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  • All tours take 2-6 hours and can be combined.

  • The Northern Salient and Passchendaele

    (2-6 hours)


    Did you know? ... that millions of men fought in a tiny corner of Flanders? ... that it has the highest concentration of British Military Cemeteries worldwide? ... that it is the place where John McCrae wrote his famous 'In Flanders Fields'? ... that the 'Poppies' found their origin there? ... that a series of historical events occured in that spot? ... like the first chlorine gas attack? ... the first musterd gasattack? ... that Hitler got his fire baptism there? ... that because of Passchendaele war would never be the same again? ... that the war was almost lost for the allies on three occasions? ... that Langemark sounds as infamous in German ears as Passchendaele for the British?
    Come and live through the Hell of Flanders. Walk in the footsteps of millions of boys and get into their skin. Learn about the history of the Menin Gate and the infamous Menin Road with Hell Fire Corner. Drive through the fields of Passchendaele. Visit Essex Farm Cemetery, where Flanders Fields was born. Put yourself in the place of civilians and soldiers experiencing the first gas-attack ever. Plunge into the only original British Trenches. It's an experience you'll never forget.

  • The Mine Battle -

    Prelude to Passchendaele (The Battle of the Messines-Wytschaete Ridge) (2-6 hours)

    Did you know... ... that without taking the Ridge, the Battle of Passchendaele would never have occured? ... that the offensive would start with the largest detonation of explosives in history? ... Zero Hour was at 3.10am on the 7th of June 1917? ... that in the week before almost 4 million shells were fired on the ridge?
    Come and discover the Mine Battle with Frontline Tours. Look at the meticulous preparations and discover the tunnelers digging, fighting and dying. Observe the huge craters of the blasts scarring the countryside. Visit the German trenches and the schafts for countermining driven in the soil at Bayernwald. You will never forget the Mine Battle.

  • Behind the Lines in Pops (Poperinge) (2-4 hours)

    Did you know? ... that the railway station of the town of Poperinge with its 7000 inhabitants, had become of the size of the major railway stations in Europe? ... that in Poperinge deserters were court martialled, emprisoned, executed and buried? ... that the only soldier earning the VC-with-Bar of the whole of WW1 is buried in Brandhoek? ... that tens of thousands of soldiers visited Talbot House (Toc-H) and were able to forget the war for a moment? ... that the 2nd largest cemetery of the Commenwealth is in Lijssenthoek.
    Come and join the tour opening a window on what happened 'at the back'. Enter the Cells of Death. Confront the horror of the execution place and stand by the grave of the deserters. Visit the town of Poperinge as the young men saw it. Take a tour in Talbot House and discover, their joys and sorrows. Meet the Padre and visit the Upper Room. Count the hundreds of lines and rows of graves at Lijssenthoek Cemetery. Delve into the story of Noel Chavasse (VC-and-Bar), sacrificing his life for his boys. Your view on WW1 will never be the same.

  • The Belgian Frontline (4-6 hours)

    Did you know? ... that King Albert I was Commander in Chief of the Belgian Army? ... that the Belgians flooded the area towards the coast to stop the German advance? ... that the Belgian Army was saved from annihilation because of it? ... that Death Trench was the worst spot in the Belgian Frontline? ... that Flemish soldiers often received orders in French, which they did not understand?
    Come and look at the Belgian Frontline in an area flooded with seawater. Where battles were fought about a few square yards of islands of mud in the middle of square miles of water. Visit the tallest museum of WW1 (240 feet) (entrance fee €5). Get a panoramic view over the Belgian battlefield from the top. Have a look at the sluices in Nieuwpoort, where the seawater flowed inland and saved Dunkirk from capture. Learn about the fate of Belgian soldiers, successfully defending the last few dozens of miles of Belgian territory.

  • In the Footsteps of Hitler & Churchill in WW1 (2-6 hours)

    Join us for and plunge into the lives of Hitler and Churchill in WW1. Both joining the 'War Effort' voluntarily. Live through Hitler's fire baptism at Geluveld in the Battle of Langemark (1st Ypres), the biggest battle in history up to that time. Observe how WW1 changed his life and how afterwards he kept referring again and again to his ordeal in the trenches. Learn to know Churchill as Commander of the 6th Battalion of the Royal Scots Fusiliers defying all odds under acute danger again and again in Ploegsteert (Plugstreet). Visit Wijtschate (White Sheets) and 'Bayernwald', where Hitler earned his first Iron Cross. Walk along the path where Churchill ascended Hill 63 to watch 'German' Messines, where Hitler had been previously and visit Polygon Wood where Hitler was at the beginning of the Battle of Passchendale. Learn how Hitler's experience became essential to becoming the 'Führer', who later would massacre the lives of millions. This tour will change your view on how those two enemies lived through WW1.

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