killed. Very big shrapnel at farm Lievens, some pieces fly 700m far. Shells at 2pm, making craters as big as I have never seen: room for 5 horses to be buried. Astonishingly there are yet no civilian casualties in #Reningelst. Shells on #Poperinge. A #British observation balloon is set alight. Inhabitants of #Reningelst report that #Roesbrugge is crowded with #French. Chicory is now at 3.40Fr/Kg

    4th of July
    Today 1917
    The 1069th day of war
    Airplane raid on #Harwich: 17 killed, 30 injured
    #Israel: #Turkish cavalary reconnaissance from #Beersheba shelled and forced to retrieve
    #German sub attacin in force on #US transports defeated
    #British mine-sweeper sunk in #Mediterranean
    #London, report: SW of #Hollebeke our line advances over a front of 600m. Successful raids at Wieltje (Ypres) and #Nieuwpoort, taking several prisoners. British plane successfully bombard the airfelds of #Gistel and #Nieuwmunster and the seaplane sheds at #Oostende
    René Deckers, #DePanne: Our battery is now in an advanced position 500m E of #Oostkerke and #Kaaskerke. There is electricity in the air, more artillery is arriving and there is probably an upcoming offensive
    Jacobus Winters, #Boezinge: All of a sudden a barrage on our 2nd and 3rd line, like never before. I fear an attack is coming up. I put all soldiers on guard on the fronline trench and encourage them to stay calm and remember them their most important duty. Most of them are calm and I can count on them in case of trouble. After 30 minutes everything quietens down. At change of the guard in the evening one soldiers gets wounded in the hand
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: Much gunning during the night. Shells on farm Lievens. A plane drops bombs near farm Deraedt and kills several horses and men. A munition depot explodes at ‘t Schoonhuis. A #British plane is shot down on the road to #Abele. At 9am #KingGeorgeV drives through the village, having visited the battlefield of #Wijtschate and #Mesen (#Messines)

    3rd of July
    Today 1917
    The 1068th day of war
    #France: #German attacks towards #Verdun repulsed
    Eastern Front: #Russian attack on #Brezzany fails (#Galicia)
    #Nederland: Riots in #Amsterdam
    #Berlin, report: Artillery attacks on #British railway positions and bridges around Ypres. With observations from balloons and planes batteries, railway networks and trenches are pounded with shells. Near #Oostkerke a total 42 #Belgian soldiers have been captured
    #London, report: Successful plane raids on the port of #Brugge and the munition depot of #Lichtervelde. Several tons of bombs are dropped and the planes come back safe
    #KingAlbert, #QueenElisabeth, #DePanne: Sir Herbert #Plumer hand over the bell of the church of #Wijtschate. The bell was found unscathed during the assault on the 7th of June
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: Fierce shelling all day and night at a series of farms. In #Reningelst soldier Derycke is buried, killed in #OostVleteren: usually the request to bury the soldiers in their village is granted if in unoccupied #Belgium. War damage to our village up until today: 99 houses have completely disappeared; 50 are damaged beyond repair; 64 are as good as undamaged: sad, may the distruction soon stop!

    2nd of July
    Today 1917
    The 1067th day of war
    #Belgium: #British planes bombard #Brugge
    #France: #Germans drive #British back near #Lens
    Eastern Front: #Russian offensive near #Lemberg (#Galicia) in progress
    Jacobus Winters, #Boezinge: 2Lt Colpaert is killed by a shell shard at farm ‘Des Paratonneres)
    #Australian 1TunCmp, #Hill60: Building the #Wulvergem-#Wijtschate road
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: During the night only little les gunning. Shells at farms Delanotte and Deraedt. In the morning and the afternoon shells at and around farm Kasteleyn. Severe shelling at the wharf at farm Dalle since a few days now. In the afternoon I go again to #Abele: I notice that the big #British cemetery at ‘De Leene’ (#Lijssenthoek - #Poperinge) there are continually burials, particularly after the Battle of #Wijtschate (#Messines - #Mesen). I count 19 observation balloons

    1st of July
    Today 1917
    The 1066th day of war
    #France: Successful #French counter-attack NW of #Verdun
    Eastern Front: #Russian #Kerenski offensive under #Brusilov over a 50-mile front at #Lemberg in #Galicia: 3 lines of trenches taken and #12.000 prisoners. The #Russian advances towards the oil fields of #Drohobycz. It becomes more and more clear that the regular #Russian soldiers, do not obey their officers any longer: many units have created their own ‘#Sowjets’
    Southern Front: #Austrians very active in #Trentino
    #Nederland: Announcement of assurance by Lord Derby, that #Britain will not strike at #Germany through #Holland if she remains neutral
    #Berlin, report: #British reconnaissance attacks near #Nieuwpoort fail. Near #Diksmuide and at the #IJzer, our assault troops succed in to cause numerous losses to the enemy at take prisoner a large number of #Belgians. In #Flanders the main supply depot in Ypres of the #British is heavily gunned at: many explosions and fires are observed
    #KingAlbert, #QueenElisabeth, #DePanne: Visit by the Prince of #Wales, preceeding the visit of the #British #Royals. Talks with de Broqueville
    Jacobus Winters, #Boezinge: 1am: attack by the #Germans on our neigboring Cmp repulsed: the #Germans are thrown back with losses
    Raoul Snoeck, #Stavele: On leave in #Paris
    #Australian 1TunCmp, #Hill60: Road repairing and maintaining in forward area’s
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: Gunning all day and night, it has now been going on since 40 hours. At the masses there are as many people than on the other Sundays. Désiré Van Renterghem has just left his house 30 seconds when a shell destroys it. A new kind of shell explodes near the house of Gustaf Forceville: a penetration shell that digs deep into the ground and then makes a huge explosion throwing huge amounts of earth and debris into the air. Bad damage 30-40 yards away where the metal and debris comes down. Many shells around the farms, 2 soldiers die. We feel several terrible shocks as munition depots explode

    30th of June
    Today 1917
    The 1065th day of war
    #France: #British capture enemy defenses SW and W of #Lens. Violent infantry action near #Verdun
    Eastern Front: Heavy artillery action in #Galicia
    #German forces driven from #Nyassaland to the #Rovuma border by #British and #Portuguese
    #Greece breaks off relations with #Germany and #Austria-#Hungary
    #Berlin, report: Near #Steenstrate (#Boezinge) a patrol swims over the canal Ypres-#IJzer and takes a #Belgian prisoner back with them
    René Deckers, #DePanne: We will be going back to the sector of #Diksmuide, not very encouring! It will be the 2nd time we will be there. There is talk of an assault with masses of men and guns coming up, in which many men will disappear. The #British are taking over the sector of #Nieuwpoort with much artillery. With the storm weather, De Panne now looks very desert
    Jacobus Winters, #Boezinge: Lt Jacquemain gets wounded, I replace him in the evening. #German attacks are expected during the night, so I take all necessary precautions
    2 #Canadian TnlCmp, #SanctuaryWood: One O.R. killed, & 2 O.R. wounded. Total Canadian Casualties of Company for June: 9 killed (or died of wounds), 37 wounded. Pte.A. MacSwain,42nd Batt.(attached 2nd T.C.C.E.) awarded M.M. (#TorTop)
    3 #Canadian TnlCmp, #Ploegsteert: We commenced to salvage the Russian sap at T.127.
    and a party of 40 men are engaged in this work. The following N.C.O's and men have received decorations (Military Medal) during the month: Sgt. Callahan, Spr. Cooper, L/Cp.Wells, Sgt.Gilenas, Spr. David, Smith, Boucher
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: Heavy shelling at farm Cafmeyer and the camp behind it: 4 soldiers are killed. Every day from my room, I observe father Bulteel visiting the graves of his 3 children. 4 more young men depart for their military service

    29th of June
    Today 1917
    The 1064th day of war
    #France: #German attacks near CheminDesDames. #French lose ground NE of #CErny. #German attack near #Reims repulsed
    Southern Front: #Austrian attack in #Dolomites repulsed
    Gen #Allenby assumes command of the #Allied forces in #Egypt with orders to break through the enemy defenses and conquer #Jerusalem by #Christmas
    #KingAlbert, #QueenElisabeth, #DePanne: Visit to the #British military mission at the #Belgian HQ
    Jacobus Winters, #Boezinge: Working in the evening in the trench ‘Boyau Rouge’ and in ‘Bau’ in Boezinge
    2 #Canadian TnlCmp, #SanctuaryWood: One O.R. killed, one O.R. wounded
    3 #Canadian TnlCmp, #Ploegsteert: The work of salvaging is progressing favourably. One of the #Russian Saps near the Douve has been completely salvaged, and we are commencing on the remaining one
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: Afternoon: shells exploding at the farms Lamerant, Delporte? Cossey and Vandenbussche. Much gunning in #Waasten (#Warneton). Many cars driving by with wounded. I learn that the dead are lying in several layers at the dead house in Dikkebus (house of Arthur Minne on the corner of the Kerkstraat). It shows that there is much fighting going on. Ypres is continuously being shelled and many soldiers die

    28th of June
    Today 1917
    The 1063rd day of war
    #France: #German attack NW of #Verdun: #French trenches captures on Hill 304
    #Berlin, report: #Flanders: only in a few sections lively firing
    #KingAlbert, #QueenElisabeth, #DePanne: Talks with Van de Vyvere, Minister of Finances: from now on #American advances of finances will be used for purchases of food by the Commission for Relief for the #Belgian civilians in occupied #Belgium
    Arthur Pasquier, #Elverdinge: 20th of June: I was on the road as a shell explodes. A shrapnel hit me and I am bleeding profusely in the chest and I was taken to a hospital, where I underwent surgery. As the lung was not touched, and the wound was not too deep, the stiches could already be removed after 8 days. A series of friends visit me and the nurses take well care of me
    Jacobus Winters, #Boezinge: Great cleanup. In the evening we go to ‘#Casablanca’
    3 #Canadian TnlCmp, #Ploegsteert: We send one officer and 25 O.R. up to carry on pumping in the captured #German mine workings near the Douve
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: Again a terrible explosion of a munition depot, this is now happening more frequently. 5 big shells on farm Lamerant: 4 soldiers are blown away several meters away: 1 dies, 1 wounded, 1 goes mad and 1 unscathed. Another shell fall on a tent and kills the Sergeant-Major. There are now 15 big guns in the centre of Dikkebus, 4 huge

    27th of June
    Today 1917
    The 1062nd day of war
    Southern Front: #Austrian attack at #Agnello pass repulsed
    #French cruiser ‘Kléber’ sunk by mine. #British transport ‘Armadale’ sunk in #Atlantic
    #Greece’s declaration of war v #Austria-#Hungaray and #Turkey becomes effective
    #Berlin, report: Heavy long-distance artillery efficiently shells the port of #Dunkerque: many ships hastely leave the port. Retaliation by the enemy by shelling #Oostende. #British trenches at the #Flemish coast heavily damaged by artillery and mortar fire. SE of #Nieuwpoort our troops clear a #Belgian position. #Hooge: failed enemy reconnaissance attacks
    #KingAlbert, #QueenElisabeth, #DePanne: Talks with P. Orts, pertaining to the changes in the #Belgian Government
    Jacobus Winters, #Boezinge: Courses and inspection
    #Australian 1TunCmp, #Hill60: Half of the Cmp resting at #StOmer
    3 #Canadian TnlCmp, #Ploegsteert: We are pumping out a #German concrete mine shaft in the enemy old support line at Petite Douve. As yet we have not been able to get to the bottom of this shaft. Two other shafts in the enemy old front line are pumped out, and we find them connected up. At the base of one shaft an electric pump had been installed
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: A #British plane tries an emergency landing on a corn field, but the propeller catches in the corn and the plane turns over, the 2 men die. Several #German planes are attacking observation balloons and down 2 of them. Going to #Poperinge I arrive in a shell and shrapnel rain. I have to take cover 4 times. 7pm a munition depot explodes at Café Français. There is more and more talk about an offensive from Ypres towards the sea. #French troops have arrived in #OostVleteren and the #Belgian 4Div has taken over the sector of #Boezinge

    26th of June
    Today 1917
    The 1061st day of war
    #France: #British advance near #Souchez
    Southern Front: Small #Italian withdrawal at #Ortigara
    #Russians take #Serdesht (#Persia, #Iran)
    #Berlin, report: #German positions moved S of line Ypres-#Roeselare
    #KingAlbert, #QueenElisabeth, #DePanne: Visit to #British units and meeting with Edward-Albert, Prince of #Wales (The King’s Speech). Visit to tank bataljon at the foot of #Kemmel-berg (Ravelsberg). Visit to the 15th Army Corps at StSixtus (#WestVleteren)
    Jacobus Winters, #Boezinge: Burial of Lt Roba in #WestVleteren. I lead the Cmp in full uniform to the burial: 6 wreaths are laid
    #Australian 1TunCmp, #Hill60: Tunneling dugouts at ‘L’Enfer’ Wood
    2 #Canadian TnlCmp, #SanctuaryWood: 4 Officers & 154 O.R. 30th Div. attached Infantry, returned to their Units. 3 O.R. wounded. Ypres-#Zillebeke. One O.R. wounded, one O.R. killed, one O.R. wounded
    3 #Canadian TnlCmp, #Ploegsteert: The R.E. Corps Signallers are still using part of #Calgary Ave. dugout as a signal station, so we cannot completely salvage this dugout system
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: The barn of Charles Cannaert burns down. In the afternoon to the Rode Berg: smoke in #Wijtschate, #Houtem and #Hollebeke. Ypres heavily shelled. I am lent pair of binoculars: amazing, I can see #Artois, #Lens, #Lille and #Roubaix, occupied by the #Germans. No chimneys smoking in #Armentières. Comines and #Wervik are well visible. The church spires of #Menen, #Wevelgem, #Kortrijk, #Beselare, #Dadizele, #Moorslede, #Passendale (#German occupied). In the distance the spires of #Roeselare

    25th of June
    Today 1917
    The 1060th day of war
    Southern Front: #Austrian counter-attacks on Mount #Ortigara
    Raid in #BlackSea by ‘Breslau’. #Russian wireless station and lighthouse on island of #Fidonisi destroyed
    #Venizelos returns to #Athens as Premier
    #KingAlbert, #QueenElisabeth, #DePanne: Arrival of Princess Teck and Lady Byng, wife of Gen Byng
    Jacobus Winters, #Boezinge: Change of territory
    #Australian 1TunCmp, #Hill60: Building trench tramways
    2 #Canadian TnlCmp, #SanctuaryWood: 5 Officers & 159 O.R. 30th Div. attached Infantry, reported for duty. #Zillebeke. One O.R. wounded
    3 #Canadian TnlCmp, #Ploegsteert: 171 Co. R.E. turns over their dugout systems to this company as they are moving north to the V Army. We are continuing their work of salvaging the #Russian saps at #Spanbroekmolen
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: 47 people present at our war church for mass. Shells at ‘Bussenboom’, otherwise nothing special

    24th of June
    Today 1917
    The 1059th day of war
    #France: #French recover ground near #Lens
    Mutiny of #Russian #BlackSea Fleet near #Sevastopol
    #USA: £400.000.000 USA Liberty Loan largely over-subscribed. Gen #Pershing lands with the first units of the #American Expeditionary Force. Other units follow: at the end of 1917 there are 180.000 #American soldiers in #Europe
    #Berlin, report: In the dunes and between Ypres and #Lille heavy fighting
    #London, report: successful assaults: several positions at #Hooge taken and #Germans killed
    Raoul Snoeck, #Stavele: On visit to Bruneau’s in #Paris
    Jacobus Winters, #Boezinge: Lt Roba temporarily replacing our commander has died. A piece of shell him in the back, he lived on for 10 minutes
    #Australian 1TunCmp, #Hill60: Road building: Vierstraete (#Kemmel) to #Wijtschate + road #Kemmel-#Wijtschate
    3 #Canadian TnlCmp, #Ploegsteert: Road work finished. Started salvaging mine timber from #Calgary Ave Brig Headquarter dugouts at Benson's Cottage. These dugouts are very wet and consequently they are only used during the main operations
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: Baking sweet bread is forbidden, but at farm Lamerant I am treated with some made of their own wheat: I never tasted such delicious sweet bread. 2 shells fly over closely during mass. Shells at several farm at #DeKlijte. 5 shells not far from the church at #Reningelst

    23rd of June
    Today 1917
    The 1058th day of war
    P&O liner ‘#Mongolia’ sunk off #Bombay by mine
    #London, report: Enemy artillery active around #Mesen (#Messines)
    #Berlin, report: strong assaults N of #Warneton (#Waasten) repulsed
    Jacobus Winters, #Boezinge: At rest: Lt Van Overschelde killed by a shell. 1st and 3rd platoon go to work, ours stays here
    #Australian 1TunCmp, #Hill60: Road building
    3 #Canadian TnlCmp, #Ploegsteert: Started salvaging mine timber from the four machine gun dugouts in G.H.Q. lines just north of #Nieuwkerke
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: A #German plane ignites 3 observation balloons in 5 minutes: 1 above farm Gesquiere, 1 above #Kemmel and 1 above #Dranouter

    22nd of June
    Today 1917
    The 1057th day of war
    #France: Heavy #German attack at #CheminDesDames, #French lose ground
    Unsuccessful attack on #USA transports by #German submarines
    #London, report: In the area of #Waasten (#Warneton), successful actions, making prisoners. NE of Ypres a #German assault is repulsed
    #Berlin, report: W of #Waasten (#Warneton) a #British assault is thwarted
    #KingAlbert, #QueenElisabeth, #DePanne: Return of Prince Leopold from #England. The King meets him at #Boulogne-sur-Mer
    Jacobus Winters, #Boezinge: At 8 we leave for ‘Lion #Belge’ in #Woesten. Our positions are now occupied by #British
    #Australian 1TunCmp, #Hill60: Roads repaired: from Verbrande Molen to #Zillebeke & Knoll Road. Kruisstraat to Shrapnel Corner Road maintained. Road building: #StElooi-#Dranouter-Strasse, #Wulvergem-#Wijtschate. 1/3 of the Cmp resting at #StOmer
    2 #Canadian TnlCmp, #SanctuaryWood: Sgt. T.G. Harris killed & one O.R. wounded, 5 O.R. gassed, 5 O.R. wounded
    3 #Canadian TnlCmp, #Ploegsteert: At T.121. we are still pumping and keeping the upper levels open. The blow at T.122 on June 7th wrecked the Canadian interior shaft, and most of the deep workings, however, the leads to the charges are still intact, and we are keeping the lower levels dry by baling water through the R.E. shaft. These charges will likely not be used now
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: I am burying Cafmeyer in the war cemetery, our 22nd civilian death. Several shellings near farms during the night and at the #Canada and near Busseboom, #Poperinge. Not much shooting but there is quite a bit of fighting, visible by the many wounded being brought to the back. Heavy bombardment at the lake where Padre Walonie was with his orderly: the latter is killed instantaneously, the padre broke 2 ribs. He is known for his friendliness and courage. An orderly of a protestant Padre was killed in the same manner
    #ypressalient #ww1 #ypres #ieper

    21st of June
    Today 1917
    The 1056th day of war
    #France: #German attack in #Champagne repulsed
    #Berlin, report: #British attacks near #Warneton (#Waasten) and #Houplines repulsed, #British planes active near Ypres and #Wijtschate
    Jacobus Winters, #Boezinge: 2pm: to the bath in #Elzendamme, back at 7pm
    2 #Canadian TnlCmp, #SanctuaryWood: 2 A.M. Several Infantry Officers and men are gassed by a shell in dug outs off G Subway; they are brought out by some of our sappers and revived by Proto Novita Revivers
    3 #Canadian TnlCmp, #Ploegsteert: Ditches are being made alongside of the road for drainage, and road metal is still being laid. The enemy keeps up a persistent intermittent shelling
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: Much shelling again on #Reningelst and Dikkebus. It was providence that I take the road passed farm Lamerant, as 3 bombs are dropped at ‘Den Hert’. Shells in the morning on #Poperinge. It’s difficult to guess what the aims are: railways, the Square of #Reningelst, troops? The #British Staff moves it’s HQ from #Reningelst to #Westouter. Near the war cemetery of Lamerant is a parking for about 50 tractors and there is a big ammunition depot near farm Desmarets: many ‘niggers’ at work there. The #Canadian engineers staying at farm Derycke since 6 months has now left
    #ypressalient #ww1 #ypres #ieper

    20th of June
    Today 1917
    The 1055th day of war
    #France: #German attack near #CheminDesDames gains ground
    Southern Front: #Italians gain height at #Carnia
    #London, report: A enemy unit succeeds in entering our forward line in #Lombardsijde, but have immediately been pusched back: some men are missing
    #KingAlbert, #QueenElisabeth, #DePanne: #Nieuwpoort is fully occupied by #British
    Jacobus Winters, #Boezinge: Shelled on the back from the frontline: no casualties
    #Australian 1TunCmp, #Hill60: Road building, repairing and maintaining in the forward areas: 3 men wounded
    3 #Canadian TnlCmp, #Ploegsteert: Planking on the cross road completed. The laying of road metal and shingle dressing on the main road is progressing rapidly. We find the soil favourable for dugouts on the western slope of #Messines (#Mesen), but on the eastern slope the ground is too wet, and full of layers of running sand
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: Tonight the worst night of shelling ever for the inhabitants of Dikkebus. At ‘Paddebroek’ 13 soldiers and many horses killed. At Saelen, 15 horses and 6 men killed. At farm Decrock, 1 soldier dies, 1 also dies at farm Lamerant. At ‘Kapelleken’ 47 horses killed and similar at farm Cafmeyer. This night about 150 horses and 45 soldiers are killed. In the morning shells between #Westouter and #Reningelst. At 3pm at Ouderdom a shells falls at farm Verdonck, near the church of #Reningelst: it falls under a big heap of wood, some beams are thrown 80m away a soldier in the area is thrown away 20m into the corn field. A true deluge of shells. Never before shelling happened so near to the church of #Reningelst: the inhabitants are terrified. The #RedCross at farm #Comyn is again shelled, although many red crosses are signalling it’s presence. In the evening shells on #Poperinge. 2 #British observation balloons are shot and burnt by the same plane in #Dranouter
    #ypressalient #ww1 #ypres #ieper

    19th of June
    Today 1917
    The 1054th day of war
    #France: #British advances near #Arras
    Southern Front: #Italian offensive on #Asiago
    #Belgium, #USA: #Belgian mission visits the #WhiteHouse, where a letter from #KingAlbert is presented to #President #Wilson thanking for the relief help given by the #US to the #Belgians. #Wilson answers that the support of the #Americans to Belgium is as beneficial to the #American people as it is to the innocent #Belgian population. The #American people admires the steadfast courage of the #Belgian people and their #KingAlbert. Nobody in the #US doubts, that on the day of victory Belgium will be restored to peace. It has gained its place under the honourable and respected people of the world. The members of the #Belgian mission then took an unofficial meal at the #WhiteHouse.
    #Berlin, report: Our seaplanes down 3 enemy planes in front of the #Flemish coast. Near the coast som #British are taken prisoner. At #Hooge E of Ypres a strong #British reconnaissance unit is driven back
    René Deckers, #DePanne: The #French Marine Fuseliers, what is left of the heroes’ Brigade, parades in front of #KingAlbert and #QueenElisabeth at their villa. The #British take over their sector in #Nieuwpoort with considerable forces. They also parade in front of the (hospital) ‘L’Océan’ in front of Dr Depage who cared so well for them. The nurses throw flowers at the soldiers, it’s a moving scene
    Jacobus Winters, #Boezinge: Through a breach in the #German frontline trench we shoot with an MG and the #Germans are fleeing like hares. We hit at least 5 #Germans. During the night a Hotchkiss MG is used, to prevent the #Germans from repairing the breach. That breach must have cost many lives to the #Germans
    2 #Canadian TnlCmp, #SanctuaryWood: Company turns over the workings at Halfway House, Birr Cross Rds. & Menin R.R. cutting to 177th Coy. R.E. Spr. Landzy awarded Military Medal for rescuing wounded men from a burning lorry at Ypres on 11th. Company completes the Underground Dressing Station at Bridge 14 & hand over same to R.A.M.C
    3 #Canadian TnlCmp, #Ploegsteert: We start boring operations to prospect the ground on the east and west slopes of #Messines (#Mesen) as to the adaptability of putting in deep dugouts
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: Every 15 minutes shells on ‘Ouderdom’. At the wood workshop several horses are killed by shells. On the road to #Poperinge, a shell lands at the farm of Ww Van Cayseele
    #ypressalient #ww1 #ypres #ieper

    18th of June
    Today 1917
    The 1053rd day of war
    #France: #French advance in #Champagne
    #General Smuts to attend War Cabinet in #GreatBritain
    Hoffmann, #Swiss Foreign Minnister, resigns over #German peace-terms incident
    #Berlin, report: Between #Boezinge and #Frelinghien, fierce artillery exchanges
    #ZeeuwsVlaanderen: Many planes observed and explosions heard. A observation balloon that broke lose is observed drifting without it’s crew above #Aardenburg from E to W
    #Belgian newspaper: General #Plumer congratulates the #Belgian batteries that took part in the Battle of #Messines (#Mesen)-#Wijtschate
    #London, report: Another 4 guns taken E of #Messines (#Mesen) have to be added. 6 #German planes downed. Bombs dropped on enemy munition depots, with big explosions
    #KingAlbert, #QueenElisabeth, #DePanne: Parade by the #French Marine Fuseliers, being relieved by the #British in #Nieuwpoort. Arrival of Dr Deboeuf
    Jacobus Winters, #Boezinge: Tonight the #British take over 150m of frontline
    3 #Canadian TnlCmp, #Ploegsteert: The 39th #Australian I.F. withdrew their remaining men. The #Russian Saps at T.123. are being constantly used by the infantry to go to and from the front lines south of #Messines (#Mesen)
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: In the morning shelling between #Westouter and #Reningelst, just 200m from ‘Ondank’. Never before they were shooting so far. The shells are coming from #Quesnoy and #Warneton (#Waasten). Today, the young men of the 2nd half of class 18 have to compare for recruitement in #Watou
    #ypressalient #ww1 #ypres #ieper

    17th of June
    Today 1917
    The 1052nd day of war
    #France: #Germans capture trenches near #Hertubise. #Portuguese in action for the first time
    2 #Zeppelins raid #Kent and the Eastern Counties: 1 destroyed, 3 killed, 16 injured
    Southern Front: #Austrian attacks on #Asiago Plateau (#Trentino). #Italian advance in #Carso
    #KingAlbert, #QueenElisabeth, #DePanne: #British troops occupy the sector of #Nieuwpoort: an big offensive is being prepared along the #Flemish coast. 1 #British division arriving and the #French are also preparing, which does not go unnoticed to the #Germans: many places in unoccupied #Flanders are shelled. Many soldiers get wounded. The #British demand the evacuation of #Belgian towns and villages out of fear for spies. In #DePanne the Queen welcomes 65 children from the school of #Vinkem with coffee and delicacies
    Jacobus Winters, #Boezinge: bombarded with all kinds of ammunition: bombs, shells, torpedoes, ‘pigeon’-grenades. No losses
    #Australian 1TunCmp, #Hill60: Road building and repairing in forwards areas: 1 man killed
    3 #Canadian TnlCmp, #Ploegsteert: 14th B'n. 4th Brig. #Australian I.F. relieved by 16th B'n. 4th Brig. #Australian I.F. The enemy still shelling road intermittently and several casualties resulting
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: Morning: shells at the mill of Ouderdom, where the tanks are stationed. A report explains that the #British have advanced towards #Hollebeke. A new big hospital between Oudewal and the farms Planckeel and Comyn. The guns are still at farm Planckeel
    #ypressalient #ww1 #ypres #ieper

    16th of June
    Today 1917
    The 1051st day of war
    Opening in #Petrograd of All-#Russian Congress of Workmen’s an Soldiers’ Delegates
    #Berlin, report: The #British continue vainly to assault our lines in #Flanders
    #KingAlbert, #QueenElisabeth, #DePanne: Visit by Gen Anthoine and Co Bultinck. Anthoine commandes the troops of the 1st #French Army in #Boezinge-Drie Grachten
    Jacobus Winters, #Boezinge: Evening: to the trenches
    3 #Canadian TnlCmp, #Ploegsteert: Two teams attached to us from the 290th #Australian Tunneling Co. R.E. These are used on the cross road mostly, as the enemy balloons can observe the lorries, and heavy shelling results
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: At farm Lievens an observation balloon catches fire and the crew jumps out with parachutes, but 30m from the ground the fire catches up with them and their parachutes catch fire. One of them falls on the barn and the barn immediately also catches fire killing the man inside. The other man falls close to the barn as is dead. At the lake near #Zillebeke, most houses are completely destroyed, but the Mayor still lives there. It is incredible how he has survived so close to the frontline
    #ypressalient #ww1 #ypres #ieper

    15th of June
    Today 1917
    The 1050th day of war
    #German counter-attack SE of Ypres repulsed
    #Berlin, report: The successes of the #British at #Messines and #Wijtschate have considerably been exaggerated
    Jacobus Winters, #Boezinge: At rest
    3 #Canadian TnlCmp, #Ploegsteert: Part of the 39th #Australian I.F. are withdrawn and replaced by 14th B'n., 4th Brig. #Australian I.F. The work is greatly hindered by shelling, and we have several casualties, as also do the attached infantry. The work on the cross road is advancing rapidly
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: Shells at farm Vandemarliere, 1 soldiers killed. The farmers are suffering tremendously. Oscar Gesquiere had plenty of grassland for his cattle, now there are 3000 horses standing there: he immediately had to sell all of his cattle. There are farmers who one day had plenty of food for their animals and the next they they couldn’t even feed a goat. No too much gunning today, but the lorries with wounded keep driving by
    #ypressalient #ww1 #ypres #ieper

    14th of June
    Today 1917
    The 1049th day of war
    Successful #British attacks near #Messines, #Germans draw back
    #Zeppelin L43 destroyed by naval forcesin #NorthSea
    Count Esterhazy becomes Prime Minister of #Hungary
    #Londen, report: Important advance E of #Ploegsteert Wood: our troops are chasing the enemy
    #KingAlbert, #QueenElisabeth, #DePanne: Secretary Ingenbleek arrives
    Jacobus Winters, #Boezinge: Work from 5-11
    2 #Canadian TnlCmp, #SanctuaryWood: Lieut. Leo. M. Duval awarded the Military Cross. Zillebeke. 1 O.R. wounded
    3 #Canadian TnlCmp, #Ploegsteert: Our reconnaissance parties which investigate in enemy old front line in front of T.121. dO not find any evidences of enemy mining. 4th #NewZealand E. are withdrawn for work elsewhere. Timber for the main road completed, and the road metal and filling are being rushed into place. At 5.00 p.m. an enemy shell sets fire to a nearby ammunition dump, and Sgt. Bear, Sprs. David, Boucher and Smith distinguished themselves by rescuing several men from the burning dump even though the shells were continually exploding. These men all receive immediate awards, M.M. from II #Anzac Corps
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: The #Australian guns have been removed from farm Plankeel. Towards Ypres there are guns at all of the farms
    #ypressalient #ww1 #ypres #ieper

    13th of June
    Today 1917
    The 1048th day of war
    Daylight airplane raid by 14 Gotha bombers on #London: 162 killed, 432 injured. Air defenses around #London are strengthened, the Gotha’s will have to attack by night
    Southern Front: #Austrian attack on Mount #Ortigata repulsed. Further #Allied occupation of #Thessaly
    HMS ‘Avenger’ merchand cruiser, sunk by submarine
    Serious explosion in munitions factory at #Ashton-under-Line
    #Berlin, report: W of Ypres, mine are detonated, causing great destruction in the #British lines. In the Salient of #Wijtschate (#Messines), the #British had hoped to make a breakthrough by detonating huge mines, but the bravery of the #German defenders thwarts their plans, their artillery enduring heavy damage
    #KingAlbert, #QueenElisabeth, #DePanne: Visit to #Amiens, #Neufchâtel and #Dieppe
    Jacobus Winters, #Boezinge: Work from 5 until 11
    #Australian 1TunCmp, #Hill60: Road repairing in forward area. 1 man wounded, 3 men killed, 1 missing
    2 #Canadian TnlCmp, #SanctuaryWood: Company are transferred from Xth Corps, 2nd Army, to IInd Corps, Vth Army, and attached to 30th Division for rations and discipline.
    A gallery machine gun emplacement are crumped by enemy shelling: 1 N.C.O. & 4 of our sappers worked 4 hours and dug out and revived 6 M Gunners. 1 O.R. wounded
    3 #Canadian TnlCmp, #Ploegsteert: The work is now mainly on the cross road running north from our main road, which is rapidly nearing completion
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: Shells shot from #Boezinge explode at farm Lamerant. Much ammunition brought to the ‘#Canada’. 40 men from #Dikkebus, used to heavy fire have now been hired to work in #Voormezele at the railroad, they earn 5fr/day. Shells are now again dropping onto the Main Square. Although new wells have been dug, there are now so many men and horses that there is a lack of water. #Messines (#Mesen) heavily shelled in the evening
    #ypressalient #ww1 #ypres #ieper

    12th of June
    Today 1917
    The 1047th day of war
    #British advance on a 2-mile front NE of #Messines (#Mesen)
    Southern Front: #Allied forces occupy #Larissa (#Thessaly - #Greece) and #Corinth
    Fort of #Salif (#RedSea) destroyed by #British naval forces
    #London, report: In air battles 6 #German planes have been downed, all ours returned safely
    #KingAlbert, #QueenElisabeth, #DePanne: Visit to the 4th Karabiniers (6LA) in #StJacobskapelle
    Arthur Pasquier, #Elverdinge: The night is black as ink and the air is moist. Heavy waves of explosions every 10 minutes, like thundering
    Jacobus Winters, #Boezinge: At rest
    #Australian 1TunCmp, #Hill60: 6 men wounded, 1 killed
    3 #Canadian TnlCmp, #Ploegsteert: Enemy evacuated his front line at T.121. The 39th B'n #Australian Inf. relieved the 1st and 2nd B'ns. 3rd #NewZealand R Brig on roadwork. Our transport is now 40 lorries. These are hauling sleepers and road metal
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: Quite a bit of shelling during the night. For the time we do not hear much anymore about the battles around Ypres. The #German attacks are not that numerous anymore and they also do not succeed well. Neither do the #British although the report says that the ‘Pottery’ at #Messines (#Mesen) has been captured. A armored train is gunning near Ouderdom. Shells on #Bailleul and many troops moving around
    #ypressalient #ww1 #ypres #ieper

    11th of June
    Today 1917
    The 1046th day of war
    #British progress on mile front SE of #Messines: ‘La Potterie’ system captured
    Southern Front: #French troops land at #Corinth, #French-#British troops enter #Thessaly
    Abdication of King #Constantine of #Greece in favor of his son Alexander
    #Berlin, report: #British cavalary charging E of #Messines, only pitiful remnants draw back. Astonishly infantry attacks are alternated by cavalry charges in 3 waves on a terrain full of shell craters. Those not getting entangled in the barbed wire or fall into the craters are destroyed by our rapid fire. In a few minutes everything is over and the terrain in front of our trenches is full of dead or dying riders and horses, while the remnants try to save themselves in a furious drawback
    #Reuters: The complete success of the battle yesterday is a guarantee for the final victory in our cause
    Jacobus Winters, #Boezinge: Work during the night
    #Australian 1TunCmp, #Hill60: Constructded 2 communication tunnels across nomansland on right of cutting
    2 #Canadian TnlCmp, #SanctuaryWood: 4 Officers & 120 O.R., 30th Division, attached Infantry, return to their Units. 4 Officers & 154 O.R. 30th Division, attached Infantry report for duty. Ypres, 2 O.R. wounded. Company hands over this entire Underground System to the 1st #Australian Tunnelling Coy
    3 #Canadian TnlCmp, #Ploegsteert: The road is made by grading the ground where the old pave' road used to be. Then laying timber slabs and putting road metal and filling on top of this. Where possible, advantage is taken of the old pave', and the new road is laid alongside. The enemy poisoned all the water in #Messines before he retired, with arsenic
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: Enemy assault during the night: the worst is near #Zillebeke, but also in #Wijtschate and #Messines. Heaviest resistance to the #Irish W of #Wijtschate, some say the #German machine gunners have been tied to their MG, so they would not run away. #British soldiers are running around with #German helmets as souvenirs. When going on furlough the #British say they are going to Blyty or the 3 B’s: #Bailleul, #Boulogne and Blyty. They say the word Blyty is of #Indian origin. Most prisoners are #Prussian, some are #Bayerisch. A #German prisoner is brought to farm Verhaege in #DeKlijte, he explains that he was already in the farm in 1914
    #ypressalient #ww1 #ypres #ieper

    10th of June
    Today 1917
    The 1045th day of war
    #British gain ground in #Messines area
    #Italians advance in #Trentino
    Opening of operations to drive #Germans from estuary of #Lukuledi river (#German E #Africa)
    #British news (Gibbs): There was a dead silence when on the 7th at 3.10am the mine at #Hill60 was detonated. The earthquake split #Hill60 and an outburst of cloud-flames followed
    #Reuters: continued artillery battles in #Flanders
    #KingAlbert, #QueenElisabeth, #DePanne: Visit by Prince Albert of #Monaco. #DePanne is heavily shelled. Afternoon snack with 45 children from the school in #Vinkem in #DePanne in Villa StJoseph
    Jacobus Winters, #Boezinge: Work at night
    #Australian 1TunCmp, #Hill60: Construct trench through lip of A crater
    3 #Canadian TnlCmp, #Ploegsteert: 3rd @Otago B'n #NewZealand Inf also withdrawn and replaced by 1st B'n. and 2nd B'n #NewZealand Brig. The craters are gradually being
    filled up. There are two of these side by side, one is about 60 ft
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: Quite a bit of gunning during the night. Many people at mass. Quite a bit of house in Dikkebus have now been severely damaged, others are less damaged. The church is in a dire state: several shells fell on the roof and the wall with the marble niche is split. The #British cemetery near Thevelin is now full. There are many #RedCross vehicles and 3 huge dressing stations. As #Wijtschate has been captured civilians are coming back, but there were never less than 300 in Dikkebus. A translator explains to me that the crater of Spanbroekmolen is so big that the 3 churches of #Poperinge would fit inside. In the battle the #Irish Major Redmond, member of the #British Parliament died. He got severely wounded in #Wijtschate and then died in #Loker. The #British newspapers report that the Prime Minister Lloyd George heard the blast of the mines, being in #London
    #ypressalient #ww1 #ypres #ieper

    9th of June
    Today 1917
    The 1044th day of war
    #Russia: #German proposal for armistice rejected
    #KingAlbert, #QueenElisabeth, #DePanne: Visit to the 1st Linie Regiment at #Bulskamp. Visit by the #British General Gough and Uniack
    Jacobus Winters, #Boezinge: Work during the night
    #Australian 1TunCmp, #Hill60: Carrying out small repairs on dugouts
    3 #Canadian TnlCmp, #Ploegsteert: We throw the road across Steenbeck River which is nearly dry, and we are putting in a culvert with standard mining sets. Our strength of attached lorries from Corps Transport is now 70. These are used for hauling timber slabs, road material, and filling. The road is being carried forward at double width minimum 18 ft. The 3rd #Auckland Bn withdrawn at 10.00 p.m
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: The #British are efficient in repulsing #German counter-attacks, but part of #Zillebeke is still in #German hands. There is a rumor that the #Germans are still at #StElooi, a good source tells me this is not true. 6400 prisoners, 132 officers and 21 guns have been taken by the Army under command of General #Plumer. The big prisoners camp is at farm Deweerdt between #Reningelst and #Poperinge. Tonight 45 wagons will take prisoners to #France. Being curious about the numbers of prisoners reported, I investigate how many of them passed through our villages and come to the conclusion, that the official figures must be correct. I find the #British communiques to be trustworthy
    #ypressalient #ww1 #ypres #ieper

    8th of June
    Today 1917
    The 1043rd day of war
    #USA: Gen #Pershing and staff arrive in #England
    Repulse of #German counterattacks E of #Messines ridge
    Southern Front: #Italians occupy Jannina (#Greek Epirus)
    Occupied #Belgium: The #German Governor imposes the highest prices yet on corn, wheat and bread
    This morning a new assault started on the #Wijtschate-#Messines Ridge
    #KingAlbert, #QueenElisabeth, #DePanne: Parade of the 5LA. Visit to the frontline at #Bootschoeke and #Ramskapelle
    Jacobus Winters, #Boezinge: 2.30am: our trench is shelled: in 1 hour we receive 300-400 shells, but no losses. 3 more times we are shelled today, but no losses. #Messines and #Wijtschate and more than 5000 prisoners have been taken. There is an advance of 3km over a distance of 15km. At 10pm we go into reserve between #Woesten and #Elverdinge
    #Australian 1TunCmp, #Hill60: Ennemy shells the craters consistently
    3 #Canadian TnlCmp, #Ploegsteert: The II #AnzaC Corps are supplying all road material, and we are working as a Combination Army & Corps troop, everybody under the direction of O.C. this company. 100 O.R. and 3 officers of 4th #NewZealand E. report to us for work on roads. Our work on the road is held back on account of an enemy mine crater blown at crossing of Steenbeck River. The 3rd #Auckland B'n., #NewZealand Inf. attached to us for work
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: An observation balloon is now above #DeKlijte. #Bailleul is being shelled. At #Hollandse Schuur (near #Wijtschate) the #German trenches have completely been demolished. The bodies are still lying around and there is a unbearable stench hanging around. 8.30pm the #German counterattack around #Messines (#Mesen). The #Germans also try in vain to assault Klein #Zillebeke
    #ypressalient #ww1 #ypres #ieper

    7th of June
    Today 1917
    The 1042nd day of war
    #Messines-#Wijtschate: After a weeks long barrage of almost 4 million shells by 2000 guns, the Battle of Messines starts. #British, #Australians, #NewZealanders and #SouthAfricans, #Irish and #Ulster troops capture the Messines-Wijtschate Ridge after exploding 19 mines. The biggest explosion of explosives in human history up until this time, only surpassed in power when the atom bomb explodes. The blast is registered in #Paris as an earth quake. Prime minister Lloyd George writes in his diary that he heard the blast. 9 miles of front line are stormed and 6400 prisoners taken. The Ridge Battle is in preparation of a big offensive between the ‘Leie’ and the #NorthSea with the goal of capturing #Oostende and #Zeebrugge, ports where many of the #German U-boats depart. In the past months the U-boats have been sinking a greater tonnage of ships than can even be produced so thatthere shortages that on long term would lead to the #Allies losing the war. The offensive is also meant to relieve the #French as in the previous months large parts of the #French Army have been in mutiny. Later the official #German history of WW1 would mention that if the main battle after Messines Ridge (#Passchendaele) would not have happened, #Germany would have won the war. The Messines Battle has 17000 casualties on #Allied and 25000 casualties on #German side
    Southern Front: #Austrian attack on #Vodice repulsed
    #KingAlbert, #QueenElisabeth, #DePanne: Visit by General Pétain. The King and the Queen make a flight by plane, probably the first flight of the Queen
    Jacobus Winters, #Boezinge: At 3.10am the #British launch an gas attack on in front of Ypres. At the same time a unseen bombardment occurs, what a spectacle! From our side only the firing of our guns is visible. On the enemy side the sky is torn by fire, numerous balls of fire: yellow, red, green, white. The #Germans must be in agony. To our right the gunning stops at 4am, but around Ypres it continues until 10am
    #Australian 1TunCmp, #Hill60: Mines blow at zero hour (3.10am). A-charge (Hill60), depth 90’: 53000lbs – 3 series each of 5 detonations. B-charge (Caterpillar), depth 100’: 70000lbs - 3 series each of 5 detonations. A (Hill60): crater 191’ wide, 33’ deep; B (Caterpillar): crater 260’ wide, 51’ deep
    2 #Canadian TnlCmp, #SanctuaryWood: 4 Officers and half a section of our sappers are told off on 5th inst. for duty at each of these Underground Systems. At 3.10 A.M. the British bombardment and attack begins. At Mount Sorrel several of our men follow the Infantry and take possession of the underground #German workings: (about 1200 ft of galleries are found) meanwhile others connect the British & German underground systems by driving a short gallery from Sudbury Listening Post; this connection is made by midday and is immediately used to bring up Infantry reinforcements. By 7.30am our sappers have excavated and completed an Artillery O.P. and by 7.30pm a battered #German dug-out has been fixed up as a Battalion Forward Command Station (cont). At TOR TOP the enemy attacks both morning and afternoon and by heavily shelling the British communication trenches, (#StPeter & #DavidsonStreets) prevent reinforcements from getting up. Our sappers are, therefore, called into the frontline & help the Infantry to repel the attack. Our casualties for the day are, at #MountSorrel, 2 O.R. wounded, one of these die later: at Tor Top, 7 O.R. wounded. Ypres, 4 O.R. wounded
    3 #Canadian TnlCmp, #Ploegsteert: In conjunction with attack on #Messines Ridge, at 3.10. a.m. we explode two mines at T122 and two mines at T.127 in front of Ploegsteert Wood. All four blows are successful, an average of about 40,000 lbs of ammonal in each at average depth of 70 ft. At 10.30 a.m. we establish a dump at and in the afternoon we move our men into this camp ready to commence work, on the main #WULVERGEM-#MESSINES Road. This road the company has been allotted to repair immediately after capture of town of #Messines. 30 lorries attached to us for work on this road from 'F' Group, 'Y' Corps Siege Park. About 3.00 p.m. we begin work on the road. The 3rd #Otago B'n. #NewZealand Inf.
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: My room is particularly well located. The window faces South-East: no houses and only few trees towards #Wijschate. I will be able to see the artillery fire from my bed. It is just 3am when the first daylight appears. And then all of a sudden the most beautiful fireworks I ever saw being lit in #Flanders. Particularly fierce above #Wijtschate and a little less on both sides. A volcano as if the South-East is blasting fire. No doubt these are the mines of #Wijstschate, #Messines and #Hill60. It takes a few seconds before we feel the shocks. It is truly an earthquake taking 1 minute. At the same time all the guns (probably 1000 – actually 2000) are blasting. Hellish music, gruesome spectacle. Thousands of gun blasts every minute under a rain of fire and rattling of shells and shrapnel exploding. If it were not a slaughter of men, it could be called fantastic. It is not possible to take the eyes away from it, wanting to be nearer to see still better. For us witnesses it means nothing, but what must it be like for the 100.000 men living and grubbing in that pool of fire? I shave myself and when I leave for Dikkebus at 5.30am, the gunning has not dimished. There are 14 people present at mass and the altar is shaking continuously. A procession of horses is moving through Dikkebus to resupply the guns. The artillery moves forward to château Segard (which the #Australians named château Cigar). Every 15 minutes groups of #Germans prisoners pass by going towards #Westouter. At 9.30am we learn that #Wijtschate and #Mesen have been captured. I go to the ‘Rode Berg’ and see that Wijtschate is completely desolate, no trace of the village is visible
    #ypressalient #ww1 #ypres #ieper

    6th of June
    Today 1917
    The 1041st day of war
    #France: Unsuccessful #German attacks at #CheminDesDames
    Southern Front: Further heavy fighting on #Carso, #Austrians take 10.000 prisoners
    #Russia: Collaps after #Kronstadt revolt after negotiations with Provisional Government
    #Reuters, #London: Reports about the bombardment of #Oostende show that no damage has been done to the civilian houses, only damage to buildings for shipping. In the Ypres Salient the situation is still tense, with reports of important upcoming events
    #Oostburg, #Nederland: Incessant thundering of guns (Ypres) heard, even during the night: so intense that it I not possible to distinguish individual blasts
    Raoul Snoeck, #Stavele: At last our gear is arriving from #Calais. Tonight we will be able to sleep in a barn on straw sacks and under covers, enjoying life, no?
    Jacobus Winters, #Boezinge: 30 shells are shot at the enemy at 4.30pm. #German trench mortar retaliates to our side of the #Ieperlee: a concrete bunker with 2 machineguns is destroyed, another concrete bunker is torn, many wooden dugouts are destroyed, an arm is projected into the canal, a metal plate of 60kg is thrown into our line and much concrete and wood. Relief at midnight
    #Australian 1TunCmp, #Hill60: Exits opened for tunnels for infantry
    3 #Canadian TnlCmp, #Ploegsteert: Lieut. Lavery and 17 O.R. reported to 9th B'n, 3rd #Australian Div. for the work of dug-out reconnaissance, and the search for booby traps
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: heaviest shelling of #British batteries. German planes during the night bombarding: 2 bombs land between officers horses, 55 are killed. The closest observation balloons are even up during the night. Shells on #Loker and #Poperinge. The horse of wwe Vermeulen’s from Dikkebus is killed by a shell in #Poperinge. At farm Gesquiere a shell kills 4 artillery officers. An officer tells us at lunch that the assault will take place at 3am tomorrow morning. We are of course told to keep it quiet, although I hear the same news from different sides the same day. Silence in the evening: quiet before the storm
    #ypressalient #ww1 #ypres #ieper

    5th of June
    Today 1917
    The 1040th day of war
    Air-raid on #Thames and #Medway: 13 killed, 34 wounded, 6 planes destroyed
    Continued artillery barrage at #Wijtschate (#Messines)
    Southern Front: #Italians continued withdrawal S of #Jamiano
    Naval action in #NorthSea: #German destroyer sunk. #Oostende bombarded from the sea
    #Berlin, report: Plane observations confirm the destruction by #German artillery of #British artillery at #Wijtschate (#Messines). #Belgian villages behind the frontline, like #Wervik, are being destroyed by the #British with the heaviest calibers
    #KingAlbert, #QueenElisabeth, #DePanne: Visit to the airbase at #Coudekerque. The King flies on a height of 1000m with Pilot #Babington, Co of the 18th Squadron
    Raoul Snoeck, #Stavele: When I feel depressed, I think of family. When will I be back home? When will I have my own house with flowers, my books and my wife? Since the war started, only few are left from our unit: 42 of 220
    Jacobus Winters, #Boezinge: At midnight I go on guard. It is so quiet here with the #Geramns on the other side of the #Ieperlee. One would like sing or talk, but you have to keep quiet or you’ll get a shell on your head
    #Australian 1TunCmp, #Hill60: Great artillery activity, many crums repaired
    3 #Canadian TnlCmp, #Ploegsteert: The #Russian Saps at T.123 are already braced with timber to resist the blow at T.122 and T.127. These saps should prove of great value when the offensive commences
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: Several shells on farms also in #Poperinge and 2km from #Abele. Many shells on #Bailleul, where a munition train with 14 wagons explodes; much damage in the town, all the windows are broken. Tanks are moving to the frontline during the night. Wherever these monsters come everything is pressed into the ground like into butter. 1 #German officer and 75 men taken prisoner. Raids every night
    #ypressalient #ww1 #ypres #ieper

    4th of June
    Today 1917
    The 1039th day of war
    Continued gunning around #Wijtschate (#Messines)
    #French air-raid by night on #Trier
    Eastern Front: General #Brusilow appointed CinC of #Russian armies. The condition of the #Russian Army has considerably deteriorated
    Southern Front: Very heavy fighting on the #Carso
    #Oostburg, #Nederland: heaviest gunning heard from #Zeebrugge, Westende and further West
    #Berlin, report: gunning around #Wijtschate (#Messines), one prisoner taken
    #London, report: Airbase of #SintDenijsWestrem successfully bombed. Seaplanes bombed #Zeebrugge and schips in the port of #Brugge
    #KingAlbert, #QueenElisabeth, #DePanne: Visit to #Dieppe, #Rouen,…
    René Deckers, #Noordschote: We are attacked with tear gas
    Jacobus Winters, #Ramskapelle: Adj Hautregard killed as the munition depot blows up. I replace him tonight in 1st line
    #Australian 1TunCmp, #Hill60: Preparations completed for the blow (#Messines Ridge Battle)
    3 #Canadian TnlCmp, #Ploegsteert: Enemy drops 10 190mm Naval Shells into our headquarters camp. We scatter the men into the adjacent fields and avoided casualties
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: Severe shelling Louis Ghys’ wife severely wounded in 3 places, but not dangerous. Her nephew slightly wounded. #Reningelst shelled: the Main Square is aimed at. Shelling also in #DeKlijte and #Poperinge. Looking from the #RodeBerg, #Wijtschate looks like hell, impossible to imagine there are still people there. The gunning by the #British is at least 5 times as big as that of the #Germans. Impressive to see the barrage on #Wijtschate while #German shells whizz over our heads. 50 shells on Château Behaeghel. The barrage at night is so fierce that one would think the offensive has started. 47 #German prisoners taken
    #ypressalient #ww1 #ypres #ieper

    3rd of June
    Today 1917
    The 1038th day of war
    #France: Intense artillery duel near #Wijtschate (#Messines)
    Southern Front: #Austrians repulsed E of #Gorizia. Great #Austrian counter-offensive on #Carso
    Aerodromes at #Zeebrugge and #Brugge again heavily bombed
    #Austrian torpedo-boat sunk by submarine
    #Proclamation of #Albanian independence under #Italian protection
    #Berlin, report: Near #Wijtschate (#Messines) the artillery battle reaches a exceptional intensity continuing in the night
    #London, report: both sides mount considerable artillery exchanges near Ypres. Commander of the fleet near #Dunkerque: the port and channel to #Brugge bombarded with good result
    #KingAlbert, #QueenElisabeth, #DePanne: Afternoon snack for the children of the school of #Vinkem
    Jacobus Winters, #Ramskapelle: Changing of the guard at 5pm
    #Australian 1TunCmp, #Hill60: Activity both below and on surface
    2 #Canadian TnlCmp, #SanctuaryWood: One O.R. killed 7 O.R. wounded, one O.R. gassed. Two O.R. died of wounds, 1 O.R. wounded Ypres
    3 #Canadian TnlCmp, #Ploegsteert: It has been decided not to blow our offensive mines at T.121. The upper levels of these have been strutted to withstand the blow at T122
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: A series of farms are hit by shells. At farm Dauchy, the mother and 1 daughter are buried under the rubble and burn to death. I am astonished to see the usual number of people at mass although the danger is increasing. Today I see for the first time a tri-plane. Very intense gunning, 1 big smoke cloud above #Wijtschate. 17 #German prisoners pass through #Westouter. It’s incredible to see the number of soldiers in #Reningelst: I estimate 45.000 and 15.000 horses. At least 250 cars and lorries driving by every hour. In the streets of #Reningelst it’s now more busy than in the main streets of #Brussel. At the mill of Cambron, 18.000 horses drive by. The street is now called the horseshitstreet. There are now more gun barrels smoking than chimneys at the time in Dikkebus
    #ypressalient #ww1 #ypres #ieper

    2nd of June
    Today 1917
    The 1037th day of war
    Artillery activity near #Wijtschate
    #British transport ‘Cameronian’ sunk in the #Mediterranean: 63 live lost
    #Brazil revokes her neutrality as between #USA and #Germany. #Brazil seizes ships in #Brazilian waters
    The #Canadian ace #BillyBishop attack a #German airfield on his own and receives the #VictoriaCross. At the end #BillyBishop will have 72 victories on his name
    #Berlin, report: In #Wijtschate the artillery fire is now a destruction fire. At #StElooi, #Wijtschate and #Mesen (#Messines) a devastating barrage with the biggest calibers of shells is thundering onto the #German trenches and the area behind. #German batteries and trench mortars answer fiercly. Numerous explosions everywhere
    #Oostburg, #Nederland: 4-6am: planes passing over and pounding the #Belgian Coast. Bombs are dropped on the seaport of #Brugge and #Zeebrugge. The heaviest bombardment ever: everything is shaking by the big blasts. The planes are heavily shot at
    #KingAlbert, #QueenElisabeth, #DePanne: The King goes on visit to the 2LA in preparation of the upcoming 3rd Battle of Ypres
    Jacobus Winters, #Ramskapelle: Working at the ‘Bau Rouge’ from 5-9pm. On guard at ‘De Wippe’
    #Australian 1TunCmp, #Hill60: Same noise heard. Artillery very active. Preparing struts to strengthen galleries for blows (#MineBattle)
    2 #Canadian TnlCmp, #SanctuaryWood: 1-11pm: An Infantry bombing party stars for G Sap but is beaten back by a barrage of shrapnel and suffers casualties. 1 N.C.O. & 2 of our sappers were to have followed the raiders over and destroyed enemy TMs. had the raid succeeded. 2- 3am: An enemy party, about 30 strong, approaches our lines and throws some bombs but on our men retaliating they withdraw. 1 O.R. killed
    3 #Canadian TnlCmp, #Ploegsteert: We are rushing everything to completion. The underground workings are now already rationed for a five day bombardment and we are ready for the coming offensive
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: Heaviest shelling during the first part of the night. The silverwork of the church is moved to #Abele because of the uncertainty of the upcoming offensive. My brother Joseph has arrived on furlow. 50m from where I am standing a #British plane lands down with the pilot severely wounded by a bullet. The #German positions in #Wijtschate are again severely shelled
    #ypressalient #ww1 #ypres #ieper

    1st of June
    Today 1917
    The 1036th day of war
    Continued artillery duel in #Wijtschate (#Messines)
    Southern Front: Successful #Italian attack in #Carso
    #Zeebrugge, #Oostende and #Brugge heavily bombed by RNAS
    #Socialist revolt at #Kronstadt against #Russian Provisional Government
    Occupied #Belgium: #KingAlbert signs a law by which all #German seizure of public and private property in occupied territory is nullified
    #Berlin, report: Strong artillery actions near #Wijtschate (#Messines) and Ypres. The #German artillery with support from planes continues to pound #British batteries with success. Seaplanes bombard the #German positions at #Zeebrugge, #Brugge and #Oostende. Several tons of explosives are dropped
    #KingAlbert, #QueenElisabeth, #DePanne: Visit to the 3LA with General Dujardin
    Raoul Snoeck, #Stavele: A sad day. We see a column of smoke. Our dwellings are burning. Nothing can be saved. I lose dear memories. All my new clothing and gear go up in flames, I am like Job without clothes. Only an old dirty jacket is left. Some artillery soldiers were making fries, when the pot fell over and the oil fell into the coal. The flames immediately reached the straw roof. We receive a strong reprimand from the Captain. In such circumstances it’s better to stay calm. Being poor is not wrong, but getting angry is. During the war you become philosophical, you become stronger whatever happens. I am one of the first ones to pat some men on the shoulder to encourage them. The injust reprimand is the most difficult to cope with. As soldiers life can be difficult. You have to help yourself when being under machine gun fire, if you are doing reconnaissance with the revolver in your hand and up to the waste in water, if you get wounded or become sick or one of your men makes an error. Whatever you do, you can never be sure to have done the correct thing
    Jacobus Winters, #Ramskapelle: At rest
    #Australian 1TunCmp, #Hill60: Enemy artillery active. DR and #Anzac gallery: distant face work and sandbag dragging heard. Preparing accommodation for attack. 1 man wounded
    2 #Canadian TnlCmp, #SanctuaryWood: Strength of Company 33 Officers and 915 O.R.(all attached Infantry included.)
    3 #Canadian TnlCmp, #Ploegsteert: On account of the very heavy shelling we move our billets from Covent Gardens on the Strand to the new Shelter Tunnels at #Hill63 near Red Lodge. We are just in time, for a few hours after we move, the enemy shells our old billets heavily
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: Shelling during the night. We are woken up by a munition depot exploding behind ‘Baes’. This morning a shell explodes 50 feet away from me. More shells during mass. De prayer day at #DeKlijte is a success: many communions, but not many people, which is understandable as the conditions are very difficult now. Farm Leroy with another munition depot burns down. We observe how #Wijtschate and the surrounding area is full of smoke and explosions
    #ypressalient #ww1 #ypres #ieper

    31th of May
    Today 1917
    The 1035th day of war
    #France: Violent artillery action in Ypres and #Wijtschate (#Messines) salients
    #Austrian counter-attack in #Vodice sector repulsed
    #Berlin, report: the artillery battles in the evening in the sectors at the coast in the dunes and in the area of #Wijtschate (#Messines) of great intensity. Our positions at #StElooi, #Wijtschate, #Warneton and #Messines under heaviest fire. Enemy patrols are thrown back or taken prisoner
    #KingAlbert receives the #Brasilian Senator Machado, accompanied by ambassador Moreira
    #KingAlbert, #DePanne: Visit to the 4LA (#Boezinge and #Lizerne)
    Jacobus Winters, #Ramskapelle: We are relieved and go to rest
    2 #Canadian TnlCmp, #SanctuaryWood: Strength of Company, 33 Officers and 948 O.R
    3 #Canadian TnlCmp, #Ploegsteert: 2650 feet of 6 ft 6 in tunnel were driven in Hill 63 to be used by the infantry as shelters from shell-fire. The Following Officers, N.C.O's, and men have received decorations, and have been mentioned in despatches while with this Unit : Major A.W. Davis. D.S.O. mentioned in Despatches, London Gazette, Capt. A.C. Young, Sapper C. Lowden C.S.M., W. Blathwayt awarded the Croix de Guerre
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: Farm Goethals heavily shelled, the widow flees during the night; the next moring she finds blood all over the place and several bodies of soldiers. At ‘Groenen Jager’ and ‘Café Français’ 13 and 30 horses killed. #Dranouter heavily shelled during the night. Transport will now be done through small paths. At the Main Square a big gun has been destroyed. 9pm: in #Dranouter an observation balloon burns. Continuously people are fleeying with their furniture and their animals
    #ypressalient #ww1 #ypres #ieper

    30th of May
    Today 1917
    The 1034th day of war
    Southern Front: #Austria reported to ask for #German assistance for #Trieste
    E #Africa: #German forces break S from #Rufiji towards #Portuguese territory
    #Berlin report: Continuing lively gunning around #Wijtschate (#Messines)
    #Haig: General Haig expresses his gratitude towards #KingAlbert in letter praising the artillery regiment having served under #British command
    #KingAlbert, #DePanne: Visit by #Pétain cancelled
    Jacobus Winters, #Ramskapelle: In support with the artillery
    #Australian 1TunCmp, #Hill60: Heavy enemy trench mortar activity. All quiet underground. Footage: #Newcastle: 96’6’’; #Ipswich: 9’3’’; #Berlin: 12’7’’; #Moreland: 5’
    2 #Canadian TnlCmp, #SanctuaryWood: 4 Officers and 139 O.R. 30th Division attached Infantry, reported for duty
    3 #Canadian TnlCmp, #Ploegsteert: Our artillery put over a large number of gas shells. These are mostly of the Stokes type, and as the wind was very favourable, we have no trouble as the gas does not come back to our lines
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: Again heavy shelling during the whole of the night (towards #Wijtschate-#Messines). 1 soldier dies behind the house of Vermeulen, 1 near Baeke and 4 at the house of Hennin
    #ypressalient #ww1 #ypres #ieper

    29th of May
    Today 1917
    The 1033rd day of war
    #France: #StQuentin and #Champagne: heavy artillery and small patrol actions
    Southern Front: #Austrian attacks on #Vodice (#Italy) fail
    #French liner ‘Yarra’ torpedoed in #Mediterranean: 56 lost. HMS ‘Hillary’ sunk, 4 lost. #Russian naval raid on #Anatolian Coast
    #Berlin, report: Heavy artillery activity near #Wijtschate
    #KingAlbert, #QueenElisabeth, #DePanne: Trip to #NeufchâtelEnBray and #Dieppe. Secret meeting with Gen Harry Jungbluth, head of the Military House
    Jacobus Winters, #Ramskapelle: Appointed to organize the transport with ‘Decauville’ trains. 1 wagon overturns and causes the leg fracture of soldier Peters
    3 #Canadian TnlCmp, #Ploegsteert: Bore-holes are being put in the end of #Russian Saps T.123. These will be loaded and blown during the coming offensive
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: Again very heavy #Geramn artillery shelling during the night, but they get much more shelling from the #Allied side. Shells and shrapnel on the Square of Dikkebus, and other places. Many horses in #Westouter. On the Mountain (#Kemmel?) it is visible that the #German lines are most heavily shelled. In the evening still more guns are brought in
    #ypressalient #ww1 #ypres #ieper

    28th of May
    Today 1917
    The 1032nd day of war
    #France: #German attacks near #Hurtebise repulsedEastern
    Southern Front: #Italian guns within 10 miles of #Trieste: 24.000 prisoners in last fortnight
    Jacobus Winters, #Ramskapelle: I am tasked with the guard of the ‘Decauville’ train wagons. Guard finished at 2am
    #Australian 1TunCmp, #Hill60: Enemy activity on the surface very violent all night
    3 #Canadian TnlCmp, #Ploegsteert: We are rushing the Shelter Tunnels at Hill 63 to completion, and have commenced flooring with one inch Forrest planking. Infantry at T.123 raids enemy at 2 a.m. Enemy retaliates with a heavy bombardment, but no damage done
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: 13 communions. Horrible night. Heaviest shelling until 4am. At 2am gas alarm: it’s raining gas shells. In #Scottish Wood many soldiers poisoned, soldiers die at farm Cafmayer by gas. The #Germans are trying to thwart the upcoming #British offensive
    #ypressalient #ww1 #ypres #ieper

    27th of May
    Today 1917
    The 1031st day of war
    #France: Actions along #Moronvillers, #Verdun, #Alsace
    Southern Front: #Italians advance in #Carso, #Autrians clam 13.000 prisoners
    #Germany threatens to sink at sight all hospital ships in the #Mediterranean
    #Reuters, #Belgium: There is reign of fear in Belgium: every month about 1000 #Belgians are condemned before courts for serving their Country. 42 death sentences have been pronounced in 3 months, by one court only. Belgium is infested by spies. There are fierce cross hearings and abuses with which the #Germans try to get confessions. In most cases the accused are refused a #Belgian lawyer, only the Governor can approve this
    #Berlin, report, Pr Rupprecht of #Bayern, #Wijtschate: increased artillery exchanges, several #British assaults thrown back
    #KingAlbert, #QueenElisabeth, #DePanne: Visit by the #Anglican Bisschop Bury. The Queen has an afternoon snack with 15 children of the school complex from Vinkem in De Panne
    Arthur Pasquier, #Elverdinge: I am now stationed in a reserve battery. We do not fire often, but not too long ago we were given a heavy 150mm bombardment. No casualties. The most disturbing are the gas attacks. Each time the wind is unfavourable we have to put on the ‘stinking’ tube (gasmask) with screaming horns and sirens. The prospect of dying by asphyxiation or being burnt by the corrosive gases is particularly hateful. Thinking about that, we curse science that allows such gruesome discoveries
    Jacobus Winters, #Ramskapelle: Guards work from 9pm
    #Australian 1TunCmp, #Hill60: 2 entombed listeners are rescued, 1 man wounded
    3 #Canadian TnlCmp, #Ploegsteert: It has been decided not to blow the mine at T.121.
    in the coming offensive. Consequently the galleries are being strutted to withstand the shock of the other mine blows. This will insure that the system will be intact in case the offensive is not wholly successful
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: 43 communions. 2 shells on the stable of Adriaen and 1 on the house. They escape, being in the cellar, but 4 black people are killed, 3 are wounded. A munition depot explodes as Celeste Planckeel. In #Reningelst the people thought it was a shell exploding just near them. Even in #Abele the blast is heard. A shrapnel explodes near people going to mass: 3 people severely wounded of which 2 are from #Loker, 2 of them die. Shells coming from #Boezinge in the evening. A munition depot explodes near farm Dalle and a shell falls on stable of Verraes of #Vlamertinge. At noon we get the visit of Major O’Riordan, the great nephew of Daniel O’Connell, the great #Irish leader
    #ypressalient #ww1 #ypres #ieper

    26th of May
    Today 1917
    The 1030th day of war
    #France: 3 successful #German attacks in #Champagne
    Southern Front: #Italians take and lose #Konstanjevica and capture 10 guns
    Hospitalship ‘#Dover Castle’ torpedoed twice in the #Mediterranean and sunk, 6 lost. #French Marine staes that the #Germans have sunk 2.4 million tons in the first 4 monts. #Brazil annuls its neutrality decree
    Occupied #Belgium, #Frankfurter Zeitung: Belgium will now pay a war tribute of 60million/month
    #Berlin, report, Pr Rupprecht of #Bayern, #Wijtschate: increase artillery exchanges, several #British attacks thrown back
    #KingAlbert, #QueenElisabeth, #DePanne: Visit by Baron de Broqueville in #Steenbourg (#France)
    Jacobus Winters, #Ramskapelle: Work in the 1st line
    #Australian 1TunCmp, #Hill60: 8.45pm: heavy enemy mine blown up cratering in no mans land between #Anzac shaft and the Cutting, considerably damaging our system at A, B, Beta and C and breaking some leads. No attempt is made by the enemy to occupy the crater, 3 wounded.
    2 #Canadian TnlCmp, #SanctuaryWood: One O.R. accidentally injured
    3 #Canadian TnlCmp, #Ploegsteert: Started a Petrol Store for Tanks at Sheet 28 T.18.a.8.0. This will have twelve feet headcover, and have a reinforced concrete covering
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: Many new guns, some of them at farm Baes: the they look like 220mm but have very long barrels. They are operated by #Australians. They are covered with iron nets woven through them green ribbons for camouflage. At Ouderdom more tanks have arrived and have been hidden. At some farms black people have arrived from the #WestIndies-#Jamaica: they are dressed like the #British, but the people don’t like them because of steeling. I found a letter from one of their mothers: even the #Belgians could not have written such a deep Christian letter! The black people are extremely afraid of the explosions: they stare bewilderd and terrified and if a shell drops nearby, they flee in panick. A new smokeless train runs from the lake to the chateau of lady De Gheus. The #Germans sometimes shoot at it, but that doesn’t prevent them doing their work. On the other side of the lake the are is full of little heaps of munition, like manure heaps on the field. In Dikkebus many fields with crops and pastures are now occupied. The Security and Intelligence Service from #Poperinge is very alert. You have to be very careful with your words. They move around as simple soldiers, sometimes full of mud from the trenches and they visit the pubs and move among the people. The College of #Poperinge has again been moved because of the danger
    #ypressalient #ww1 #ypres #ieper

    25th of May
    Today 1917
    The 1029th day of war
    #France: #German success at #CheminDesDames. #French success near #Moronvillers
    Airplane raid on E Coast: 95 killed, 192 injured, 3 raiders brought down
    Southern Front: #Italian progress on the #Isonzo and S #Carso
    #KingAlbert, #QueenElisabeth, #DePanne: Visit by General #Haig. He explains his plans to mount an offensive towards the #Flemish Coast, preluded by an offensive towards the Ridge of #Messines and #Wijtschate. Astonishly these offensives have been planned, not by the Army but by the respective governments in #Paris and #London. The offensives will take place because of the huge losses in tonnage of ships sunk by the U-boats. More tonnage of ships is being sunk than can even be produced in the #USA
    René Deckers, #Noordschote: Today I am at observation post 8, observing the visit of #KingAlbert and #QueenElisabeth
    Jacobus Winters, #Ramskapelle: Working at night on the 1st line
    #Australian 1TunCmp, #Hill60: Usual sound in A gallery, 2 wounded
    3 #Canadian TnlCmp, #Ploegsteert: At T.127 emergency rations are being placed at the foot of the shaft in case the shaft-head should be blown in and the men entombed. Our T.M's bombard enemy with gas shells at T.121-123. The gas blows back and our men have to use gas helmets. No casualties
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: The chapel of the College of #Poperinge heavily damaged by very heavy shells falling on the town. Many more artillery arriving in the area. Some civilians are now also fleeing from #Reningelst (6 miles from the frontline): this is difficult to understand for those still living in #Dikkebus (1 mile from the frontline). Douglas #Haig is in #Westouter today, in the afternoon going to the Rode Berg. The #German trenches are again heavily shelled
    #ypressalient #ww1 #ypres #ieper

    24th of May
    Today 1917
    The 1028th day of war
    #France: #French line round #Craonne improved
    Southern Front: Further #Italian gains in S #Carso, #Austrian counterattacks fail
    #Japanese flotilla announced in the #Mediterranean
    #Berlin, report: Pr. Rup.v.#Bayern : Near #Wijtschate after a preceeding barrage, #British reconnaissance units push forward, but they are thrown back in man-to-man fighting
    #Oostburg, #Nederland: A number of planes flying from W to S is observed. At 6pm they are heavily shot at above the #Belgian coast. Possibly the planes bombard the new airstrip. Heavy explosion in the evening
    #KingAlbert, #QueenElisabeth, #DePanne: B
    Jacobus Winters, #Ramskapelle: 9am: a shell and 2 shrapnel explode on the farmyard, no injuries. We work on the line at night
    #Australian 1TunCmp, #Hill60: Face work heard in DR
    3 #Canadian TnlCmp, #Ploegsteert: One hundred and fifty O.R. and two officers 36th #Australian Imperial Forces relieve 33rd#Australian Imperial Forces attached infantry for work on #Australian front. 3rd #Australian Div. put gas over on their front. The wind is favourable and it appears to be successful
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: Many more field artillery has arrived. Tanks are hidden under tents on the fields of Cyriel Jacobs at ‘Ouderdom’. The camp commander puts up a sign indicating that no damage should be done to the #French crops, as they also are making sacrifices for the war and the crops are needed… no word about the #Belgians! Do these peope know they are in #Belgium? Or has #Belgium been dissolved? Shells on #Poperinge in the evening
    #ypressalient #ww1 #ypres #ieper

    23rd of May
    Today 1917
    The 1027th day of war
    #France: #Zeppelin raid E. Counties, 1 killed
    Southern Front: #Carso: great #Italian advance. Ten #British batteries engaged: 9000 prisoners
    Raid by mounted troops on #BirEsSaba (#Palestine)
    16 #German Gotha Bombers start a new era, by attacking #London from #Belgian bases. The darkness thwarths the attack, but they drop their bombs more to the E, killing 100 #Canadians in a military basis
    #Berlin, report: Lively artillery activity near #Wijtschate
    #KingAlbert, #QueenElisabeth, #DePanne: Visit to the trenches of the 3LA and 2ndCav. The King refuses the Command over a combined #Belgian-#French force on constitutional grounds, a standpoint he will clarify when General #Haig will visit him
    Jacobus Winters, #Ramskapelle: Move to farm ‘Casablanca’. I am tasked with taking over the inventory
    #Australian 1TunCmp, #Hill60: Footage of tunneling: #Perth: nil; #Ipswich: 14’6’’; #Newcastle 6’10’’; #Moreland: 3 exits to surface
    2 #Canadian TnlCmp, #SanctuaryWood: night: an enemy raiding party is beaten off by Lewis gunfire
    3 #Canadian TnlCmp, #Ploegsteert: Attention has been given to the electric leads and
    exploders. These are all in splendid shape, and should do very efficient work when required
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: Again big movement of artillery going to the frontline during the night. I go to #Poperinge in the afternoon. While being at the house of teacher Nollet, the town is being shelled. In Dikkebus 3 #British planes are shot down. We rarely see a #German plane being downed. But the #British reports continue declaring that more #German planes than #British ones are downed
    #ypressalient #ww1 #ypres #ieper

    22nd of May
    Today 1917
    The 1026th day of war
    #France: Confused fighting on th #Arras front. Successful #French actions on the #Aisne front
    Southern Front: #Italians frustrate hostile attacks in #Travignolo valley
    Demolition of 13 miles of Hejaz Railway by #Anzac Mounted Brigade and Camel Corps
    Jacobus Winters, #Ramskapelle: My friend Emiel Devester comes on visit, he has just been made officer. When will be my turn? But I don’t ask for it, it’s not my career, I just do my job
    #Australian 1TunCmp, #Hill60: Enemy extremely active during the night on the surface. Usual noises in A gallery. Leads are correct
    3 #Canadian TnlCmp, #Ploegsteert: At T121 we are placing an emergency store of timber, rations, and tools so that in case of a cave in, or a blow the men will be able to dig themselves out, and at most keep alive until rescued
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: I bury little Margriet in the war cemetery. The preparations on the upcoming offensive on #Wijtschate (#Messines Ridge) are becoming more and more visible. At the back of the frontline, there are guns everywhere, ready to move to the frontline during the night. There are many new camps and CinC Douglas #Haig is in #Reningelst today. #German shells land in #Poperinge near ‘‘t Vogeltje’
    #ypressalient #ww1 #ypres #ieper

    21st of May
    Today 1917
    The 1025th day of war
    #France: #British capture #Siegfried Line from #Bullecourt to #Arras. #French claim great success on #Moronvillers Ridge
    Southern Front: Severe fighting in the #Travignolo Valley (#Trentino)
    Mr. Albert Thomas, #French Minister of Munitions speaks with effect in #Moscow
    #Berlin, report Army Group Prince Rupprecht of #Bayern: Lively artillery activity around Ypres all of the day
    #KingAlbert, #QueenElisabeth, #DePanne: Visit by Baron Moncheur
    Jacobus Winters, #Ramskapelle: Working from 5 to 9. On patrol one first gets the impression, there is danger everywhere, but after some time everything seems safe. As long as one keeps quiet
    #Australian 1TunCmp, #Hill60: Usual sounds in A gallery. 3 men wounded, 1 killed
    2 #Canadian TnlCmp, #SanctuaryWood: 3am: A small #British raiding party enters enemy trenches opposite Mount Sorrel and returns safely with Information. One O.R. wounded at YPRES
    3 #Canadian TnlCmp, #Ploegsteert: Men had to be withdrawn from Russian Saps T.123 on account of enemy retaliation from our bombardment
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: Many guns drive past in the night. Visit to the ‘Leene’ (#Lijssenthoek) ambulance: very beautifully arranged with flowerbeds. There are now 3800 soldiers buried in the cemetery. A grave is dug where each time 2 soldiers are buried
    #ypressalient #ww1 #ypres #ieper

    20th of May
    Today 1917
    The 1024th day of war
    #France: #Germans gain 200 yards NE of #Cerny
    Southern Front: #Austrian attacks on the #Carso beaten off
    #USA: A division starts at once for #France under Gen #Pershing. Mr #Roosevelt’s offer declined
    Conscription bill announced and well-received in #Canada
    #Russia: Provisional Government recognizes debt of honour to #Allies and repudiates peace talk
    #KingAlbert, #QueenElisabeth, #DePanne: Visit to the trench of the 4thLinReg in #Noordschote. Arrival of Maj Gordon, probably in preparation of the visit of Gen Haig
    Arthur Pasquier, #Elverdinge: These days are very busy and go by very fast. We fire at least once a day, but each time quite a number of projectiles. There is much less rifle fire here. We sometimes walk in full view of the enemy without being shot at. A #British pilot downs a #German observation balloon. From time to time I now give instruction in aiming and shooting. There are numerous batteries in our sector. 300 shots of 150mm on a small 75mm gun escapes without a scratch. 350 shots on our #British neighbour and we only get some shrapnel flying over
    Jacobus Winters, #Ramskapelle: Confession and communion at 7.30am. The bard of Cardoen has been transformed into the parish church of #Elverdinge. It is moving to have mass there and it makes me think of the time of #French revolution, when it was forbidden to go to mass. In those days they would go to church in secret in a barn. Prayer is much better in a barn than in a church
    #Australian 1TunCmp, #Hill60: All quiet on suface and underground
    3 #Canadian TnlCmp, #Ploegsteert: No new work has been done in our existing mine system at T.121, but a good shaft-house has been built, and a dugout completed underground for sleeping purposes
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: 67 people at mass at 100 at high mass. Soon there will also be guns at the little wood of Baes. Some #British men are playing football in the area of their battery. The Mayor warns: they will be shot at and the #Belgians will again be accused of spying. It only takes one hour later it rains shells on the position and 20 soldiers are wounded. And indeed again the #Belgians are again said to be responsible, what an arrogance! Shelling of the farms Huyghe and Dalle with a munition depot exploding, of which the shock is felt in #Reningelst. More than 200 inhabitants still live in Dikkebus, together with almost 70 refugees
    #ypressalient #ww1 #ypres #ieper

    19th of May
    Today 1917
    The 1023rd day of war
    #France: #British push forward beyond #Bullecourt. Fighting about #CheminDes Dames
    Eastern Front: #Russian Army at the Front remains passive
    Southern Front: #Austrians fail to recover the heights of #Gorizia
    #Nicaragua severs diplomatic relations with #Germany
    Jacobus Winters, #Ramskapelle: Our guard duty is finished and we move to a barrack at the beautiful farm Cardoen occupied by the #British. I sleep on a straw bag in a small schack with Emiel Devester
    #Australian 1TunCmp, #Hill60: Enemy blows up a mine at 5.50pm, cratering near LP 2 & 3. No damage done to our mining system. #Anzac shaft reopened and the air is now good
    3 #Canadian TnlCmp, #Ploegsteert: Our shallow saps to the right of trench 119 are still
    flooded, and we are patrolling these several times daily and listening on surface
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: 3pm: the #Germans at #Langemark shell farm Dalle and pub ‘Den Hert’. A tent is destroyed near the oven schak of Jan Plak. Mrs Plak said that things went not too bad, most shells did not hit and with that she has forgotten the shelling. At 6pm shells on farm Huyghe: one on the chicken den: this time the shells come from #Wijtschate. I go for a walk to Scherpenberg. The hill top is occupied by #British and forbidden for civilians, but a little lower access is allowed. It’s a clear day with a perfect view towards the #German lines. All open ground with pillars of smoke everywhere as the #British are shelling the area continuously. The #German are shelling farm Goudeseune in #Kemmel. I meet some inhabitants of Dikkebus, returning from #Wulvergem, where they have been working just 1 mile from the frontline
    #ypressalient #ww1 #ypres #ieper

    18th of May
    Today 1917
    The 1022nd day of war
    #France: #Germans concentrate on the #California Plateau and #CheminDesDames
    Southern Front: #Italians extend their hold on #Vodice and Hill 652
    #Russia: the #Duma urges loyalty to the #Allies on Provisional Government
    #USA: #Congress passes Army Bill: 500.000 must be mustered in September. Medical Corps reaches #England
    #Britain: The #Imperial War Graves Commission (later, the ‘Commenwealth’ WGC) is tasked with burying the dead. It is decided that the bodies of the fallen will not be brought back home. In 1937 there would be 437 cemeteries with 240.000 dead. Of those only 92.000 were known soldiers. The headstones will be hewn in Ypres
    #USA: #Congress approves het ‘Selective Service Act’ calling to duty men 21-30yrs
    #London, report: Enemy attacks E of #Loos, NE of #Armentières(#Ploegsteert) and E of Ypres repulsed
    René Deckers, #Avekapelle: Coming back from #Oostvleteren I am welcomed by a trumpets and bugles in all farms and barracks. Joined by horns, triangles and sirens in this warning of a gas attack. I take my gas masks from its pacage and put it around my neck, all fear dissappeares. All units execute the order. The horse stables are emptied and the artillery suppliers flee along the main road. These disorderly loud groups unnecessarily increase the panic, because 20 minutes later the gas alarm is cancelled, signalling the end of the attack. I have not smelled any gas
    Jacobus Winters, #Ramskapelle: 3am: back from work
    #Australian 1TunCmp, #Hill60: Heavy enemy artillery activity from 9.30pm-4am, no damage to the wiring system. We blow 3 mines at 10.15pm: 600lbs, 1000lbs and 400lbs of ammonal
    2 #Canadian TnlCmp, #SanctuaryWood: At night, after a heavy bombardment, the enemy enters our trenches & takes prisoner an infantryman
    3 #Canadian TnlCmp, #Ploegsteert: Our Front which extends from C.16.b.7.6. Sheet to our right flank to the 3rd #Australian Division, and from there to our left flank by the 1st #NewZealand Division
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: Many new #British observation balloons in the area: about 1 every 3 kilometers. The #Germans have much less observation balloons. Every the #British are growing vegetables: some gardens are well-tended, others not. In ‘MicMac’ camp (farm Coene) they are planting potatoes more than 1 foot deep and then they are astonished they do not grow!
    #ypressalient #ww1 #ypres #ieper

    17th of May
    Today 1917
    The 1021st day of war
    #France: #British complete the capture of #Bullecourt. #KingAlbert of the #Belgians visists the #Somme, #Ancre and #Arras battlefields
    Eastern Front: Intense enemy fire on #Russian trenches near #Kukhary
    Southern Front: #Italians supported by #British heavy artillery stick to #Kuk, #Vudice, #Santo
    #Kurds attack #Russian rear near #Khanikin
    #Honduras severs diplomatic relations with #Germany
    #USA Minister in #Belgium issues damning report on #German deportations
    Raoul Snoeck, #Paris: Since 2 days in Paris. I visit ‘Garche’ and the weather is splendid. In the garden the women swing back and forth relentlessly. The fasten their skirts, but they do it above their knees, to show off their perfectly beautiful legs. Oh, these women! We go back with an empty stomach along a shadowy path. Many stars in the sky
    Jacobus Winters, #Ramskapelle: Back from work at 2.30am. Enjoy rest after 4 hours of work and 4 hours of marching. I sleep until 2pm. At 8pm back to work
    #Australian 1TunCmp, #Hill60: Usual noises in A gallery, knocking heard in D.R.
    3 #Canadian TnlCmp, #Ploegsteert: Heavy enemy bombardment at 8.45 p.m. followed by a raid. Party one hundred strong are driven off by M.G. fire. Started bracing #Russian Saps T.123 and 127 to withstand any adjacent mine blow
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: Ascension Day. Bad weather. The 1st #Belgian Artillery Group leaves the area after having been here for 2 years. It’s no loss for the morality of our area. Particularly the oldest soldiers are a disgrace: many a girl, even married women have been badly spoiled and also soldiers by bad women. The newspapers report bad news from #Russia, it’s a petty
    #ypressalient #ww1 #ypres #ieper

    16th of May
    Today 1917
    The 1020th day of war
    #France: #British hold on ‘Siegfried’ line NE of #Bullecourt extended
    Southern Front: #Italians take 4000 prisoners in #Carso, #Austrians 2000
    #French ss ‘Sontay’ torpedoed in the #Mediterranean, 45 lost
    #Russian coalition cabinet formed under #Kerenski
    PM Lloyd George propose Home Rule
    #German Chancellor indicates lines of peace with #Russia
    Jacobus Winters, #Ramskapelle: My job now is to lead carts and kitchens. Buyens and I sleep in a separate part of the barracks. At 8pm we go working in the ‘Red Trench’
    #Australian 1TunCmp, #Hill60: Entrance to the A gallery crumped in due to a shell during the night. Footage of tunneling: #Brisbane 16’11’’; #Perth 58’6’’; #Newcastle 39’6’’; #Ipswich 38’6’’; #Moreland: 3 exits to surface
    2 #Canadian TnlCmp, #SanctuaryWood: 3.A.M. Enemy raiders attempt to enter our trenches at 28 I.24.d.87.50: they are driven off by L.G. fire. Lieuts. I.M. Marshall, Jno. Stevenson, and W.W. Ritchie, report for duty from England. 4 Officers and 150 O.R. 24th Division, attached Infantry, report for duty
    3 #Canadian TnlCmp, #Ploegsteert: The shaft-house at T.127. has been concreted, and it is now strong enough to be used as a signal station in case of an advance
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: Calm night. Shrapnel above farm Gontier. I take the country road to #Westouter as it is much safer and visit the Priest from #Kemmel
    #ypressalient #ww1 #ypres #ieper

    15th of May
    Today 1917
    The 1019th day of war
    #France: General #Nivelle is dismissed and General #Pétain becomes CinC. #Pétain immediately takes to making a tour, to listen to the grievances of the simple soldier. Mutiny will reach its peak in July. 50 soldiers are executed on the basis of mutiny, of which the #Germans don’t hear anything anymore, because of a perfect system of sensorship of the #French press. Heavy fighting at #Bullecourt and #CheminDesDames
    Southern Front: #Italians advance near #Gorizia. #British, #French, #Serbs and #Greeks successful SW of #Krastali (#Balkans)
    #Adriatic: #Austrian-#Hungarian warships of Captain Miklos #Horthy (the later #Hungarian dictator) attack ships in front of #Albania. An #Austrian light cruiser sinks 14 #British drifters, but is hunted by the #Allies. HMS Dartmouth torpedoed, but not sunk.
    #USA: Destroyer flotilla arrives in #British waters
    #British transport ‘Cameronia torpedoed in the #Mediterranean: 140 men lost
    #Nederland: A #Dutch soldier on patrol at the border with #Belgium is shot dead: nothing is known about the perpetrator
    London, report: A enemy unit is thrown back S of Ypres. A #German plane is downed and one of our planes has gone missing
    #KingAlbert, #DePanne: The King visits the #British lines in his uniform of the 5th Dragoon Guards. He visits the 4th, 5th and 3th Armies under command of resp. Gen Rawlinson, Gouch and Allenby, paying also visits to Gen Horne and Byng. He also visits the positions of the 1st #Canadian Army Corps at #Vimy Ridge
    #Australian 1TunCmp, #Hill60: Usual noise at A gallery
    3 #Canadian TnlCmp, #Ploegsteert: The shafts at #Calgary Avenue and Benson's Cottage, Sheet 28, T.6.d.8.1. are lined part way with double steel casing, with cement filling, on account of the heavy inflow of water. Spiral staircases will be put in these shafts to make the deep dugouts accessible
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: On my way to Dikkebus, I am protected: a shell falls near ‘Kalsijde’ and going back another just where I had been standing on my way coming. 37 people at mass, when several shells fly over the farm and explode at #Ouderdom. I witness the heaviest shelling I have seen: 600 shells explode on and around farm Comyn, the barn start burning. 3 guns are destroyed, the Colonel and 4 men are killed and 6 are wounded. In the afternoon I go to ‘Scherpenberg’: on its flanc, behing the pub ‘De Zonne’ is a gigantic scale model of #Wijtschate. Everything exactly as it is observed by planes. Heaps of bricks showing ruins, others bombarded farms. Numerous trenches and communication trenches are made visible with lines of cement. Also rows of barbed wire, creeks, small and big roads. Sticks and branches form the woods. Also many signs with names of farms, trenches and woods. Mostly #British names, given by the British themselves. Those knowing the area, testify to the precise accuracy of the scale model. Seeing the scale model, one cannot but ascertain #Wijtschate has become a fortress that will be difficult to take. Officers and soldiers come here to study how to take the area. A path has been made around it, to make it possible to study everything. Civilians are forbidden to take the path, but everything I well visible also from the side. We learn that the village of #Dranouter and the town of #Mesen also have a scale model. Again many troops arrive in the area. At Lamerant and De Crock, 2 and 3 batteries have arrived. We hope that soon an offensive will be launched by the #British
    #ypressalient #ww1 #ypres #ieper

    14th of May
    Today 1917
    The 1018th day of war
    #France: #British advance N of #Gavrelle
    Southern Front: Strong #Italian attack N & S of #Goriza and in the sector of #Carno
    #British naval forces destroy #Zeppelin L.22 in the #NorthSea
    #Berlin, report: Army Group Prince Rupprecht (of #Bayern): Lively continuation of gunning between Ypres and #Armentières. Correction to the #British report about their attack on #Zeebrugge: it was no military success, not much damage was done and no #German planes were downed
    #Belgian report (#LeHavre): Very heavy shelling and raids with bombs and grenades in the area of #Diksmuide, #Steenstrate and ‘Het Sas’ (#Boezinge). A raid on a small outpost at ‘De Grote Wacht’ near #Stuivenkenskerke is easily repelled. Our planes raid the airstrip of #Handzame
    #KingAlbert, #QueenElisabeth, #DePanne: Visit to #Calais and at 9.30pm to the #British frontline
    Raoul Snoeck, #Stavele: At rest to #Ghyvelde. The commander tells me that I have been selected to go to #Gaillon. I prefer not to go as I would like to stay with my men and promise them to do everything possible, to be able to come back
    René Deckers, #Avekapelle: Our observation balloon is downed by a #German ‘Taube’. The #German plane is probably hit in the carburetor. I see the balloon dropping down burning, while the crew makes a perfect laning with the parachutes
    #Australian 1TunCmp, #Hill60: Noises in A-gallery. Leads all right. Enemy artillery active on our forward posts
    2 #Canadian TnlCmp, #SanctuaryWood: 22 O.R. 23rd Division, attached infantry, report for duty
    3 #Canadian TnlCmp, #Ploegsteert: An extensive deep dugout system at Hill 63. is progressing favourably. Corrugated iron lagging, and pit props being used
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: 32 people in mass. Several shells at the ‘Hallebast’. More troops than usual. At #Ouderdom much ammunition for shelling. A #Belgian observation balloon is downed near #WestVleteren. I go to the #RodeBerg (#Loker) and can see the smoking chimneys in #Armentières
    #ypressalient #ww1 #ypres #ieper

    13th of May
    Today 1917
    The 1017th day of war
    #France: #French repulse heavy #German attack N of #Reims
    #Russia: Gen Kornilov and Guchkov Minister of Marine and War resign
    #Mesopotamia: #Russian detachments compelled to retire across #Diala towards #Kifri
    #Spanish ss ‘Carmen’ sunk in protected zonde by #German submarine
    #Canada: Marshal #Joffre reviews garrison troops at #Montreal: much enthusiasm
    #KingAlbert, #QueenElisabeth, #DePanne: Prince Karel leaves for #England
    Arthur Pasquier, #Elverdinge: Afternoon: our AA-guns fire fiercly at a #German plane, but as it approaches one of our observation balloons, the gun stops firing and the plane ignites a fire in the balloon, while the men jump with their parachutes
    #Australian 1TunCmp, #Hill60: Enemy artillery active. Working noises in DA
    2 #Canadian TnlCmp, #SanctuaryWood: This underground system IS completed. One O.R. wounded. 3.30 A.M. After a heavy bombardment, the enemy attemptS a raid, but IS beaten off. 4 Officers and 162 O.R. 19th Division, attached Infantry, return to their Units
    3 #Canadian TnlCmp, #Ploegsteert: Pumper (Attd. Inf.) at T.121. shaft head wounded by enemy trench mortar
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: Very dangerous: the #Germans send over a shell from time to time. Since 2 weeks it’s been hot weather. Incredible how everything has grown. Farmer Coene complains about the #British officer, not wanting to repay the damage done by his troops to his crop: ‘You should have sown in your land later in the year!’
    #ypressalient #ww1 #ypres #ieper

    12th of May
    Today 1917
    The 1016th day of war
    #France: #British storm most of #Bullecourt
    Southern Front: Artillery activity on Julian front. #Italians bomb #Prosecco, N of #Trieste
    Heavy naval bombardment of #Zeebrugge by the #Dover Division
    #USA: General #Pershing becomes commander of the #American Expeditionary Force, established to go fighting on the Western front. #Pershing expects the number of #American soldiers to have risen to 1 million by May 1918. If the war continues then #Pershing expects to gather 3 million soldiers. He wants to fight as 1 Army, without units being dispersed under #French and #British command
    #Italy: the 10th battle of the #Isonzo starts and lasts for 17 days, without much progress. Italy loses 160.000 men, #Austria-#Hungary 75.000
    #Vlissingen, #Nederland: 3-8am: attack on #Zeebrugge from the sea
    #London, report: Seaplanes and the fleet cooperating, successfully heavily bombard #Zeebrugge. 15 air battles took place, 9 enemy planes are downed, 2 of ours are missing, 1 has landed in #Nederland, the pilot being interned
    #Oostburg, #Nederland: awesome gunning heard. The whole day the windows are trembling, by the heavy explosions. The whole of the night drum-fire as nevery before coing from Ypres
    #KingAlbert, #QueenElisabeth, #DePanne: Visit by General Tombeur (#Belgian forces in #Congo)
    Jacobus Winters, #Ramskapelle: Training: cooperation between Air Force and troops on the ground: impressive and giving confidence!
    #Australian 1TunCmp, #Hill60: Usual sounds in A left gallery. Leads all right
    3 #Canadian TnlCmp, #Ploegsteert: Gas doors ARE completed in No.1 and 2 Brigade dugouts near La Hutte Chateau
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: Gunning at the emplacements of guns at farm Goethals. Several soldiers are killed. Mrs Pé gets big flesh wounds on the arm, but not dangerous. She is sped to farm Ooghe, 80m away, and immediately after a shell hits her pub and is destroyed. In the house next to it already in the afternoon, eggs dishes are prepared for the soldiers. While harrowing, farmer Cafmeyer’s harrowfork is destroyed by a shell as he and his horse are unharmed
    #ypressalient #ww1 #ypres #ieper

    11th of May
    Today 1917
    The 1015th day of war
    #France: Various #German attacks repulsed by the #Allies
    Southern Front: #Serb raids on #Moglena hills N of #Pozar
    Jacobus Winters, #Ramskapelle: Training on the #IJzer in #Roesbrugge. We learn how to pass a footbridge over a river. It is very instructive and I hope to be able to put it into practice one day
    #Australian 1TunCmp, #Hill60: 13 Shaft again crumped by shell. Noises still at A gallery. Leads checked and found right
    3 #Canadian TnlCmp, #Ploegsteert: #Seaforth Farm drive stopped on account of not having sufficient time to complete it before commencement of operations
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: Calm day, in the morning a #German plane drops 5 bombs on ‘De Werf’ in #Poperinge. I testify in a investigation about the fire at farm Lamerant. The facts are clear: no ammunition was allowed, no kerosene, both of which were abundantly present. The corn is still burning today. The second class of 18-year olds are now called up for duty
    #ypressalient #ww1 #ypres #ieper

    10th of May
    Today 1917
    The 1014th day of war
    #France: Small #British gains SW of #Lens
    Southern Front: #French and #Greeks take enemy position near the #Luyumnitsa. 2 attacks on #Krastali driven off by #British
    #British scouting force from #Harwich chases 11 #German destroyers into #Zeebrugge.
    #Venizelos discovered at #Saloniki
    Rodzianko, President of the #Duma affirms #Russian loyalty to the #Allies
    Secret Session of #HouseOfCommons on submarine warfare. Prime Minister Lloyd George forces the #British #Navy to introduce convoys to protect merchant ships against enemy subs. Recent U-boat attacks risk isolating #GreatBritain. From now on ships sail in big groups, protected by a few war vessels. The system brings immediate results: the #Germans lose more subs and the number of merchant ships being sunk is drastically reduced
    #IJmuiden, report: import of fish into #Belgium is again forbidden by the #German authorities, without any reason given
    Raoul Snoeck, #Stavele: We are lodged in the house of mr and mrs Recour, very friendly people. The lady takes very well care of us and even repairs my clothes. She does many things for others. The hours spent with them are amongst the best memories I have in our difficult situation
    #Australian 1TunCmp, #Hill60: Heavy bombardment of our lines at 3-4am, considerably damaging our exits. The schock of a mine exploding on our left is felt, no damage to our system. Sounds of the enemy working heard in A and D galleries
    3 #Canadian TnlCmp, #Ploegsteert: The dugout at Prowse Point. T.127. is being reinforced by covering with concrete bursters
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: Several nice houses in Dikkebus have been severly damaged by shelling. Father Mac Havy of the 41st division wants to hold mass in one of the houses on the Square. But as only one soldier came he decides to do it somewhere else. He has only left the house for 10 minutes when a shell destroys it. The Mayor tells me he has prepared a piece of land to be sown in, but a few hour later there were 48 shell holes in it. The children of Vandepitte have now also fled their house, right they are! At 7.30 the Pastor of #Reningelst is holding mass as a #German plane is shot at. The head of a shell falls through the roof as he accompanies a lady to the alter, destroying the chair on which the lady was sitting
    #ypressalient #ww1 #ypres #ieper

    9th of May
    Today 1917
    The 1013th day of war
    #France: #German attack on #CheminDesDames fails. The Nivelle offensive comes to an end and is a big disaster for the #French. The #German positions cannot be broken and there are enormous losses: 187.000 #French and 163.000 #German losses. The moral of the #French soldiers is at an all-time low. Many units start mutinies
    600.000 #Serbian and #French soldiers invade #Macedonia. #British troops attack at the #Vardar river. The offensive will come to a stall putting into question the capabilities of the #French Commander-in-Chief Maurice Serrail
    #Australian 1TunCmp, #Hill60: Sounds of enemy facework and shaftwork are very plain. It is evident that the enemy is very close to A gallery. Shock felt as of a mine being blown up on our left. No damage done thanks to our system. The air I fair now. The leads are all right. Footage: #Brisbane: 112’5’’; Ipswich: 30’6’’; Australian dugouts: 49’9’’
    2 #Canadian TnlCmp, #SanctuaryWood: This underground system is completed and turned over to the Infantry
    3 #Canadian TnlCmp, #Ploegsteert: Electric lights installed at Shelter Tunnel, Hill 63. #Nieuwkerke party moved over to #Ploegsteert Wood. They will operate #Calgary Avenue and Benson's cottage from here
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: Fierce gunning back and forth for 1,5 hour during the night: the #Germans have entered the #British trenches and capture some men. In the afternoon I go to the hospital of #Couthove to visit the wounded inhabitants of Dikkebus. Perdieu has died, Fournier is getting better and mrs Rubrecht suffer a lot. During the bombardment at Plankeel all the furniture is destroyed only the cross was not damaged. The #British offer money to buy the cross, but mrs doesn’t want to sell it for any price. There are still some #Canadian and #Australien engineers in the area
    #ypressalient #ww1 #ypres #ieper

    8th of May
    Today 1917
    The 1012th day of war
    #France: #Germans recapture #Fresnoy
    Southern Front: British capture #Bulgar position SW of Lake #Doiran. #Serbs seize useful positions in #Moglenitsa Valley
    #Liberia breaks off relations with #Germany
    #London, report: An enemy patrol made an incursion in our positions near Ypres. Some of our men are missing. Fierce air battles, 6 #German planes downed and 5 others put out of action. We miss 5 planes
    Jacobus Winters, #Ramskapelle: Training all day
    #Australian 1TunCmp, #Hill60: Same noises heard at A gallery. Pumping noises heard at B gallery
    3 #Canadian TnlCmp, #Ploegsteert: 3rd #Australian Division have placed maps at principal corners in the trenches. These give the location of our mine shafts, and are very dangerous in case of a raid
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: 3 times all #British guns in the area fire at the same time for half an hour at the #German positions. The #Germans retaliate and send many shells to #Ouderdom: on the pasture of Beernaert 6 men and 11 horses are killed. The 3 soldiers and and Padre Coveliers are buried in #Poperinge
    #ypressalient #ww1 #ypres #ieper

    7th of May
    Today 1917
    The 1011th day of war
    #France: #British position between #Bullecourt and #Quéant improved by #Australians
    Daylight airplane raid NE of #London, 1 killed, 1 wounded
    Southern Front: #Bulgar counter-attack repulsed by #Greeks
    #German Chancellor uses Social Democrats to influence #Soviet delegates towards #German peace terms
    Captain Arlber Ball, a #British place ace with 40 victories on his name is shot down and dies
    #British ships bombard #Zeebrugge, the main basis for #German destroyers and U-boats. The attack causes few damage, but others follow
    #KingAlbert, #QueenElisabeth, #DePanne: Prince Leopold leaves for England. Visit by 4 members of the Commission for Relief for #Belgium
    Jacobus Winters, #Ramskapelle:
    #Australian 1TunCmp, #Hill60: Same noises heard at A gallery
    3 #Canadian TnlCmp, #SanctuaryWood: Heavy enemy T.M. Bombardment of T122 and 123 at 5.10 p.m. No damage done to saps
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: Again severe shelling towards several farms. 1 drops at the door of Verkest, where a baby was just born. It’s a miracle no one gets hurt. No less than 400 shells would have dropped on #DeKlijte. The HQ flees to the #Scherpenberg. Again many shells at ‘De Werf’ in #Poperinge. Many shells on #Vlamertinge, West-#Nieuwkerke and #Kemmel of which many incendiary shells. What dos this huge shelling mean? Are the #Germans expecting a #British assault? Nobody knows, but it looks like the #British have abandoned their upcoming offensive
    #ypressalient #ww1 #ypres #ieper

    6th of May
    Today 1917
    The 1010th day of war
    #France: #French resist all #German counter attacks at the #Aisne
    Southern Front: Violent artillery action on #Trentino and #Julian front
    Mass meeting at #Saloniki demanding deposition of King Constantine
    #Oostburg, #Nederland: Yesterday evening and this morning planes drop bombs on #Zeebrugge. The planes are fiercly shot at
    #Australian 1TunCmp, #Hill60: Same noises heard at A-gallery, all quiet everywhere else. Leads tested and found all right
    3 #Canadian TnlCmp, #Ploegsteert: At 9.30 a.m. enemy bombards Billets at Nieuwkerke and roads near the town. One of our officers, Lieut. Webster and one O.R. wounded. 5th #Bavarian R.I.R., 4th Bavarian Division opposite us as shown by prisoner taken at Sheet 28, U156
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: A shell explodes in the attick, where Padre Coveliers and other soldiers are sleeping. 2 dead and 3 wounded. #Poperinge bombarded in the area of ‘De Werf’. The stable of Dambre in #Kemmel is shelled and catches fire. One of the worst nights of the war. After mass I baptise Cyriel Gonthier, a baby born in the midst of the daily shelling, on a farm standing between the guns half way between #Dikkebus and #Vlamertinge. Everything went well, but it is dangerous for a mother to live in these circumstances in such a dangerous place. No way to move her from her farm
    #ypressalient #ww1 #ypres #ieper

    5th of May
    Today 1917
    The 1009th day of war
    #France: #French cooperating with #British take #CheminDesDames, 6000 prisoners
    #Southern Front: #French and #Greek troops take #Bulgar trenches near #Gevgeli. #Gorizia (#Italy) bombed. #Italians repulse the enemy on the #Carso
    The vast unwieldy #French tank Saint-Chammond makes it’s entry into the war. It is manned by 9 men, serving 9 MG’s and at 75mm gun
    Occupied #Belgium:
    #KingAlbert, #QueenElisabeth, #DePanne: Sir Brand Whitlock, of the #American Embassy on visit. He helped considerably in the relief work for #Belgium
    Raoul Snoeck, #Stavele: I like this village. Coming back from the trenches full of mud, I notice an impeccably dressed soldier busy fencing. I ask him if he wants to measure himself with me. With an air of superiority he judges my fencing skills with my dirty clothing. But 3 times I manage to twist his rapier from his hands. I leave him standing flabbergasted
    Jacobus Winters, #Roesbrugge: In the afternoon we arrive in Roesbrugge. We are staying in #Haringe. Very pleasant people. We will occupy the sector ‘Het Sas’-#Steenstrate’. Roesbrugge looks a bit like #Bree
    #Australian 1TunCmp, #Hill60: Some noises heard at A-gallery. 10LP: working noises heard. 1 man wounded, 1 man killed
    3 #Canadian TnlCmp, #Ploegsteert: Following a heavy bombardment, the enemy raids at 3.20 a.m. at 28.U.1.6. He did not succeed in entering our trenches. We take one prisoner from 6th Company 181 Inf. R.(Saxon)
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: Calm in the morning. Heavy shelling from 4pm until 4am, become heavier all the time. Many shells falling very fast on and around #DeKlijte. Mrs Rubrecht and her 4 year are wounded: her right hand is torn off and her foot is hurt. The poor mother of 7 is suffering greatly, her foot has to be amputated
    #ypressalient #ww1 #ypres #ieper

    4th of May
    Today 1917
    The 1008th day of war
    #France: 1French take #Craonne and trenches NW of #Reims. Factories near #Metz bombed
    #British transports ‘Arcadian’ and ‘Transulvania’ torpedoed in the #Mediterranean: 50 officers and 600 men lost
    The #Belgian government in #LeHavre decides to use the non-used ground of the soldiers behind the frontline
    KingAlbert, #DePanne: Visit by the #French General Bourgeois.
    Jacobus Winters, #Bray-Dunes: Visit to father Krijnen from #Bree
    Arthur Pasquier, #Elverdinge: The offensive is cancelled. We relieve the 6LA in Elverdinge. This sector is much more interesting than the one of #Ramskapelle, next to the #British. It’s interesting to se how the #British are doing things. For the smallest reason their artillery opens rapid fire. They are not concerned about precisely hitting their objectives. They keep to the theory of overwhelming numbers. Our positions are well-hidden in a small partially destroyed farm. De farm has been repaired inside, so that everyone has a little room
    #Australian 1TunCmp, #Hill60: Same noises still heard at A-gallery. #Anzac shaft opened up and air is improving
    3 #Canadian TnlCmp, #Ploegsteert: One officer and one hundred O.R. #NewZealand Infantry attached to us for duty on #NewZealand front. On account of running ground we lost one face in our deep dug-out system at #Calgary Avenue Trench. Two officers and one hundred and six O.R. #NewZealand Infantry reported for duty on work on the #NewZealand front. One hundred and forty-two O.R. 33rd #Australian Imperial Forces reported for duty to be used on the 3rd #Australian Divisional front
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: Shells in the evening on the farms of Derycke and Verhaege. Paul Fournier is at one of the farms. The #British are shooting at a German planes and one of the shells misses and explodes besides Fournier in a tree. His arm is almost torn off and he is taken to hospital, where his arm is amputated. He does not suffer any pain
    #ypressalient #ww1 #ypres #ieper

    3rd of May
    Today 1917
    The 1007th day of war
    #France: #British rraxk E of #Arras, break through the #Hindenburg Switch at #Chérisy
    Occupied #Belgium, #HoekVanHolland, #Nederland: 6600 Calves slaughtered to support the hungry in #Belgium
    #Australian 1TunCmp, #Hill60: Same noises heard at A-gallery and boring and working sounds heard at DR. Air still very bad. #Anzac gallery again been crumped by enemy shell, which affects all of mining system
    KingAlbert, #DePanne: Visit to Baron de #Broqueville in #Steenbourg (#France)
    3 #Canadian TnlCmp, #Ploegsteert: Timber sets at Seaforth Farm are proving satisfactory.
    Work at Shelter Tunnel, Hill 63. is being done in conjunction
    with a company of Maori Pioneers. 35th Australian Imp. forces
    holding the line from T.90 to T.100
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: Shells on the Square, 2 soldiers get wounded. Shells also near farms Forceville, Wede and the Mayor, near the 2nd #Belgian battery, wounding again several soldiers. The women at the laundry now have to wash the linen with pure creoline, because of the little vermin, the #British call ‘Itchekos’. At the #Belgian frontline there is almost no trouble with lice. At farm D’hellens, (probably) #Belgian put up a sign ‘Itchekos’ to keep the #British out
    #ypressalient #ww1 #ypres #ieper

    2nd of May
    Today 1917
    The 1006th day of war
    #France: In #Champagne and #Moronvillers region #German raids beaten back
    #British destroyer sunk by mine in #Channel: 1 officer and 261 men lost
    General Tombeur arrives in #LeHavre with a unit of Colonial #Belgian-#Congolese troops. These men had distinguished themselves in the #African campaign. 10% of their number had died
    Occupied #Belgium: Sincem a few days important quantities sometimes up to 15 wagons, of fish are being shipped from #IJmuiden (#Nederland) per train from #Holland to Belgium and N #France. The Dutch Railroads do this without charge
    #Australian 1TunCmp, #Hill60: Enemy walking, face and shaft working heard plainly in A-gallery. Air still bad. Leads all fixed up. Footage for the week: #Melbourne: nil; Brisbane 111’; #Adelaide: nil; Perth: 30’; #Ipswich: 17’; #Berlin: 35’
    2 #Canadian TnlCmp, #SanctuaryWood: One O.R. killed by sniper, & one O.R. wounded
    3 #Canadian TnlCmp, #Ploegsteert: Two of our men wounded by enemy shrapnel at T.127. Russian Saps at T.123 and 127 are being pumped out.
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: Every day Dikkebus is being heavily shelled. While working in the barn Jules Perdieu is hit by a piece of shrapnel in the spine. He is immediately lamed and taken to the hospital at Couthove. He suffers tremendously and dies. Shells dropping at the dairy factory in #Poperinge
    #ypressalient #ww1 #ypres #ieper

    1st of May
    Today 1917
    The 1005th day of war
    #France: Successful air raid S of #Moronvillers
    #Mush (Lake #Van) occupied by the #Turks. NW #India: Mashud tribesmen attack #British convoy
    #British ss ‘Gena’ sunk off #Suffolk by #German seaplane
    #Polish Council of State presents demands to Central Powers
    #Berlin, report, Army Group Prince Rupprecht von #Bayern: Firing activity S of Ypres increasing
    #Nederland, #Ameland: Until 11pm heavy gun thundering from the #NorthSea
    #London, report: Both sides of artillery activity around Ypres
    #Nederland, #Oostburg: In the night of Tuesday on Wednesday, several air planes drop bombs between #Brugge and #Zeebrugge. It takes about 1 hour and then silence sets in again. The attackers are fiercly shot at
    #KingAlbert, #QueenElisabeth, #DePanne: The Queen receives lesson in #Dutch every day from 11am-12. From #Easter on also Prince Leopold has to take #Dutch lessons. Although King Albert is always very busy, he still finds the time to be present and check the progress of the Prince. He often asks if the Prince well paid attention
    #KingAlbert, #DePanne: Visit to the 4LA (#Boezinge and #Lizerne)
    #Australian 1TunCmp, #Hill60: Noises heard in A-gallery. All leads all right except A1 & A3, giving a deflection: origin south for. Air getting very bad in mining system
    2 #Canadian TnlCmp, #SanctuaryWood: Strength of Company, 33 Officers and 924 O.R. One O.R. wounded
    3 #Canadian TnlCmp, #Ploegsteert: At Seaforth Farm. T.131. The total length of gallery is 604 ft. We are experimenting with a new heavy timber set to replace steel I beam sets
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: Gunning all day. 2 planes shot down and put on top of a car drive by: 1 #German and 1 #British. Padre Dumon gives the last ointment to the #German pilot. The #British pilot is not wounded. Farmer Laroye at last leaves his farm at the other side of the lake. It’s incredible how some risked to stay so close to the frontline. They must have earned a lot of money. Their place was a bit sheltered by the woods. 30 families of #Kemmel and 4 from Dikkebus are being evacuated. It becomes apparent that the offensive on the #WesternFront has failed. Especially the #French offensive in #Champagne. Because of the situation in the #Russia, quite a few unit are moved from the East to the #WesternFront. In #Boezinge, the Carabiniers and the Grenadiers are being relieved by the 4th Division
    #ypressalient #ww1 #ypres #ieper

    30th of April
    Today 1917
    The 1004th day of war
    #Nederland, #Zierikzee: Damage by unknown plane
    #Gen Maude defeats 13th #Turkish Corps at #Kifri
    #Polish scheme for #Galicia published
    #London, report: A successful raid executed N of Ypres. Some prisoners are taken
    KingAlbert, #DePanne: Visit by Admiral Lacaze, minister of the #French #Navy. Lacaze plays an important role in fighting the U-boats as the offensive is still in full swing. The King writes: how stupid this war of attrition, exhausting both sides
    Arthur Pasquier, #Boezinge: The rest period of the 4LA is almost over. In many confidential notes there is talk about an offensive. The 4LA will defend a sector far S of Boezinge together with the #British. My chances of promotion to 2ndLt are good. 14/20 points by the battery and group commanders and 24/25 by the artillery divisional commander, with the mention ‘Very positive, excellent candidate. I will soon be officer. But even in the current situation, I find military life much more interesting than before
    Raoul Snoeck, #Stavele: A receive a letter from #Nederland in which I am asked if my leg was amputated. I have no idea who could have spread that news. I am in perfect health, 24 years and in possession of all my teath, complete with arms and legs, I could not wish anything better! I can imagine how worried my parents must be. We are experiencing the last of winter, spring is awakening. We all hope to go home soon. At the frontline the Huns are being bombarded continuously, it’s raining shrapnel and fire. We are eager to return to our homes. I am so eager to see my family back, I think of them every day, and the only memory I have from them is a simple picture. In my heart I carry the live picture. In my fantasy I discern my father, lively on guard with a youthful appearance en a live investigative look. I see my mother, elegant, simple and always so good! My brother must have grown up! An my lovely sister! Alas, why do have to be separated from them? To fulfil this awful task of killing as many people as possible to deliver my country and my family. Come one let’s go, the Huns would better have stayed home
    #Australian 1TunCmp, #Hill60: Some noises at A-gallery. Surface: normal
    2 #Canadian TnlCmp, #SanctuaryWood: 4 Officers & 128 O.R. 23rd Div. attached Infantry, (Duke of #Wellington's Reg.& D.L.I.) return to their Units. 4 Officers & 160 O.R. 19th Div. attached Infantry, report for duty. Strength of Company 928 all ranks
    #Canadian TnlCmp, #Ploegsteert: Total length of drive at Seaforth Farm - T131, 594 ft. Enemy heavy bombardment T121 and T123 followed by an enemy raid at 4. a.m. They leave some dead in our trenches but fail to reach our Shaft heads. Portable charges are picked up next morning in the trenches. One #Australian attached Infantry killed and one Sapper wounded. Enclosed are maps showing most of the recent work done and also map showing our mining operations at #Hill60. In the latter all our efforts are confined to mining both offensive and defensive but at present we are doing a lot of dugout work as well as mining
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: The fear amongt the inhabitants of #Reningelst because of the shelling yesterday is great. Out of fear, the Pastor of #Reningelst has gone to spend the night 12 minutes away at farm Mayaert. Some inhabitants of #Ouderdom also go sleeping somewhere else, 2 or 3 houses flee. At 10am a plane is shot at and the hood of the shell drops through the roof into the bed of master De Canter. 7pm a big shell drops on the gravel road to #Ouderdom

    29th of April
    Today 1917
    The 1003rd day of war
    #British capture #German trenches E of #Vimy. Gen #Pétain appointed Chief of Staff of #Grench General Staff
    #Oostburg, #Nederland: Yesterday all day heavy gunning heard from the direction of Ypres. Lively airplane activity at the #Belgian Coast and #Zeebrugge. Continuous shooting into the air heard. A squadron of airplanes visits #Zeebrugge tonight. Heavy explosions and fierce anti-aircraft gunning
    #Vlissingen, #Nederland: Between 11.30pm-0.30am a series of air raids on #Zeebrugge. The thundering was tremendous and the fire rays were clearly visible
    #Belgium, #Refugees, #Ede, Nederland: Belgian children saying goodbye, honor Mrs Förster. She is presented a silver-card cup under great shouts of joy for her work with the refugees. Mrs. Förster helped numerous #Belgian exiles, the ceremony is accompanied by the music band of the refugee camp
    #KingAlbert, #DePanne: The finals of the Cup of the King is won by the 15th Linie and is attended by the King and Prince Leopold
    Raoul Snoeck, #Stavele: I get new from home. The postman calls out the names of those receiving letters: the answer is ‘present’, sometimes ‘dead’, ‘wounded’ or ‘missing’. Those that do receive letters sometimes cry, others run to a small corner with the precious envelope and trembling hands. In my company it has become exceptional to receive a letter from home. Some never get news. Some soldier never left the frontline, because of lack of money or acquintances. Those poor devils do not know where to go. In #France places have been established to accommodate soldiers from the frontline, but they look like barracks filled with strange people. They prefer staying with those they know at the frontline. Gentle and courageous women do their best to give the young hearts, where possible, some affection and tenderness we need so much
    #Australian 1TunCmp, #Hill60: Heavy shelling. 600lbs of ammonal + 50lbs GC placed in DL. Usual sounds
    3 #Canadian TnlCmp, #Ploegsteert: The enemy seems to expect an attack after our discharge of the last night and consequently T121 to T123 are swept with intermittent machine gun fire, and occasional Trench Mortar fire all evening and through the night
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: First war day of the year. Heavy shelling from #Wijtschate. At 5.30pm 150 impacts of shells that fly very fast, not making much noise but creating huge craters. Several houses are hit. One dropped very close to the church of #Reningelst. 15 huge shells come down from the direction of #Boezinge. Around 30 shells in a few minutes during the night destroying the façade of the house of Delporte: the inhabitants escape without a scratch. During these bombardments no casualties are made. A #British raid S of Ypres takes 18 prisoners. We learn that the 2nd #Belgian battery having been here for 2 years has now been moved to #Woesten, the 1st battery staying

    28th of April
    Today 1917
    Occupied #Belgium: B
    The 1002nd day of war
    #France: #British thrust E of #Vimy. French advance in #Champagne
    #Australian 1TunCmp, #Hill60: Noises in A and B galleries. Nocks also heard in DL. Surface: fairly quiet
    2 #Canadian TnlCmp, #SanctuaryWood: A Court of Enquiry IS held into the causes of the fire of 15-4-17. Sixteen Machine Gunners of the Durham L.I. (attached Infantry), return to their Unit
    3 #Canadian TnlCmp, #Ploegsteert: At T.131, the 39th Batt. #Australian I.F., 10th Brigade relieve the 43rd Battalion, 11th Brigade, #Australian I.F., and at T123, The 3rd #Australian Division discharges gas along the whole Divisional front
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: Together with the Chaplain I go to #Loker to the burial of Mr. Cuvelier. There are many people at the burial. Calm day

    27th of April
    Today 1917
    The 1001st day of war
    #France: #French offensive in #Aisne checked
    #Australian transport ‘Ballarat’ torpedoed and sunk, no casualties
    #Spanish Note to #Germany ‘San Fulgencio’ published (Fulgencio is a Spanish ship sunk by a uboat
    #Guatemala breaks diplomatic relations with #Germany
    #Rotterdamse Courant, #Nederland, rumor: 500-600 #German marines and stormtroops try to desert near #Cadzand (near #Knokke). 200 #Uhlans with MG’s are sent in pursuit. The rumor is false, no desertion and no troops alarmed
    #Berlin, report: #British fighter planes attack #German destroyers and the port of #Zeebrugge in vain. A #French seaplane joining them is put out of action by our coastal batteries: 3 occupants and the seaplane are salvaged
    #Australian 1TunCmp, #Hill60: Below normal; Above heavy shelling
    3 #Canadian TnlCmp, #Ploegsteert: The 40th Battalion #Australian I.F. relieved the 43rd Battalion #Australian I.F. The 10th Brigade relieved the 11th Brigade, T121. Gas discharged at T.123. Three Officers and 151 O.R's attached to us for work on the #Australian front, relieving the men from the 42nd and 44th Battalions #Australian I.F.
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: Calm day. On the other side of farm Cambron there are 4 railways towards #Westouter

    26th of April
    Today 1917
    The 1000th day of war
    #France: #German attacks near #Arras, #CheminDesDames
    #Southern Front: #Russians repulse #Bulgar night attac on Hill 380 (#Doiran-#Vardar)
    #German naval raid on #Ramsgate: 2 killed 2 wounded
    #Australian 1TunCmp, #Hill60: 1 man wounded. Trench HQ crumped in. All normal: both surface and below
    3 #Canadian TnlCmp, #Ploegsteert: We are having a lot of trouble with our Artillery as they persist in placing Trench Mortars near our shaft head at T.117
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: Visiting 6 elderly, bringing them the #Easter communion. Severe shelling near ‘Hemelrijk’. The Commander of the 2nd battery of the #Belgians has moved with his officers to the house of Camiel Ollevier near the farm of Jules Verschelde

    25th of April
    Today 1917
    The 998th day of war
    #France: #German attack on #Hurtebise Farm (#CheminDesDames) repulsed
    #Southern Front: #British success at Lake #Doiran (#Saloniki)
    #German destroyer flotilla bombards #Dunkerque and is repulsed by #French and #British patrols
    #Belgian Government, #LeHavre: Belgian heads of families between 35-40 will soon be called up. Farmers will be exempt
    #Australian 1TunCmp, #Hill60:
    #London, report: A enemy unit SE of Ypres is repulsed with losses, trying to subdue a #British post in a mine crater. Lively gunning around Ypres
    3 #Canadian TnlCmp, #SanctuaryWood: In the left of Ploegsteert Wood, we complete a system of double Brigade Headquarters, which we turn over to the 3rd #Australian Division, with also a system of machine gun dugouts at La Hutte Chateau. These are to be used in case of an attack and the work is rushed so as to be ready on plenty of time
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: Artillery assault at #StElooi. 35 people present at mass. More and more a #British offensive is soon expected in Ypres. Van Steelandt, a young man escaped from #German prisonship, through many dangers. 9.30pm the barns of Lamerant burn down, no doubt because of uncareful soldiers. 2 anti-aircraft guns at the farm had their munition in the barns. Twice Lamerant had complained about uncarefullness and twice he had extinguished fires. One shell after the other in the fire explodes and soldiers and civilians have to flee. Only the great cart with some chests on it can be saved by some civilians greatly risking their lives. The damage is considerable: 4000 unthreshed sheaves of corn and rye, a car, our baptismal font and the possessions 5 refugees go up in flames

    24th of April
    Today 1917
    The 997th day of war
    #France: Severe fighting near #Arras, #Bapaume and #StQuentin
    #Southern Front: #British night attack on W side of Lake #Doiran (NW of #Saloniki)
    #Retreat of #Turks up #ShattElAdhaim towards #JebelHamrin
    #USA: #French Mission with Marshal #Joffre and #Viviani arrives in #NewYork
    #Ukraine demands autonomy
    Raoul Snoeck, #Stavele: One could swear winter is not going to go away. #Easter with snow, wind and hail. We get used to it
    #Australian 1TunCmp, #Hill60: Same noises in A-gallery. All normal. 1 man wounded
    2 #Canadian TnlCmp, #SanctuaryWood: Two O.R. wounded
    3 #Canadian TnlCmp, #Ploegsteert: From 6.00 to 6.45 p.m. heavy enemy bombardment of T102 - T110., but very little damage done to our lines
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: #Loker: The #British shoot a plane, but one shell does not explode. It falls on the farm of Cuvelier, blows away Cuveliers legs and injures his daughter. Cuvelier continued to live for a few hours, but died in the hospital in #Bailleul. At 8am I bury Town Council Doom. Daughter and grand-daughter come in their common clothes as their Sunday clothes were destroyed in the shelling. In #Reningelst a boy fiddling with a little tube loses 4 of his fingers when it explodes. All the boys at the school storm out of the school crying. The pubs are making so much money with beer, that some of their children are now sent to college

    23rd of April
    Today 1917
    The 996th day of war
    #France: 2nd Battle of #Arras: 2 villages captures by #British N & S of #Scarpe
    #British occupy #Samarra, 60m N of #Baghdad: 937 prisoners
    3 #British Handley Page 0/100 long distance bomber attack 5 destroyers and sink 1 between #Blankenberge and #Zeebrugge and in front of #Oostende. Several planes are damaged, so they will have to concentrate on night raids on #German targets. One of their first tasks is bombarding the airfields where the #German #Gotha bombers are stationed
    Diplomatic relations between #USA and #Turkey broken (no state of war followed)
    René Deckers, #Boezinge: As ‘Guards Commander’ I function as an officer, ordering and replacing the Lt. In #Zuidschote a new observation post has to be erected. It’s a fake, tree, so well copied in steel, you only notice the difference from near. It has branches shot of by MG-fire and twigs at the top. It’s about 1m in diameter, hollow and inside it’s a big cylinder with a ladder. At the top the observation post it’s armored with a steel cylinder and a seat. There are slits carefully hidden by twigs. A measuring instrument is calibrated on 0 to the North and on 551/1000 on Chateau #Britannia. The tree stand 300m N of #Zuidschote and 500m E of #Lizerne. Looking through the slits I can see Boezinge and beyond the #British sector. In front of me is #Bikschote, where the #Germans take their rest. The whole area is one big disaster. This corner has been hell in #Flanders the whole of the war. Nothing exists anymore. As if picturesque nature has been swallowed-up the earth. Roads are unrecognizable, cut through by the trenches, used for defense and turn upside-down by the shelling. It’s utter desolation. The village of #Steenstrate 1000m away has disappeared. The walls left at #Lizerne are max 50cm high, at #Zuidschote a little higher. Below is a colourless lump, where a mill used to be: only the millstone peeps out from the rubble. In this little corner the Battle of #Lizerne was fought. A team of Engineers discovered an #Algerian soldier in kneeling position buried in the parapet. There are bodies here from the 2nd, 3rd and 4th Linie, Karabiniers, Grenadiers and #French from the 418th, #Zouaves and others. Some of them rotting in the #Ieperlee canal together with #German bodies. A shell exploding, throws the decomposing bodies of 2 Karabiniers into our trench, burying a soldier. De man is driving mad, while being helped by rubbing him in with lime to get rid of the stench. My battery is at the farm of millstone on the other side of the #Kemmel-beek. There is talk of an offensive near #Steenstrate
    #Australian 1TunCmp, #Hill60: Shallows entered by protomen (men with respirators): air is good: crumped from #Anzac (gallery) to the right
    3 #Canadian TnlCmp, #Ploegsteert: About mid-night, heavy enemy bombardment on Le Touquet sector
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: Having just gone passed the land of Lamerant, 2 shrapnel and a shell explode on the land. At the lake house the #Germans are performing a shell barrage on a #British battery. About 500 shells are dropping on an area about an acre in size. For those in it is like hell: impossible not to hit a gun and wound men. At the beginning of the war such fierce gunning was unthinkable. Barrages like those are now not unusual and happen on a daily basis. The cemetery has now expanded towards #Kemmel. At the farm of De Roose 5 guns have been pounding for days, to the dissatisfaction of the lady. Extra guns have now been places at the farms Charles, Braems, Adriaen and at the Hallebast. In #Poperinge I learn that gas was smelled in Poperinge, #Watou and #Proven from a #French gas attack near #Nieuwpoort. Town Council Doom dies on his death bed, but immediately after a shell barrage hits his farm and his body is thrown from the bed lies under the rubble. So the war finally did not kill him

    22nd of April
    Today 1917
    The 995th day of war
    #France: #British capture S part of #Trescault (below road #Bapaume-#Cambrai). #Germans bombard #Reims. #French repulse #German attack on #Moronvillers massif
    #British attack #Turks in retreat from #Istabulat W of #Tigris and W bank of #ShattElAdhaim
    #KingAlbert, #DePanne: Visit by #French General Bernard. Trip to #BoulogneSurMer and #StOmer
    Willy Britz: Today I get wounded. The war is over for me
    #Australian 1TunCmp, #Hill60: Boring heard in DC. Shaft work in A
    3 #Canadian TnlCmp, #Ploegsteert: Commence pumping the #Russian Saps T123 and T127. Several of our Shallow Saps at T121, blown in by enemy Trench Mortars
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: 5 minutes before 1st mass a shell flies over the church and falls between the farms of Onraet and Cannaert. There are many new gun positions everywhere, often hidden behind hedges. A whole row of houses has been destroyed in de Kerkstraat. The vicary has been blown up by the Engineers and the rubble is now removed. The church has been hit by several shells. Sadly the bells cannot be removed. Impossible at night and too dangerous during the day. There are no houses left with at least some shells having exploded nearby. I visit Town Councilor Doom who still lives there and lies on his death bed. He still recognizes me. Our village has tremendously changed (the last few weeks). There are new guns and railways everywhere. After High Mass I baptize the child of Deraedt, it’s his 3rd child during the war. Going outside I see a #German plane going strait for the observation balloon at #Ouderdom. He flies at an altitude of 100m all guns blazing and being shot at by many guns. I expect the balloon or the plane to be hit any moment, but nothing happens. Soon the parachutes of the balloon men come down and the plane disappears at low altitude. The men land near the creed at #Ouderdom, but get entangled in the barbed wire. 2 #Belgian soldiers help them and are rewarded 5 Francs

    21st of April
    Today 1917
    The 994th day of war
    #France: #British gain ground E of #Arras
    #British capture #Turkish frontline at #Istabulat
    #Cossacks repulse #Kurds on #Diala (NW of #KashrIShirin)
    Occupied #Belgium: Dr Perre: Alcohol is a bigger plague than the war, all western states suffer from it: in 1913 it is estimated that the #Belgian population spent 800million Francs on alcohol. Only the State makes gains with alcohol.
    Willy Britz: In a quiet position (not completely true: there are important assaults happening). We are giving ‘assault’ rations. We are having important losses due to artillery. I lead the forward commando into battle
    #Australian 1TunCmp, #Hill60: enemy blows mine at 8.23pm. 5 men caught prisoner, 1 killed, 4 rescued and ok
    3 #Canadian TnlCmp, #Ploegsteert: We are using concrete and cement bursters at #Seaforth Farm Shaft house, T.131, So that it may be used as a signal station in case of an advance
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: Heaviest shelling around the lake

    20th of April
    Today 1917
    The 993rd day of war
    #France: #French occupy #Sancy (S of #Soissons). #British capture #Gonnelieu (SW of #Cambrai)
    #Germans shell #Calais and #Dover, no casualties. #British destroyers ‘Swift’ and ‘Broke’ successfully engage 6 #German destroyers of which 2 are sunk. #German naval attacks in the #Channel postponed until 1918
    #KingAlbert, #DePanne: Mansfield on visit to talk about the school results of Prince Karel. Major Ch. Gorden on visit
    #Australian 1TunCmp, #Hill60: Enemy blows mine in his own line at cutting: apparently to make a MG position. 1 man wounded
    “ #Canadian TnlCmp, #SanctuaryWood: At T121 - 123 - 131 the 43rd Battalion #Australian I.F. relieves the 41st Battalion #Australian I.F., both 11th Brigade, 3rd #Australian Division. Disinfected all the blankets of the Company with a steam Disinfector. One Officer and 50 OR's of the 42nd Battalion #Australian I.F. attached to us for duty; relieving the 43rd Battalion #Australian I.F
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: Burial of Wwe Saelen. Heavy #German assault from #Wijtschate. They infiltrate the #British trenches and probably take some prisoners

    19th of April
    Today 1917
    The 992nd day of war
    #France: #French capture Fort Condé
    Heavy fighting continued during the 2nd Battle of #Gaza. #British capture much ground on #Turks, but due to the heavy losses not pushed through
    #USA: provision of food for #Allies before Neutrals. Seizure of #German liner docks in #NewYork
    Pastry restrictions in #France.
    Controversy over #Germany’s use of the ‘Körper Verwertungs Anstalt’ (Corpse Unitization Establishments), where human bodies are processed to extract lubrication, fat and pig’s food
    Occupied #Belgium: There is an almost complete lack of peas, beans, rice and other products containing starch. Bread rations are diminished and by far not sufficient. There are no potatoes. There is enough meat but the prices are so high that most people cannot afford it. Swede turnip, cut in thick slices with sirop have replaced bread. The ‘Daily Soup’ distribution, which is still quite good is eagerly taken by everybody
    #Belgium, #Nederland, #Refugees: 554 #Belgian refugee children arrive in #Roosendaal. The train enters the station at 12.45pm with waiving and singing children. The little ones look very tired and hungry. Most of them are on the road since 4am. They are separated according to destination. The children leave: 40 to #Leiden, 30 to #DeHaag, 11 to #Zevenbergen, 24 to #Oudenbosch, 50 to #BergenOpZoom, 95 to #Wouw, 26 to #Goes, 46 to #Middelburg, 106 to #Vlissingen, 51 to #Breda, 36 to #Eindhoven, 28 to #Arnhem, 11 to #Gouda. 27 young men succeed in escaping to unoccupied #Belgium in #Schore. Hungry and numb by the cold they arrive at a good adres, a bakery. After being fed they spend the night in a barn and the next day they leave by train to become soldiers. Horrible stories about occupied Belgium. Amongst them 2 Mayors, a Notary and a lawyer
    #Australian 1TunCmp, #Hill60: 3.23am: Enemy blows mine beyond 3LP, #Anzac gallery. Shaft work still heard at A gallery
    3 #Canadian TnlCmp, #Ploegsteert: We are reinforcing Shaft head at T127 with concrete. This may be required for a dugout during an advance to be used as a signal H.Q
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: The following division are in the area: 41, 47, 23, 39 and 19

    18th of April
    Today 1917
    The 991st day of war
    #France: #French advances E and NE of #Soissons. #British advance S of #Cambrai
    #British defeat #Turks on the right bank of the #Tigris and take 1200 prisoners
    #USA: War Bill (‘Old Glory’), loan of £1.400.000.000 passes the #Senate
    #British Food Order restricting pastry and cake making
    Death of General von Bissing, Gov.-General of #Belgium
    #Australian 1TunCmp, #Hill60: 2.30am: Enemy blows up (mine), no damage. 3.53pm: we blow up (mine), DRI and 3, no retaliation
    2 #Canadian TnlCmp, #SanctuaryWood: 1 O.R. wounded
    3 #Canadian TnlCmp, #Ploegsteert: At T121, sentries fired on our working parties by mistake at 9.20 p.m
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: Inhabitants of Kemmel and farmers of Dikkebus are warned that they will have to leave their houses. The #British again accuse #Belgians of spying. A judge accuses the father of Cafmeyer of being a spy, but the man died 25 years ago. The judge then accuses his mother of being a spy, but she also died 8 years ago. The biggest assets we discover with the #British is their stubborn patience it is admirable. The #British have a good discipline, that endures although the war has been going on for so long. The #British officers have authority over their soldiers, without being exceedingly too strict. You never hear the #British soldier complaining about his superiors. It’s a petty it is not the same in the #Belgian Army

    17th of April
    Today 1917
    The 990th day of war
    #France: #German attacks N of #Reims repulsed. Battle of #Moronvillers (E of #Reims) begins. #French capture heights of massif and 3500 prisoners
    #British second advance against #Turks in #Gaza begins. The frontal attack on well-dug-in #Turkish troops fails and results in many losses: 6500, 3 times as many as the #Turks. Prime Minister #LloydGeorge, having personnaly supported the assault, is furious
    #British hospital ships ‘Donegal’ and ‘Lanfranc’ torpedoed in #Channel
    #USA: measures taken by #Senate to suppress export of foodstuffs to #Germany
    Sixth #German war loan closed: £656.100.000
    #France: 1 day after the beginning of the #Nivelle offensive, resulting in many casualties and few gains, troops from the 108th #French Regiment, revolt and leave their trenches in sight of the enemy. Mutiny quickly spreads to the 68 of the 112 #French divisions. Officers report 250 cases of troops refusing to obey orders. About 35.000 soldiers are involved in the mutiny. Many of them are ready to defend their positions, but they refuse to attack the enemy
    Jacobus Winters, #Ramskapelle: Exercises in launching rifle grenades on the beach. Well performed: both the precision and the exact exploding
    #Australian 1TunCmp, #Hill60: Charged DR, 400 and 200lbs of ammonal
    2 #Canadian TnlCmp, #SanctuaryWood: Two O.R. wounded. Brewster, M.C. O.C. of Company, promoted Acting Major
    3 #Canadian TnlCmp, #Ploegsteert: We are reinforcing T121 shaft house with steel I beams and concrete
    #KingAlbert comes to watch the football championships and awards the ‘Cup of the King’: 22Linie won from the 1stKarapates (Carabiniers) with 4-0
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: A #British offensive is to be expected. A general is now lodged in the vicory. Arthur Cafmeyer is arrested as spy by a young #British officer for giving signals to the #Germans. The only thing he did was making a path around his land where soldiers previously had previously trampled it. He is under arrest for 3 days, but finally released. This has happened so often. A farmer of #Reningelst was also arrested and released. He had just brought manure onto his land. Another farmer of #Westouter is also arrested as he started ploughing, the furrows supposed to be signals. The Priest of #Reningelst is arrested because he wears a cassock. He is released but told to dress like all other people as it is very careless to wear a cassock

    16th of April
    Today 1917
    The 989th day of war
    #France: Second Battle of the #Aisne between #Soissons and #Reims, first #German positions taken
    #British advance towards #Istabulat (SE of #Samara, #Iraq)
    #Berlin & #Leipzig: Strike due to defective food distribution
    #British food orders regarding wheat, barley and oats
    #Belgium, #Refugees, #TheTimes: Add inviting people to spend for #Belgian children. Spend for the ‘Working Men’s #Belgian Fund’ to help the ‘Santé de l’Enfance #Belge at #DenHaag. The Fund helps #Belgian children to stay a few weeks in #Nederland and after being well-fed to return to Belgium
    #Nederland: #Belgian children having stayed for 6 weeks in #Middelburg and #Vlissingen return to #Belgium. 300 #Belgian children having come from #Amsterdam-#DenHaag, arrive at the station #Delft-se poort. They leave at 11.30am with a special train through #Roosendaal for #Belgium
    Jacobus Winters: Training in handgrenade throwing in the dunes of #BrayDunes. The explosion is terrifying and the soldiers are interested in the exercise
    Willy Britz, #Gent: Very busy excercising. New recruits have been added to the company. Tomorrow it will be 8 days, since I was with my family in #Brühl
    #Australian 1TunCmp, #Hill60: Some noises, also indistincltly in C. 1 man wounded
    2 #Canadian TnlCmp, #SanctuaryWood: 20 O.R. reinforcements for Company from C.E.T.D. Crowborough, reported for duty
    3 #Canadian TnlCmp, #Ploegsteert: At Benson's Cottage, in front of #Messines, we start a deep dugout system with accommodation for a double Brigade and Battalion Headquarters. On account of running ground three steel tubbing shafts have to be put down and drives to connect up are being driven from the bottom of these. Dugouts are to be made of these drives
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: Shells dropping onto the farm of the Mayor in the morning and afterwards on Square and the dairy factory. On drops on the house of the local police guard, besides the town house, killing the soldier on guard at the corner

    15th of April
    Today 1917
    The 988th day of war
    #France: #British repulse #German attack on #Bapaume-#Cambrai road. #Billeret (NW of #StQuentin) captured by #British
    #Turks driven back to #JebelHamrin (land from #Tigris to #Persian hills)
    #USA: appeal by #President #Wilson to #American citizens regarding the war
    #Austrian feelers for separate peace with #Russia apparent
    #France: #Nivelle threatens resigning is his doubtful offensive is not accepted. He claims the offensive will be a peace of cake. The offensive will be executed in #Champagne and at the #Aisne. #Nivelle disposes of 102.000 soldiers and 7000 guns. 2 #German armies stand in front of him (von Below and von Boehn). The #French advance will occur over a distance of 64km between #Soissons and #Reims. The main target is a stretch of densely wooded ridges, parallel to the frontline, known as the ‘#CheminDesDames’. ‘Creeping’ barrages will be used to cover the main charge. The #Germans are excellently prepared as they were able to capture the plans. Immediately before the offensive a #German plane destroys a series of #French artillery observation balloons. The #German artillery heavily shells the columns of #French troops and tanks
    Willy Britz, #Gent: The regiment is now lodged in a factory, not as nice as in Gent
    #Australian 1TunCmp, #Hill60: Work in A, B, DR; quiet on the surface
    2 #Canadian TnlCmp, #SanctuaryWood: 2 Officers & 75 O.R. 39th Div. attached Infantry, return to their Units. 2 Officers & 73 O.R. 23rd DIV. attached Infantry report for duty. A fire occurs at Coys. H.Q. in one of the huts used as Officers Quarters, but is quickly extinguished. Some kit is destroyed
    3 #Canadian TnlCmp, #Ploegsteert: At 7.20pm: the enemy bombards Ploegsteert Wood, but are silenced by our batteries. At 9.00 p.m. Lieut. Clark goes to #Hill60 at the request of the O.C. 1st #Australian Tunnelling Coy. His advice is wanted in the detection of enemy working sounds. At 8 p.m. the enemy raids T95, capturing six Machine Gunners and a Lewis gun
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: Again bad weather. Exceptionally cold for the time of the year. It is half April and still not possible to see the difference between the rye and the cereal. Nature looks like in Februari. The crops are all late. 40 people take #Easter communion, that is a total of 240. Taking into account that ¼ of the people take their communion in #DeKlijte, that is what I expected. This year it is impossible to check if all parishioners held their #Easter communion; I am afraid that 2 or 3 didn’t. Bombs at the lake. Liévin has been taken by the #British. The #Belgians in Dikkebus are helping the #British in building artillery positions

    14th of April
    Today 1917
    The 987th day of war
    #France: More places captured by #Allies at #Vimy. #German attack at #MonchLePreux repulsed. #British and #French air raid on #Freiburg. End of the first phase of the Battle of #Arras
    Note by #France, #England and #Italy to #Russia regarding #Poland
    #USA: War bill (loan of £1.400.000.000) passes House of Representatives
    Paul René Fonck joins the elite air unit ‘Les Cigognes’ (the Storks). He will become #France’s top airman with 75 victories on his name. Twice he will down 6 planes in one day
    #Berlin, report: Army Group Rupprecht: #Diksmuide and S of Ypres: heavy artillery activity.
    #Berlin, report, #Belgian Coast: Air battle, 2 #French planes downed, the crew of 4 taken prisoner
    #Australian 1TunCmp, #Hill60: Work heard at A. Shallows still unoccupied
    3 #Canadian TnlCmp, #Ploegsteert: The work at #Hill63 Shelter Tunnels is progressing favourably, using pit-props and corrugated iron on account of the shortage of timber. We are using part of a Company of #NewZealand #Maori Pioneers and #NewZealand attached infantry to carry on this work
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: Shells on the Square. Several on buildings some into the graveyard, destroying several graves. The holes are 2 meters deep and the bodies in the graves have been thrown out. The soldiers immediately rebury them and a few days later I only find a few bones lying around

    13th of April
    Today 1917
    The 986th day of war
    #France: Villages captured by #British S of #Bapaume-#Cambrai road and N of #Scarpe and #Vimy
    #British drive #Turks from #Serijik (#Deli-#Abbas-#Mosul road)
    Occupied #Belgium: As the #USA is now at war with #Germany, the #American relief workers leave #Brussels
    #Vlissingen, #Nederland: Heaviest thunder of artillery, probably another air raid on the #Belgian coast
    #KingAlbert, #QueenElisabeth, #DePanne: Visit to the airbase of #Houtem. #Belgian and #French squadrons are stationed in #Houtem and ‘De #Moeren’ (#Adinkerke). The Kong is accompanied by Prince Karel
    Willy Britz, #Rumbeke (#Roeselare): Back into our positions
    #Australian 1TunCmp, #Hill60: Winch and timber driving heard at A and DR
    3 #Canadian TnlCmp, #SanctuaryWood: On account of the impending operations - work is stopped on the G.H.Q. lines defensive work near #Nieuwkerke. The men are started on a new Battle Brigade Headquarters at Sheet 28 T.12.b. opposite #Messines
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: Very heavy shelling of several farms and the railway track. So severe that we almost cannot hear the shells coming. Several soldiers and horses are killed. A long train stationed near farm Delporte is used as dwelling for 2 months. 2 wagons explode and 2 officers and 4 men are killed. The rest of the train drives to #Reningelst. Near farm Desmarets a munition cart uses the very uneven road and explodes. The poor driver is thorn to pieces

    12th of April
    Today 1917
    The 985th day of war
    #France: #British avance N of #Vimy and S of #Arras
    #Turks retreat towards #DeliAbbas (between #Tigris and #Diala)
    #London: meetings celebrating entry of the #USA into the war. Spanish protest to #Germany. #CostaRica places territorial waters and ports at disposal of #USA
    Occupied #Belgium: After initial wrong information #Germany allows transfer of finances to N-#France and unoccupied #Belgium
    #Nederland, #Refugees: Mr. Leonce du Castillon, at the celebration of the King birthday, explains he is convinced that this will be the last celebration in exile, as he is convinced the next one will be in liberated #Belgium. Also celebrated are the participation of the #USA into the war and the ‘rebirth’ of #Russia. The second speaker preaches ‘holy hate’ in the presence of the Consuls of the #Allies
    #KingAlbert, #DePanne: Visit to aht 17th Linie Regiment and visit by Paul Painlevé. Painlevé is the new #French Minister of War
    Willy Britz, #Gent: Last hours in Gent before rejoining the Regiment
    #Australian 1TunCmp, #Hill60: Repairing crumps, damaged on the 9th. Quiet underground. 1 man wounded
    2 #Canadian TnlCmp, #SanctuaryWood: One O.R. wounded. Died of wounds at 2ndCan. C.C.S
    3 #Canadian TnlCmp, #Ploegsteert: At T.131 the 41st Battalion relieved the 42nd Battalion #Australian I.F., also at T.123
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: A #French interpreter-Priest stays at farm Lamerant. Still many #Easter communions this morning. A plane circles above Lamerant farm in the evening. Father Peeters, stauyying at farm Lamerant gives the last anointment to Council Doom, as I cannot get there with my aching foot. #Brasil has severed relations with #Germany. I am less enthusiastic about #Russia with it’s civil war, tending towards as separate peace with #Germany. The #Portuguese have arrived in #France and have been seen on the Scherpenberg

    11th of April
    Today 1917
    The 984th day of war
    #France: Repulse of #British E of #Bullecourt. Capture of #MonchyLePreux (#Arras)
    #British defeat #Turks near #Ghaliya (N of #Baghdad)
    Occupied #Belgium: Soldiers wounded and unfit for duty get a yearly pension in relation to their handicap
    #Belgium, WVL:
    #Belgium, #Refugees:
    #KingAlbert, #QueenElisabeth, #DePanne: The Queen meets a soldier, Robert C., playing an ocarina. He tells her his clarinet stayed behind in #Antwerpen, while the #Belgian Army drew back at the beginning of the war. A few days later the Queens car stops on the Square and asks for soldier Robert C. to present himself. She talks with him for a few moments and gives him a clarinet with the words: ‘Here is something for you my friend. It’s a clarinet, it will replace your’s left behind in occupied #Belgium.’
    #KingAlbert, #DePanne: Visit to the quarters of the 2nd Guards under command of Col Richard (5LA)
    #Australian 1TunCmp, #Hill60: Enemy mine (explodes) near Allen Crater at 8.30pm: no damage, 1 man wounded
    3 #Canadian TnlCmp, #Ploegsteert: The enemy shells several batteries which are close to the Piggeries, just in rear of Ploegsteert Wood and our attached #NewZealand and #Australian infantry has to leave their billets for several hours until the shelling subsides
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #QueenElisabeht, #Reningelst: What a sad weather for the time of the year. It snows almost all day. No trace of green yet. Mr. Six, the Mayor is buried at ten. At 5pm her Majesty the Queen visits a cinema projection organised by the #British in favor of the #Belgian #RedCross. The projection is done in a beautiful wooden building in the pasture of Pieter Cambron at the road of the ‘Zevecot’. The civilians living in the Poperingestraat are invited to put out their flags. The Queen arrives accompanied by Prince Karel. There are few civilians on the street because of the horrible weather. Only soldiers are allowed. A schoolgirl gives a bouquet to the Queen

    10th of April
    Today 1917
    The 983rd day of war
    #France: #British capture #Vimy Ridge completely. The #German 6th Army reinforces the #German lines. #Moncy and #Preux are captured. Effort to break through the #Hindenburg line at #Bullecourt fail. The effort is made to relieve the #French lines as munity is spreading in the #French Army. #British losses 150.000, #German losses 100.000
    Great #French bombardment of #Moronvillers (E of #Reims) begins
    #British hospital ship ‘Salta’ sunk by mine in #Channel: 52 drown. Severe explosion of ammunition factory at #Edystone (#Philadelphia)
    #Argentina approves #USA going to war
    #Belgium: The #Belgian Government approves to give an allowance to families of military
    Occupied #Belgium: The #German authorities allow the erection of dog slaughter houses
    #Belgium, report: Shelling of artillery positions at #Pervije, #Noordschote, #Nieuwkapelle, E of railway #Diksmuide-#Nieuwpoort. Handgrenade battles near #Diksmuide and ‘SAS’ (#Boezinge). Our airplanes successfully bomb the airfield near #Gistel and #Zarren
    #Belgium, #Refugees, #Rotterdam. The #Belgian schools are governed by a local committee. Members are the #Dutch authorities, a #Belgian Catholic Priest, a representative of the parents and some #Dutch and #Belgian teachers
    #KingAlbert, #DePanne: #SouthAfrican General #Smuts on visit. He was the former advisor of President Paul #Kruger and former Commander of the #Boers at the #Cape during the #BoerWar. He was #Commander of the #British forces in #German East #Africa in #1916. He plays an important rol in the war cabinet in #London. He speaks #Dutch with the King
    Willy Britz, #Gent: Landed in Gent this morning at 10am. I had a good seat until in #Herbestal. But until #Brussels it was very crowdy. From #Brussels on I could sleep again
    #Australian 1TunCmp, #Hill60: Very heavy bombardment. Enemy raid. Many exits from dugouts and shallow sap heads crumped. 1 man killed, 5 wounded, 4 missing
    3 #Canadian TnlCmp, #Ploegsteert: Off our Prowse Point dugouts we have added a few more smaller dugouts for the use of the infantry and the machine gunners
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: We learn of the victory near #Arras: 11.000 prisoners

    9th of April
    Today 1917
    The 982nd day of war
    #France: Battle of #Arras on a 12-mile front, to attempt to make the #Germans withdraw and to allow the #French to attack in their flank under command of Gen #Nivelle. Ther is strong #German resistance. Under command of Gen #Byng, the #Canadians take #Vimy Ridge, 5 villages and 6000 prisoners. There is a preliminary bombardment of 5 days. The pilots of the Flying Corps suffer great losses, up to 33%. This is due to the superior #German airplane #Albatross III and the #German tactic of ‘diving’
    #Russians occupy #KizilRobat. #British occupy #Harbe
    #Spanish steamer ‘San Fulgencio, carrying #British coal for #Barcelone torpedoed
    #Canadian oversea enlistment: 407.302. Enlistments: #Ontario: 170.205; #Montreal 36.282; #Quebec: 8145
    #Brazil severs diplomatic relations with #Germany
    #Berlin, report: Storm troops SE of Ypres enter #British lines, blow up dugouts and come back with approximately 50 prisoners and 7 machine guns and mortars
    #Belgium, #Refugees, #Rotterdam: Te Deum at the birthday of #KingAlbert
    #KingAlbert, #DePanne: The #US has declared war on #Germany, the King writes in his diary. This will have far-reaching consequences
    #Australian 1TunCmp, #Hill60: Generaly quiet (below) and on the surface
    2 #Canadian TnlCmp, #SanctuaryWood: All afternoon enemy violently bombards our Front Line Trenches at 6.30pm. He fires at least one camouflet against our Front Line Defense Galleries, rupturing 3 Listening Posts & over 140 feet of gallery. Three of our listeners are killed. At 7.30pm he attacks our Trenches but is repulsed. Only 9 of the enemy reach our line, seven of these are killed & the other two wounded & taken prisoners. Two Mobile Charges are captured
    3 #Canadian TnlCmp, #Ploegsteert: In our #StYvon system of dugouts and Machine gun emplacements we do a little work constructing dugouts and repairing the existing work, but important new work is being undertaken
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: 48 people take part at #Easter. 40 shells at farm Kesteleyn and 3 at Goen. At Vrambout, 16 horses are killed and 12 men are wounded of which 4 die. Nothing is more contradictory than the #British with their sayings: ‘Time is money’ they say and at the same time they seem to have all the time of the world and are very patient. ‘Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise’, but the #British go late to bed and get up late in the morning

    8th of April
    Today 1917
    The 981st day of war
    #France: #British progress between #Bapaume and #Cambrai. Evacuation of #Reims by civilians
    #British capture #Belad staion on #Baghdad-#Samara railway
    #Austria-#Hungary severs diplomatic realations with the #USA. #Panama joins #USA to defend the Panama Canal
    Jacobus Winters, #Ramskapelle: #Easter: Communion
    #Australian 1TunCmp, #Hill60: Blow 15 LP. Cratered under Hun frontline
    3 #Canadian TnlCmp, #Ploegsteert: Two Officers and 101 O.Rs. of the 43rd and 44th Battalions, #Australian I.F., attached to our Unit for work on their front
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: #Easter. My foot is now better and I let myself be driven to Dikkebus. It’s beautiful weather, but rather cold. I help distribute 65 #Easter communions. There is much shooting toninght. Since some time very much ammunition is being brought to the front. We are sure that in the coming weeks the #British will have a major offensive in the area

    7th of April
    Today 1917
    The 980th day of war
    #France: #British advance NW of #StQuentin, severe fighting NW of #Reims
    #British night raid on #Zeebrugg
    #Cuba declards war on #Germany
    Occupied #Belgium: #Germany forcefully closes #Belgian businesses. #French and #British Bank accounts are closed and the money is transferred to the #Reichsbank. The #Belgian ‘Staatsblad’ publishes the names of 343 objectors to military service
    #Paris, report: #French troops penetrate #German positions in 2 places near #Lombardsijde. The #German trenches are heavily shelled and turned upside-down. The #French soldiers find many bodies of killed #Germans in the trenches. A hand grenade assault S of the Canal of #Passchendaele is thwarted
    #London, report: #British patrols penetrate #German lines and make many prisoners SE of Ypres and enemy trenches are damaged by artillery fire
    #London, #Admiralty report: Seaplanes attack the pier of #Zeebrugge during the night. Raids on storage and munition depots in #Gent and #Brugge. The seaplanes come back undamaged. In front of #Zeebrugge 2 enemy torpedo boats are torpedoed, 1 is sunk, the other severely damaged, maybe even sunk. No losses on our side
    #Berlin, report: Near the coast and in the Salient of #Wijtschate (#Messines) enemy patrols assault our positions after heavy preliminary barrages with artillery. They are stopped in front of our fortifications and beaten back after fierce man-to-man fighting
    #KingAlbert, #DePanne: Prince Karel arrives from #England
    Jacobus Winters, #Ramskapelle: The #US declares war to #Germany
    #Australian 1TunCmp, #Hill60: Enemy blow at 12.45pm, 1 man killed. Work heard at A and DR
    2 #Canadian TnlCmp, #SanctuaryWood: 2 Officers & 75 O.R. 39th Div. attached Infantry returned to their Units. 2 Officers & 75 O.R. 23rd Div. attached Infantry, report for duty
    3 #Canadian TnlCmp, #Ploegsteert: Enemy aeroplanes drop 3 bombs near our camp at Bailleul
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: Evening: the #British do a raid at #StElooi and Verbrande Molen that badly fails: 18 prisoners, but they lose themselves 250 men. Rumors explain that the #Germans suspected it. The closest trenches were evacuated and de MG’s decimated the ranks. Myself and other civilians new about the raid hours in advance

    6th of April
    Today 1917
    The 979th day of war
    #France: Beginning of #French shelling of #German positions from #Soissons to #Reims
    #USA: #President Woodrow #Wilson in name of the #US, declares war on #Germany. First the size of the #US Army has to be increased. The #Marines are better prepared. The #UnitedStates does not become a full Ally of the #British #French and #Russians, but remain an ‘associated’ Power. #President #Wilson does makes it a moral crusade and does not want to be associated to the motives of the other states fighting #Germany. Seizure of #German ships in #US ports
    #Russia: Decree of #Russian Provisional Government abolishing legal, religious, etc. restrictions
    #Oostburg, #Nederland: Much gunning form the #WesternFront. The inhabitants are frightened by the tremendous explosions, causing everything to shake and tremble. Apparently planes drop bombs on #Zeebrugge and near #Brugge. The searchlights are visible in the sky aswell as innumerable projectiles exploding. Fire can be seen from the direction of #Zeebrugge. During the night numerous bombs are also being dropped. Continuous firing is heard. The motors of the planes can be heard
    #Belgium, newspapers: #KingAlbert makes numerous visits to the most forward frontlines. The King shows his courage by often flying over the enemy lines drawing enemy anti-aircraft fire
    #Berlin, report: Our bombing squadrons perform successful attacks on the airbase of #Koksijde, dropping 2500 kg of bombs and on AA-batteries. Our reconnaissance planes perform flights deep into enemy territory
    #Australian 1TunCmp, #Hill60: Met 2 old boreholes. Faily quiet, except work at #Anzac listening post
    3 #Canadian TnlCmp, #Ploegsteert: Heavy enemy bombardment from 3.30 to 5.0 p.m. at T.121. At T.131, the 42nd Battalion, #Australian I.F., 11th Brigade, relieves the 2nd Battalion, 1st Brigade, #NewZealand R.B. At T.123, the 42nd Battalion, #Australian I.F., 11th Brigade, relieves the 1st #Wellington Battalion 1st #NewZealand R.B. Our working parties are held up for two hours during the night on account of heavy enemy shelling
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: The #British raid #German trenches during the night and take 31 prisoners. The farms of Doom and Indevuyst are shelld almost daily. At 12.30pm Mr Six, former Mayor for 13 years of #Reningelst dies

    5th of April
    Today 1917
    The 978th day of war
    #France: #British capture 3 villages between #Cambrai and #StQuentin. #Germans bombard #Urvillers. Great air battle taking 2 days begins
    Airplane raid on #Kent and #Ramsgate, no casualtiex
    #Eastern Front, #Russia: Manifesto by Guchkov (Minister of War) to soldiers to do their duty
    #Belgium: Everywhere #Belgian military football teams are formed after the example of the #British. The #Belgian Army issues an Order to issue the necessary clothing to play football. The tournaments between the different units are a great success. A football championship is organised in #StIdesbald (#Koksijde) and a cross-country of 12km ending on the airfield. Football matches are organised between the #Allies
    #Vlissingen, #Nederland: 2 heavy explosions are heard, the windows are shaking. Hundreds of people go to the Boulevard, where the search lights can be observed in the direction of #Belgium. The explosions are the heaviest we ever heard
    #Belgium, #Refugees: The refugee centre of #Ede is continuing to be demolished. The scouts between 17-23 are taking down the electricity facilities. There was an unsuccessful protest by Mr de Vries. The refugees helping earn 2-4Fl a day. The same facilities will now be built in #Nunspeet
    #KingAlbert, #DePanne: Prince Leopold comes back from #England for the #Easter holidays
    #Australian 1TunCmp, #Hill60: All quiet, 1 man killed, 1 man wounded
    3 #Canadian TnlCmp, #Ploegsteert: On account of the heavy ground in our #Seaforth Farm deep offensive Scheme, the advance has dropped to ten feet a day. 4'6" I beam legs and 9" x 3" timber caps and sills are being used
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: The Chaplain of #Reningelst holds mass in Dikkebus, while I serve in #Reningelst

    4th of April
    Today 1917
    The 977th day of war
    #France: #British advance towards #Cambrai, #French towards #StQuentin
    #Belgian relief ship, ‘Trévier’ with wheat torpedoed off #Scheveningen (#Nederland). There 24 wounded of which some severly. 2 boats bring them to #Ijmuiden (#Nederland). The ship was on its way from #NewYork to #Rotterdam with wheat for the #Belgian Relief Commission. The ‘Trévier’ was heavily shot at without warning – even the rescue boats.
    #Oostburg, #Nederland: The whole they thunder of gunning heard from direction of Ypres. It reaches is peak between 5-6.30pm. Everying is shaking. At 10pm some more explosions are heard
    #KingAlbert, #QueenElisabeth, #DePanne: The Queen arrives from #Italy incognito in #Paris. President #Poincaré visits, immediately after her cousin Sixte of Bourbon Parma. Sixte is holding secret talks with his brother-in-law, Charles, the Kaiser of #Austria. The talks will brake of later on because the attide of Minister-President #Clémenceau. The King knows about the talks but is not involved. The King fetches his wife in Paris
    #Australian 1TunCmp, #Hill60: Indistinct windlass noise at A-gallery. Digging progress in #Melbourne, #Brisbane, #Adelaide and #Anzac tunnels
    2 #Canadian TnlCmp, #SanctuaryWood: One O.R. wounded. Died of wounds at 3rd Can. Gen. Hospital
    3 #Canadian TnlCmp, #Ploegsteert: The 44th Battalion, #Australian I.F., relieves the 42nd battalion, #Autralian I.F., both of the 11th Brigade, 3rd #Australian Division, at T.121
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: My brother Remi spends some days with me on leave

    3rd of April
    Today 1917
    The 976th day of war
    #France: #British and #French capture villages near #Arras and #StQuentin. #German night assault fails
    #Eastern Front: #German success on the #Stokhod (#Volhynia)
    #Russian cavalry occupy #KasrIShirin and #Khanikin
    #Brazilian steamer ‘Parana torpedoed by #German submarine in #Channel
    #Russia: #Russian Provisional Government forms War Committee and repeals anti-#Jewish legislation. #Russian revolutionary #Lenin returns from exile to #Petrograd. He wants to overthrow the Provisional Government and establish a State under government of the #Bolshevik. #Lenin first has to ‘take care’ of the Sowjets (Labour Councils), he will have finished that around October
    #Nederland, #Maastricht, #Refugees: 220 #Belgian children from the area of #Liège arrive in Maastricht. They travel by boat from #Liège to #Visé and continue on foot to #Moelingen, where they are very thoroughly searched. After that they are allowed to cross the border and are brought by train to Maastricht. They are examined by a doctor
    #Australian 1TunCmp, #Hill60: Work heard at A-gallery: probably surface noises
    3 #Canadian TnlCmp, #Ploegsteert: At T.121, one of our batteries dros thirty rounds short near our sap head before they alter their range. T.131, 4pm: we give a Trench-Mortar demonstration. No retaliation from the enemy
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: Hard frost, after which 12 hours of snow. The worst day of the year

    2nd of April
    Today 1917
    The 975th day of war
    #France: #British advance near #StQuentin and SE of #Arras
    #British and #Russians in touch at #Kizil-#Robat
    #USA: ‘#Aztec’ armed liner sunk by #German sub off #France
    #USA, #President #Wilson: Speech to #Congress about the deteriorating relationship with #Germany. ‘I advise #Congress to consider the recent behavior of the #German Government (the sub-war and the #Zimmerman telegram) nothing less than war against the Government and the citizens of the #UnitedStates… and to use all power and means to bring the #German Empire to reason and end the war. So I ask #Congress to support ad declaration of ‘A State of War’ with #Germany
    Unoccupied #Belgium: Appeal by the de Broqueville, Minister of War, to be careful not to squander as many precious goods and food are becoming more scarce. Last week 2 successful assaults on the #German trenches at #Steenstrate, taking prisoners. Very lively artillery battles on both sides. Bomb and hand-grenade battles at #Bikschote and #Steenstrate. Bad weather for planes
    #KingAlbert, #DePanne: The King explains how the extremist #Bolshevik seem to keep the moderate Menshevik in their power. Kerensky is keeping the #Russian Army resilient
    Arthur Pasquier, #DePanne: I am getting used to my new job. The Division is at rest in De Panne and the Group is in #Ghyvelde. We occupy positions in the dunes and train with the horses in jumping over obstacles. We also train with horses and batteries on the beach, but particularly have inspections – one after the other: in front of the Colonel, the General and even for the King. Compared to the strenuous work at #Onival, this is vacation. Adding to that the element that I am now standing on the other side, giving orders to NCO’s and soldiers… I am comfortably lodged in the room of the Captain. There is an exemplary military discipline emanating strength
    Willy Britz, #Gent: The villages of #Margival, #Neuville and #CoucyLeChâteau are well-known to me. I’d love to join one of the regiments there, like several of my comrades have done. At #Easter a good friend of mine would like to visit you, but he will have to be back here on Tuesday (that good friend is myself, and I spent a few days on furlough over #Easter)
    #Australian 1TunCmp, #Hill60: Fairly quiet underground, quiet on the surface
    2 #Canadian TnlCmp, #SanctuaryWood: The Subway for Infantry (3ft X 5ft inside timbers) between these two places is completed
    3 #Canadian TnlCmp, #Ploegsteert: From #LeTouquet to T.121, we are still patrolling the shallow workings which are flooded with water
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: The 3rd #Belgian battery at the lake is severly shelled. More than 300 shells drop into the lake and explode. What a beautiful spectacle: the shells creating fountains of water up to 20m high, dropping down in a thick fog. 2 shells drop at the ‘Coevoet’ where the officers are lodged. 300 more drop onto the land surrounding it. Water is still being fetched there. Although nobody got wounded the #British don’t like the lake to be shelled. The water stayed dirty for a few days and some horses died probably by the poisoned water. No more new batteries are now placed at the lake. Shells also on #Poperinge. The priests have been asked to make a call to the inhabitants to deliver all the remaining potatoes to the Army. Since a few days the #Belgian and #British soldiers don’t get anymore potatoes. The civilians are forbidden to sell chips or #French fries to the soldiers

    1st of April
    Today 1917
    The 974th day of war
    #France: #French and #British drive #Germans back. #Reims starts to be shelled
    #Eastern Front: #Bulgar-#Germans start bombarding #Monastir with asphyxiating shells
    #Southern Front: #Russian progress towards #Khanikin and #British #KizilRobat (85 miles NE of #Baghdad). #Turks retreat towards #KasrIShirin (#Persia, #Iran)
    #British Government adheres to the principle of an independent #Poland
    #KingAlbert, #DePanne: Visit with Gen De Ceuninck to the Artillery of the 6LA
    Jacobus Winters, #Ramskapelle: I celebrates #Easter at the 8am mass
    #Australian 1TunCmp, #Hill60: Enemy heard at A&B-posts. Boring and facework heard at 5LP #Anzac. Tunnel mining activity. Distant camouflet felt at 7.30pm
    2 #Canadian TnlCmp, #SanctuaryWood: Company's Advanced H.Q. are finished. Strength of Company 923 all ranks
    3 #Canadian TnlCmp, #Ploegsteert: At T.131 the 1st Brigade, #NewZealand RB relieves the 3rd Brigade #NewZealand RB The total length of gallery, #Seaforth Farm drive T.131 is 296 ft. T123, the 4th Battalion, 3rd #NewZealand RB relieved by the 1st #Wellington Battalion, 1st #NewZealand RB
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: Many shells on the farms of Doom and Indevuyst

    March, the 31st
    Today 1917
    The 973rd day of war
    #France: #British advance N of #StQuentin
    #British occupy #DeliAbbas (#Iraq)
    #GreatBritain: Order limiting output of beer in the #UK issued
    #Berlin, report: Lively Artillery activity in the Salient of #Wijtschate (#Messines Ridge). Several #German patrols succeeded, whereas #British patrols were thwarted
    #KingAlbert, #DePanne: Together with Gen Vancker, visit to the 1LA. A #German attack against the sector of the #Grenadiers is thwarted
    #Australian 1TunCmp, #Hill60: Enemy working of craters. Leads: all correct
    2 #Canadian TnlCmp, #SanctuaryWood: One O.R. wounded
    3 #Canadian TnlCmp, #Ploegsteert: Number 29, 30 & 31 Batteries in rear of No.3 and 4 machine gun emplacements, #Nieuwkerke, heavily shelled by enemy artillery to-day
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: Shrapnel on the Main Square, one lands on the laundry of Désiré Delanotte

    March, the 30th
    Today 1917
    The 972nd day of war
    #France: #British take 8 villages in progress towards #Cambrai. #French recapture lost trenches E of #Champagne
    Hospital ship ‘#Gloucester’ torpedoed in #Channel, no lives lost
    #Russia, #Poland: #Russian Provisional Government acknowledges independene of Poland
    #Belgium, #NewYork (#USA), #Refugees: News from #OysterBay, where #Roosevelt and many #Flemish #Belgians are housed: it has been decided 2400 #Belgian children will be taken charge of. #Roosevelt heads a movement to gather 1.000.000$ per month for #Belgian children. Professor Kelsey of the High School of #Michigan counts on gathering a same amount for the same purpose
    #KingAlbert, #DePanne: Visit by the #British General Tom Bridges
    #Australian 1TunCmp, #Hill60: Enemy active on surface. Enemy crater work heard at posts 5&6
    3 #Canadian TnlCmp, #Ploegsteert: Enemy shells C.P.R. Dump with shrapnel for an hour this morning. No casualties resulted
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: Shells on the land of the Mayor

    March, the 29th
    Today 1917
    The 971st day of war
    #France: #British advance E of #Bapaume
    #Southern Front: Heavy #Austrian attacks in the #Carso repulsed
    #Belgium, #Refugees, #Maastricht-#Katwijk: The #German Consulate in Maastricht sends a telegram to the Commission for housing in #Katwijk, that coming Monday, 220 #Belgian from #Liège will arrive in #Moelingen-#Eijsden. The children will be placed with private families for the duration of the war
    #KingAlbert, #DePanne: Talks with Paul Hymans, plenipotentiary ministers in #London
    Willy Britz, #Gent: There is talk of dissolving our course early as some officers have to go back to the frontline
    #Australian 1TunCmp, #Hill60: Enemy active in vicinity of posts 5 & 6 very noisy
    2 #Canadian TnlCmp, #SanctuaryWood: One O.R. wounded
    3 #Canadian TnlCmp, #Ploegsteert: Lieut: Curtin temporarily posted for duty with No.2 Tunnelling Company, C.E
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: Father Hourley, has to move to #Ouderdom. He is replaced by a Protestant Padre, a good man, but a bit shy

    March, the 28th
    Today 1917
    The 970th day of war
    #France: #French and #British advances around #Bapaum-#Cambrai road an #Arras. #Geramn long-range gun shells #Soissons
    #Eastern Front: #Germans report spring thaw preventing fighting on large scale. #Russian attacks in #Moldova
    #Southern Front: Unsuccessful #Austrian attack in #Carso
    #Israel: #Turks claim battle at #Gaza as victory
    2 #British destroyers reported to have been sunk
    #Russia: Members of the #Romanov family take outh of fidelity to the Provisional Government
    #USA, #Belgium, Mr Leidlich: It is to be expected that after the war thousands of #Americans will travel to Belgium to visit the #IJzer area, where the #Belgian people suffered so horribly during the war
    #Oostburg, #Nederland: 10-11pm: A squadron drops bombs in and around #Brugge. As soon as the heavy deflagrations are heard, the search lights go on to discover the planes. Uncountable aerial shrapnel shells are seen exploding. At 11pm a plane comes over our town, apparently having lost its direction and disappears to the West
    #KingAlbert, #DePanne: 16pm: Talks with Minister of Colonies Jules Renkin
    #Australian 1TunCmp, #Hill60: A- and B-gallery: occasional distant knocking. Progress digging #Anzac and #Melbourne galleries, #Berlin tunnel, Larchwood and Infantry Dugout
    2 #Canadian TnlCmp, #SanctuaryWood: 30 O.R. reinforcements for Company arrive from C.E.T.D
    3 #Canadian TnlCmp, #Ploegsteert: Lieut: General Godley, G.O.C. II #ANZAC inspects the men and camp, and expresses himself as pleased with the conditions in general and praised the Unit for its past good record which he is confident will be upheld in the future. He is confident, he says, that the company will prove of great assistance in all pending operations
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: Litte Marie-Thérèse Dalle 5,5yrs, living with us, does her first communion. 2 shrapnel at farm Lamerant and 3 shells at farm Dalle in the afternoon: 1 falls next to the façade and destroys the room in which I lived for 10 months. There is a continuous flow of new guns arriving. Father Norcott, Padre in the 39th division comes on visit. The good man has lost an eye in the Battle of the #Somme and now often stays in Ypres

    March, the 27th
    Today 1917
    The 969th day of war
    #France: #British attack NE o #Bapaume, occupy villages NE of #Péronne. #French reach #Aisne-#Oise Canal N of #Soissons
    #Israel: #British take 950 #Turkish prisoners near #Gaza, including several generals and the whole 53rd Divisional Staff, but obliged to fall back due to water shortage
    #French Chamber calls up the 1918 class
    #Russia: Proclamation of self-determination and peace
    #London, #TheTimes: Since the #American Commission for Relief in #Belgium started its work in #Belgium, 12 ships have gone lost. These ships were lost although #Germany had promised to the delegates of the #USA and #Spain not to harm ships with supplies for the occupied territories
    #Australian 1TunCmp, #Hill60: A- and B-galleries: occasional distant knocking noises. Stand to, doors closed, etc., but no attack
    3 #Canadian TnlCmp, #Ploegsteert: Following a heavy bombardment the enemy raids to the right of T121 at 2am, but they are wiped out by our Machine Gun fire. 44th Battalion, 3rd #Australian Division relieves 42nd Battalion 11th Brigade, 3rd #Australian Division at T.121

    March, the 26th
    Today 1917
    The 968th day of war
    #France: #British take #Lagnicourt, S of #Bapaume. #French repulse several attacks near #StQuentin
    #Russians attack SW of #Baranovichi, losing 300 prisoners
    #Eastern Front: #French take trenches W of #Monastir. #Austrains occupy #Italian advanced trenches S of #Vipacco (#Carso)
    #Isreal: First battle of #Gaza. #British enter the #Turkish province and attempts to break through the #Gaza-#Beersheba-line. The assault fails due to bad #British planning, bad communication between the Infantry and the Cavalry, lack of water and #Turkish resistence. The #Turks lose 2500 men, the #British almost 4000. Gen #Murray receives permission to launch a 2nd attack on the #Turks. #Gaza surrounded but not penetrated
    #USA: Elistment to the #US #Navy to be increased to max 87.000
    #KingAlbert, #DePanne: The King makes a flight as observer in a plane piloted by Cpt Jacquet. He flies over the #Belgian and #German frontlines at the #IJzer, accompanied by a small squadron of 4 planes. After the flight the King joins the General Staff with many pictures he made to report about the gathered observations. There was no air battle, but the enemy did fire at the plane and it’s escort
    Willy Britz, #Gent: This Sunday I listen to the promenade concert. In the afternoon I go to the cinema. Dinner in the soldiers hostel
    Jacobus Winters, #Ramskapelle: Shooting training in the afternoon
    #Australian 1TunCmp, #Hill60: Knocking sounds in A- and B-galleries
    3 #Canadian TnlCmp, #Ploegsteert: We finish the concrete work on No.3 Dugout entrance, #Nieuwkerke today. This work is progressing rapidly
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: The #British mules and horses have become very lean, some are miserable, due to a lack of oats and hai. Baking with pure flour is now forbidden, but people still do it hiding. All Wheat has to be declared and the farmers are allowed only a small part for personal use, the rest has to be delivered to the Army at only 33Fr. Mr Nevejan, the Mayor of #Poelkapelle is tasked with requisitioning and distributing in the area

    March, the 25th
    Today 1917
    The 967th day of war
    #France: Hard fighting S of #StQuentin. 395 shells on #Reims
    #Eastern Front: #German attack with gas in #Dvinsk repulsed. Gen Alexeiev CinC of #Russian Army
    #French attack on #Oujjan (#Marocco)
    #Dunkerque bombarded from sea
    #USA: #US Legation at #Brussels removed to #LeHavre, #Belgian relief work undertaken by other neutrals
    Jacobus Winters, #Ramskapelle: Visit to Padre Krijnen from #Bree in the afternoon
    #Australian 1TunCmp, #Hill60: A-gallery reporting distinctive noises of timber bumping and sawing. B-gallery: occasional bumping noises distant and above
    2 #Canadian TnlCmp, #SanctuaryWood: During night, after heavy Bombardment, enemy makes an attack on our trenches, but is beaten back by our Lewis Guns
    3 #Canadian TnlCmp, #Ploegsteert: 4th Battalion #NewZealand Rifle Brigade relieves 2nd Battalion #NewZealand Rifle Brigade at T.123. Timber is proving too light for #Seaforth Farm deep workings, 20 we are replacing with I-beams
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: At midnight the clock is advanced by 1 hour. Holy communion of the children of #Reningelst. Pastor Lamerant replaces me in Dikkebus, while I sing mass in #Reningelst. In the afternoon the #German throw about 500 shells at the house near the lake: a miracle no guns damaged and no men hurt. It is the intention to build a railway track in #Reningelst over the mote of farmer Verdonck. Soldiers are pumping out the water of the mote. They will fill part of the mote for the railway track. In this manner the war destroys another tresor of the village, dating back to the Middle Ages, the last remnants of the Castle of the Lords of #Reningelst

    March, the 24th
    Today 1917
    The 966th day of war
    #France: #British take #Roisel E of #Péronne. #French progress near #Oise, #LaFère and E of the Canal #Ailette
    #Eastern Front: #Russian armies declare their loyalty to the Provisional Government
    #France protest to neutrals against barbarity and devastation by #Germans in evacuated territory. #Allied Ministers. #Greek Government demands withdrawal of #Italian troops from Epirus
    #Berlin, report: Clear weather and the Artillery lively in #Vlaanderen. SE of Ypres our trench mortars fire fiercly. Our patrols advancing found the trenches completely destroyed and abandoned by the enemy
    #Terneuzen (#Nederland): All of Sunday, heavy gunning was audible and the windows vibrating. Guns also well audible in town
    #IJzer, #Belgium: Enemy artillery active along the whole frontline. The villages #Kaaskerke, #Noordschote and #OudStuivekenskerke several times shelled. The enemy batteries were shelled in #Ramskapelle, #Pervijze, #Diksmuide and #Steenstrate. Bomb and grenade attacks around #Diksmuide and at ‘Het Sas’. Bad weather has hampered flying, some useful reconnaissance when the clouds lift
    #KingAlbert, #DePanne: Talks with Baron de Broqueville an Gen Ruquoy in #Houtem. The talks are about the situation in #Russia and the message by the #Belgian Government for #Russia. King Albert warns to be careful
    Jacobus Winters, #Ramskapelle:Training at the coast in the morning, parade for Col Bormans in the afternoon
    #Australian 1TunCmp, #Hill60: 5:25am: The enemy blows a camouflet from a crater. 2 listeners shaken, nobody seriously hurt, little damage to the workings, no gas. A- and B-posts hear knocking noises which are distant and thought not to be mining
    3 #Canadian TnlCmp, #Ploegsteert: Midnight: the clock is advanced one hour. At No.2 machine gun emplacement, La Hutte, work had to be stopped from 7- 8.20am on account of heavy enemy shelling. No damage done
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: 5am: #German attack on #StElooi, #Hill60. Attack repulsed and 1 #German officer and 7 soldiers captured. The gunning continuous for the rest of the day. Many shells around the farms Doom and Indevuyst. 2 soldiers are killed. Much fighting around #Boezinge in the evening

    March, the 23rd
    Today 1917
    The 965th day of war
    #France: #French ad advances S of #StQuentin. #Oise valley and #LaFère flodded by enemy
    #Eastern Front: #Russians lose trenches W of #Moinesci (#Rumanian front). #Germans massing on #Riga-#Dvinsk front, seriously menacing #Petrograd
    #Southern Front: Bombs on #Mudros from #German airship
    Telegram from Mr #LloydGeorge to #Russian Prime Minister
    #KingAlbert, #DePanne: Visit by Cinc Robert Georges #Nivelle. He explains that the withdrawel to the #Hindenburg Line does not change his all-over plans. An offensive would as planned start on the 8th of April in the sector of #Reims for the #French troops and around #Arras for the #British. He admits the #Germans to be stronger than the preceeding year. He regret not being well-informed about the revolution in #Russia
    Jacobus Winters, #Ramskapelle: Same as yesterday, training for the whole Company
    #Australian 1TunCmp, #Hill60: The only post reporting sounds in A-gallery: solid hammering or bumping with sounds as of earthworks
    2 #Canadian TnlCmp, #SanctuaryWood: Three O.R. wounded
    3 #Canadian TnlCmp, #Ploegsteert: Enemy raids at T123 following a heavy bombardment from 3.50-4.20am. Lieut: Arthurs temporarily posted for duty from No.2 Tunnelling Company, C.E
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: A #German plane drops 4 bombs NW of #Reningelst near the house of the clogs maker. Nothing serious. Also bombs on #Dranouter

    March, the 22nd
    Today 1917
    The 964th day of war
    #France: Increased enemy resistence from #StQuentin to #Arras, heavy snowstroms. #French progress N of #Tergnier and N of #Soissons
    #Eastern Front: #Russians retake lost trenches near #Lida (#Riga)
    ‘Moewe’ returns port after second cruise in the #Atlantic sinking 111.000 tons of #British shipping
    #USA: #American steamer ‘Healdton’ sunk
    #Belgium: The #Belgian government erects a sanatorium for TBC patients from unoccupied Belgium in #Lyon
    #Berlin, report: In connection to our reconnaissance troops movements the gunning has increased. A number of prisoners have been taken
    #KingAlbert, #DePanne: Trip to #Cassel and #StOmer. Cold and snowstorm
    #Australian 1TunCmp, #Hill60: Listening posts: nothing beyond surface noises
    Jacobus Winters, #Ramskapelle: Training for the platoon. I join Cmy Lerot to replace Lt Rombauts, who is in #DePanne for training. I am very well received and dine with the officers in the evening
    3 #Canadian TnlCmp, #Ploegsteert: Enemy raid at T.122. It is reported that the Saxons hold the line opposite T.121. Enemy registered on GHQ lines #Nieuwkerke and drops one shell near new No.1 shaft
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: Again frost, what a hard winter! Burial of Jules De Bruyne, refugee from #Kemmel. 2 shells drop on #Millekruise and also several on #Poperinge

    March, the 21st
    Today 1917
    The 963rd day of war
    #France: #British and #French progress: SE & E of #Péronne, towards #StQuentin, #Cambrai, and #Soissons
    #Eastern Front: #Germans active near #Lida (#Beresina), #Galicia and #Rumanian front
    #Southern Front: #French fighting frees #Monastir
    #Russians continue to persue #Turks from #Sakiz (#Persia) towars #Kersmanshah
    #Russia: Ex-#Tsar and Tsarina deprived of their liberty. General political amnesty
    #KingAlbert, #DePanne: Visit to Baron de Broqueville in #Steenbourg (#France). The King judges the #German withdrawal to the #Hindenburg Line to be a strategic move. It draws the #French away from #Paris and allows them to be attacked in the flank. Gen #Nivelle and #Haig decide to keep up the pressure
    Arthur Pasquier: The return to the frontline was more pleasant than expected. After the course we dine in #Abbeville an then spend the evening in #Calais. Then we stay in hotel Teirlinck in #DePanne, we are appointed to join the 10th Artillery Regiment. I am appointed to the group of 120mm #Schneider #Howiters. 2 of my friends are unlucky to be appointed to the trench mortars, a weapon as hard as the infantry, one can not even make a horse ride doing that! After all the appointments the Major adds with a smile that tomorrow we are all promoted to Adjudant. Many have waited for long to receive that appointment and the joy is general. I am appointed to the first battery. The commander is a very young, friendly captain, almost as gentle as a girl. The first evening he invites me to diner. Well, I have walked a long road in the last 7 months. I am so glad to have endured the hardships at the beginning!
    Jacobus Winters, #Ramskapelle: Training from 7.30am until 5.30pm
    #Australian 1TunCmp, #Hill60: 4.45pm: 600lbs of ammonal blown at post 8, craterers to the surface, wrecking the enemy lines, but creating no severe damage to our workings. Together with the charge blown up yesterday, both were on schedule. Enemy disposition at intervals rather lively. Leads tested: all normal. Progress in digging at #Melbourne gallery, #Berlin tunnel and Larchwood, Infantry Subway and #Australian Dugout
    3 #Canadian TnlCmp, #Ploegsteert: Considerable enemy shelling at #StYvon during the afternoon
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: Shells at the farm of the Mayor. 3pm: shells at the Hallebast, 1 beside the Chapel of Braem and 1 in the pasture. #Loker is also shelled: 1 shell lands in the garden of the Pastor

    March, the 20th
    Today 1917
    The 962nd day of war
    #France: Despite bad weather #British advance towards #Cambrai and #StQuentin
    #British hospital ship ‘Asturias’ torpedoed without warning: 41 lost
    #Russia: Ex-#Tsar reviews troops, urging loyalty to the Government and prosecution of war. Casualties at #Petrograd: 2500
    #USA, #Mexico: #American note to General Carranza publicized
    #KingAlbert, #DePanne: Visit to the Artillery of the 1LA in #Reninge
    René Deckers, #Avekapelle: #British and #French advance over a front of 144km and 20km deep
    Willy Britz, #Gent: We should have gone to #Beverlo, but the plans have changed. Saturday is as uncomfortable as at home: clean the rooms, make beds and other maid-chores
    #Australian 1TunCmp, #Hill60: Charge at 5-post. Also charge of 600lbs of ammonal at 9-post. Enemy disposition fairly lively after our bombardment, no damage to our workings. Popping noises heard in A-gallery. At 4.48pm camouflet of 200lbs in torpedo charge blown up at post 5, causing only slight damage to the shallows
    Jacobus Winters, #BrayDunes: 11am: the Bde moves to BrayDunes. I stay for the 3rd time at ‘A la Belle Vue de la Mairie’ besides the Town Hall. I am received with open arms by the inhabitants
    3 #Canadian TnlCmp, #Ploegsteert: Five other ranks arrived from the base as reinforcements. 1st Battalion New Zealand Rifle Brigade relieved the 3rd Battalion New zealand Rifle Brigade,T131. Enemy made two direct hits on light railway at #StYvon
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: Again shells on #Poperinge near the Elisabeth Hospital

    March, the 19th
    Today 1917
    The 961st day of war
    #France: 40 more villages in #Allied hands, 170 in 3 days. Heavy #German attacks repulsed near #Verdun
    #Southern Front: Continued fighting in #Monastir
    Capture by #British of #Falujah
    #French battleship ‘#Danton’ torpedoed in #Mediterranean: 296 lost
    #Russia: attempt to murder #Kerenski
    #Paris, report: heavy both-sided shelling less heavy, due to the weather
    #KingAlbert, #DePanne: Visit to the air base of #DeMoeren (#Adinkerke). It is also used by #French and #British planes
    Jacobus Winters, #Ramskapelle: Relieved in the evening. I meet my friend Conix and Lt Croymans. We stay at farm Ameloot in #Wulpendamme
    #Australian 1TunCmp, #Hill60: 5&6 posts are noisy, but could not distinguish much due to our bombardment
    3 #Canadian TnlCmp, #Ploegsteert: Enemy heavy artillery registered on Prowse Point and #Ontario Ave: in the morning. No damage done
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: The 2 Group #Belgian Batteries leaves for training with 115mm guns in #Eu (#France). It is not certain that they will come back here. #Péronne has been taken by the #British. A special permit is needed for feeding the soldiers. The paperwork takes weeks. The regulations stipulate that it is forbidden to serve food to the soldiers in the same place where it is cooked, so those that would need the financial help the most – the poorest – are those that are forbidden to give this service. Shells in the afternoon on #Poperinge

    March, the 18th
    Today 1917
    The 960th day of war
    #France: #British occupy #Chaulnes and #Péronne, advancing over 4-mile front towards #Arras. #French advancing over a 40-mile front taking #Noyon, #Nesle and #Guiscard. #Zeppelin brought at #Compiègne. #Germans lauch heavy attack at #MortHomme near #Verdun
    #Ramsgate shelled, no casualties
    After 5 days’ fighting #French capture 1200 #Bulgarians N of #Monastir
    #Russians enter #Van (#Armenia)
    #German destroyers fire on #Kent coast towns
    #USA, 3 #US steamers sunk: ‘City of #Memphis’, ‘Vigilancia’ and ‘Illinois’: 14.600 tons gross shipping lost. The incident greatly increases the anger of the #UnitedStates
    #Russian press urges loyalty to the #Allied cause
    #KingAlbert, #DePanne: Visit to the 3rd Squadron. First flight above the frontline. The #Belgian Airforce is at this time under the command Lt Van Crombrugge of the Artillery. They depart from the airfield in #DeMoeren, near De Panne in a ‘Farman 40’. The King sits in the seat of the observer, behind the pilot. Capt Fernand Jacquet flies for 35 minutes over De Panne, #Koksijde, #Ramskapelle, #Kaaskerke, #Lo, #Veurne, #StIdesbald, #Adinkerke and #DeMoeren. The ‘Farman 40’ is escorted by another fighter aircraft in which the King’s orderly Officer, Preud’homme is seated
    Jacobus Winters, #Ramskapelle: We return from our forward position
    Arthur Pasquier: Today we get the results of the exams of our artillery course. Again very satisfactory, I come out as first of the session with 43/50. Only 3 fail, of which one is the son of a Secretary of State. Maj Gillieaux promises me to take me back into his group
    #Australian 1TunCmp, #Hill60: 5&6 posts are noisy, but could not distinguish much due to our bombardment
    2 #Canadian TnlCmp, #SanctuaryWood: One O.R. killed
    3 #Canadian TnlCmp, #Ploegsteert: Enemy aeroplanes quite active over #StYvon. Enemy registered on #StYvon trench this morning
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: Since a few days we read that the #Germans are withdrawing in the #Somme area. Today we learn that #Bapaume has been taken

    March, the 17th
    Today 1917
    The 959th day of war
    #France: #British take #Bapaume. #Germans abandon line occupied for 2 years, between #Oise and #Andechy
    #Frankfurt bombed in reprisal for destruction of #Bapaume
    #Airplane raid on #Kent, no casualties
    #British troops are 35 miles N of #Baghdad
    #Russians occupying #Kerind on #Tehran road continue persuing #Turks
    #German destroyers shell #Ramsgate and sink a destroyer and several others and a merchant ship travelling between #France and #GreatBritain. The #German destroyers have no losses
    #Germans send many prisoners into war zone as ‘reprisal’
    Arthur Pasquier: The artillery course I so much enjoyed during the last 3,5 months is coming to its end. It’s like being at university, we are now waiting for the results of the exams. Our Lt Descamps seems to want to harden us to the most difficult circumstances in horseriding. Going down a slope on horse, 1 out of 3 of us fall down. 3 times I fall down, but the Lt comes to help me and pushes my knees against the saddle. Finally I succeed in acquiring this #Italian technique. Horseriding close to the cliffs, with the sea gaping below us, but nobody gets injured. We have to horseride without our mantle at -15C°. We are told that while riding on a horse one never gets cold. The series of courses to are relaxation, it makes me much happier than even the leave I took in #DePanne
    #Australian 1TunCmp, #Hill60: A gallery: loud knocking audible, sometimes without geophone. It is surface repair work to the enemy trenches after bombardments
    3 #Canadian TnlCmp, #Ploegsteert: Lieut: Webster returnS from 1st Tunnelling Company, C.E. where he was temporarily attached
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: News comes in of the revolution in #Rusia and the abdication by the #Tsar. Something the newspapers did not prepare us for

    March, the 16th
    Today 1917
    The 958th day of war
    #France: Big #British advance on #Somme and domination of #Péronne
    #Zeppelin raid on #Kent and #Sussex, no casualties
    Airplanes over #Westgate
    #Southern Front: #Austrians destroy #Italian defences in #SanPellegrino Valley (#Dolomites)
    #Russian dislodge #Turks from summit of #Naleshkian (#Persia) and occupy #Kelliabad
    #Russia: #British labor leaders sent telegram of sympathy to the #Russian labor party. Speech by #Kerenski in the #Duma
    Acute potato famine in #England
    Sheikh Ul Islam proclaims Holy War
    General mobilization of #Turks
    Jacobus Winters, #Ramskapelle: In the trenches, in the evening to the forward positions
    #Australian 1TunCmp, #Hill60: A gallery: sound above and to the right: walking heard that starts and stops. #Anzac gallery: noises can be heard with the ear
    2 #Canadian TnlCmp, #SanctuaryWood: Major L.N.B. Bullock, O.C. of Company, leaves for U.K. Capt. F.A. Brewster acting O.C. of Company
    3 #Canadian TnlCmp, #Ploegsteert: Enemy shells T121, #Westminster Tunnel and #StYvon continuously from 9pm to midnight with trench mortars and gas shells. No casualties owing to the prompt use of box respirators which are worn by our men for four hours. Great care is being taken to hide the #Nieuwkerke Machine Gun emplacements from view by using camouflage

    March, the 15th
    Today 1917
    The 957th day of war
    #France: #British progress S of #Somme. #German attack E of #AchietLePetit
    #Turkish concentration in #Asia Minor. #Turks in full flight towards #Samarra (#Tigris)
    #British torpedo boat mined in the #Channel
    #Russia: #Tsar #Nicholas abdicates, rejects to be replaced by his son Alexej preferring his brother Count Mikhail
    #Nederland, #Belgium: The sea blockade between Belgium and #Holland has been lifted. Yesterday to steam ships and 2 pilot vessels have arrived in #Hansweert from #Antwerpen. The crew of the Telegraph Boat of Thursday was detained and complained about a lack of food
    #KingAlbert, #DePanne: News about the situation of #Tsar Nicolas of #Russia abdicating
    Jacobus Winters, #Ramskapelle: Evening: back to the frontline
    René Deckers, #Avekapelle: The #Russian #Tsar abdicates!
    #Australian 1TunCmp, #Hill60: #Anzac gallery: Distinct noises from the same direction as usual
    3 #Canadian TnlCmp, #Ploegsteert: The enemy shells Ploegsteert Wood with shrapnel, H.E. and gas. Shells for one hour at 8.30pm. One casualty from shrapnel. Start sinking No1 Shaft at #Nieuwkerke with 5' 3" diameter steel tubbing
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: Again shells in Dikkebus Lake. The Chaplain of #Reningelst buries widow Braem

    March, the 14th
    Today 1917
    The 956th day of war
    #France: #British progress near #Bapaume, #AchietLePetit (#Ancre) and towards #LesEssarts
    #Southern Front, #Monastir: #Austrian attack in the West and #Italian advance to the East
    #British 35 miles NE of #Baghdad - #Turks hurrying to positions 20m N of Baghdad
    #Russia #Moscow, #Kharkov and #Odessa declar for Provisional Government
    #German minister in #Peking is handed his passports to leave
    #KingAlbert, #DePanne: Visit by #French Gen Nollet, new CO of the 36th Army Corps
    Jacobus Winters, #Ramskapelle: I leave from #Eggewaertskapelle and go to the frontline
    #Australian 1TunCmp, #Hill60: Camouflet charge ready at Post 9. #Anzac gallery: only sounds heard to the left. Digging progress in #Berlin Tunnel, #Melbourne gallery, Larchwood, Australian Dugout and Infantry Subway
    2 #Canadian TnlCmp, #SanctuaryWood: One O.R. wounded
    3 #Canadian TnlCmp, #Ploegsteert: Started Machine Gun emplacements at GHQ lines, #Nieuwkerke. These will be carried out on similar lines to those at La Hutte
    Chateau and #StYvon. GOC 25th Division, General Bambridge visited #Westminster Tunnel
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: Shells falling in Dikkebus Lake

    March, the 13th
    Today 1917
    The 955th day of war
    #France: Fighting near #Loupart Wood and #Grévillers near #Bapaume, near #Gommecourt, Soissons and #StMihiel (near #Verdun)
    #Eastern Front: #Bulgars bombard #Galatz from the #Danube
    #Southern Front: Field hospitals at #Vertekop (#Serbia) bombed: 2 #British nurses and others killed
    #Russians take #Kermanshah (#Persia). #British 30 miles from #Baghdad
    #Norwegian relief ship ‘Lars Fostenes’ carrying grain, torpedoed outside of blockade zone
    #Russia: Revolutionary movement at #Petrograd continues
    #China breaks off relation with #Germany
    #USA: The #US Government announces that in reaction to the #German unlimited submarine war, #President #Wilson decided to arm all merchant ships in the areas where # subs are active
    #KingAlbert, #DePanne: Rumors of riots in #Petrograd
    Jacobus Winters, #Ramskapelle: I come back from the trenches and go to #Eggewaertskapelle, where I stay at the house of mr Madelein
    #Australian 1TunCmp, #Hill60: #Anzac gallery: sounds of the same nature and working as heard in post 5
    2 #Canadian TnlCmp, #SanctuaryWood: Lieuts. C.H. McNutt, N. Howells & G.L. Burland, report for duty from C.E.T.D
    3 #Canadian TnlCmp, #Ploegsteert: 369 other ranks and four officers are attached to the company to replace the company of #Maori Pioneers. 3rd #NewZealand Rifle Brigade relieves 8th Royal #Irish Rifles at T131
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: 10pm: Fierce #German artillery assault

    March, the 12th
    Today 1917
    The 954th day of war
    #France: #British raid near #Arras. #Soissons bombarded with incendiary shells
    #Eastern Front: Successful #German raids in #Galicia
    #Southern Front: #British advance on the #Doiran front
    #Italians occupy #Bukamez (W of #Tripoli-
    #USA: #American steamer ‘Algonquin’ torpedoed without warning. #US #StateDepartment rules that merchant-vessels armed fore and aft may clear from #US ports
    #Russia: #Russian revolution begins: Provisional Government formed. Order N°1 is issued, relieving officers of their authority. Chaos spread all over Russia. The Tsar under growing pressure. Vladimir #Lenin is not present at the coup, but is speedily sent to #Russia in a train provided by #Germany
    Occupied #Belgium: There are no boats from #Antwerpen travelling to #Nederland
    #KingAlbert, #DePanne: Planned visit by Gen #Nivelle postponed
    #Australian 1TunCmp, #Hill60: #Anzac gallery: noises as usual but only for a little while during the day. Camouflet wire gallery will be completed. Borehole is ready for 200lbs of loose Ammonal in bags
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: At the moment there is big lack of milk. There are only few cows left in the area and those that are left don’t give much milk

    March, the 11th
    Today 1917
    The 953rd day of war
    #France: Continuous air fighting, loss of 26 #Allied and #German planes reported
    #Eastern Front: #Russian gas attack E of #Mitau
    #Southern Front: Spring Campaign in #Macedonia begins
    #British enter #Baghdad
    #Russia: Strikers’ food demonstrations and rioting increase in #Petrograd. The Tsar ignores the call of the President of the #Duma for urgent political reforms. Instead he dissolves the #Duma, but it continues to operate in #Petrograd, where the garrison revolted yesterday
    #Chinese parliament votes for breach with #Germany
    #KingAlbert, #DePanne: Trip to #Calais, #Boulogne-Sur-Mer and #StOmer
    Jacobus Winters, #Ramskapelle: I go on leave to #DePanne to meet Ed Verheyen in l’#Océan. I buy a pair of leather puttees for 29fr
    René Deckers, #Avekapelle: The #British take #Baghdad. To prevent trouble I change to the 48th battery under CO Schaar. So I leave my good CO Massart, so I become sergeant
    Jacobus Winters, #Ramskapelle:
    #Australian 1TunCmp, #Hill60: #Anzac gallery: Intermittent sound of working heard. The noises are picke up by our geophone but not with the electrical instrument, but it does prove to be sensitive to our own gallery noises.
    3 #Canadian TnlCmp, #Ploegsteert: Lt Spears goes to Villers for more steel caisons
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: Children can easily be sent to #Schweiz, through Mrs Five. In this manner the children from #Reningelst and #Wulveringem went to #Schweiz

    March, the 10th
    Today 1917
    The 952nd day of war
    #France: #British capture #Irles (#Ancres): 292 prisoners
    #Eastern Front: #Rumanians and #Russians counter-attack to regain #Magyaros Ridge (#Moldavia)
    #Turks forced back to within 3 miles of #Baghdad
    #Russia: 25.000 workers go on strike. Army units called up to end the growing unrest, refuse to fire on the demonstraters. This is called the #FebruaryRevolution as the #Russian calendar is 11 days back on the West
    #KingAlbert, #DePanne: Visit by Jacques Bastin, consul of #Belgium in #Yokohama (#Japan). Visit by the Prince Albert de Ligne
    #Paris, report: It is reported that 200 #Swiss businessmen have been expelled from #Brussels, #Liège and #Antwerpen by the #German authorities. They have just arrived back in #Schweiz. The #Swiss Federal Council (#Bundesrat) will ask explanations from the Government in #Berlin
    #Paris, report: Fierce gunning around #Diksmuide
    #Vlissingen: From #Belgium the sound of gunning is so tremendous as not having happened since months
    #GreatBritain, #Refugees: Our correspondent in #LeHavre announces that the refugees having been helped in #England, have decided to erect a monument after the war to thank Great Britain for it’s hospitality
    Jacobus Winters, #Ramskapelle: Today I am officer on guard, nothing to do
    #Australian 1TunCmp, #Hill60: #Anzac post: enemy face work heard distinctly, as if moving toward 9.6. Noises appear more intense than previously. D gallery: enemy heard working
    3 #Canadian TnlCmp, #Ploegsteert: In the neighbourhood of La Hutte Chateau we are carrying out a Series of Battle Brigade Headquarters dugouts and Machine Gun emplacements. These are made by stepping down with timber and using steel I-beam sets in the main galleries. The dugouts are roofed with concrete bursters and steel I-beams. The raises to surface for the machine gun emplacements are concrete lines. We have about 25 ft of head cover over the dugouts
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: The men of the #Belgian battery of the 2nd Group go on rest to #Godewaersvelde. The men of the echelons stay in the farms, which makes them very happy as it is more comfortable

    March, the 9th
    Today 1917
    The 951st day of war
    #France: #French repulse attack in #Champagne and N of #BoisDesCaurières
    Passage of #Diala forced on #Turks by #British near #Baghdad. #Russians attack retreating #Turks near #Sivas (#Asia Minor). General retreat of #Turks in #Persia
    World shortage of wheat foreshadowed in #French Chamber. Food problem in #Petrograd becomes urgent. #Dutch authorities officially notified by #Germany that sa&fety is guaranteed for shipping along a strip of #NorthSea from #Nederland to #Norway
    Jacobus Winters, #Ramskapelle: I go on leave to #Adinkerke to visit my friend Conix. His Bn is at rest and he hasn’t changed a bit. It’s exactly 16 months ago since we met for the last time
    #Australian 1TunCmp, #Hill60: #Anzac post: sounds of enemy mining. Sounds of boring at intervals. D gallery: sounds corresponding with those of #Anzac, but from above
    3 #Canadian TnlCmp, #Ploegsteert: Enemy attempts air raid at T126 and T127. 11pm: 4th Battalion #NewZealand Rifle Brigade relieve 2nd Battalion New Zealand Rifle Brigade at T123. Heavy enemy bombardment of T131 at 11am
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: Our village that used to be so quiet before the war, now sees regularly deaths by car or cart accidents. One of our acolytes, Nestor Lahay, orphan, 11y, coming from school, was overrun, the 4th death in 1 week. Taking into account that quite a few drivers are drunk, civilians as well as military. Wealth is a villain: some cannot master it. There is #Champagne everywhere and Chocolate and candy is at only 1/10 of the price before the war. Most goods are expensive: it’s difficult to find good meat, even with the high prices. Everybody has money and only wants the best

    March, the 8th
    Today 1917
    The 950th day of war
    5 enemy raids against #British positions N of #Wulvergem (#Messines)
    #Eastern Front: #Rumanians loose 3 heights NW of #Ocna. #Germans repulsed near #Mitau (#Riga)
    #Southern Front: Severals days of shelling of #Monastir#Turks driven from positions 6 miles from #Baghdad. #Russians on road from #Hamadan rout #Turks
    #Norwegian relief ship ‘#Storstad’ torpedoed
    #USA: Wireless communication between #US and #Germany suspended. #President #Wilson decides to arm #American ships against submarines
    Death of Count #Zeppelin
    #Russia: Riots, strikes and massive demonstrations in #Moskau. The population demonstrates against the lack of food and fuel and against the autocratic style of governing
    #Berlin, report: W of #Wijtschate stormtroops have entered the #British positions. They came back with 37 prisoners, 2MG’s and a Minenwerfer (trench mortar)
    Raoul Snoeck, #Stavele: My orderly is all the time busy. He brushes my clothes- quite a job!... and repairs tham continuously. They are often torn by barbed wire . I am probably the filthiest soldier in all of the Army. Before the war, when I was 19, I wore striped pants in a perfect fold and pearl-grey vest and black jacket. A dianthus in the buttonhole. My hair was well-cut, socks and a tie of the same color and lacked shoes. But this is now all far away!
    Jacobus Winters, #Ramskapelle: Evening: we come back from the trenches
    #Australian 1TunCmp, #Hill60: Work on stair exit Infantry Subway hampered by frozen ground. #Anzac post: sounds of enemy mining as of boring and falling ground. 1 man wounded
    2 #Canadian TnlCmp, #SanctuaryWood: One O.R. wounded
    3 #Canadian TnlCmp, #Ploegsteert: #NewZealand artillery make the #Germans cease fire at T121. 8th Royal #Irish Rifles,107th Brigade, 36th Division, relieves the 15th Royal #Irish Rifles at T131. Ground caving badly retarding the work underground at #Seaforth Farm
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: I have to keep still, due to 2 frost wounds on my foot. The officers of the 39th are much more gentlemen than those of the 43rd. Since the beginning of October, the 16th Irish Division is in #Loker. Shells around farms Deraedt and Desmarets

    March, the 7th
    Today 1917
    The 949th day of war
    3 #Turkish column in W #Persia continue retreat, converging on #Baghdad Road at #Kangavar. The main #Turkish column is thrown from #Assadabad by pursuing #Russians. 1920 class called up in #Austria
    #KingAlbert, #DePanne: Lunch with the Prince of Teck, where he meets the #British Captain Lambton of the Royal #Navy Air Service
    Jacobus Winters, #Ramskapelle: The Cmy is on guard at Schilderbrug
    #Australian 1TunCmp, #Hill60: Crater work heard and leads tested. Digging advanced in #Melbourne gallery, #Berlin and Larchwood tunnel, Infantry Subway and Australian Dugout
    3 #Canadian TnlCmp, #Ploegsteert: At #StYvon and at #Westminster we are carrying out a system of Tunnels which connect dugouts and machine gun emplacements. In this locality much difficulty is experienced on account of running ground and consequently the timbering is all close set and the raises are concreted. At some points the galleries are reinforced with I beams and the dugouts are covered with concrete bursters reinforced with I beams
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: Strong frost: the windows of my room are completely frozen. Threshing at farmer Ghesquiere spotted by the #Germans. 1 hour before dark, a shell drops 6 meters from the threshing machine. The men disperse immediately, but only 1 is slightly wounded. 7-8 more shells drop down but without injuries. The commerce of lacework has almost come to a standstill. Probably the officers and men have less income for this and have enough ‘souvenirs’

    March, the 6th
    Today 1917
    The 948th day of war
    #France: #British line extends to #Reims, twice the length of the year before
    #Eastern Front: Night attack on positions S of #Brzezany fails
    #British cavalry 14 miles S of #Baghdad
    #US #SupremeCourt decides ‘Appam’ case in favour of #British owners
    The #Belgian Government publishes a 2nd list of those men refusing to do their military duties
    #London, report: Enemy batteries have been silenced by our guns W of #Messines. 3 enemy planes downed, 3 others forced to land and damaged. 4 of our planes are downed and 7 are missing
    #KingAlbert, #QueenElisabeth, #DePanne: Visit to the quarters of the 8Linie in #Wulpen
    Jacobus Winters, #Ramskapelle: On guard at the railroad
    #Australian 1TunCmp, #Hill60: Only usual sounds of work from craters opposite #Anzac
    3 #Canadian TnlCmp, #Ploegsteert: At T131, Seaforth Farm, we are putting forward an offensive mine with the objective Petit Douve. Owing to the heavy ground (swelling clay) which we encounter at a depth of 120ft, it is necessary to use steel I-beams, sets with heavily reinforced castings for corner connections
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: 1 Bde of the 43rd has left and is replaced by the 39th

    March, the 5th
    Today 1917
    The 947th day of war
    #France: #German attack W of PontAMousson fails. #British progress on #Ancre front towards #Bapaume Ridge
    #Southern Front: Sharp fighting in the #Dolomites
    #British engagement with #Turkish rearguard at #Laj near #Ctesiphon. #Russians occupy #Kangavar, S of #Hamadan. #Turks abandon strong position W of #Shalal (#Sinai Peninsula)
    #USA: #Austrian reply to #US memorandum regarding new submarine warfare. #President #Wilson’s inaugural address at opening of his second term. Lord Milner returns from #Allied Conference at #Petrograd
    #Nederland, #Refugees: Today, app 500 #Belgian children 5-12y arrive in #Roosendaal. 125 children go the beach hotel in #Vlissingen, 50 to the orphan house in #Middelburg and 25 are privately lodged during 6 weeks in #Goes. Tomorrow again 600 more children will levae to #Holland. 113 from #Liège, 110 from #Antwerpen, 50 from #Mechelen, 22 from #StNiklaas and 10 from #Lier. Added to that 22 children from #Dutch parents staying in #Belgium. Of those children 36 will stay in #Holland for the rest of the duration of the war
    #QueenElisabeth, #DePanne: The Queen and princess Marie-José arrive in #Genua and continue to #Firenze, where they visit the town. The Queen stays in #Toskana for 1 month and intensely enjoys the coastal area. Princess Marie-José enters the girls boarding school ‘Santissima Annunziata’ (Poggio Imperiale). It is the previous dwelling of the Dukes of #Toskana, near #Firenze. This is where the Princess starts high school. She will be there until the summer of 1919. The Princess is always accompanied by miss Kathe Hammerley, her #British governess
    Jacobus Winters, #Ramskapelle: We return to our positions at #Schilderburg
    Willy Britz, #Gent: I have been promoted to NCO and get 13.33M salary! I let myself be photographed. I have a good time in #Antwerpen and #Brussels. With Bosbach I drive to #Brussels in the morning. We have to wait there for 2 hours, so we visit the surroundings of the station. At 10.30am the journey continues to #Antwerpen. We make a thorough visit of the city. It is similar to #Köln. At the port I visit a big steamship. At 9pm we drive back to #Gent by #Brussels, arriving at 3am. At 5.45am the day starts
    #Australian 1TunCmp, #Hill60: Enemy activity working in the craters opposite #Anzac. Enemy on surface active with trench mortars
    2 #Canadian TnlCmp, #SanctuaryWood: One O.R. wounded. Dies of wounds at C.C.S
    3 #Canadian TnlCmp, #Ploegsteert: Several existing mines at T121-T123 are kept free of water on account of the charges already laid. Listening, pumping and repairing are carried on, as we have already reached our objectives
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: 45 people come to confession. This is, taking into account the war condistion, very satisfactory. A regulation forbids bread to be sold at more than 50cts. Piglets are too cheap, full-grown pigs too expensive. Shells at farms Doom and Indevuyst. 1 shell falls on the cow stable of Vandevuyst, 1 cow dies

    March, the 4th
    Today 1917
    The 946th day of war
    #France: #Germans gain footing in #Caurières Wood (#Verdun). E of #Gommecourt #British continued advance
    #Eastern Front: #Russian gas attack near #Krevo (SE of #Vilna). On the #Sereth, #Rumanians bombard region of #Calieni
    Enemy attack in force E of #Gorizia driven back with heavy losses. #Austrians massing in #Trentino. #Italians occupy heights in #Costabella (#Avisio)
    Naval planes bomb #Brebach (#Saarbrücken)
    #Flemish deputation received by #German Chancellor
    #Berlin, report: 18 enemy planes downed
    Artillery bombardment between #Steenstrate and #Boezinge
    #KingAlbert, #DePanne: Visit by #British Admiral John Jellicoe. They talk about the intense #German #Uboat war. He informed the King about the loss of ships and the Uboats. He admits that the situation is grave. The King writes down his concerns about the consequences for the #Allies in his diary
    Jacobus Winters, #Ramskapelle: I report to the CO of the 4th Cyclist Cmy and receive a new cycle
    #Australian 1TunCmp, #Hill60: Enemy disposition under and over ground: all quiet
    2 #Canadian TnlCmp, #SanctuaryWood: One O.R. wounded
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: 105 communions this morning. Very bad weather. Shells dropping at the Gendarmerie. A shrapnel shot at a plane explodes in the barn of Gesquiere killing 3 young cows. The soil has now completely thawed

    March, the 3rd
    Today 1917
    The 945th day of war
    #France: #British progress N of #Puisieux and E of #Gommecourt
    #Eastern Front: #Russian gas attack N of Lake #Naroch. #German attack SW of #Brzezany (#Galicia) and near #Voruchin (W of #Lutsk)
    #Southern Front: Fierce fighting near #Monastir. #Italian troops in action
    Governments of #Japan and #Mexico deny having received proposals from #Germany
    #USA: Obstructionist minority prevents Vote on #President’s armed neutrality policy. 15.000 #British women volunteer for National Service in 3 days. Mr. #Wilson takes oath as #President of the #UnitedStates
    #Berlin, report: It is established with certainty that the #British use the tower of the main church in Ypres as an observation post
    #KingAlbert, #QueenElisabeth, #DePanne: The king is back in De Panne. The queen and princess #Marie-José continu to #Italy
    Jacobus Winters, #Ramskapelle: The Cmy moves to the railroad. 3.15pm: the Major tells me that I should join the Cyclists Cmp for a few days. Our Cmy comes back from the trenches in the evening and stays at farm Vermeersch in #Wulpendamme
    #Australian 1TunCmp, #Hill60: D gallery: noises heard by officers, but as yet to be identified
    2 #Canadian TnlCmp, #SanctuaryWood: 6 Officers & 129 O.R. 13th Batt. Gloucestershire, attached Pioneers ceased to be attached to Company. 4 Officers & 150 O.R. attached Infantry, reported for duty
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: Heavy gunning during the night

    March, the 2nd
    Today 1917
    The 944th day of war
    #France: Unsuccesful #German counter-attack near #Bapaume
    #Eastern Front: Fighting continues in S #Bukovina. Activity round #Riga
    #Turks fall back towards #Baghadad. #Russians occupy #Hamadan
    #USA: Congress passes resolution fro arming merchant ships
    #Warsaw: State Council reports organising national army against #Russia with #Polish legions. #French recruits of 1913 called up
    #KingAlbert, #QueenElisabeth, #DePanne: Departure with princess Marie-José to #Paris. Journey from 9am to 16pm with picknick in the #EU-wood (#SeineMaritime)
    Raoul Snoeck, #Stavele: Mrs #Bulthé, my war-gothmother writes me another letter from #Nederland. I will have to ask her forgivness, because it’s been so long that I wrote her. Despite the army diet I now weigh 82kg! We countinuously play jokes on each other. When a friend is reading, we throw a shoe or a dead rat at him. That sometimes hits his face and everybody laughs and we chase each other like mad. But never anyone gets angry. It’s better to be at the frontline than at the back, that keeps us from getting discouraged
    Willy Britz, #Gent: The ‘official evening’ yesterday was tremendous. Songs, discourses, speeches,… one after the other. It is decided to do it every Thursday. Everybody contributes with 1 Mark
    #Australian 1TunCmp, #Hill60: Leads tested: all normal. Distant works reports from 12, 13, 17, 20. A post: distant knocking
    3 #Canadian TnlCmp, #Ploegsteert: 1st Battalion, 3rd #NewZealand Rifle Brigade relieves the 3rd Battalion, 3rd #NewZealand Rifle brigade at Trench 121
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: Jules De Bruyne, refugee from #Kemmel, buried in the war cemetery. The Head-Sister of #DeKlijte leaves for the (#Belgian) school of #MontLuçon in #France

    March, the 1st
    Today 1917
    The 943rd day of war
    #France: Airplane raid on #Broadstairs: 6 injured
    #Germany announces end of safe period for sailing vessels in the #Atlantic
    #USA: speech by Herr #Zimmerman on torpedoing of neutrals
    Occupied #Belgium: The Relief Commission reports having slaughtered 3100 sheep last week
    #Berlin, report: Several thwarted enemy patrol attacks between Ypres and #Arras
    #KingAlbert, #QueenElisabeth, #DePanne: B
    #Australian 1TunCmp, #Hill60: Only distant noises heard. 1 man killed
    3 #Canadian TnlCmp, #Ploegsteert: 2nd Battalion, 3rd #NewZealand Rifle Brigade believed 4th Battalion, 3rd #NewZealand Rifle Brigade at Trench 123. A Company of #Maori pioneers still assisting in the work at Battle Brigade Headquarters 1 and 2 at La Hutte and Machine Gun emplacements at #StYvon
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: Good weather. 4 #German observation balloons keep observing Ypres. 2 shells in the afternoon at Millekruise and in the pasture of Koekuit. Shells also between farms Comyn and Dauchy, where the #British are playing football. My brother Jozef, grenadier at rest in #Krombeke, risks punishment for leaving his post without leave. He is caught on his way back by the gendarms, but they let him go. It is difficult to move from the #Belgian to the #British sector, unless you get leave

    February, the 28th
    Today 1917
    The 942nd day of war
    #France: #Thilloy, #Gommecourt, #Puisieux and #SaillySallisel taken by the #British
    #Eastern Front: #Rumanian counter-attack in #Bukovina partially successful
    #Southern Front: #Austrian attacks on #Asiago Plateau and N or #Gorizia repulsed
    #Turkish losses in #Mesopotamia in last 3 months estimated at 20.000
    #French destroyer ‘Casini’ torpedoed in the #Mediterranean
    #USA: particulars of #German plot in regard to #Mexico and #Japan published
    #London, report: Heavy artillery battles around Ypres
    #KingAlbert, #QueenElisabeth, #DePanne: Visit to the Art of the 2LA, (4th visit to 2LA in 6 days
    Raoul Snoeck, #Stavele: Since a few days, I enjoy myself with engraving a shell casing, to pass the time. At war you learn all kinds of skills. After the casing is emptied from all explosives, it is well polished and shines like a vase. I engrave it with the word #IJzer, a worthy name to remember. Around it I engrave a circle of roses and the years #1914-1917. This will be pleasing war remembrance and a useful object for my future household
    #Australian 1TunCmp, #Hill60: A and B galleries: occasional distant knocking noises. A gallery: driving of nails to the right and above. Good progress in digging #Anzac-, #Melbourne-, #Berlin-, #Larchwood Galleries
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: Shells on #Poperinge, then on the #Leene and als at the #Boonaert (#Lijssenthoek). It’s the first time the shelling goes that far

    February, the 27th
    Today 1917
    The 941st day of war
    #France: E of #Armentières #British raiders seriously damage 3 lines of enemy trenches. 17 prisoners taken
    #Eastern Front: Near #Jakobeny, the #Germans take several #Russian positions on high ground and 1300 prisoners
    #Southern Front: #Saloniki: #German airmen bombard #Allied camps. On enemy plane shot down
    #Kut: persuit of #Turks continued, 7000 prisoners taken
    The #German chancellor announces great success of submarine camaing and justifies the breaking of #Germany’s agreement with the #USA
    The #Spanish king offers unconditional help to the #Belgian civilians in the occupied N of #France
    #Nederland, #Refugees: 26 #Belgians of which 2 women are smuggled into #Holland. They are hidden in a coal barge, in which they spend 8 days, being fed by what the skipper could give them
    #KingAlbert, #QueenElisabeth, #DePanne: Visit to quarters of the 2LA in #Lampernisse. Talk with Baron de Broqueville
    #Australian 1TunCmp, #Hill60: A posts: distant knocking sounds occasionaly
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: Men of the artillery having stayed at farm Dalle shamefully invite Jan Gotenaere for a drink before they leave. Meanwhile others steal all their furniture. They decide to stay in the most dangerous part of Dikkebus. They used to live at the other side of the lake, near #Voormezele in farm Capoen. While living there heavy shelling makes flee fam Capoen, but they stayed. While Jan is near the stove and Stephanie was in the sleeping room, a big shell falls in front of the door. The door and furniture are splintered: a few minutes later: ‘Stephanie, are you stille alive?’, Yes, I am, and you?’ ‘Me too’

    February, the 26th
    Today 1917
    The 940th day of war
    #France: #British advance N & S of #Ancre, capturing #LaBarque (SW of #Bapaume)
    War conference in #Calais
    #Turkish rearguard covers the retreat 15ml from #Kut. HMS ‘Firefly’ recaptured
    #USA: #President #Wilson asks Congress to establish armed neutrality and arm merchant vessels
    #British Government requisitions #Dutch ships in British ports
    #Paris, report: The #German fortifications in the dunes (#Nieuwpoort, #Lombardsijde) are kept under a destruction fire
    #Berlin, report: Of the many attempts of the #British between Ypres and the #Somme only one was able to enter our trenches
    #Nederland, #Refugees: Today another 200 people are moved from the camp in #Ede to #Nunspeet. Of the 4000 #Belgian refugees 700-800 have now moved to #Nunspeet. 600 #Belgian children having spent time in #Nederland are now turning back. For hours in advance the #Belgian mothers are standing and waiting for them to arrive. With 1.30 hours of delay the train finally arrives. 83 children from #Antwerpen, 10 from #Lier, 26 from #StNiklaas and 99 from #Dendermonde. The children come from #Vlissingen, #Katwijk, #EgmontAanZee,… There are also about 30 #Dutch children of people living in #Belgium
    #KingAlbert, #QueenElisabeth, #DePanne: Princess Marie-José comes back from #England. Her leaving the Institute of the Ursulines in #Brentwood is permanent
    Jacobus Winters, #Ramskapelle: At rest, in the afternoon course on storm attacking
    #Australian 1TunCmp, #Hill60: B post: knocking sounds for 1 hour; A post: knocking at intervals
    3 #Canadian TnlCmp, #Ploegsteert: Offensive gallery at #Seaforth Farm is now 106 ft from shaft. We have to employ a false set in order to get our steel set in place, as the face and sides caved badly, taking 20 hours for the operation. The right drive at MG subway is advanced 193 ft. The left drive is now on a correct bearing to reach our objective. No further noises have been reported from 127 workings. The usual noises are being heard at 121 & 122, remainder quiet. The work on N°1 Battle HQ has been delayed to some extent on account of face caving. We now have 23ft head cover. Camouflage is being put up to screen the work. No2 Battle HQ drive is now at the desired level, and has 30 ft of headcover
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: Beautiful weather. I learn that much of the #German guns have been withdrawn, so no imminant attack expected. 6-7.30pm horrendous shelling of Farm Doom and Cafmeyer. Some horses killed. 1 shell drops just a few meters from the house, nobody hurt. The daughter and granddaughter escape. Doom gets up from near his broken stove and goes lying on his bed near the window on the most dangerous side of the house. He says: ‘When I die, then it will at least be in bed at home. One of the sayings in our village is ‘If you are guilty of death, then you will get it, all the same where you are’. 8500 Fr have been given to the inhabitants of Dikkebus. The authorities want to pay the rent for the houses but not the damage done

    February, the 25th
    Today 1917
    The 939th day of war
    #France: #German retreat continues on the #Ancre. #British advance extends over a frontline of 11ml and a depth of 3ml. Successful raids in #MonchyAuBois, Lens and in #Champagne. Naval air-raid on #Brebach (near #Metz)
    #Turkish retreat continues, closely pursued by #British cavalry near #Kut. #Turks destroy much war material
    #Margate and #Broadstairs bombarded for 10 minutes by #German destroyers. Slight damage. 3 killed 1 woulded. ‘Laconia ss (#Cunard) sunk
    #USA: 4 #Americans drowned: it is the ‘overt act’ for which #President #Wilson is waiting
    #Belgium, #LeHavre: A Royal Decree establishes that that widows and orphans will receive an income. The salary earned by their husbands/fathers will be paid to the widows/orphans
    #Nederland, #Refugees: This morning 280 #Belgian children with 22 supervisor take an extra train from #Rotterdam (#DelftsePoort) back to #Belgium
    #KingAlbert, #QueenElisabeth, #DePanne: Visit by Leonida Bissolati, member of the #Italian Government. He is against the irrendentism of his colleagues
    Jacobus Winters, #Ramskapelle: Cpm on guard in the trenches. We return to #Wulpendamme and resides in farm Ameloot, I get a good bed. My friend Buyens rejoins the Cmp at the frontline
    Willy Britz, #Gent: Yesterday I visited the city. You know it is a famous old town. There are numerous old buildings. Some buildings of the World Exposition are still present. For 5 Pfennig I crosses through Gent back and forth with the tramway. At the servicemen’s center they serve good food. Often this is a privilege for those at the back of the frontline (of which I am temporarily one). Gent is very busy, the ladies wear clothing that, because of lack of fabrics is pretty short. In the main street there are pubs one after the other. There are goods in the stores, which today in #Germany are only known from hearsay
    #Australian 1TunCmp, #Hill60: A post reports sounds of bumping and sawing timber. B post reports distant sounds of bumping above
    3 #Canadian TnlCmp, #Ploegsteert: #Seaforth Farm work progressing satisfactory. Work is concentrated on the left drive at #StYvon, as we do not have pioneers. Everything at 127 workings in good order. Shallows at 121 being cleaned up but no repair work being carried out. The ground at No.1 Battle HQ continues to give us some trouble, on account of water and caving face. Laying of concrete bursters going ahead. The excavation, which we make in connection with the original scheme is being filled in with sandbags. We expect to start on the level drive for N2 Battle HQ tomorrow

    February, the 24th
    Today 1917
    The 938th day of war
    #France: Great #German withdrawal in full swing. Villages evacuated: #Serre, #Miraumont, #Pys and #Warlencourt
    #Kut evacuated by the #Turks. All positions from #Kut to #SannaIYat taken together with 1730 prisoners. Turks retreat to #Baghdad
    #USA: The #US ambassador in #GreatBritain receives a copy from a letter from the #German Foreign Affairs Minister Arthur #Zimmerman. In the #Zimmerman telegram it is suggested that #Mexico should join #Germany if the #US declares war to Germany. When the so called #Zimmerman telegram is published in the newspapers it causes great commotion
    Occupied #Belgium: Many factories have a lack of workers. Coal becomes very expensive. Of sugar-, petrol- and rubber products have no turnover figures are known
    #London, report: E of Ypres under a heavy bombardment an enemy patrol penetrate our trenches. They are immediately thrown back with great losses. This morning near Ypres the enemy blows up a mine
    #KingAlbert, #QueenElisabeth, #DePanne: Visit to the HQ of the 2LA
    Jacobus Winters, #Ramskapelle:The Cmp turns back from the frontline positions
    #Australian 1TunCmp, #Hill60: 5:25am: the enemy blows up a mine from a crater. 2 listeners at listening posts 6 & 6 shaken, but nobody seriously hurt. Little damage done, no gas. 2 posts hear distant knocking noises, thought not to be mining
    2 #Canadian TnlCmp, #SanctuaryWood: 66 O.R. reinforcements for Company reported for duty
    3 #Canadian TnlCmp, #Ploegsteert: We have 96ft of offensive gallery completed at #Seaforth Farm, the work being considerably retarded by the roof and sides caving. The new geared windlass is giving good satisfaction. The left face at #StYvon is again getting in to bad ground and face boards are necessary. Noises are still heard at 127 workings. Repairs discontinued at 121, as labour is scarce. The usual sounds reported from LP8 Canadian. No1 Battle HQ incline has 18ft of head cover. Some trouble is experienced with water, but just now the drive looks better. A windlass and slide is installed today at N°2 Battle HQ, the incline being in good hard blue clay, 24ft below ground level
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: #British assault in the afternoon. Very violent! 50 prisoners of which 2 officers move through #DeKlijte

    February, the 23rd
    Today 1917
    The 937th day of war
    #France: #British follow-up retreating #Germans. The #Germans retreat 32km to the back to the ‘#Hindenburg’ Line between #Arras and #Soissons. All communications line in between are destroyed. Villages and town are demolished. Woods are chopped down and water supplies are poisoned. This action will take until the 5th of April
    #Eastern Front: NW of #Ocna (#Moldavia): #Russians lose heights of #Magyaros and 1000 prisoners
    Above #Kut #British cross the #Tigris and take 544 prisoners. At SannaIYat 3rd and 4th lines are captured.
    Sub sinks 1 #Norwegian and 4 #British steamers, one of which is the Holt liner ‘Perseus’
    #Berlin, report: Lively artillery battle in the Salient of #Wijtschate (#Messines)
    #Köln, KölnischeZeitung, correspondent Wegener: continued fog hinders operations. The #British are mainly active in #Vlaanderen
    #KingAlbert, #QueenElisabeth, #DePanne: Visit to the sector of the 2LA. The king also visits #Oudstuivenkenskerke
    Raoul Snoeck, #Stavele: Today I am on guard. In my notes I repeatedly referred to the gnawing homesickness one gets being on guard during the long lonely hours in the desolate environment. The evening twilight renders the sad view in the destroyed valley of the IJzer aweful. A the darkness extends the gunning seems to become more thunderous. The night surrounds one with its veil and friend and foe all squat down in the trenches, thinking about possible death. Your thoughts hover over a utopia, so far away, one doesn’t even dare talk about it anymore. That utopia is called ‘peace’!
    Jacobus Winters, #Ramskapelle: The company moves the forward lines
    Willy Britz, #Gent: Today I have kitchen duty. Here that means you have to work. Exercising at 11.45am. Courses in the afternoon
    #Australian 1TunCmp, #Hill60: A gallery is the only post reporting noise: hammering and bumping as of earth works
    3 #Canadian TnlCmp, #Ploegsteert: We put in a new windlass at #Seaforth Farm. The new left drive at #Seaforth Farm is being swung to the right so as to bear in the proper direction to reach the objective. Repairs being made to broken sets in Canadian gallery. Walking and talking plainly heard at LP8 Canadian. Surface seepage is giving us a little trouble on No1 incline Battle HQ. Concrete slabs are being laid on top. A windlass is installed at No.2 Battle HQ, where we now have 15' of head cover

    February, the 22nd
    Today 1917
    The 936th day of war
    #France: E of #Vermelles and S of #NeuveChapelle #German raids repulsed with heavy losses. N of #Gueudecourt #British take trench and 30 prisoners
    #SannaIYat: Gen Maude launches fresh attacks capturing 2 lines of enemy trenches. Heavy attack on #KutElAmara on both #Turkish flanks, forcing the #Turks to draw back to #Bagdad
    7 #Dutch ships from #Falmouth are attacked by sub U3, despite #German guarantee of security: 4 are sunk
    #USA: war tension appears critical. German agents instigating many disturbances.
    #Turkey declare her agreement with #Germany on policy of unrestricted sub warfare
    Formation of the ‘Labour Corps’
    Occupied #Belgium: No more sheep are allowed to be exported to #England. At #HoekVanHolland app 4100 sheep have been slaughtered for the #Belgian Relief Committee. The goal is to export 10.000 slaughtered sheep to #Belgium
    #KingAlbert, #QueenElisabeth, #DePanne: Talk to Gen Roucquerol in #Koksijde. Visit by Baron de Broqueville
    #Australian 1TunCmp, #Hill60: All posts report nothing beyond surface noises
    3 #Canadian TnlCmp, #Ploegsteert: Work at #Seaforth Farm progressing satisfactorily. We commenced a new drive to the left on the MG Subway, and also started to step up to Lone House Avenue, for an additional exit. Faint hammering noises heard in 127 workings, but they are likely trench noises, all other front line works quiet. Inclines at both Battle HQs progressing favourably
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: Thaw and silence all over Ypres

    February, the 21st
    Today 1917
    The 935th day of war
    #France: #German start withdrawing in front of #Serre
    #Eastern Front: Near #Jokobeny, the #Russians repulse a strong #German attack
    #Southern Front: At #Tarvis (#Trentino) #Italians artillery destroys #Austrian railhead
    Off #Cartagena (SE #Espana) parts for submarines are discovered in a buoy. #French transport ship ‘Athos’ sunk by submarine in the #Mediterranean. Transport ‘Mendi’ with #SouthAfrican labour contingent sunk in collision. New #British blockade orders: all neutral ships with access to the Central Powers have to check into #British ports or will be liable to capture
    #Paris, report: #German patrols trying to penetrate our lines NE of #Nieuwpoort are dispersed by our fire
    #Australian 1TunCmp, #Hill60: 4.45am a mine of 600lb is blown to the surface under wrecking enemy lines and creates a crater with no severe damage to our workings. At 4.48am a camouflet of 200lb blown up creating slight damage. Both charges are blown effectively to schedule. Enemy disposition at intervals rather lively. Leads tested: all normal. Footage for week: #Melbourne gallery: 61’; #Berlin gallery: 80’; Larchwood junction: 89’; Infantry Subway: 67’; Australian Dugout: 15’
    3 #Canadian TnlCmp, #Ploegsteert: The Holman Blower is in operation at #Seaforth Farm today for the first time and the improvement in the air is marked. We found it necessary to board up the face on the left hand drive at the MG Subway, as the ground is caving badly. The right drive is very good. The tunnel again does service as a shelter for the infantry during a raid tonight. The Infantry tunnel at Prowse Point is repaired by our men from 127 workings today. It had been smashed in by a shell. No work has been done on the La Hutte MG dugout for several days. Things remain normal on our Right Sector. Commenced stepping down on No.1 Battle H.Q. today
    Priest Achiel Vanwalleghem, #Dikkebus: Mass: 32 people, 14 communions. After mass I bring communion to town councillor Doom, sick at home. He still lives on his farm in one of the most dangerous places. There are 4 guns stationed there. He is sick but does not want to leave his farm. He says ‘If I die, would it be possible not to be buried on the land of Lamerant, but on my own land?’ Lemahieu shows me the little chapel protected by sandbags. Several houses have been destroyed. A large painted canvas has been strung up, representing a wall. Only a few houses in this area are still inhabited. I go back along the Hallebast. Col Morel of the 13Art catches up in his car and picks me up. The Col is very friendly and explains that yesterday the #British made 115 prisoners. The last few days there was heavy gunning around #Boezinge. At the farms of Coene and Delanotte there is a large encampment ‘Micmaccamp’

    February, the 20th
    Today 1917
    The 934th day of war
    #Nakhl & #BirElHassana (between #Suez and #Akaba): 2 small #Turkish posts surprised and scattered by #British
    #President #Wilson asks for powers from #Congress ‘to enforce the obligations imposed by the las of nations and by #American statutes’
    #Berlin, report : Dark and rainy weather restrict military actions. SE of Ypres failed reconnaissance by #British
    René Deckers, #Avekapelle: I am promoted to Brigadier
    #Australian 1TunCmp, #Hill60: Charge laid an N°5. Another charge of 600lb of ammonal at N°9. Enemy disposition fairly lively after our bombardment. No damage to our works. Tapping noises heard in A gallery
    3 #Canadian TnlCmp, #Ploegsteert: The main offensive gallery at #Seaforth Farm is advanced 70' from the shaft. The Bag storage chamber on the r